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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, July 27, 2008


    My Wife Janet


    Hi Blog Readers,

    This is about me & my wife Janet. Recently she got a new boss at work, Ray. The first day she met him she came home and told me what a old fashioned creep he was and she was going to miss her old boss ( who was a female). The next few weeks she progressivly got more and more vocal about her dislike for him, calling him a gorrilla and saying he had hair on his arms that could make a rug. Ray seemed determined to make a name for himself with the company, because she also was required to work more and more overtime to get projects completed ahead of schedule.

    It was about the third month of his employment that she came home late wednesday and was very quiet, no complaints or comments, but she was visibly uneasy. I asked her how her day went she shrugged and said it went ok. The rest of the week she didn't have alot to say after work.

    On friday Janet came home around 8pm and immediately went to get ready for bed. Janet surprised me by calling me into the bathroom and asking me to trim her bush, I was in heaven. I was happy at what seemed to be a spark of eroticism on her part since she was normally a bit conservative. I trimmed her bush to a nice sexy length then shaved her bikini lines just a little bit narrower than her norm. In the bedroom she surprised me again by kneeling down and giving me a blowjob, something she normally avoided and had only done a few times in 15 years, and never before the lights were out and we were well into foreplay. I came quickly and pushed her onto the bed to return the favor, she was very wet and swollen, she ground her hips into my face with a passion she had never before demonstrated. When she came she clenched her thighs on my head and rocked, I was suprised to find she actually seemed to cum on my face, I mean I was soaked with her juices, they seemed to run out of her like honey and I greedily licked them up. Both of us satisfied we went to sleep within moments. Saturday and Sunday night were filled with more oral sex, but she didn't repeat the gushing orgasm. I didn't get to the screwing part those nights either but was completely satisfied.

    On monday Janet came home at what was now her normal time, but was really 2 hours later than under her old boss. When I asked her about her day she seemed in a good mood and said things went well and that Ray was really getting things done around the office and had been promoted, and that she had gotten a big raise and moved along with him. Tuesday she came early and said she wanted to go to the mall, I agreed to go with her and followed her around as she bought some new clothes, new hose and lingerie, instead of her normal conservative nylon underwear she got some really sexy french cut and even a couple pairs of string bikini type. Janet looked at me with a sly grin and said if I was a good boy I might even get to see her in them. I was in heaven because I had secretly always wished she would dress a little more sexy.

    I was now used to her working late and really was enjoying the extra time to cruise the internet. This was one week since our sex life had greatly improved and I was looking forward to a friday night screw with my newly erotically inclined wife. Janet didn't come home until 9pm and I was just getting worried when her car pulled in the garage. When she came in she was disheveled looking and I quickly realised she had been drinking. Janet slurred out a apology and a excuse about having too much wine with her dinner. As she walked up the steps to the bathroom I couldn't help but noticed her hips swaying sexily, I was so horny I couldn't wait to get her in bed. Upstairs Janet immediatly knelt and fumbled at my pajamas for my cock, hungrily she took the whole thing in her mouth and licked its length.

    I was thinking how good she was getting at this and the fact she didn't even gag, when she let it slip from her mouth and teased drunkinly , asking "is that all you got?" Janet immediatly went back to work and the feeling of her taking my whole cock into her mouth sent me right over the edge as I shot a load into her mouth . Janet stood up and pointed to the bed, I layed back and watched her undress, she let the dress drop to the floor and I was stunned to see she had no panties on. Janet climbed on top of me but faced away from me nd began sucking my newly revived cock, her pussy was swollen and she backed it right into my face, I began licking her in earnest and was surprised by how wet she was, Janet orgasmed loudly and sat up grinding her sex into my face, she came and came, once again gushing cum as she had last friday night.

