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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 28, 2009


    MiamiMark - My Bachelor Party

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Now it was time for our bachelor party and Cindy kept insisting that she wanted to do it co-ed with all of our friends which was fine for me. I wasn’t a big strip club guy so I didn’t really care if we went or not. It ended up being about 20 of our closest friends and a night out on the beach walking, stopping at bars, and having fun. At this point we had just finished having our last night with Rick about a week ago and with Cindy’s request to not do anything else after the wedding, I felt it would be our last. Our wedding was only a week away and we had NO time left for anything.

    I did see Rick reach under her dress during one of our group photos. They were in the back, Cindy between both of us, and when I looked over I saw him squeeze her ass under the dress but it wasn’t anything outrageous. I kept trying to spot other events but the only thing they did was talk here and there.

    When it was all over, Rick dropped off Cindy’s sisters at home, then Cindy (I was staying with my family since it was always her tradition that the bride and groom stay apart a week before the wedding), and finally me. Rick and his brother hung out with me for one last shot of whiskey and we talked about all the old highschool days and memories. It was pretty cool but I was really tired and they had a long drive.

    That night, turns out Rick drove back to my house and rang the doorbell for about 10 minutes until Cindy answered. She had already fallen dead asleep and answered the door in my favorite


    Thursday, June 25, 2009


    More From Hot Wife Gina

    Saturday night Hubby and I met Charles for some hot adult fun. He is twenty years younger than I and he has become a regular fuck buddy of mine. I’m enjoying fucking him very much. There’s something about the eagerness of a young man—to taste your pussy, to fuck you, to put his cock in your mouth--that is really seductive. And I’m sure enjoying the seduction! Plus there’s no expectations beyond the physical. We’re respectful of one another and all but we know the only reason we meet is to fuck. He’s not going to be my confidant or partner or anything like that. He’s just going to be one of the young men who fucks me, nice and hard.

    Hubby likes this arrangement too. He’s a pretty assertive guy as well as a great lover. But it turns out he’s a bit of a cuckold, loves the fact that I fuck lots of other men and loves to watch. To top it off he has no interest in other women. I can’t complain!

    This time we met Charles in a restaurant for a quick bite before going to his apartment. I love his apartment: a small one-bedroom with a large platform bed and couch in the bedroom. I told Hubby to sit on the couch while Charles and I got comfy on his bed. At first we just talked and joked around, three friends just hanging out. Except two of the friends were married and the wife was lying on the bed with the other man.

    I was wearing a sleeveless top and Charles began to kiss the back of my arms. I liked that. I liked that a lot. I leaned back on his pillow and began to lightly stroke the back of his head. Charles began to kiss up my arm to my neck, to my mouth. God, this felt good, kind of like the way it did when I was in high school and making out behind my parents back. Except I was married and I was making out under the watchful and appreciative gaze of my husband. I parted my lips and welcomed the gentle probe of his tongue. He tasted good.

    “MMM” I said as I felt Charles hands rubbing my thighs through my slacks. He began kissing down my neck toward my breasts. He reached into the V of my V-neck shirt and pulled my bra aside exposing my hardening nipple to his fingers and lips. He rolled my nipple in his finger sending an electric charge that seemed to stretch from my breast to my pussy.

    “MMM” I moaned louder as he sucked my hard nipple into his mouth. I was getting hot very fast.

    Charles rolled onto his back and pulled me so I sat on top of him. He reached up, pulled my top over my head and undid my bra exposing my breasts. I leaned forward while he began to suck hard on my nipples. It felt so damned good to have this young man feasting on my tits! I looked over toward my husband and smiled like a cat that ate the canary. I wanted him to know how much I was enjoying this. I couldn’t wait to get completely naked so Charles could get at my now soaked pussy. We kissed a little more but then I broke it off so that we could completely remove our clothes.

    Once naked I lay back down and Charles got on top of me rubbing his body against mine. I loved that. To be naked with a big young guy naked on top of me, his big cock getting harder from the friction of our bodies. We began to kiss more urgently while we undulated against each other. Hubby was getting quite a show from his wanton wife. But it wasn’t really a show. I was hot, hot for Charles’ mouth, hot for his hands, and hot for his stiff cock.

    Charles started kissing down my body, across my belly and down to my pussy.

    “Ohhh” I began to moan and writhe as Charles began to lick and suck on my incredibly aroused pussy. I loved the way he was eating me and I began to push down forcing myself onto his insistent tongue. I wanted as much of me in his mouth as possible. “MMM” was all I was capable of saying.

    “God, I want to fuck you so bad” he said as he reached into the bedside table and pulled out a condom.

    “Oh yeah, I want to feel that big dick deep inside of me.” I said as he slid the condom on. I grabbed his rubber-clad dick and pulled him toward my pussy. He began to rub his dick against my cunt lips, teasing me with his cock.

    “You want my cock in you?” he said.

    “Oh yeah” I replied breathlessly.

    “Like this?” he said as he pushed into me.

    It felt so fucking good as he pushed all the way into wife gina

    “Oh God, yes, like that.” I moaned as he filled me with his nice big dick. I think I love that part the most, that feeling of surrender when a man first slides his cock inside, taking possession of my pussy--especially with my husband watching. I felt like I was letting him know “Honey, I love you deeply but that doesn’t mean my pussy is just for you.” And the way Charles was fucking me—there was just nothing to do but to open up and welcome it, letting his cock do wonderful things to my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and began to fuck him back.

    “So good” he said as he began pounding into me. All I could do was moan louder and louder.

    My orgasm began to build as Charles started pounding into me faster and faster.

    “Oh yes! Oh God yes!” I screamed as the wave of my orgasm washed over me again and again.

    Charles hadn’t yet cum.

    “Can I do you from behind?” he asked while still sliding his dick in and out of me.

    “Of course” I told him and then turned over and got on all fours.

