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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 21, 2009


    Lisa Seals a Deal

    I had previously written about my wife, Lisa, and Christopher, her boss. The title of the post was “How I Found Out”. The events I described in it took place around six years ago.

    In the four years that followed my initial discovery of Lisa’s secret life, she had embarked on a number of sexual adventures. I thought I’d share one with you.

    Lisa and I spoke at length about her sexual liaisons with Christopher the day after I first found out she was seeing him. I confessed that watching her with him was an enormous turn on for me. I considered telling her that I had found photographs in her laptop and had made copies of them but then decided against it.

    I casually asked whether she intended to continue seeing Christopher. She was quiet for a while. Then she looked at me and said, “Yes, I do. Is that OK?” I told her it would be all right. I tried – I do not know with what success -- to conceal the strange mixture of confusion and exhilaration I felt.

    When we were done talking, my wife and I agreed that we should not speak about the matter again unless it was absolutely necessary. We likewise agreed that she should not have sex with Christopher until I had sorted out how I should deal with it. A little over a week passed and it was as if nothing had happened. We fell into the routine of our work and home life. This went on until, one evening as we lay in bed and all the lights in the house were out, I felt Lisa’s hand on my cock. She played with it until it was hard, and then threw aside the blanket to give me a blowjob. A moment or two later, she came up and took her panties off so that all she had on was a little T-shirt.

    I thought I would explode as soon as Lisa mounted me. My cock was suddenly enveloped in her sweet-smelling heat and wetness. She moaned and began to fuck me, starting slow, and then working the rhythm to a heavenly pace. All the while she was whispering dirty things into my ear.

    “I’m a slut and I love it,” she hissed. “I love fucking. I love to be fucked and to be treated like a whore in bed. I love to be told what to do, and I love being watched. Did you see how Christopher fucked me? I loved it. I love it when he fucks me. I love that you saw. Sometimes he asks me to finger myself to an orgasm while he watches. You should see me. I love it…”

    I could not believe my wife was telling me all this. Lisa had talked dirty in bed on occasion but never to the extent that she was now. “I’m going away with him this weekend,” she whispered into my ear. “Please, please, don’t say no,” she cooed as she reached behind her buttocks to play with my balls, fucking me all the while. “Please say yes, baby” she said. I would have done anything she asked at that point. I said yes and exploded inside her. My wife rose to a very loud orgasm about two seconds after I expended my juices into her.

    (This was how Lisa slowly managed to make me an accomplice to her little adventures. Today, six years later, I still marvel at how she outplayed me: how she would insinuate an idea for her secret trysts, and then lead me to believe that it was I who had conceived of it.)

    Three days later, early on a Friday morning, Lisa left for her vacation with Christopher. In her absence, I spent most of my time working. At night I went out drinking with a couple of friends. I called her once or twice over the weekend. She called me more frequently and always replied to my text messages.

    Lisa came home Sunday evening, looking radiant as she strolled into our living room and kissed me. I was immediately aroused by the sight of her. She was wearing very short shorts, a tight T-shirt, and a pair of high heeled slip-on shoes. (There was a time when she would have been terrified at the thought of wearing such an outfit in public.) I wanted to know what happened but pretended to be tired and a bit bored. I purposefully neglected to take her bags. I went back out onto the balcony where I was nursing a drink. She went into the bedroom to set her bags down. Then I saw her go into the kitchen for a bottle of beer.

    “C’mon, say it,” she said, smiling as she joined me out on the balcony. “You want to know what happened, right?” I lied and told her I didn’t want to hear. “Well, I’m telling you anyway,” she said, winking. I shook my head slowly, feigning helplessness. I was rock hard with anticipation of what she had to say.

    Lisa said she and Christopher had gone to a little beach resort and booked a room for two. “It was beautiful. It had a balcony just like this that looked out over the beach,” she said. “Christopher’s friend, Eric, had taken the room next to ours,” she added.

    I did a double take. I reminded her that she had not told me there was to be someone else on the trip with them. Lisa said Christopher had invited Eric to join them as he was convincing him to invest in a small company he had just started. Christopher had figured a little holiday on the beach might help loosen Eric up to the idea. Christopher had introduced her to him as his executive assistant.

    I asked Lisa what this fellow, Eric, was like. “He is cute, but not as fit and muscular as Christopher,” she told me. She said all three of them had lunch together when they got to the hotel. They talked business, had a few drinks, and then went out to the beach for a swim. She wore her tight black bikini, which was one size too small for her.