    My once conservative wife collasped half on her belly into a drunken stupor and I sat amazed at the change, I was hard as a rock again and decided I would get my rocks off anyway, when I entered from behind she was wet, hot and very loose. I came almost imediately and went downstairs for a beer, there on the bar sat Janets open purse, inside I noticed a picture on her cell, it was of a man who was standing over an ass I well reconized, in the fore front was a very hairy belly with a thick uncircumcised cock. I just sat there and stared at the photo, I couldn't believe my wife was doing it with another man, let alone one with a thick cock like the one in the picture, how could I compete with something like that? I decided I couldn't and that if I wanted to keep my wife I should pretend I didn't see the picture.

    The next morning when we awoke Janet acted normal, over breakfast she suddenly remarked, " Oh I asked Ray to stop over this evening, I thought you two should meet and maybe you two will hit it off, you know do guy stuff". I was shocked not only was Janet screwing her boss but she wanted me to hang out with him? When Ray arrived he was everything she first said about him, his arms were very hairy and there was a thick tuft of hair sticking out of his shirt, which had the top two buttons undone. he had a square jaw and a heavy brow.

    I tried to make small talk while my wife was in the kitchen, Janet brought us a couple drinks, me a beer and Ray a burbon on the rocks. This is a nice place you two have, will you give me the tour Jan? My wife looked back over her shoulder as the decended into the lower family room, " Alex, will you start the charcoal? I have some steaks in the fridge". I was outside on the back patio, filling the grill with charcoal when I saw a shadow move across the window to the lower area of the house. Feeling foolish I peeked through the slit in the curtains, there in front of me was Janet, firmy held in Rays arms, her breasts crushed to his massive chest, deep into a lovers kiss. Janet slid to her knees and , glancing at the kitchen door she undid Ray's pants and released the thick meat I had seen in the picture. My wife licked and sucked at it, forcing it into her dainty lips. Ray grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her face, I couldn't help myself I became very aroused by the scene unfolding through the crack in the curtains.

    I quietly slipped around to the patio door and entered the house from the opposite direction I had left. There was Janet, bent at the waist,her dress around her hips, panties at her ankles, and Ray was about to slip his cock into her from behind. Janet groaned as it stretched her open, but she pushed back onto it with a eagerness that said she knew that thick cock well. I took my own meager cock out and began to jack off. Ray looked my way and startled, then he recovered when he saw what I was doing he motioned for me to come closer. As I decended the stairs they creaked, Janet jumped and stood up,looking frightened. Ray whispered, "Its ok Jan, your husband seems to like the show".

    My wife saw my hard cock in my hand and allowed Ray to bend her back over (btw, the picture attached is one she actually sent him the next day as a reminder), as our eyes locked. I shifted my gaze to the point where Ray's cock was once again pushing into Janets slit. Janet groaned and pushed back at him, when I looked at her face she had her eyes closed in ectasy. My wife opened her eyes and looked at me, she began pushing back to meet Ray's thrusts, they got into a rythm and Janet shuddered in orgasm. By this time I was mere feet away as Ray grabbed janet by the hips and drove savagly into her over and over, Janet shook and her knees buckled, Ray supported my wifes limp form and with a great groan of pleasure pushed deep into her and held her in place.

    I came in a long stream that hit Janet in the face, when Ray pulled his thick meaty cock from Janet's slit, cum immediatly ran down her legs. Janet sunk to her knees and smiled up at Ray then looked at me. "Oh god Alex, I am so sorry, I can't help myself. Its always like that, I have never had orgasms like those before, and now I cant get them enough".

    Later in the evening, as Ray was leaving he shook my hand. Thanks for everything Alex, Janet will go far with me at the office

    and I look forward to visiting you two ...often. - Alex


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    Friday, July 25, 2008


    Our First Time

    hot wife

    To give you a little bit of background and description, I am 29 and Jen is 26 and we’ve been together since we were teenagers. Jen is 5’ 2’’ tall and the rest you can see in her pics.