    “Your pussy feels so good.” He moaned as he began fucking me doggy style.

    “Good” I grunted. “I want to feel you cum.”

    Charles began fucking me frantically, all the while saying “Oh, so good, so good” until he tensed and came.

    Charles collapsed on top of me and lay there for a while. Then he got up and went to the bathroom. Hubby got into the bed with me and snuggled close.

    “Did you like that honey?” I asked him.

    “Oh yeah.” He said “how about you?”

    “God it was great” I replied with a big smile on my face “He fucked me sooo good”.

    Charles retuned from the bathroom and got into bed on my other side. I snuggled between my two men. We lay there for a while and chatted, both Charles and hubby lightly caressing me. I was in heaven. After a while Charles and hubby began kissing and sucking on my breasts. It felt great. I reached over and began to lightly caress Charles cock. It started to come alive.

    Charles began kissing me and rubbing my still wet pussy as hubby started kissing my body down and along my legs. As hubby lightly kissed my legs, Charles was passionately kissing my mouth as he finger fucked me. I opened my mouth and sucked on his insistent tongue. This was so hot I began to moan from all of the erotic attention.

    “Would you take me in your mouth?” Charles asked in a hoarse voice.gina

    “Absolutely” I said

    I got on all fours and began to kiss and suck his once again stiff cock. He loved it.

    “Oh yeah, your mouth feels so great. Suck it, it feels so good” he moaned.

    Soon I felt hubby rubbing his stiff cock up and down my wet slit. This was new! I had never felt two men at once. I immediately began to moan as hubby slowly slid his stiff dick inside of me.

    I was in ecstasy! I had Charles dick in my mouth and hubby’s cock deep in my pussy. Any ladies who are reading this believe me, you MUST try it. To have two men hard and deep inside of you--it is the most erotic feeling you will ever have. I began to moan, my mouth stuffed with Charles’ cock as my second orgasm of the evening swept over me. It must have felt good for Charles too because within seconds he stiffened and then shot a big load of cum into my mouth. I happily swallowed it all.

    Soon after we left and headed home. Of course hubby was all over me and he fucked me to yet another orgasm.

    Needless to say, we will do this again, and again, and again…

    gina19602 @


    Sunday, June 21, 2009


    Lisa Seals a Deal

    I had previously written about my wife, Lisa, and Christopher, her boss. The title of the post was “How I Found Out”. The events I described in it took place around six years ago.

    In the four years that followed my initial discovery of Lisa’s secret life, she had embarked on a number of sexual adventures. I thought I’d share one with you.

    Lisa and I spoke at length about her sexual liaisons with Christopher the day after I first found out she was seeing him. I confessed that watching her with him was an enormous turn on for me. I considered telling her that I had found photographs in her laptop and had made copies of them but then decided against it.

    I casually asked whether she intended to continue seeing Christopher. She was quiet for a while. Then she looked at me and said, “Yes, I do. Is that OK?” I told her it would be all right. I tried – I do not know with what success -- to conceal the strange mixture of confusion and exhilaration I felt.

    When we were done talking, my wife and I agreed that we should not speak about the matter again unless it was absolutely necessary. We likewise agreed that she should not have sex with Christopher until I had sorted out how I should deal with it. A little over a week passed and it was as if nothing had happened. We fell into the routine of our work and home life. This went on until, one evening as we lay in bed and all the lights in the house were out, I felt Lisa’s hand on my cock. She played with it until it was hard, and then threw aside the blanket to give me a blowjob. A moment or two later, she came up and took her panties off so that all she had on was a little T-shirt.

    I thought I would explode as soon as Lisa mounted me. My cock was suddenly enveloped in her sweet-smelling heat and wetness. She moaned and began to fuck me, starting slow, and then working the rhythm to a heavenly pace. All the while she was whispering dirty things into my ear.

    “I’m a slut and I love it,” she hissed. “I love fucking. I love to be fucked and to be treated like a whore in bed. I love to be told what to do, and I love being watched. Did you see how Christopher fucked me? I loved it. I love it when he fucks me. I love that you saw. Sometimes he asks me to finger myself to an orgasm while he watches. You should see me. I love it…”

    I could not believe my wife was telling me all this. Lisa had talked dirty in bed on occasion but never to the extent that she was now. “I’m going away with him this weekend,” she whispered into my ear. “Please, please, don’t say no,” she cooed as she reached behind her buttocks to play with my balls, fucking me all the while. “Please say yes, baby” she said. I would have done anything she asked at that point. I said yes and exploded inside her. My wife rose to a very loud orgasm about two seconds after I expended my juices into her.

    (This was how Lisa slowly managed to make me an accomplice to her little adventures. Today, six years later, I still marvel at how she outplayed me: how she would insinuate an idea for her secret trysts, and then lead me to believe that it was I who had conceived of it.)

    Three days later, early on a Friday morning, Lisa left for her vacation with Christopher. In her absence, I spent most of my time working. At night I went out drinking with a couple of friends. I called her once or twice over the weekend. She called me more frequently and always replied to my text messages.

    Lisa came home Sunday evening, looking radiant as she strolled into our living room and kissed me. I was immediately aroused by the sight of her. She was wearing very short shorts, a tight T-shirt, and a pair of high heeled slip-on shoes. (There was a time when she would have been terrified at the thought of wearing such an outfit in public.) I wanted to know what happened but pretended to be tired and a bit bored. I purposefully neglected to take her bags. I went back out onto the balcony where I was nursing a drink. She went into the bedroom to set her bags down. Then I saw her go into the kitchen for a bottle of beer.

    “C’mon, say it,” she said, smiling as she joined me out on the balcony. “You want to know what happened, right?” I lied and told her I didn’t want to hear. “Well, I’m telling you anyway,” she said, winking. I shook my head slowly, feigning helplessness. I was rock hard with anticipation of what she had to say.