    Christopher and Lisa made out a lot on the beach while Eric lay in the sun on a towel in the sand some distance off. The afternoon went by with little incident.

    In the evening they all had dinner together and then retired to their rooms. Lisa said Christopher had fucked her out on the balcony that night. She had refused him at first because she was afraid people would see them. But Christopher had convinced her that it was dark and that no one could see what they were doing. She told him his friend, Eric, might see them from the balcony of his room next door. “He’s my buddy,” he had assured her. “And besides, he’s probably asleep by now.”

    Lisa said she tried to push Christopher away when he attempted to touch her between the legs. She was wet, she admitted to me, but she somehow felt she had to keep up a resistance. She said that, apart from wanting Christopher, what made her even more wet was the fact that she secretly did want Eric to see her getting fucked. So when Christopher finally bent her over and took her forcefully from behind out on the balcony, she had let out a loud moan.

    She said she wasn’t sure if the noises she made woke Eric up but the idea of him watching her being taken was tremendously exciting for her. Lisa said Christopher fucked her to an explosive orgasm out on the balcony and then he pushed her down on her knees as he jerked off on her tits and spurted all over her. When they were done, she and Christopher retired to the bedroom and slept in each other’s arms.

    They woke late the following morning. She, Christopher and Eric met for lunch. Several times during the meal, Lisa had caught Eric eyeing her furtively. She said when they were walking along the path that led out to the beach after lunch he had innocently brushed his fingertips once or twice on the back of her waist. Eric seemed a bit more friendly and attentive the whole afternoon, she told me. Still, Lisa said she didn’t want to assume anything. The three of them spent most of the afternoon snorkeling out on the reef.

    “I think Eric has developed a crush on you,” Christopher said to her as they walked back to the hotel together. Eric had fallen back a few feet behind them and could not have heard. “It’d be great if you could help me seal the investment deal with him,” he continued, still in a joking tone. “It would be good for the office and it would probably get you a raise,” he winked.

    Lisa smiled but shook her head. She told Christopher there was no way she would do it with his friend. Christopher told her he would never suggest such a thing and they both laughed. “It was more nervous laughter, I think,” she said.

    Later that evening, after dinner, they all agreed to meet at the bar for a few drinks and talk business after a quick freshening-up in their respective rooms. When Lisa and Christopher got to their room, she said he told her to wear her little black strapless mini-dress and her black high-heeled shoes when they went down to meet Eric for cocktails.

    Now that dress really looks good on Lisa. It accentuated her curves and the brought out the rosy white smoothness of her skin. It was also very short, exposing most of the exquisite length of her shapely legs. (Too bad she doesn’t have it anymore!)

    Lisa said she hesitated at first, telling Christopher she had brought the dress in case they went out dancing and that it might be too sexy for a business meeting. After much prodding, however, she agreed. She said she showered and applied a tiny dash of perfume on her neck. While she would not have admitted it to herself at the time, she said she picked out her skimpiest pair of panties to wear underneath her mini-dress in hopeful anticipation of a tryst with Eric. She said she even daubed a tiny drop of perfume just outside the lips of her pussy. I was shifting in my seat as I listened to her as my erection was becoming more and more unmanageable. Lisa looked at me and smiled. “Go on, tell me what happened next,” I said to her.

    Lisa said Christopher’s jaw had dropped when she stepped out of the bathroom in the mini-dress. “You look incredible!” he said. She said she sat down on the bed and waited for Christopher who went in to take a quick shower. He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and pulled on a pair of pants. “Hey, I completely forgot to give Eric a copy of the proposal,” he told Lisa. “Why don’t you get them from my bag and bring it over to him now? He needs to see them before we talk.” Lisa said she retrieved the documents from Christopher’s bag and then looked at him. “I think I know what you’re up to,” she told Christopher.

    “Don’t be paranoid, will you?” Christopher replied. “I was joking when I said he likes you. You should see his wife. She’s one hot woman,” he said. Lisa said Christopher knew she would take his remark as something of a challenge. She told him OK. She then took her handbag from the bedside table and walked toward the door with the files. “I’ll be waiting for you in the bar,” Christopher said as she left.

    Lisa said she was so nervous she could hardly breathe as she stood out in the hallway and knocked on Eric’s door. Her knees were trembling with excitement. She said she could feel herself becoming wet between the legs as she waited for him to come to the door. She said that when he did, Eric’s reaction to her was identical to that of Christopher when she had emerged from the bathroom.

