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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, May 30, 2008


    French Wife Cuckolds Her Hubby

    french wife
    Good morning,

    I am a French woman I have 35 years I am married and have 2 children 1 to 12-year-old girl and a boy of 8 years, I have always been attracted to black men and especially by their big sex ...

    My husband often moving and knowing that I'm bored authorized me to take a black man as a lover, the first time he accompanied me and offered me a young black stallion, as I like oral sex and sodomy everything he could give me ....

    This young man became my lover and when my husband started traveling I joined and I m'offrais (offered myself) completely to him, we spent entire nights to make love and I could live my fantasy.

    My young lover asked me one day if it told me to make love with friends to him (albeit on black men) and I could not refuse to me, I was talking to my husband and it gave me permission to meet his men.

    The D-Day does not know if I had to go but my young lover tells me that this would happen very bien(good). He asked me to dress sexy dress and he came to fetch me at my home, my legs that shaking but also excitement to know that I would be offered to 2 black men, once among 2 black men I wanted to make a U turn but my young lover forced me to return to the house.

    2 black men awaited me and my young lover spoke in their ear, I withdrew my skirt and told his 2 friends that I was in their provisions (care), the largest of 2 took me head and led me to sex, which was steep (he had a big cock), j'ouvris (I opened my) mouth and enfourna sex (took it in) inflated by the desire, I felt the hands of his accolyte (friend) who retired my string (took off my clothes) and began to embrace me sexually. The hand of the biggest headed to my head make a to and fro on her sex while his friend started me into sex with him (basically one at her head and one at her pussy taking turns).

    I could not remember much and started pushing small groans. I had the greatest feeling when his desire arrived (he came) withdrew his sex (cock) and came to join his friend, now I felt their 2 sexes returned to me, they took me with strength and in a moment of lucidity j'ouvris (opened my) eyes and saw my young lover me take pictures (hubby was photographing all this), it made me nervous and I thought (about) to my friends who could not doubt that the nice woman I was married at this time offered to 2 black men (what would the neighbours think?).

    Once I finished taking the sex of the smallest and started sucking him to drink its juice still hot ...

    My young lover asked me to get up and rhabiller me (get me dressed again), I could not move because the 2 men exhausted me, my young lover took me by the hand and m'entraina out of the house. I had not yet finished to get dressed and I left the house half-naked, he threw me in the car while he was driving and asked me to suck.

    I m'exécutais (did as he asked) and felt that his sex was inflated pleasure in it (he was hard). M'éjacula mouth quickly (he came fast in her mouth) and told me that it had excited me offered his 2 friends, it tells me that next time he m'offrirait to 5 black men ......

    I am sorry if my English is not perfect


    Zabouxx - sa.soul @


    Monday, May 26, 2008


    Brenda & George

    (By Brenda)

    Hello all,

    We are George and Brenda. We met a very cool black guy thru an online swinger site almost 2 years ago. "Met only" at the time. He lived in a nearby state about an hour from our daughters' house. We were acually going to visit her and she was keeping tabs on us via cell phone.

    We had talked at length about what we were looking for which was, Cuckold play with a real man with a nice black cock taking care of me, (Brenda) while my pussy husband catered our drinks wearing a pair of sissy pink panties. So after a good "get aquainted" face to face meeting we said goodbye and looked forward to next time.

    Next time took a long time! We all wanted this and had kept in touch both online and by phone but schedules were hard. Finally playtime came.wife

    Our stud Mike met us at our motel Room. George didn't waste any time. He took off his shirt and jeans to show what he was wearing! Bright pink panties with a little pink flower in the front.

    As George went to his knees to show his submission he said "Sir, I'm a little pussy and I appreciate you coming to take care of my wifes needs."hotwife

    Mike and I undressed each other and I sucked him up while my pussy husband took pics. Then he guided Mike's cock into me bare. It took a couple minutes for me to be able to take it all. Damn it felt good! It filled me so full.

    George got on his knees and kissed Mike's feet while he was pumping me. He also held Mike's cock while I sucked it. When the best fuck I ever had came to its end Mike sqirted inside me while George kissed his feet.interracial

    (By George),

    It was beautiful seeing Mike's sperm coming from Brenda's pussy. It seemed so right that a beautiful black cock had just done what I could never do. I also knew that this had given Brenda's pussy a hard workout. I sucked on her gently. Swallowing a black man's sperm while massaging Brenda's pussy with my mouth.cuckold

    I cleaned Mike up also but not with my mouth. I kneeled still wearing my panties and washed his cock and sack with a warm wet wash cloth.cuck hubby

    I was to get no pussy or BJ from Brenda. She was his. After asking permission I removed my panties and Brenda held them for me while I jacked off.