    Lisa said she and Christopher had gone to a little beach resort and booked a room for two. “It was beautiful. It had a balcony just like this that looked out over the beach,” she said. “Christopher’s friend, Eric, had taken the room next to ours,” she added.

    I did a double take. I reminded her that she had not told me there was to be someone else on the trip with them. Lisa said Christopher had invited Eric to join them as he was convincing him to invest in a small company he had just started. Christopher had figured a little holiday on the beach might help loosen Eric up to the idea. Christopher had introduced her to him as his executive assistant.

    I asked Lisa what this fellow, Eric, was like. “He is cute, but not as fit and muscular as Christopher,” she told me. She said all three of them had lunch together when they got to the hotel. They talked business, had a few drinks, and then went out to the beach for a swim. She wore her tight black bikini, which was one size too small for her.

    Christopher and Lisa made out a lot on the beach while Eric lay in the sun on a towel in the sand some distance off. The afternoon went by with little incident.

    In the evening they all had dinner together and then retired to their rooms. Lisa said Christopher had fucked her out on the balcony that night. She had refused him at first because she was afraid people would see them. But Christopher had convinced her that it was dark and that no one could see what they were doing. She told him his friend, Eric, might see them from the balcony of his room next door. “He’s my buddy,” he had assured her. “And besides, he’s probably asleep by now.”

    Lisa said she tried to push Christopher away when he attempted to touch her between the legs. She was wet, she admitted to me, but she somehow felt she had to keep up a resistance. She said that, apart from wanting Christopher, what made her even more wet was the fact that she secretly did want Eric to see her getting fucked. So when Christopher finally bent her over and took her forcefully from behind out on the balcony, she had let out a loud moan.

    She said she wasn’t sure if the noises she made woke Eric up but the idea of him watching her being taken was tremendously exciting for her. Lisa said Christopher fucked her to an explosive orgasm out on the balcony and then he pushed her down on her knees as he jerked off on her tits and spurted all over her. When they were done, she and Christopher retired to the bedroom and slept in each other’s arms.

    They woke late the following morning. She, Christopher and Eric met for lunch. Several times during the meal, Lisa had caught Eric eyeing her furtively. She said when they were walking along the path that led out to the beach after lunch he had innocently brushed his fingertips once or twice on the back of her waist. Eric seemed a bit more friendly and attentive the whole afternoon, she told me. Still, Lisa said she didn’t want to assume anything. The three of them spent most of the afternoon snorkeling out on the reef.

    “I think Eric has developed a crush on you,” Christopher said to her as they walked back to the hotel together. Eric had fallen back a few feet behind them and could not have heard. “It’d be great if you could help me seal the investment deal with him,” he continued, still in a joking tone. “It would be good for the office and it would probably get you a raise,” he winked.

    Lisa smiled but shook her head. She told Christopher there was no way she would do it with his friend. Christopher told her he would never suggest such a thing and they both laughed. “It was more nervous laughter, I think,” she said.

    Later that evening, after dinner, they all agreed to meet at the bar for a few drinks and talk business after a quick freshening-up in their respective rooms. When Lisa and Christopher got to their room, she said he told her to wear her little black strapless mini-dress and her black high-heeled shoes when they went down to meet Eric for cocktails.

    Now that dress really looks good on Lisa. It accentuated her curves and the brought out the rosy white smoothness of her skin. It was also very short, exposing most of the exquisite length of her shapely legs. (Too bad she doesn’t have it anymore!)

    Lisa said she hesitated at first, telling Christopher she had brought the dress in case they went out dancing and that it might be too sexy for a business meeting. After much prodding, however, she agreed. She said she showered and applied a tiny dash of perfume on her neck. While she would not have admitted it to herself at the time, she said she picked out her skimpiest pair of panties to wear underneath her mini-dress in hopeful anticipation of a tryst with Eric. She said she even daubed a tiny drop of perfume just outside the lips of her pussy. I was shifting in my seat as I listened to her as my erection was becoming more and more unmanageable. Lisa looked at me and smiled. “Go on, tell me what happened next,” I said to her.

    Lisa said Christopher’s jaw had dropped when she stepped out of the bathroom in the mini-dress. “You look incredible!” he said. She said she sat down on the bed and waited for Christopher who went in to take a quick shower. He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and pulled on a pair of pants. “Hey, I completely forgot to give Eric a copy of the proposal,” he told Lisa. “Why don’t you get them from my bag and bring it over to him now? He needs to see them before we talk.” Lisa said she retrieved the documents from Christopher’s bag and then looked at him. “I think I know what you’re up to,” she told Christopher.

    “Don’t be paranoid, will you?” Christopher replied. “I was joking when I said he likes you. You should see his wife. She’s one hot woman,” he said. Lisa said Christopher knew she would take his remark as something of a challenge. She told him OK. She then took her handbag from the bedside table and walked toward the door with the files. “I’ll be waiting for you in the bar,” Christopher said as she left.

    Lisa said she was so nervous she could hardly breathe as she stood out in the hallway and knocked on Eric’s door. Her knees were trembling with excitement. She said she could feel herself becoming wet between the legs as she waited for him to come to the door. She said that when he did, Eric’s reaction to her was identical to that of Christopher when she had emerged from the bathroom.

    “Whew! It just suddenly became very hot in here,” Eric told her, eyeing Lisa from head to toe. She presented the documents and said Christopher wanted him to go over them before they spoke later at the bar. He invited her in. She accepted.

    Lisa said she and Eric sat around a small table in the corner of the room and talked about the proposal as he looked the documents over. She said the mood was strictly business. She said he didn’t even look at her and seemed to be intently reading the proposal. He asked her a few questions about it. She answered them all in a professional tone.

    “You sure seem to know a lot about this proposal,” Eric remarked after the she had answered all his questions.

    Lisa told him she had written the proposal for Christopher. “So you’re hot and you’re smart, too. Christopher’s a lucky guy to have you,” he said.

