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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, July 02, 2009


    My Wife Surprised Me

    My name is Neil and I've been married to Chris for nearly 20 years. I am 43 and she is 45, over the years things have got a little stale and I've suggested all sorts of things to spice things up all of which Chris has dismissed as she's not into kinky stuff as she put it. I'd resigned myself to sex every few months and regular wanking till Last weekend when things changed dramatically. Sorry this is so long but this is what happened.

    Over the last couple of years sex has reduced to 3 or 4 times a year then it was a quickie when we were pissed, Chris has put a bit of weight on as have I but still a good looking woman. Over the last couple of years I've suggested she dress sexier, shorter skirts stockings etc, that we try a bit of sub Dom stuff or that she tries spanking me or dressing me in women's clothes to see if we could spice it up, but she wouldn't try it. So I was reduced to dressing in her clothes and masturbating whilst looking of pictures on the net.

    It was of between Christmas and new year whilst she had to go into work so I took the chance to dress up and have a play. To cut a long story short she came home early and caught me with a solid 5 inches and dressed in stockings and heels playing with myself and all hell let loose!! It ended up in a blazing row and me telling her to look elsewhere if she wasn't happy.

    Things died down and seemed forgotten about till last weekend, Chris was in town shopping with friends and having her hair done, I was at home doing jobs and tidying up. She called me at lunch time and said she'd been thinking about 'us' and decided to give me a surprise, she said I should dress in my girlie things and if I did as I was told I'd be in for a treat tonight, she'd be home for 6pm.

    I was shocked and excited in one go but couldn't believe my luck. I finished my jobs off and went and showered and shaved paying special attention to my cock and balls. I had quiet a selection of my own girly stuff by now and dressed in tan tights with white hold up stockings a denim mini skirt and 4 inch heels with a Basque top and blonde bob wig, I made up and painted nails etc and felt incredibly sexy. By 5:45 I was ready and waiting with butterflies in my stomach and a hard cock.

    I heard Chris's car pull on the drive at 6 and the door go then in she walked bags in hand. I have to say she looked good in her jeans an boots and her hair was stunning ... she'd had it dyed blonder with highlights and straightened.

    She looked at me and smiled, putting down her bags. She came to me and asked if I was going to be a good girl I said yes I was. She said I should call her Miss and started stroking my legs up my skirt, she asked me what my 'name ' was. Nicki Miss I replied. Well nicki she said if you want your treat go and fetch me a chair fom the dining room and put it in the corner of the lounge. Yes Miss I replied and did as she said, I couldn't believe she was doing this.

    I came back with the chair and put it were she had told me, she was getting things out of one of her bags. Sit on it nicki she said so I did. She went behind me and took my hands and fastened them behind my back with a pair of steel handcuffs then took each of my stockinged ankles and tied them to the chair legs she pulled up my skirt and exposed my cock throbbing in the tights and oozing pre cum she ripped the gusset and pulled my cock and balls out commenting on how nice and smooth they were, she tied a piece of cord around my balls and pulled it of the front of the seat and underneath to tie it to my cuffed wrists. She told me to wait there while she went and changed, like I had a choice, then left me. I heard the shower running and her moving about upstairs while I was tied there waiting.

    About an hour later I heard Chris coming down the stairs when she entered the lounge I was stunned, she looked amazing. She was dressed in a short leather mini skirt about 4 inches above her knee, she hadn't worn anything that short in years. She had white microfishnets on her legs and a pair of 5 inch heel black patent shoes that fastened around the ankle with a little strap. Above the waist she wore a tight fiting basque top that pulled her tummy in and pushed her tits up. This was topped off with quiet heavy make up and painted nails topped with her new hair-do. All I could say was WOW!

    She checked herself in the mirror and walked over to me, asking how nicki was, I mumbled something like great as she lifted my skirt and played with my stiff 5 inches. She looked me in the face and said well nicki, I think a real woman needs more than little nicki has don't you' Yes Miss was all I could say as she squeezed my cold balls.She stood up and strutted up and down nervously I was wondering what to say when the door bell rang.

    Chris checked herself in the mirror and left the room. I was terrified not knowing who it was. I heard the door open and a strange voice speak to Chris. Hi hon your looking good, you sure you want this' I heard a male voice ask her. Yes Karl she replied I want to teach him a lesson, show him what a real man can do. Then she led him into the lounge, I was stunned, Karl was about 6 feet tall and quite muscular and black as the ace of spades! I was speechless.

    He glared at me and laughed, so this is your useless wanker of a husband, ever likely you asked me to look after you hon. He turned his attention to Chris, well hon you want some real cock tonight he asked' Yes Karl she replied putting her arms around his neck. He pushed her arms off, well chrissy if you want more of my big black cock you gotta earn it and that starts by calling me Sir you got that, she stepped back and looked at him answering yes Sir I understand, this was my wife, I was dumbstruck.