    In terms of our relationship, since quite an early point in our relationship I fantasized about watching her with other men – I can’t explain it – people like weirder and worse things I guess. The first time anything happened was during her time at University when we were in the fire escape of a night club getting down to business ourselves. We were snogging each others faces off and I had my hands all over her, pulling her little black dress up over her bare ass and squeezing her cheeks roughly.

    We were totally oblivious to the fact that there was a rather useful looking bouncer standing right behind us taking the whole thing in! He coughed which immediately made us stop and spin round to see who was there – he stood there looking very smug and asked us what we thought we were doing –strange question I know but I stammered “Nothing?” which is probably even more stupid… He then took his radio out and suggested that if he called for assistance I would probably end up having my head used to open every door between there and the back door and that we would both be banned from the club indefinitely.

    Then however he said “It doesn’t have to be that way…” and looked at Jen in a certain way, which without having to say a word, all three of us knew exactly what he meant. I suddenly felt all the moisture disappear from my throat and I was stuck for a moment like a rabbit in the headlights; but at the same time I felt a wave of excitement like never before. The bouncer prompted by saying “It won’t take much of your time to make sure I turn a blind eye toall this”, this time looking straight at Jen. She looked at me and said “You know I come here all the time”, as if that was a perfectly reasonable explanation!

    With that she walked towards the bouncer, who must have been about 6’4’’, dwarfing her and looked at him as if to kiss him. He smiled in a very devious way and said “No, No – that’s not what I’m after” with that he put two large hands on each of her shoulders and pushed her to her knees in front of him. He looked at Jen and then me and said “It’s about time I got to show you fucking students something about discipline”, with that he started to unbuckle his trousers, releasing a large semi-hard cock, the first time I had ever seen another man’s penis in this way before.jen

    Jen meanwhile had a look in her eye that I have since come to love but at the time was alien to me – I guess you would call it pure lust. She was kneeling, in the dusty, gloomy fire escape with her black high heeled mules on, he short tight black dress still riding up exposing her ass cheeks, with a large cock dangling only inches from her lips. The bouncer prompted “Come on now – you don’t want thrown out do you?” to which she obediently shook her head. Then, for the first time she put her hand around his cock, which looked obscenely big in her tiny hand and began to stroke him to full hardness.

    I was turned on to a level I had never imagined and was powerless to move or to speak – I just enjoyed the view! After a few strokes his cock grew to an impressive size and the tip glistened – he looked at me and said “Now your bird is going to save you from a kicking pal”, and with that he grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head towards his now rock hard cock. Jen opened wide as he roughly pulled her on to it, she took the first three or four inches, but being a stranger at the time to deep throating she began to gag quite badly. The bouncer was undeterred and with both hands on the back of her head, began to buck his hips, slowly working his cock into Jen’s straining mouth. Jen pushed against his thighs but was helpless to stop the face fucking that was now in progress – gradually though it was clear she was relaxing and began to take more and more of his cock, until her nose was nearly touching his belly.

    I’d like to tell you that the bouncer was a man of massive sexual technique who lasted for hours, but this is real-life and in reality after only about 5 minutes of face fucking my 19 year-old girlfriend in front of me, he tensed and held her face tightly onto his cock and I could tell that he was filling her mouth full of cum. He groaned and relaxed, breathing heavily, but held Jen in place for a good 30 seconds or so, to make sure all she could do was swallow every drop. Then he stepped back and zipped up, smirking at both of us. “Now” he said “Feel free to re-join the party” he smiled, looking extremely pleased with himself. Jen got off her knees, both of which had large red marks on them and we walked back into the club in silence. This was a crucial point in our relationship and when we eventually looked at each other I had no other choice – I had to kiss her – I was so horny by watching her! We left almost immediately and went back to her flat and had the most incredibly horny sex we had had. Jen even taunted me with it during our fuck session, asking if I had enjoyed the show.

    From that point on it was clear that a new chapter had begun and that this would only be the first of many experiences that we would share. I know for sure that Jen visited that club many times without me after that night. - Paul & Jen

    Sunday, July 20, 2008


    My Wife

    Thank God for Anonymity! I only submitted a picture because this blog requires it but I need to keep our email private.