    Lisa said her heart leapt at Eric’s remark. She wondered if he had seen her out on the balcony with Christopher the night before. She said he put the documents down on the table and asked whether she wanted a drink.

    Lisa said she’d like a vodka tonic with some ice in it. He got up, made two drinks, and returned to the table. They drank quietly for a while. Then she said she felt Eric’s palm on her thigh. She said she pretended not to notice although she was by now sopping wet. Eric was looking squarely at her. She said she somehow couldn’t return his gaze. He told her she smelled good and asked what perfume she was wearing. She answered him. She said Eric set his glass on the table and, with his hand still on Lisa’s thigh, got up to smell her hair and neck. Lisa said Eric was so close he could feel his warm breath on her and the sensation was such that she felt a small orgasm go though her body. She kept her composure, though, and smiled at him. Then Eric withdrew his hand from her thigh, returned to his seat and said “I want to buy my wife a bottle of that perfume.”

    Lisa said Eric’s remark jolted her out of her sexual stupor and she was suddenly very upset at herself for assuming that he was being more than just friendly to her. She thanked him for the drink, got her bag, and rose from the chair. She said she was about to open the door to leave when she felt Eric grab her by the waist from behind. She said she spun around and was about to tell him off when he kissed her deeply in the mouth. He then took her by the wrists and pushed her against the door. She said her first instinct was to fight him off. She said she did not know why, but she was suddenly fuming mad at him.

    Eric began kissing her neck and managed to cup his hands on her breasts in spite of her protests and struggling. She said she was both scared and angry but she was starting to like how his wet mouth felt against her skin.

    Lisa felt Eric’s hands frantically exploring her body, touching the inside of her thighs. I was speechless as she described what had happened. I told her she should have said something to me. She said she was sorry she didn’t but it had all happened so fast that she did not have time to think about anything. I asked her what happened next.

    Lisa said he kissed her in the mouth again then slid a hand up her dress. She said he pushed away her panties with his fingers and by the time he found her clit she was kissing him back and moaning. She said he put his fingers inside her. “I heard myself moan,” she told me, “and it was as if I was listening to someone else.”

    Lisa had dropped her bag during the initial struggle with Eric and she said she heard her cellphone ring she had stooped down to retrieve it from her bag. While she was on her knees getting her phone, he began to push her head toward his cock. Lisa found her phone and saw that I was calling. She signaled him to keep quiet, raising a finger across her mouth.

    I remembered making the call. I had called to ask what time she was coming home the following day. Lisa admitted that she was undoing Eric’s belt and zipper as she spoke to me about her flight schedule. She said that while I was speaking she would put Eric’s cock into her mouth and suck on it, careful not to make any noise.

    Again, I could not fathom how I felt when she revealed this to me. I was hurt but also very much aroused. My wife looked at me with concern and asked, “Should I go on telling you what happened? Are you OK, baby? This should be fun, you know.’’

    I said she should continue. Lisa then told me she licked Eric’s shaft from top to bottom, rubbed his cock gently against her cheeks and lips and then looked at him with a teasing smile, all the while saying, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah that’s right,” to me on the phone when I repeated the schedule she had just enumerated. After we said our good-byes she turned her cellphone off and continued giving Eric a blowjob. She said he then lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

    Eric set her down at the edge of the bed, pushed her on her back, and spread her legs. She submitted to him, pulling him in when he pushed her panties aside and started to lick her pussy. Lisa said she wanted to let out a loud moan when Eric tongued her clit and inserted two of his fingers into her pussy, but she did not want Christopher to hear. She did not want to allow him the satisfaction of knowing that she had actually gone to bed with Eric. She said she spread her legs wide, and heaved and pushed against Eric’s tongue as he began to move his fingers inside of her. She began touching her breasts through the material of her dress and then reached down to rub her clit as Eric licked and fingered her. When Eric looked up at her she rolled her eyes upward and licked her lips to let him know how good he was making her feel. Eric went wild at the sight of this.

    Eric did not have a condom. Lisa told him she always carried a pack in her handbag just in case Christopher forgot to bring any. Eric rose to his feet, picked up Lisa’s bag from the floor, and handed it to her. Lisa took the pack of condoms out from her bag and gave it to him. She was lying in bed, still fully clothed as Eric had not bothered to take off her panties, choosing to push them aside when he went down on her instead. Eric dropped his pants and put on a condom, all the while watching Lisa play with herself in bed.

    They both moaned when he entered her. Again, Eric had simply pushed her panties to the side as he slid into her. She was sopping wet. She said she was surprised at how big he was but the pleasure was mind-blowing. They kissed, their tongues meeting each other in their mouths, as Eric pushed deeper and deeper into her. He kept telling Lisa how beautiful she was and that he was secretly going crazy with lust for her all weekend. Lisa loved this and began to talk dirty into his ear. (It was around this time that she began to enjoy dirty talk more and more.)

    “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me hard and deep. I’m a slut. I’ll be your slut from now on. You don’t have to be gentle with me. Fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut, please. I beg you. Use me. You own me. I am all yours, baby. You can fuck me any way you want. I want you to do with me as you please. Fuck, me hard, baby, please. Fuck me…”

    Lisa said Eric became more and more aroused as she spoke to him. He began pounding Lisa hard. He said he began to talk dirty to her, as well. Lisa said she felt a savage and uncontrollable lust every time Eric called her a slut. He ordered her to suck on his fingers while he fucked her. This she did greedily, as if it was his cock she was sucking on. Eric kept driving himself hard into her, increasing his pace until Lisa felt herself about to burst into a powerful climax.

    “I’m cumming,” she told Eric. “Fuck me, baby. Make this slut cum for you, baby.”

    Lisa then felt a strong jolt run through her body and she knew she was in the grip of a shuddering orgasm.