    This was a fantastic feeling for me. I didn't have to be a tough guy. Just relax and be a pussy. Brenda praised me for being such a "good little pussy" while I spermed in the panties she was holding.

    Consenting adults .... good time had by all.cuckold husband

    Brenda & George - trimwife4black @



    Friday, May 23, 2008


    Our Wedding Night

    Our wedding reception was held in a large 5 start hotel in the middle of the Scottish Highland. So this meant that most of the guests were staying overnight.
    I had known Ann since she was in primary school and watched her (I am 5 yrs older)
    As she blossomed into a desirable attractive woman.

    At 20 she was stunning in her wedding dress and knows one could have been prouder as I walked her down the aisle. Our Best man was Dan 2 yrs younger than me and an x boyfriend of Ann’s also a good mate to me so having him as Best man wasn’t an issue with us.

    In fact I already new that it was Dan who had taken her virginity, a fact he had never spared telling me about. However I never saw this as anything other than her business because it was before she and I had gotten together. It was strange though looking back that during our year long engagement I never had sex with her as we decided we would wait until we were married and that our plan was to start a family right away. I was looking foreword to the night we could be alone when I could at last take my lovely Bride in to my arms and enter her.

    The dancing went on till late and we danced and drank with the guests. Ann loves dancing and I watched a few times as she danced with Dan. I often had asked her if she still had feelings for him. Always she denied this saying he was good at sex but never at anything else.

    As the night wore on I did get a little stirring in my pants when she was dancing pretty close, nevertheless I was never the jealous type and knew that she was now mine.

    The drink was flowing freely and unfortunately I over indulged. In fact I got pretty legless. The guests started to drift away and with Ann’s help and assisted by Dan I was taken upstairs to the bedroom and they undressed me and I was literally put to bed.

    Now strange as it may seem the room which was a suite had actually 2 beds a single where I was placed in my drunken stupor and a double bed. Little did I know as I was there that Dan had put his arm round Ann to comfort her as she was crying at my drunken state (I was told this later). It all happened with the emotions of the moment. They kissed and Dan (who’s wife was 9 months pregnant and not at the wedding) was horny and attracted by Ann in her White Wedding dress he said she was so sexy he couldn’t stop himself.

    His had cupped her breast and she responded with a kiss even stronger. Seeing she was responding he placed his hand on her thighs and worked his way up under the dress. She hadn’t stopped him and he was feeling her lovely lace covered
    cunt and found she was extremely wet. Well the inevitable happened, he unzipped her dress and she stood facing him in her white bra and thin lace panties and garter belt holding up her nylon stockings.

    Ann had gone down onto her knees and hid herself under his Kilt (it was a Scottish wedding) she started to suck his cock. The moans coming from him must have stirred my slumbers as I opened my eyes and all I could see was Dan standing Ann’s head buried under his Kilt and the obvious motions told the story that he was getting the sucking of his life.

    Looking back now I still wonder why I didn’t make it known that I was actually awake, but I just lay and kept silent. Dan was moaning and was almost at the point of no return when he stopped her and laid her on the bed. He unbuckled his kilt and it fell to the floor. His cock was rigid large and thick. He slipped her panties off and she unclipped her bra. I was completely dumfounded as she said “common fuck me like you did before “

    Laying back and pulling him close she kissed him and said “I need this badly give it to me now“

    Dan at this stage, as I could clearly see from my bed, took his cock and with her assistance inserted it in to her cunt. It seemed to have difficulty at first then she relaxed as it slid easily into her.

    Dan precede a slow steady fuck she wound her legs over his thighs giving him easier access and getting more of him at each stroke. Her kissing got more intense as their lips were entwined.HOT BRIDE

    I watched not moving for fear of being discovered watching. Looking back isn’t it strange how I felt I was the one intruding and was scared of being caught. Their movements intensified his hips meeting hers as their arousal increased.

    “I'm coming, I’ll pull out“ Dan said, having a moment’s guilty conscience.