    Women are really a lot less bashful than guys when it comes to sex. Just give her the car keys some Friday or Saturday night, smile and tell her to go out, ride around, relax and have some fun. She might "play dumb" but she'll instantly get the idea and it'll turn her on like crazy! She'll do the rest, possibly saying something like: "well, we do need milk, I could pick up a half-gallon at the party store." It worked great for me!

    My wife looks a lot like Kelly Ripa, Blond, thin, and incredibly sexy! 5'4", 34C-22-34 115 lbs. The main difference is my wife, Sandy, has short blondish hair, kind of petite boyish figure, but "sizzling" hot! Like Kelly, made to drive guys "up a wall!" Ever since the first week we were married, if I turned my back even for a few minutes, some unbelievely nervy guy would always be trying to "hit on her" wherever she went, sometimes right in front of me, but especially when she was alone at the mall or even grocery shopping.

    I finally realized that any time she went out alone anywhere, for milk, groceries, clothes or especially shoe shopping, she was probably going to come back really used, very wet and looking guilty, but also very satisfied, intensely sexy and VERY intriguing, like a Christmas present just waiting to be opened. It always turned me on fiercely to think about the total freedom and incredible pleasure she enjoyed with other guys!

    Often, while grocery shopping, she "made" quite a few cute young grocery packers' day in the back seat of our car! And sometimes whenever I suggested it, she would go out to a local restaurant for coffee late at night. But she drank it very slowly, it sometimes took her three hours to come home while I paced the floor and shook with intense excitement imagining what she might be doing. And judging by her swollen red lips, really wet pussy, and the sexy cum scent on her breath when she got home, it often seemed like she wasn't drinking just coffee. Although she would try to conceal it, I could always tell from her sexy swollen red lips that she'd been doing something really hot! It usually took quite a lot of convincing to get all the details from her, because she often was so totally satisfied, she wasn't even interested in any more sex till the next morning.

    Like the night two young guys in a van at a stoplight asked her, "what's up tonight?" and she answered, "we could fool around a little bit." So they all went inside the van and didn't just fool around. Both guys took all her clothes off and took turns, one fucking her and the other one making her suck him off at the same time. She didn't come home that night for a couple hours. She absolutely loved it! Plus she was always terrifically turned on by the possibility of getting caught.

    Once she told me that late one night after I suggested that she go out alone for a ride in the car, she had picked up a young good looking blond hitchiker who she gave both oral and regular sex to. She said he was really hugely endowed, so when he came in her mouth, he held her head down so she had no choice but to swallow all his cum. She told me that being forced to swallow like that was very humiliating, degrading, absolutely disgusting, and totally repulsive, and made her feel like she was just being "used" like a willing sex slave by this cute young guy. But afterwards she said she kept thinking and getting horny about it for weeks after it happened, even at the most inconvenient times, especially when she was trying to go to sleep at night or concentrate on something at work. She said just couldn't get that degrading "repulsive," "disgusting," but absolutely delicious, intensely sexy, heavenly forced swallowing experience out of her head. I think she absolutely LOVED it! It probably made her feel like an absolute total slut! It is amazing though that she never got pregnant! Always giving oral first might have been the reason why.

    I remember after she came home that early morning from having such incredible sex with this hot young blond 18yr old teenager, we had the best sex ourselves! I could feel her still-firm pussy and the "tingling" of that young guy's cum still inside her. It was kind of tingling and a little bit numbing at the same time. I loved it! And I know she did for sure!

    Every single word I just wrote is absolutely true! Thank God for anonymity! And there's a WHOLE lot more to write about. Maybe I'll write about how intensely I got turned on the very first time I ever saw her getting laid by another guy before we got married, and possibly even figure out why a slut-wife is such an incredibly fierce turn-on, and oh, so much fun! - Sheth


    Friday, July 18, 2008


    Cuckold Custom Video Episode ONE

    Hi All,

    The Cuckold Custom Video Episode ONE done!