    When Lisa came she said it was as if the world had exploded into climax with her and for a moment she thought a tremor had rocked the bed. She said she wrapped her legs around Eric’s waist and bit her lips to prevent a scream from escaping her mouth. She said Eric came almost exactly at the same time she climaxed. He came inside her with the condom still on and they pushed and strained against each other until the spasms passed.

    Eric lay motionless on top of her for a while after he was done. They kissed and then he pulled out and went into the bathroom. He came out a few moments later and lay beside Lisa on the bed. They talked. Lisa gave him her cellphone number and told him he could call her anytime. They agreed they would not tell Christopher that something had happened between them.

    After a few minutes, Lisa stood up and went into the bathroom to fix herself. Eric was putting his clothes on when she came out. He told Lisa to go ahead and see Christopher at the bar. They said good bye and kissed again before Lisa left.

    When Lisa got to the hotel bar, Christopher was waiting alone in a table in a corner. “What took you so long?” he asked mischievously as Lisa took a chair beside him. Keeping a straight face, Lisa said, “Eric had a few questions about the technical details of the proposal.”

    Christopher suddenly looked worried. “You mean he didn’t make a pass at you?” he asked. Lisa said no. Christopher looked astonished. “He told me he thinks you’re hot,” he said, scratching his head. “Did he seem interested in the proposal?” he pressed on. Lisa said it was difficult to tell. Just then Eric joined them at the table. Christopher ordered a round of drinks for all three of them. They talked about the proposal for the rest of the evening. Once, Lisa felt Eric’s hand on her thigh under the table. She said the fact that Christopher was beside her, completely unaware of what was going on, excited her. Eric made her wet just by sliding his hand up and down the inside of her thigh.

    They all headed home the following day. Lisa said Eric did not even dare glance at her during the whole trip back. But when they finally landed and were filing out of the plane he had snuck a pinch to her butt cheek.

    My wife and I fucked like teenagers that night. Afterwards, we kissed and touched each other and talked into the small hours of the morning. Eric eventually signed a deal with Christopher’s company and Lisa did get a raise that year. And, yes, she saw Eric several more times after that weekend on the beach. Christopher never found out. – baileyhammond85 @


    Thursday, June 18, 2009


    While Hubby is Away

    We know it has been a long time and we wanted to update everyone on what we have been up to. My wife is away for a fuck-fest week and I am home along. We are now settled in our new house, we have had some time to look for fun. A married man that was looking for a little fun on the side approached us about a month ago. Here is what my wife wrote about him -

    I chatted with this man for a bit and planned to meet him for lunch. We clicked and agreed to go forward with our relationship. Both my new friend and my husband wanted to meet each other before things turned sexual. They met for drinks later that week and my husband brought him home to me.

    I was waiting for my men in black lingerie and a smile. After saying hello, I directed my husband to take his time fetching our guest a drink while I properly greeted him. We kissed briefly before I asked him to undress. Once he was naked, he approached me and wasted no time getting me naked as well. He thanked me for wearing something sexy, but said he did not want to wait any longer to see me in my entirety.

    He took my left nipple into his mouth and sucked it roughly before he bit it causing me to whimper. He must have enjoyed my muffled moan for his cock responded by leaking precum onto my leg. When he stood, I circled around him licking the back of his neck and let my hands explore his chest. I found his nipples and gave them a quick squeeze before letting my fingers walk their way down his tummy and around his thighs. I ran my fingernails around to his ass and up his back before giving him one more kiss on the back of his neck.

    Standing in front of him again we passionately kissed taking more time to let our hands wander. More precum found its way onto my leg and I had to have a taste. I pushed him down onto my bed and took the head of his cock in my mouth, sucking all the precum out of it that I could. I lifted my head and asked if I mentioned how much I love precum.

    He smiled and said I neglected to say that in our initial luncheon interview. I smiled, lowered my head and started licking his inner thighs, balls, and eventually his cock. This is the position my husband found us in when he entered the room – our friend was lying naked on our bed and I was bent over, bare assed sucking his cock. My husband watched me take my time from his position on a chair. I love to play, so I never allowed my friend to get too excited.

    I like my men to produce lots of precum so I bring them to the edge, let them calm down a bit, and then take them to the edge again. My new lover appreciated my efforts and asked if he could return the favor. I wanted to finish him off, but he insisted that he was ready to please me.

    I stood, winked at my husband and climbed onto my bed. My new friend has his tongue pierced. I’ve never been with a pierced gentleman before. I was excited and very curious. He licked and sucked and it all felt very good. He must have taken a page from my playbook as he did not stay with one technique long enough to allow me to cum. Eventually I was so revved up that I orgasmed anyway.

    My husband loves to see and hear my orgasms. I did not let him down. As my orgasm built my moans grew louder, my legs quivered more and more until I was crying out and had to grab my new friend’s head to get him to release my over stimulated clit.

    My husband was rock hard when I looked over at him. I asked if he was enjoying the show, but didn’t wait for his answer. My tongue was already licking my juices off our new friend’s lips. I reached for his cock and found that it was still growing so that I was able to rub it all over my wet pussy. From my husband’s vantage point he was unable to tell just how far I was taking things.

    He thought I was fucking this guy bareback. I wasn’t, but I was ready to be filled. My new friend put a condom on and mounted me. He switched into a few different positions before I asked him to try something new. I had him lie on his back with his legs hanging over the side of the bed. I climbed on top in a reverse cowgirl and instructed my husband to come lick both of us. He was more than happy to oblige.

    I enjoyed this position, but it wasn’t enough stimulation. All parties wanted something a little more hard-core. Our friend suggested my husband have a go and he jumped at the chance. I lied down with my head close to the edge of the bed and my husband was quick to enter me. Our friend watched my husband pump his cock into me from afar until I beckoned him over.