    “Don’t you dare“ Ann screamed “I want it all “

    “What about Campbell“ he said (referring to me). Ann replied “don’t give a shit just fuck me “

    With that his arse cheeks clenched he tightened up and she in turn yelled and stiffened with the intensity as he pumped her full of his cum. I was in a state of real turmoil. I had just witnessed my bride being fucked on our wedding night by my best friend the Best man but mainly because my emotions were all over the place. I had actually gotten turned on, despite my now increasing headache at the scene I'd witnessed and still remained immobile for fear of being discovered watching.

    Taking a further glance I look as they now lay side by side holding hands completely satiated. Dan now seemed a bit guilty and said so. Ann just sighed and said it was all my fault anyway as i'd got pissed and couldn’t perform and she was so up for it tonight. As an after thought she did say that what I didn’t know wouldn’t harm me.
    Dan asked her if she loved me. She said she did but having seen what I had to offer clockwise tonight as she undressed me I couldn’t compare to Dan.

    At that he kissed her again.

    His hand was now caressing her breasts and she was playing with his cock which was rapidly growing hard again.

    “Once more she said, and then you can fuck off back to your wife”

    They laughed together and again she said ”you’ve always managed it twice in a row so your not getting away with out a repeat”

    With this she went on top of him and was about to insert his tool when I in-advertently made a noise and she immediately got off and lay back. I decided at that moment my own cock needed some attention so without looking, got out of the bed on the opposite side from them and pretended still to be very drunk.

    I went to the toilet but my headache was getting worse. I walked drunkenly back into the room. Just as Dan was getting out of the bed he said, "Hi Mate" and asked Ann where she had put the paracetamol.

    She told me to look inside her bag both of them were totally dumbfounded that I had actually acknowledged the fact they were both naked and in bed together & also the fact That Dan was there at all.

    Dan left and my headache was so sore I couldn’t do anything but fall asleep.

    What happened next morning well that’s for another day.

    Suffice to say that 9 months later my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and Dan became my wife’s steady lover for the next 2 years until he decided to immigrate to Australia. However it didn’t end there I have been a cuck for if not all but most of our married life. And maybe I will write and tell you about my experiences again soon. For now this experience will be my starting point in expressing my cuckold self and I'm including pictures of my wife while wearing her bridal panties. - Campbell


    Sunday, May 18, 2008


    My Wife with University Students

    I finally relented, my wife is now fully in charge of our sex lives.

    She decides who and how many people fuck her while I watch.

    I sometimes participate, but that usually means sucking her cum filled cunt or sucking on a cock to either clean it or get it hard again.

    My wife Carrie is 41 years old, 5 foot 5 inches of pure sex. As you can see from the photos she has beautiful brown hair perfect tits, an arse to die for and a big lipped pussy she now keeps permanently smooth.

    After our first cuckold experience - she fucked her friend's brother - she decided she wanted to be fucked more often and by more men. I reluctantly agreed, and we set about thinking what friends of ours we could get to fuck her. I knew for a fact that my friends would fuck her in a heartbeat, but didn't think they would be too happy with me sucking their cocks, something Carrie was insisting on, and to be honest I was looking forward to it as well.

    We started going to bars near Glasgow University because of the amount of students that drank there and because it was far enough away for us not to know anyone. We both work during the week but arranged our day off for Wednesday, in the hope we could pick someone up on Tuesday night to see if Carrie wanted to fuck him at the weekend.

    Tuesday night came and we were looking forward to going out very much. When Carrie came out of the shower (see photos) she saw me and gave me playful poses telling me how that body was going to be for young cock from now on and that I should take a good look. Then I was lying on the bed tugging my cock, I told her I had to do it now just in case I blew my load if she started chatting to somebody she fancied. She said OK and dropped her towel revealing her smooth pussy, she raised one leg and spread her big lips and started rubbing her cunt and talking very crudely. After a couple of minutes I told her I was going to cum, she came over to me and almost folded me in two and told me to wank into my mouth.

    She started rubbing my balls with one hand while she held my legs in the other and said if I got a mouthful of cum it was only fair that she got one too. She let go of my balls, held my legs with both hands and started licking my asshole and I immediately started shooting my cum into my open mouth and over my face, Carrie let my legs drop and scraped cum off my face and fed it to me.

