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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, July 20, 2008


    My Wife

    Thank God for Anonymity! I only submitted a picture because this blog requires it but I need to keep our email private.

    Women are really a lot less bashful than guys when it comes to sex. Just give her the car keys some Friday or Saturday night, smile and tell her to go out, ride around, relax and have some fun. She might "play dumb" but she'll instantly get the idea and it'll turn her on like crazy! She'll do the rest, possibly saying something like: "well, we do need milk, I could pick up a half-gallon at the party store." It worked great for me!

    My wife looks a lot like Kelly Ripa, Blond, thin, and incredibly sexy! 5'4", 34C-22-34 115 lbs. The main difference is my wife, Sandy, has short blondish hair, kind of petite boyish figure, but "sizzling" hot! Like Kelly, made to drive guys "up a wall!" Ever since the first week we were married, if I turned my back even for a few minutes, some unbelievely nervy guy would always be trying to "hit on her" wherever she went, sometimes right in front of me, but especially when she was alone at the mall or even grocery shopping.

    I finally realized that any time she went out alone anywhere, for milk, groceries, clothes or especially shoe shopping, she was probably going to come back really used, very wet and looking guilty, but also very satisfied, intensely sexy and VERY intriguing, like a Christmas present just waiting to be opened. It always turned me on fiercely to think about the total freedom and incredible pleasure she enjoyed with other guys!

    Often, while grocery shopping, she "made" quite a few cute young grocery packers' day in the back seat of our car! And sometimes whenever I suggested it, she would go out to a local restaurant for coffee late at night. But she drank it very slowly, it sometimes took her three hours to come home while I paced the floor and shook with intense excitement imagining what she might be doing. And judging by her swollen red lips, really wet pussy, and the sexy cum scent on her breath when she got home, it often seemed like she wasn't drinking just coffee. Although she would try to conceal it, I could always tell from her sexy swollen red lips that she'd been doing something really hot! It usually took quite a lot of convincing to get all the details from her, because she often was so totally satisfied, she wasn't even interested in any more sex till the next morning.

    Like the night two young guys in a van at a stoplight asked her, "what's up tonight?" and she answered, "we could fool around a little bit." So they all went inside the van and didn't just fool around. Both guys took all her clothes off and took turns, one fucking her and the other one making her suck him off at the same time. She didn't come home that night for a couple hours. She absolutely loved it! Plus she was always terrifically turned on by the possibility of getting caught.

    Once she told me that late one night after I suggested that she go out alone for a ride in the car, she had picked up a young good looking blond hitchiker who she gave both oral and regular sex to. She said he was really hugely endowed, so when he came in her mouth, he held her head down so she had no choice but to swallow all his cum. She told me that being forced to swallow like that was very humiliating, degrading, absolutely disgusting, and totally repulsive, and made her feel like she was just being "used" like a willing sex slave by this cute young guy. But afterwards she said she kept thinking and getting horny about it for weeks after it happened, even at the most inconvenient times, especially when she was trying to go to sleep at night or concentrate on something at work. She said just couldn't get that degrading "repulsive," "disgusting," but absolutely delicious, intensely sexy, heavenly forced swallowing experience out of her head. I think she absolutely LOVED it! It probably made her feel like an absolute total slut! It is amazing though that she never got pregnant! Always giving oral first might have been the reason why.

    I remember after she came home that early morning from having such incredible sex with this hot young blond 18yr old teenager, we had the best sex ourselves! I could feel her still-firm pussy and the "tingling" of that young guy's cum still inside her. It was kind of tingling and a little bit numbing at the same time. I loved it! And I know she did for sure!

    Every single word I just wrote is absolutely true! Thank God for anonymity! And there's a WHOLE lot more to write about. Maybe I'll write about how intensely I got turned on the very first time I ever saw her getting laid by another guy before we got married, and possibly even figure out why a slut-wife is such an incredibly fierce turn-on, and oh, so much fun! - Sheth


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