    I grabbed his cock with my hand and guided it into my mouth. I continued to suck his cock and get pummeled by my husband until I was instructed to suck his balls. I shifted position so that our friend’s balls were over my face and began to lick and suck. I felt my husband change position and soon realized he was sucking his cock. Our friend’s cock grew hard quickly and as soon as he was throbbing I had my husband dismounted allowing our friend to take me again.

    It wasn’t long until our friend was ready to shoot. He asked where he should deposit his load. I told him to cum all over my pussy so that my husband can clean it up. He willingly obliged. Lying on my back I felt warm cum hitting my clit and lips, followed by an eager and almost rough tongue.

    He licked every last drop off of my pussy before thrusting his cock in me again and again. The night proved over stimiluating as he only lasted minutes before unloading his seed deep within me.

    I believe we will all see each other again very soon. I have more things I want to do. - pittsbghcpl @


    Sunday, June 14, 2009


    Alyssa's Cuckold Husband


    I am writing this under the orders of my wife's new boy friend. I had tried for quite a while to get her to try sex outside of our marriage and for the longest time she was not into it. Till several months ago she had told her friend about me asking her to think about it. A few weeks after that we went to see her friend and her husband for the weekend.

    The first night we were there, we were just sitting around chatting and having a bit of wine. Something that my wife does not do very often. She was getting really relaxed and playful. About half way into the second bottle, I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came out, her friend Lacey was in the kitchen taking care of some of the dishes. I came into the living room and she said that Alyssa and Mike had gone to bed. I just figured that she meant they went to sleep. I had no idea that it meant she went to his bed to be his. I sat down and was finishing my glass of wine when Lacey came up to me and took it from my hand. She stood in front of me looking down. It was at this point I noticed that she was only wearing her husbands shirt buttoned down the front with her long bare legs hanging out below.

    I got instantly hard as I thought naughty thoughts about her. She said that Alyssa had told her that I had been trying to get her to sleep with other guys and she asked why that was. I told her that I thought it would bring a little excitement to our relationship and maybe bring some new ideas to our sex life. She knelt down between my legs as she replied, so you like the idea of her having other men, you ever wanted another woman? I told her I had thought about it. She asked what I would think if she told me that she was naked in the other room and Mike was having his way with her right now. I looked at her in disbelieve until she slide her hands up my pants leg and began stroking me through my pants. All I could say was "Oh my god" as she unzipped my pants and let my pole free from behind my cloths.

    She began kissing and sucking me long and deep. I could not believe it, I had wondered about having her since the first time I had met her. She was 6'0, long strong soft legs, dark hair just past her shoulders and I would guess d or dd size breasts. She had almost the perfect hour glass figure. Alyssa was always talking about getting as good a figure as Lacey. I could not help it, I reached out and pulled her head deep onto my penis, forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then something happened I did not expect. I could feel I was about to cum and so could Lacey. As I began to build, suddenly she stopped and pressed on a spot about half way between my falls and my bum. She held it for several seconds, my penis twitched, but nothing. It was like I was cuming without the preasure or the mess.

    She smiled at me as she pulled my pants and my boxers off and knelt on my lap. She began to rub her panties over my still rock hard penis. As she did I reached up and began to unbotton her shirt to release those beautifull breasts. As I got the last button, she leaned forward and pressed them hard into my face. I was in heaven. She kissed her way down my face, neck, chest and down to my penis again. This time she sucked me kneeling to the side so I could tease her lips through her panties as she sucked and stroked. My breath was speeding up again and once again, just before I came, she pressed on that spot and nothing. I could not believe it. I was beginning to get a little sore in the balls as they wanted to explode. She did this two more times over how long until finally.

    I was begging her to make me cum, then I begged her to let me cum. I wanted to shoot so badly. She began stoking me faster and faster, harder and harder. I wanted her to ride me but she would not put it in. In fact, all she had done was give me several unsucessful blowjobs, she still had on her shirt, panties and bra. Finally I told her I would do anything, just make me cum, let me cum. She was stroking it faster and faster when she suddenly stopped and leaned foward into my ear, nibbled my earlobe and whispered for me to cum for her. That was it. All of a sudden my penis stood taller than it ever had and began shooting load after load into the air. I had never been able to cum on cue when someone said it, but all of a sudden, she said it and it happened. I laid there trying to catch my breath when she leaned in again and told me to cum for her. I let out a loud moan as I thought I was going to die when my penis started shooting again and again for a second time. Without any touching, without anything but her telling me to. I could not beleive it, it felt so good and I was cumming so much, I had made a huge mess. Lacey simply told me that I would have till morning to clean up and she gave me her shirt to clean up as well since the second round had gotten it dirty. As she left the room, I dosed off into sleep wondering what Alyssa was going through.

    The next day, I had cleaned myself and the couch up as directed. After starting laundry to clean Lacey's shirt I went to the kitchen for breakfast. I spent most of the day trying to get Alyssa to tell me what had happened the night before, but she would not say anything. After dinner, we went back to their place. As we came through the door, Mike turned to Alyssa and told her to tell me good night. I looked at her puzzled as she leaned forward and kissed me and said good night. She then proceeded to their bedroom. Mike followed and Lacey shortly after putting the left overs in the fridge. As she told me good night, she asked if I enjoyed the night before and I replied yes. She said good, it will be the last time I cum for a while so I had better enjoy it. I told her dont bet on it, she said go ahead and try as I hear all the goings on in the bedroom. And she went to bed and locked the door behind her. I tried several times that weekend to make myself cum but couldnt. Not will we were leaving and Lacey leaned into my ear and told me too. I had to run to the bathroom to keep from messing up my clothes.

    It has been several months since that first time and Alyssa has gone back to see her friends a few times. I am still unable to cum without Lacey telling me too. Alyssa on the other hand has changed considerably. She is no longer as conservative as she was. She now owns her first bikini's and has a whole new set of lingerie, most of which she brings home from Lacey and Mikes.