    She told me to go shower quickly so she could get some students cock in her mouth tonight, she couldn't wait until the weekend. I started to leave the room but looked back and saw my wife with three fingers plunging in and out of her squelchy pussy, my cock started to twitch but I left her to it.WIFE

    We arrived at the pub around 8 o'clock and found an empty table, I got the drinks in and we settled back to watch for potential cock. About 20 minutes later a group of students came in and after scraping enough money together for a round of drinks sat at the table next to us. They were the usually rowdy lot, but there was one guy who was a bit quieter and I'm sure I saw him looking at my wife's legs. I told Carrie and she stood up, smoothed her short skirt, sat back down and crossed her legs. He was definitely looking. I got another drink for us and then went to the toilet, just as I started to pee, the door opened and the nosey student came in, stood at the urinal next to me, unzipped and started to pee. He said he hadn't seen us here before and I said that's because my wife wanted to try different places and different things. I started washing my hands and he asked what kind of different things.

    My mind was racing, should I take a chance and come right out and say it or not, I decided what the hell here goes nothing. I said oh you know, fucking students, threesomes and the like. My face was burning but as I was drying my hands he just said Cool. I returned to the bar and started to tell my wife and she was very excited. The student returned, sat back down nodded 'Hi' in our direction and joined his pals conversation. After they had another round of drinks, they started to leave and I motioned to Nosey to join us. He told his pals he would catch them later and after going to the toilet again he joined us now that his pals were away.

    Carrie wasted no time, she quickly told him about her decision to fuck other guys and to see me suck cock, she told him she wanted to suck his cock tonight and if things went well he could fuck her at the weekend. He seemed keen enough judging by the bulge in his trousers, which Carrie was now gently stroking. I went to the bar for drinks and when I got back Carrie said that Frank here was all for it, although he was unsure about getting his cock sucked by a guy, I just said we'll play it by ear and if it happens it happens, if not that's ok.

    After another drink we got a taxi home and we all freshened up, when Carrie came out of the bedroom Frank's face lit up because she was totally naked and her pussy lips were glistening, the dirty cow had been playing with her cunt in the room, she told Frank to stand up and she dropped to her knees and undid his trousers, pulling them down to reveal his hard cock.

    It wasn't any bigger than mine but it was a little thicker and Carrie started slowly stroking it while telling me how much she was looking forward to getting a big mouthful of cum. She licked and stroked his cock and squeezed his balls while she looked over to me. I then got naked and settled back to watch the show as my wife gently pushed Frank onto the couch and took his cock into her mouth. Even after a few drinks and cumming earlier on, my cock had never been so hard and I started to slowly stroke it as Carrie sucked, licked and teased his cock and balls.

    After coming up for air a few minutes later Carrie told me to come over beside her and play with her pussy while she sucked Frank's dick. I was there in a flash and it came as no surprise to find her cunt sopping wet already. I rubbed her clit with one hand while my other hand alternated between dipping fingers into her pussy and rubbing her asshole that was responding to my touch and winking at me. Frank said he was going to cum in a minute, so Carrie told him to stand up and fuck her mouth. She grabbed the cheeks of his arse, he grabbed her head and they both started pulling furiously, seconds later Frank let out a groan and emptied his balls into my wife's mouth, her cheeks bulging then cum running down her chin onto her tits, at the same time I pushed three fingers into her cunt and another finger into her arse and she flooded my hand with her wife

    When Frank's cock flopped out of my wife's mouth she took it and offered it to me, without even looking at Frank I opened my mouth and licked and sucked it clean while Carrie squeezed his balls to get the last of his spunk.

    When it was spotless, Frank collapsed onto the couch and watched as Carrie had me lick all his cum from her tits and chin and finish off with a big French kiss. I hadn't cum but Carrie said I had missed my chance to cum on her face and told me to get used to it because she only wanted student cum from now on.

    Carrie sat beside Frank and started rubbing his cock and asked him if he wanted to get together at the weekend and he said yes. Carrie told him he would have to use condoms for fucking her but it was ok to cum over her face or tits as I would be there to lick it up, he agreed and my wife bent down and started sucking on his cock again as I watched from the other side of the room with my cock starting to dwindle.

    Roll on the weekend. - The Newest Cuckold Husband Dan


    Friday, May 16, 2008


    MiamiMark - His Girlfriend Nat's Next Cuck 2

    Nat ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Hi Again,

    Nat did go up and visit Chris a total of 5 times before our relationship ended. Believe it or not, she is now dating an old friend of mine which is totally fine because our relationship was mostly sexual, but the funny thing she still sees Chris when he comes down but her boyfriend doesn't know it. Ironic I think!!!