    “Whew! It just suddenly became very hot in here,” Eric told her, eyeing Lisa from head to toe. She presented the documents and said Christopher wanted him to go over them before they spoke later at the bar. He invited her in. She accepted.

    Lisa said she and Eric sat around a small table in the corner of the room and talked about the proposal as he looked the documents over. She said the mood was strictly business. She said he didn’t even look at her and seemed to be intently reading the proposal. He asked her a few questions about it. She answered them all in a professional tone.

    “You sure seem to know a lot about this proposal,” Eric remarked after the she had answered all his questions.

    Lisa told him she had written the proposal for Christopher. “So you’re hot and you’re smart, too. Christopher’s a lucky guy to have you,” he said.

    Lisa said her heart leapt at Eric’s remark. She wondered if he had seen her out on the balcony with Christopher the night before. She said he put the documents down on the table and asked whether she wanted a drink.

    Lisa said she’d like a vodka tonic with some ice in it. He got up, made two drinks, and returned to the table. They drank quietly for a while. Then she said she felt Eric’s palm on her thigh. She said she pretended not to notice although she was by now sopping wet. Eric was looking squarely at her. She said she somehow couldn’t return his gaze. He told her she smelled good and asked what perfume she was wearing. She answered him. She said Eric set his glass on the table and, with his hand still on Lisa’s thigh, got up to smell her hair and neck. Lisa said Eric was so close he could feel his warm breath on her and the sensation was such that she felt a small orgasm go though her body. She kept her composure, though, and smiled at him. Then Eric withdrew his hand from her thigh, returned to his seat and said “I want to buy my wife a bottle of that perfume.”

    Lisa said Eric’s remark jolted her out of her sexual stupor and she was suddenly very upset at herself for assuming that he was being more than just friendly to her. She thanked him for the drink, got her bag, and rose from the chair. She said she was about to open the door to leave when she felt Eric grab her by the waist from behind. She said she spun around and was about to tell him off when he kissed her deeply in the mouth. He then took her by the wrists and pushed her against the door. She said her first instinct was to fight him off. She said she did not know why, but she was suddenly fuming mad at him.

    Eric began kissing her neck and managed to cup his hands on her breasts in spite of her protests and struggling. She said she was both scared and angry but she was starting to like how his wet mouth felt against her skin.

    Lisa felt Eric’s hands frantically exploring her body, touching the inside of her thighs. I was speechless as she described what had happened. I told her she should have said something to me. She said she was sorry she didn’t but it had all happened so fast that she did not have time to think about anything. I asked her what happened next.

    Lisa said he kissed her in the mouth again then slid a hand up her dress. She said he pushed away her panties with his fingers and by the time he found her clit she was kissing him back and moaning. She said he put his fingers inside her. “I heard myself moan,” she told me, “and it was as if I was listening to someone else.”

    Lisa had dropped her bag during the initial struggle with Eric and she said she heard her cellphone ring she had stooped down to retrieve it from her bag. While she was on her knees getting her phone, he began to push her head toward his cock. Lisa found her phone and saw that I was calling. She signaled him to keep quiet, raising a finger across her mouth.

    I remembered making the call. I had called to ask what time she was coming home the following day. Lisa admitted that she was undoing Eric’s belt and zipper as she spoke to me about her flight schedule. She said that while I was speaking she would put Eric’s cock into her mouth and suck on it, careful not to make any noise.

    Again, I could not fathom how I felt when she revealed this to me. I was hurt but also very much aroused. My wife looked at me with concern and asked, “Should I go on telling you what happened? Are you OK, baby? This should be fun, you know.’’

    I said she should continue. Lisa then told me she licked Eric’s shaft from top to bottom, rubbed his cock gently against her cheeks and lips and then looked at him with a teasing smile, all the while saying, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah that’s right,” to me on the phone when I repeated the schedule she had just enumerated. After we said our good-byes she turned her cellphone off and continued giving Eric a blowjob. She said he then lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

    Eric set her down at the edge of the bed, pushed her on her back, and spread her legs. She submitted to him, pulling him in when he pushed her panties aside and started to lick her pussy. Lisa said she wanted to let out a loud moan when Eric tongued her clit and inserted two of his fingers into her pussy, but she did not want Christopher to hear. She did not want to allow him the satisfaction of knowing that she had actually gone to bed with Eric. She said she spread her legs wide, and heaved and pushed against Eric’s tongue as he began to move his fingers inside of her. She began touching her breasts through the material of her dress and then reached down to rub her clit as Eric licked and fingered her. When Eric looked up at her she rolled her eyes upward and licked her lips to let him know how good he was making her feel. Eric went wild at the sight of this.