    I am affraid I have underestimated the cuckold lifestyle we have now entered. We got a call on tuesday from Mike ordering Alyssa to be at their place by Thursday. We were supposed to go out for the weekend, but she canceled. She simply told me that she cant tell him no. I got an email this morning from Mike with the attached pictures with instructions for me to have you post them for all to see that I no longer have any control over my wife and for everyone to see how sexy she can be with a real man. He told me that if I didnt write this email, Lacey would no longer call. I dont mind what I have done to myself, its my own fault, but have I turned Alyssa into a slut? I dont want her to start thinking about herself that way. She is a very hot sexy lady.

    Has she become a slut? Is she now what is called a Hot Wife? I hope no one thinks badly about her. Mike also asks for feedback to me as to what everyone thinks of Alyssa, so please feelfree to email me. Thank you for your time.

    gr8hubby @

    PS. I did not know she owned a garter. She has never worn one for me and in fact told me that she would never wear one because they were slutty. What have I done?


    Tuesday, June 09, 2009


    MiamiMark - My Friend in My Bed

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Rick left town for 3 weeks before we saw him again. Every time he called she would ask me if he said anything about her and I would say no (which was a lie but Rick told me to say it). Actually, Rick and I talked about her all the time. She was going crazy and asking me if he already had a girlfriend or why he wouldn’t say anything.

    Another friend of mine was getting married on two weeks and they decided to have a half separate and half joint bachelor party. For the first have the girls and guys would do their own thing and then everyone would meet up at Hooters and go on from there. We hit a couple of strip clubs and the girls had their fun. When we got to Hooters, the girls were already there and I’m pretty sure they had more fun because they were screaming and drinking quite a bit.

    The rest of the night was a ton of fun and when it came time to leave, Cindy and a couple of the girls were going to spend the night over the bride’s home and Rick was going to drop me off at home. We all said our goodbyes and we left. Rick drove to my house where he had his car and as a good friend he didn’t let me drive being as buzzed as I was. When I got in I called Cindy and told her I was home and she had just gotten to their place. We said our goodnights and hung up. The next day she came home before I even woke up and we caught each other up on what had happened but it wasn’t very exciting.

    I had racquetball that afternoon with Rick and when I went to his place to pick


    Sunday, June 07, 2009


    Naughty Selena

    hot wife

    Fan of the site over the years. Finally, I have something for submission. A few photos I have taken over the years of my hot slutwife,, "Naughty Selena", and a little short story to go with them.

    Here is the story and the photos for submission -

    Fuck my wife, please! Fill all her holes with your seed and make room for the next guy in line. I would love it. I'll help to arrange it, photo, video and clean up afterwards, too!

    What we really like for the most part is anonymous, nasty, quick, dirty, wham bam, thank you ma'am, sex.

    Fuck her then leave, just like you would do any whore.hotwife

    It's not always that easy, of course. We are somewhat picky, at least, and suitable candidates when and where you want them are not, as easy to find, as some might imagine. So, a compromise between lengthy interviews and quick pick-ups sometimes have to be made.

    For example there is the case with one date Selena made with a guy she was interested in. After some weeks of back and forth, a day was picked and our guest arrived.

    Selena, who was all dolled-up in skimpy dress, stockings, garter, shoes and little else was excited and after a few pleasantries, quickly retired to the boudoir with her date followed by your humble narrator with camera.

    Very soon, Selena, both in and at her hotwife finest, had this guy panting. How it turned out after all that effort was that in no time he had his cock stuffed in my wife's ass and pumping away when suddenly, I heard her say "cum in my ass" in response, no doubt, to "I'm gonna cum".selena

    It was the first time I had ever heard her say that (to another, man) or, even to me and I still get a thrill when I think about it but, the long and short of it was - he was spent and done and soon left as he had said earlier when he arrived that he only had a few hours free that day.

    Well! After all the effort it had taken to arrange it was a little disappointing and I was left with this hot little slut who was barely warmed up. That is when I picked up the phone and dialed the number for the guy we had picked up a few months earlier at a adult bookstore and video arcade, on the off chance he was available.

    It was his lucky day, as well as Selena's, because he answered the phone and happened to be free and was more than willing. We made an appointment for him to meet us about an hour later in the parking lot of the arcade where we had first met him.naughty

    I got, Selena, in the mini van, dressed pretty much in her stockings and shoes and headed over to the place. He met us there promtly , freshly scrubbed, T-shirt, shorts and ready to go. He practically dived into the van and right between her legs, face first.

    Soon, he was fucking her and this guy was great- a real porn star- He fucked her on top, from underneath and then laid there on his back while she sucked his dick for him and then he fucked her some more from behind and then, at this point - How could he resist?- he slid his big, thick, cock in her ass and there she was - wife
    My wife on her kness moaning like a slut with yet, another guy fucking her in the ass (and she not even making the slightest of protests when he slipped his dick inside her) and we will, both, always remembering him saying "how nice and easy it slid in'- well, it would if some guy had lubed it up real good and stretched it out for you, an hour before, wouldn't it? .. and then, porn star that this guy was... He rolled the whore over and upon request- shot a big load of gooey cum all over her slut pussy. mmmmmmmmm........What a shot of her! One, I will always, cherish. Like my wedding vows!

    So, after having spent himself and with the whore laying on the floor of the van- with his cum still dripping from her pussy likea cheap crack whore....So, anyway, after having let him use her, in anyway and more, even begging him for it- like the true fuck slut she is- we thanked him and said we would call again, tossed him out of the van and left the arcade lot for home where, afterwards, I had a little fun time with her, too....

    Blue Voyeur

    naughtywithme @


    Thursday, June 04, 2009



    My husband has been asking me to try other guys for several years now. We have a good marriage and love each other quite a bit. He is 6'4 with a strong build and an average penis. I am 5'9, brown hair, slim build with 36c breasts. We both think our sex life is good, but my husband has been pushing me to try another guy.