    The first time after we all got together wasn't that exciting. She went up to visit some of her college friends and ended up meeting Chris at a local bar (part 1). They hooked up a bit and screwed in the car afterwards but nothing big.

    It was the second time that really got me excited. I wanted to go so she told him that her cousin (once again me) was going up. He told her he would find some friends to set me up with which I found so funny.

    We went up for the weekend and stayed at a Motel 6 off of the Florida Turnpike. Close enough to him and the local fun places. On Friday we ended up going to a local strip club which is nearby. Kind of dirty to say the least but Chris had his hands all over her and bought lap dances for her. He kept making jokes about me being grossed out by seeing my cousin like that and I said I was a little but nothing too bad … lol. If he only knew.

    That night we all got pretty trashed and we all went home. The next day we met up with Chris and his friends for a football game. Two of his friends were players and it was a big game for them. They won and the party got even better that night. We went to the hotel and changed to meet them at his apartment (which he shared with 2 other guys) and then all went together to the party.

    It was CRAZY packed and no one was sober. We pretty much ended up doing the same although I felt more like the older chaperones of the party with my age difference. Afterwards we all went ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, May 12, 2008


    Waiting For My Wife

    Hi Bloggers and Cucks!

    I was reading in bed while waiting for my wife to return from an evening shift at the local hospital where she works as a nursing assistant. I heard her car pull up, the back door close and her put the keys down on the kitchen bench. I thought the next sound will be a glass of wine being poured. To my surprise she came straight into the bedroom.

    She quickly stripped off and slid into bed saying I'm glad you are still awake. Not needing much encouragement with this sort of invitation I slid my hand down between her legs and found that she was already very wet and ready for sex. I rolled closer and started to kiss her gently. As I started to slip my tongue into her mouth she turned her head slightly and said "I should tell you something" Still playing with her pussy I asked why. She started to say something about her last task of the evening I interrupted at this point and said lets worry about that later but she said no I need to tell you about it.

    I sighed and said go ahead while still teasing her pussy open. " my last task of the evening was a bed bath for a patient in one of the private rooms. It was that young football player I told you about the other day, the one with the neck brace. He has been in for a week now and when I got to washing his upper legs he started to get an erection that the hospital gown couldn't hide." I am thinking to myself so this is why she has come home ready for sex. She sees plenty of naked male bodies in her job so why this has an erection under a gown got her so excited.

    She then tells me that she told the young man not to be embarrassed and she pulled the gown up to continue the bed bath. In an attempt to lighten the moment she says that she asked him if he would like her to wash "that" as well. His reply was no surprise...."yes please" The surprise was mine when my wife said that she felt sorry for him in that state and that she had started to wash his penis for him. She said that she had intended to stop after a few seconds and find an excuse to leave the room so that he could finish "the job" himself.
    cuckold wife

    When she took her hands away he had begged her "please don't stop, I need to cum." She replied you could do that yourself while I am out of the room. He pleaded with her to not to leave and to keep going.

    What do you think I should have done she asked?

    Knowing how he must have felt I said probably keep washing?

    She said I knew you would think that and then explained that knowing how he must have been feeling she decided to keep washing till he came and would then quickly leave the room. She said how she started washing gently up and down and could tell that it wouldn't take long for him to come. I was very surprised at this but was also getting excited at the thought of her stroking this guy.

    I had said at times in the heat of lovemaking that I would like to see her with another man like at swingers parties, but had never thought she could do anything like this.

    Are you upset with me she asked, I answered not upset but I am surprised, Are you sure you want me to tell you the rest she asked. Very turned on by now I said tell me all the details.

    She said how she was stroking him with the sponge and that he was enjoying the warmth and movement but as he was circumcised it wasn't easy to be gentle. He was in the middle of the bed she explained and that her arms were extended and starting to get tired. Knowing that her shift ended soon she said that she knew she had to hurry things along and couldn't leave him like that. I think I knew what she was going to say next but was still amazed when she told me.

    She said I knew I could make him come quicker if I used my mouth so thats what I did. How long did it take? I managed to ask, I could tell she was getting excited relating the story to me. "I started with a few licks under the head and then did a couple of deep down to the back of my mouth plunges and I could feel the head of his penis harden right up, I knew he would come in the next couple of seconds."

    And did he I asked.