    What is the
    CuckoldPlace Custom Video?

    - Now the everybody from forum can write the custom
    script elements what wish to see at the next episode and we will try
    to film it! Don't miss this opportunity! From the NOW the CuckoldPlace
    goes more interactive and all our members can participate in the
    Episodes creation!

    The users had request plot turns for episode ONE:

    - cock cage
    - small dick sissy husband
    - more dirty and hubby humiliation
    - When the Bull takes off his clothes, the wife should gasp and
    exclaim how he's bigger SOFT than hubby is HARD
    - While sucking the Bull, wife should tell Hubby to kneel beside her
    and see just how big he is
    - PASSIONATE kissing
    - Let the wife be bossy (what ever she says goes), but still have love for hubby
    - panties (sexy stockings) sex (cum, sperm) play
    - husband is below bull and licks his wife's pussy and her bull's balls
    - While watching hubby try to touch wife's breasts or ass. she shoved
    is hand away or hit him on his fingers or his face
    - shoes ON! ;)
    - whole wife's body
    - hubby serve drinks
    - more PRO light
    - louder sound
    - POV
    - wedding rings
    - hubby clean up

    Please look at the first 2 minutes video before downloading:

    To watch the full episode pls go HERE.

    Thursday, July 17, 2008


    Tracy & Steve

    Hi There,

    I'd like to share some photo's of my horny slut wife with you that i have taken over some time..this is my 1st time i've posted with this blog....been reading the stories and wanking over the photo's for a long time though...she wasn't keen on the idea of fucking other guys at first but after much patience and 5 long years, she finally decided to call my bluff and see if I could really go through with it...

    The 1st time was with a good mate of mine who just loved her big DD tits...see photos of her sucking him and him shooting his cum all over her tits...the second was with a guy we found in a contact magazine...the 3rd time which was just last week was when i decided that i needed to share with you.

    You see a photo with her and 3 other guys fucking the hell out of her...well...she wanted to go to a club and see if she cold pick up guys on her own, she wanted to wear a low cut nightie that she wore to bed and no bra, a short black skirt and no panties and her thigh high cum fuck me boots, fuck she looked hot and a dirty slut that was only after one thing...i said to her that when we got to the club that i'd go in 1st and buy a drink and sit down and txt her to cum in...she came in and all eyes were on her as she sat at the about 2 minutes there were 2 guys sitting next to her and they were laughing and buying her drinks and they started to put their arms around her and on her thighs and trying to get a good look at her tits...

    Soon after all that she got up and headed for the ladies room and txt me and said she wanted to take both of them home....i said great and jumped in a taxi so she cold drive home as they followed...when i got home, i set up the vidoe camera and hid in the closet and waited...

    As they arrived i heard our car and then another, but i heard 3 doors shut from the other car...turns out the other guys had another mate at the club and he jumped in too, they came in the house and into the bedroom where they sat on the bed, my wife started to rub their cocks as they took off her nightie and sucked and rubbed her tits and nipples, not too long and they layed her on the bed and took off her skirt as well...1 was licking her pussy, 1 was sucking her tits and she was sucking on the other 1's cock...i was so horny as i watched the 3 guys fuck her and her suck their cocks and taking turns in every hole for the next 2 hours until they finally unloaded their balls all over her tits, pussy and face.

    That was the best night of my life, i waited till they left and came out of the closet and told her i loved her and helped her get into the shower to clean up and we went to bed and fucked like animals in the morning. - Tracy & Steve tracynsteve @


    Monday, July 14, 2008


    Cuckold's Tahitian Pleasure

    My name is Michael and I have been married to my wife April for nearly thirty years. When I married April she was a virgin and she assures me that she has not fucked any other man until the incident in Tahiti in 1999.