    I was talking with my best friend Lacey about what my husband had been wanting me to try. We talked about it at length when she admitted to me that she had tried it and that it was not all that bad. I was shocked as we were both raised very conservative and while at college would have never even considered it. Now that we were married it would seem that things were changing. We talked for the longest time about what it was like and what she liked about it and things like that. Then she mentioned that her husband Mike was a good wife trainer and that he would be more than willing to train me. I did not understand what all this meant but I began to be intrigued. Lacey invited us to come for a weekend and see what would happen.cuck

    James and I took her up on her offer, I had not told James the real reason for going. The first night we were there we sat up talking. Lacey offered me some wine, something else we did not do before marriage, and I decided to try some. It did not take long before I was feeling quite warm and relaxed. I then noticed that Mike was flirting with me a bit and I started flirting back. This went on for a while when James got up to head to the bathroom. As soon as the door closed, Mike reached over to me and took my head in his hands and kissed me deep on the lips. I resisted for a second till I felt his tongue separate my lips and I could no longer say no. He explored my mouth with his tongue and then released me. As I tried to catch my breath he told me that I was now his and that I was to head to their bedroom for further training. I looked at Lacey and she smiled and poured me a bit more wine.

    Unsure what to do I just sat there for a second. Then Mike took my hand and helped me up. I will meet you in the bedroom in a second and he guided me toward the hall. I nervously walked down the hall to their room and opened the door. Unsure what was going to happen or how James was going to react. I found myself getting very excited at the same time. I walked around their room getting a look at everything as Mike entered the room. My knees were weak as he walked up to me and gently began kissing me softly on my neck and then my cheek and finally on my lips. I began to melt. He took my glass of wine and set it on the night stand. Then he kissed me hard again as he reached up and took a breast in his hand. I went totally weak in the knees as the second person ever reached into my shirt and pinched my nipple. He slowly lowered me to the bed.

    I asked what about James, he said that Lacey would know how to take care of him and get him the training he would need. I smiled as Mike gently lowered himself over me. Then suddenly he reached down and ripped open my shirt. I squeeled as it startled me. He began working feverishly on my breasts and quickly released my breasts from my bra than threw it to the floor. He spent what seemed for ever sucking and nibbling and pulling on my breasts and nipples.cucky

    Over the next several hours Mike would introduce me to some of the most intense sex I had ever had. He would also give me my first orgasm during sex I had ever had. I was amazed at his stamina and size. After my second and third orgasm I would finally collaps underneith him with no strength left. I was exausted, but Mike had not cum yet. He told me to get on my knees. I did not have the strength. As a punishment, she slid my legs apart and began stroking my clit with his thumb as he slid his fingers in and out of me. I imediately coated his fingers with my juice again and again till I started cumming again. He would spend the next several minutes holding me down as he made me cum time and time again. I lost count as all of the orgasms began to be one long long orgasm. As I was cumming over and over, he began whispering in my ear that I was now his and that I was to do as he directed. He told me that if I did as I was told, he would continue, if I didnt, he would not allow me to cum until I did. Then he stopped in the middle of my body shaking.

    After a few minutes he looked at me in the eyes, kissed me deep on the lips and pulled on a nipple. He asked if I wanted more. It was the hotest and most intense sex I had ever had. I began begging him for more. He ordered me to roll onto my knees so I did. He got behind me and began teasing me from behind. At this point we heard a scream of pleasure coming from the other room. It was the first time I had even thought about Lacey and James. I began wondering what she was doing until Mike slide his fat Penis deep inside of me. As he began pounding me from behind he reached up and pulled on my swinging breasts. I was deeper than he had ever been when suddenly it happened. He let out a loud moan and he began to throb as he filled me with his juice. I felt every shot he made. He filled me in no time. He shot several times as he pulled out and continuted to cum all over my butt as he stroked his penis. I had never seen so much cum in my life.

    As I collapsed onto the bed, the door opened. Lacey came in. She was wearng only her bra and panties. She smiled at me and asked Mike how it went. He smiled and said I was now his and asked how hers went. She said that James had competed his training and that he was totally in her controll. They kissed and she began stroking him as I lay there watching. He laid her on the bed next to me and began making love to her. As he began to pound her I tried to get up but couldnt. It was so hot watching them go at it right next to me. Before long they had finished and Lacey went limp and Mike screamed in pleasure. We all fell asleep in the bed.cucking

    In the morning we awoke and began to get ready for the days events. Before I had a chance to talk with James, Mike informed me that I was not to speak of anything that had happend the night before or I would be punished. I smiled and Mike reminded me that if I disobeyed he would not allow me to cum again until I did. Shivers ran down my body and ended in my clit as he reminded me of the wonderful set of orgasms he had given. I agreed and headed out to the kitchen.

    The next night we would go through the same thing only this time James was left by himself while Mike took turns on Lacey and I. I could not believe he could take us both on and still last as long as he did. It was amazing sex again.

    In the morning we were headed home, we had all gotten cleaned up and ready to go when Lacey gave James a hug and whispered something in his ear. He moaned and ran to the bathroom. It was at this point that I would discover that my husband had been tamed to the point that the only way he could cum was if Lacey gave him the command to cum. And then if she gave it to him, he could not help it.cucked

    It has been three months since that weekend and Mike has not allowed James to have me since. I have been back to see them once and we are getting ready for another trip in a few weeks. As a way to remind my husband that he has now gotten what he asked for all those years, Mike has asked me to send you this email and the attached pictures. They are of me with Mike on the weekend I went to visit. He knows James likes your site and will go crazy over the pictures. He also says comments are welcome so that I can see what people think of me. Please forward any comments to wawife @

    Thank you so much for your site and for getting James all hot and bothered. Had you not, I would not be the hotwife Mike says I now am. Mikes tease and yours.

    Alyssa - wawife @


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