    I see you did your hair like I said Chrissy, you shaved your little white cunt too' Yes Sir she answered and he told her to pull up her skirt and show him. She pulled the hem of her skirt up over her stocking tops and around her waist, open your legs cunt he ordered her and pushed his big black hand between them, nice and smooth just like I told you, you make a good slut Chrissy he grinned, you been fingering it your wet' He asked accusingly. Yes Sir a little I was so horny dressing for you. She told him. I'll punish you for that later slut he told her pulling his hand away, time to suck dick now on your knees bitch, she dropped to her knees and started unzipping him. She udid him and pulled out the biggest cock I'd ever seen it must have been 6 inches and it wasn't even hard! Suck it slut he ordered her and she worked hard on it getting as much in her mouth as she could, he was forcing it into her throat making her gag but she kept sucking and licking.

    After a while he pushed her off and onto the floor 'you want this cock Chrissy' he asked. Yes Sir she answered open your legs and show me where you want it tell me slut.

    She spread her legs I want it here Sir she said pointing at her wet pussy, where slut tell me he demanded. In my tight white cunt , I want your big black cock in my white cunt Sir she panted. Finger it slut show me you can take it he ordered her. She sat there legs open pushing her fingers inside herself I could hear her squelching.

    He knelt above her, open your cunt slut he demanded and she pulled herself open begging for his cock. He put her legs on his shoulders and drove hard into her fucking her mercilessly she was going wild, ... god knows how many times she came. I could see her tight pussy lips being stretched around his huge black shaft. He kept on pounding into her for ages. Then he asked her if she was ready for his cum, you want my cum slut you want it, yes she begged, you gonna be my fuck slut Chrissy, you wanna be my white whore, Yes Sir Yes was all she could manage make me your slut cum up me. He shot his load deep inside her but there was so much it was soon running out.

    Karl lay back on the floor, you better suck my cock clean cunt if you want to keep getting more cock, Yes Sir she replied and obediently set to work between his legs, sucking his and her juices of his semi hard cock, after a while he was clean and hard again I was amazed it takes me much longer to recover. Go check on wanker over there he ordered. Chris came to me and lifted my skirt I was aching to cum watching the display she'd put on. You want to play with that little thing nicki she smirked, Yes Miss was all I could manage I so wanted to touch it. With that she undid 1 of my hands fastening the other back behind the chair. Play with yourself nicki, you know I don't want that now don't you, Yes Miss I replied.

    Karl stood up and spoke to Chris, bend over Chrissy put your hands on 'nicki's' knees. Yes Sir she said and obeyed. He made her spread her legs and rubbed her wet pussy. You like being my fuck toy chrissy he asked Yes Sir she said you want to keep my cock happy don't you' Yes Sir You must be obedient Chrissy will you be obedient' Yes Sir anything to keep your cock. Then first I'm going to punish you for playing with yourself without permission, would you like that' Yes Sir punish me she begged, I couldn't believe it. He started smacking her bottom and thighs fingering her in between smacks and she was starting to pant and get aroused again.

    You need this don't you Slut he demanded. Yes Sir she said smacking her more and fingering her more aggressively, you want me to hurt you don't you Chrissy' Yes Sir hurt me I'm a worthless slut, you want more cock' Yes SIR I need it. He pulled her Basque top down her boobs spilling out. What about these Chrissy, should I punish them' Please fuck me she was begging you have to earn it my piece of fuck meat do you want me to punish them' Yes Sir Please but fuck me.

    He started slapping her hanging tits marking them red I could see the tears in her eyes and hear the slap so hard, then he knelt her on the floor in front of me you want it slut' Yes Sir please fuck me he was fingering her again and this time pushing a wet finger in her tight arse, You ready for this Chrissy' I'm gonna stretch your white trash arse out' With that he nudged the tip of his huge black cock up my wife's virgin arse. Chris screamed out and he stopped, You want me to stop Slut, you can go back to nicki's little thing'

    NO Sir please take me Please with that he started fucking her arse deeper with every stroke, He was swearing at her calling her names. Don't you cum slut I haven't given you permission, No Sir she panted he fucked her harder and harder for about 20 minuets she was panting begging to cum, he was reaching around slapping her hanging tits Yes Yes she kept shouting. He pulled out of her and spun her over now wank your cunt your dirty white slut make yourself cum, she did thanking him and sobbing as she came.

    He straddled her chest and took a handful of her hair making her suck him clean till he shot spurt after spurt of his hot sticky cum in her face and hair. He sat there looking at her that what you wanted cunt you happy now you my 3 hole white slut. Yes Sir she smiles.

    I'd cum all over my stockings, I ached. I spent that night in the guest room while Karl slept in my bed with my slut wife. - N


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