    In Early November 1999, my wife April and I went on vacation to Tahiti for our 20th anniversary. We stayed at the Club Med for five days. The weather was great; every day had been sunny and hot. We swam, snorkeled, sunbathed and of course, fucked with each other to our hearts content.

    On our third day there, we decided to spend a few hours on the unoccupied little island across the waters from Club Med. We went across on a boat with a number of other club med guests. All the guests stayed at the sandy part of the Island while April and I decided to go around the back of the Island which is mainly rocky and with very little sandy spots. It’s about 30 minutes from where the boats left us and were we where to be picked up from in some four hours later. We went there for some privacy and do some skinny dipping as well as, take some nude pics. (see pix below).
    skinny dipping

    We took a number of nude pics and then went skinny dipping. It was not long that we were in the water that we noticed, this native, a young man around 20 years of age coming from the bushes and in to the water. He was totally nude with an erect cock. I am sure he must have been watching us. He went in to the water a few meters away from April. He did not say a word to us. Given that we were also naked we continue swimming and when we had enough we walked out of the water, put our clothes on, and walked over the other side of the island to catch the boat to return to Club Med.

    April and I did not talk much about it except to comment about the size of his erect cock. April thought that it would been around 9 inches long very thick.

    The next day we decided to go there again, to do some nude snorkeling, as well as to take some video shots of the scenery and of April swimming naked. We took our snorkeling gear and video camera and took the small boat to go across to the island.

    As we wanted privacy we walked around the back of the island again were it was rocky and densely vegetated, the same place that we were the day before. We had a very good look around and there was no one to be seen. April striped naked, put on her snorkeling gear and jumped in the clear and warm waters of the island. She and I snorkeled for a while and then took some nude vide shots. April was in her element. She looked great in her poses. Frontal shots, shots from behind, shots with snorkels and many other shots were taken.

    Having taken enough Video footage of my wife. I took my video camera and walked some distance further around a bend, away from April’s view, to take some scenic video footage.

    April did not follow me but decided to stay with our belongings enjoying the hot sun on her beautiful naked body. I must have been away from April no more then 15 minutes when I walked back to where our belongings were. I cut across the bushes and when I neared the place where our belongings were, I heard some moaning but could not see through the dense vegetation. For a moment I thought it was my wife masturbating as she would often do. So I quickly rushed around the bushes and out in the clearance in order to video tape her in the act. I came out of the dense vegetation a couple of meters from where April was standing. To my surprise there was my wife standing in the nude and a young native wearing only a T shirt and nothing else standing behind her with one hand on her tits and the other holding her cunt. She had one arm twisted behind her holding in her hand this massive black cock whilst the other hand was holding a fresh coconut which she had been using the juices to lubricate her body.

    I was surprised of what I saw. I had only gone for about five minutes and when I returned I found my wife holding on some strangers cock whilst the stranger was groping her tits and pussy.(see pix below).
    I was shocked but at the same time I was also excited and with out saying a word, I immediately pointed the video camera towards them and commenced recording.

    “I am getting an oil rub”, said April when she saw me, She continued stroking the strangers cock. I said nothing and continued recording. The stranger, realizing that I had no objection to what he and April were doing and, April was still stroking his cock even though I was in their presence, he moved in front of April, went down on his knees, and whilst she was standing with her legs apart. He started eating her cunt. (see pix below)
    He stood up and sucked and licked April’s tits. Back down to her cunt, he turned her around, smacking her ass with the palm of his hand. Up again, pressing his cock on April’s ass, one hand on her tit and the other fingering her pussy. He kisses and bites her neck and tells her he wants to fuck her. Seeing all this unfolding in front of me I got such hard on that my cock was bursting to pop out from my bathers. I still remained silent and kept on recording the porno movie with my wife being the main star.

    April was on heat she loved everything he did. She wanted him, she wanted him bad.

    “He wants to fuck me” she says to me. “Do you want him to fuck you?” I said to her.

    “I don’t know, anyone can walk by and see us” replied April.