    Eric did not have a condom. Lisa told him she always carried a pack in her handbag just in case Christopher forgot to bring any. Eric rose to his feet, picked up Lisa’s bag from the floor, and handed it to her. Lisa took the pack of condoms out from her bag and gave it to him. She was lying in bed, still fully clothed as Eric had not bothered to take off her panties, choosing to push them aside when he went down on her instead. Eric dropped his pants and put on a condom, all the while watching Lisa play with herself in bed.

    They both moaned when he entered her. Again, Eric had simply pushed her panties to the side as he slid into her. She was sopping wet. She said she was surprised at how big he was but the pleasure was mind-blowing. They kissed, their tongues meeting each other in their mouths, as Eric pushed deeper and deeper into her. He kept telling Lisa how beautiful she was and that he was secretly going crazy with lust for her all weekend. Lisa loved this and began to talk dirty into his ear. (It was around this time that she began to enjoy dirty talk more and more.)

    “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me hard and deep. I’m a slut. I’ll be your slut from now on. You don’t have to be gentle with me. Fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut, please. I beg you. Use me. You own me. I am all yours, baby. You can fuck me any way you want. I want you to do with me as you please. Fuck, me hard, baby, please. Fuck me…”

    Lisa said Eric became more and more aroused as she spoke to him. He began pounding Lisa hard. He said he began to talk dirty to her, as well. Lisa said she felt a savage and uncontrollable lust every time Eric called her a slut. He ordered her to suck on his fingers while he fucked her. This she did greedily, as if it was his cock she was sucking on. Eric kept driving himself hard into her, increasing his pace until Lisa felt herself about to burst into a powerful climax.

    “I’m cumming,” she told Eric. “Fuck me, baby. Make this slut cum for you, baby.”

    Lisa then felt a strong jolt run through her body and she knew she was in the grip of a shuddering orgasm.

    When Lisa came she said it was as if the world had exploded into climax with her and for a moment she thought a tremor had rocked the bed. She said she wrapped her legs around Eric’s waist and bit her lips to prevent a scream from escaping her mouth. She said Eric came almost exactly at the same time she climaxed. He came inside her with the condom still on and they pushed and strained against each other until the spasms passed.

    Eric lay motionless on top of her for a while after he was done. They kissed and then he pulled out and went into the bathroom. He came out a few moments later and lay beside Lisa on the bed. They talked. Lisa gave him her cellphone number and told him he could call her anytime. They agreed they would not tell Christopher that something had happened between them.

    After a few minutes, Lisa stood up and went into the bathroom to fix herself. Eric was putting his clothes on when she came out. He told Lisa to go ahead and see Christopher at the bar. They said good bye and kissed again before Lisa left.

    When Lisa got to the hotel bar, Christopher was waiting alone in a table in a corner. “What took you so long?” he asked mischievously as Lisa took a chair beside him. Keeping a straight face, Lisa said, “Eric had a few questions about the technical details of the proposal.”

    Christopher suddenly looked worried. “You mean he didn’t make a pass at you?” he asked. Lisa said no. Christopher looked astonished. “He told me he thinks you’re hot,” he said, scratching his head. “Did he seem interested in the proposal?” he pressed on. Lisa said it was difficult to tell. Just then Eric joined them at the table. Christopher ordered a round of drinks for all three of them. They talked about the proposal for the rest of the evening. Once, Lisa felt Eric’s hand on her thigh under the table. She said the fact that Christopher was beside her, completely unaware of what was going on, excited her. Eric made her wet just by sliding his hand up and down the inside of her thigh.

    They all headed home the following day. Lisa said Eric did not even dare glance at her during the whole trip back. But when they finally landed and were filing out of the plane he had snuck a pinch to her butt cheek.

    My wife and I fucked like teenagers that night. Afterwards, we kissed and touched each other and talked into the small hours of the morning. Eric eventually signed a deal with Christopher’s company and Lisa did get a raise that year. And, yes, she saw Eric several more times after that weekend on the beach. Christopher never found out. – baileyhammond85 @


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