    “Maybe you can suck him”, I said to her.

    “I did that before you came but he now wants to fuck me” said April..

    “I said to her I have no problems to do whatever you want to do. It’s your choice. If you want him to fuck you then go ahead and fuck with him, if you do not want to fuck with him then don’t fuck”.

    While this discussion was going on, the stranger had his tongue licking April’s cunt whilst his hands were massaging April’s ass. April was enjoying all of this and started moaning again. She wanted him, she wanted to fuck with him and given that I did not raise any objections she accepted the stranger’s invitation to fuck.

    The stranger, holding my wife by the hand led her into the bushes whilst I followed from behind. They reached a small clearing some 20 meters from the rocks. The stranger took of his T-shirt, laid it on the ground and told April to lay on it on her back. April did as she was told. She laid naked on her back with knees bent and spread apart giving a comfortable access to her pussy. The strangers went down on his knees and stuck his head between her legs. He was sucking her cunt hard. Whilst he was sucking her she was grabbing her left tit and squeezing her nipple. She moaned and groaned with every lick of his tongue. He moved to her side, lifted her legs a few inches of the ground, raising her cunt to a level where he could eat her from behind. This action excited April and she moaned and groaned to an orgasm. He placed her ass to ground with her legs in the air and whilst he was on his knees in front of her cunt he laid his chest on her belly with his ass in the air. He took a hold of his massive erect cock and moved up and down her clit. (see pix below)
    He started to tease her, he would insert the head of his cock in her cunt, give it a couple of thrusts and then pull out. April went wild. She moaned and groaned like the slut she was. She cried for more, so he gave more, with one hard thrust all of his cock was in April’s cunt. She screamed with ecstasy. He moved in and out of her cunt with his testicles were slapping on my wife’s ass.

    By this stage I was on the ground, behind my video camera, about a foot away from my wife’s cunt, so close that I could smell the odor of her juices, I was watching and recording every movement of this stranger’s cock in my wife’s cunt. I had a clear view of this massive cock with its balls dangling behind entering and exiting my wife’s cunt.

    My cock was throbbing so hard that I could no longer restrain myself from the action and, knowing how April wanted to suck cock I went over to her and squatted over her face giving her my cock to suck. April grabbed my cock and guided it in her mouth. April had now a cock in her mouth and a cock in her cunt. Double the excitement and double the pleasure. She sucked my cock whilst being fucked by the stranger’s massive cock. The stranger pulled out his cock from her cunt and again went down on her, fucking her with his tongue. She liked that very much and took a hold of the strangers head pushing it on her cunt not allowing him to move away from this action as it gave her great pleasure. Her mouth full with my cock and her cunt full with the stranger’s tongue she exploded into another wild orgasm. All this was too much for me and I too exploded into a wild orgasm filling her mouth with my warm sperm. The stranger too was nearing an orgasm so he lifted his head from her cunt, stuck his cock in its place and whilst sucking her tits, he was pumping her cunt until he was about to reach an orgasm. He quickly pulled his cock out of her cunt and stuck it in her mouth. April grabbed that massive cock with both hands and stroked it in her mouth until this stranger filled her mouth with his cum. I couldn’t believe my eyes, with one gulp she swallowed his cum then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said to the stranger “thank you very much”.

    The stranger acknowledged her, put his bathers on and left. My wife was silent for a while got dressed, picked up our belongings and headed for the other side of the island to catch the boat for the club med.

    Whilst walking back she said to me,“Gee I must be a slut to do what I did and the fact that I enjoyed it so much, I am sure that I am a slut. Thank you for letting me do what I did ”. I told her that is I who should be thanking her for doing what she did as I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed it so much that words can not describe it. I further said to her “You are not just a slut, you are my slut. You are my friend, my lover, my wife and my slut and I love you very much.”.

    We do not talk much about that incident but that incident was an eye opener for us and since then we are not afraid to act out our feelings if and when the situation presents itself. Since then there has been three other occasions that we let go of our feelings and sexual desires. Each of those occasions was acted upon spontaneously. Nothing was planed. - mikecox69 @


    Friday, July 11, 2008


    My Slut Wife

    Hi all,

    I like fucking... I like fucking lots of women.... Most especially my wife.

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    She loved this more and more....

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    I started her formal Slut Wife training but didn't realize that she was doing the same by cucking me!

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    I told her to develop a reputation in the dancing scene, as being a cock loving slut who would sleep with anyone....

    Slowly over time, she was able to go to dances over a large area, and pick up at least 4 or 5 guys per night to fuck in the car parks and cars ... sometimes several times each. Each time she came home she would say, "look what you made me do! Now I have to shower and am too sore for you" ... but she would say it with a smile on her face and a look of total control. Who was I fooling? She was letting me believe all this time that she was taking my orders when really it was EXACTLY what she wanted.

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    Monday, July 07, 2008


    More From Hotwife Constance

    I love being a cum slut whore for Black cock! As you have read the stories I have submitted, it is obvious.

    What I haven’t told you is the extent that we make my cuck serve.

    Sure there are times when he is allowed to watch or take pictures, but there are other times we include him in our fun. It starts out easy enough with sissy boy ordered to strip so we can laugh at his lil white weenie. As Master grabs him by the hair, pushes him to his knees and orders him to suck the cock that will fuck his wife, Master calls him "his little bitch" and "faggot".

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    We would love to communicate with other couples that have gone this far or would like to.

    ConStance - conblkon @


    Thursday, July 03, 2008


    Last Night

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to introduce my wife to you all. We started cuckolding not long ago but fantasized about it for years. She was finally ready and we went out last night.

    We met up with a stud that we found online and went to his place after meeting him for drinks and talking, getting to know him etc...

    After some more drinks at his place and some general chit chat, and then a few more appletini's my wife was getting loose. I suggested we all get naked, and maintain that for the rest of the night.

    Once nude the bull and my wife were sitting on the bed together, and I was off to the side in the lounger looking at them starting to rub each other.

    She leaned over and sucked his cock until it was hard like a pipe, I thought for sure he would blow down her mouth, but this guy was a champ.

    He then told me to get some lube and get her ready for him. I quickly fingered the lube to my wife’s shaved pussy, and lightly greased her tight little asshole. She hates to have her ass fucked, but I could see this guy was headed that way.

    Turning her over the back of the bed staring out the window our bull pushed all 8 inches into my wife’s pussy. Well lubed by my fingers it slipped right in, but by the whimper and short breath she made you could tell she was not ready for his beautiful cock. He began stroking long and hard, pushing down on her neck forcing her head over the back of the bed. He had her pinned tight with that thick ass sticking so high she was on her knees to keep balance.hotwife

    After almost 20 minutes of slamming my wife’s pussy he ordered me to lube her asshole, and that she should 'Get ready for a hard fuck'. My wife protested, saying she “did not like it in the ass, it made her feel like she had to poop, and it hurt most of the time”. When she tried to turn around on the bed he forced her down by the back of her neck hard into the bedspread. So now the sound of her voice explaining the lack of interest in anal suddenly was a muffled few grunts, and whimpers. I was feverously working my finger in and out with lube to prep her ass for a serious stretching as I watched him hold his cock & balls deep in my wife’s pussy.

    In a very quick move he was out of the pussy and poised to enter on the asshole with his thumb pushing hard on the head to force it down and in.

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    I spent the next several minutes eating his monster load out of her butt. She would squeeze a little more out every few seconds as if we were going to be tested on it.

    The bull went and lay on the bed relaxing, watching, stroking himself hard again.

    When my wife was cleaned up he called her in, and told me I could not enter, and had to watch from the doorway as he fucked her several more times that night. Always finishing in her ass, always with much protest.

    It was a FUN night and we have a few photo souvenirs to show for it!! - Alex


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