    Yes she replied, I had just enough of his dick in my mouth so that I could work my tongue under the head as he came, the second squirt hit way back at the back of my throat and by the time he stopped squirting it was nearly too much for me to swallow.
    That's why I said I need to talk to you before tongue kissed me. Excited as we both were within seconds we were fucking frantically it didn't take long for us to both come, I was careful with my kissing but! - The Newest Cuckold Husband from Oregon, Sam

    P.S. I attached a few pictures of her for visuals.


    Friday, May 09, 2008


    How We Got Started

    When I was nineteen I owned (the bank did anyway) a run down old fishing boat and the crew was me and my cousin Greg. I had married early and my wife Zena was twenty-one, good looking if a bit plump - with absolutely huge tits on her. Greg was living in our shack with us and within a few weeks I guess he knew everything about us and we did about him. It was small shack.

    When I had a morning fuck with the wife I would be bouncing her up and down on the mattress and she'd giggle and go 'shhh... hear that?' It was Greg on the other side of the ply wall playing with himself and moaning with the effort. Of course then the wife would start moaning herself just to help him along.

    Fishing days were Wednesday to the early hours of Saturday morning where we'd be unloading at the fish markets - then a four hour run back up the coast to our shack and my wife's welcoming arms and spread legs!

    The boat was old and wooden and I had the bilge pump running twelve hours out of twenty-four and if it packed up we were fish bait so that made the Wednesday morning fuck with the wife all that more important and that got me thinking. Hell, Greg and me were cousins, we'd done everything together - so I put it to Zena. She was doing everything else for him that a wife does, his cooking, mending, his washing and ironing. Why not do the other as well? The whole idea turned me on and Zena was very receptive to it as well. She liked the idea of sending 'her' men off with a smile on our faces.

    Damn if we didn't keep her on her back from Saturday afternoon all through to Wednesday morning!

    Greg was an early riser only now it wasn't to pull on his pud, he'd be naked and pull that curtain open and bounce onto the bed and just roll my half asleep wife onto her back and nudge her legs apart! Thats how I woke up - him on top of her with his cock buried balls deep in her cunt going for it like there was no tomorrow. The bedhead thumped against the wall and the springs protesting and him trying to drive her through the mattress! Zena would be grunting with the force of his thrusts and her head nodding on the pillow in time to his meaty lunges.

    I'd be saying, '...c'mon, hurry up, I want a bit of her...' and Greg would pant out ' fucking way, I was on her first!' And the wife would add her bit through soft grunts '...ohhh "grunt", don't do a "grunt" quickie on "moan" me, just "grunt" fuck me all "grunt" day long.

    What turned me on most about my cousin Greg fucking my wife Zena?hotwife

    It was the absolute thrill of 'giving' my wife to another man. To have him kiss her, stroke her, feel her huge bosom, suck her nipples - and to sink his big tool in her hot sweet cunt. It turned me on seeing another guy do all those things that were formally sacrosanct - for me only.

    I felt the sweet bitter pain watching Zena kiss his cock and then open her mouth and suck on him. I watched her lips go thin as she sucked on him and her head bobbed up and down as her lips slid up and down his shaft. The lips that I would kiss, before and after. It turned me on watching another guy give pleasure to my wife and to do all the things that I had done when I considered her body and soul were mine alone.

    Zena was puzzled for a while that I didn't want her first - she knew most guys didn't want to go 'slops'. I would murmur to her '...let Greg go first...' and she'd look at me 'Don't you want to fuck me before him hon? Don't you want to be first in my pussy?'.

    Life was idyllic, fishing for a living - and then me and Greg home to the wife, her shrieking with laughter as we chased her around the shack, pulling her clothing off and letting her run again until she was nude. Wow! The images. Zena's face flushed, her huge breasts wobbling and nodding heavily and her thick luxurious triangle of pubic hair so enticing and me and Greg advancing on her with our cocks rigid. Zena would back up to the sofa and collapse back onto it and her legs would fall open almost bonelessly and her face would be a picture of surrender and lust with her eyes showing a sort of vacancy that meant she was ours for the taking - or maybe even anyone's!

    Business was going well, I had fluked the right time to be in the fishing business and we switched to tuna. What madness, special rubber carpets on the deck so we didn't damage the fish, one scale missing meant hundreds of dollars. And to watch our catch at the markets, just four fish and the Japanese bidding massive amounts on them. ( I had a small boat, the freezers could only handle four fish that size ) I needed another crew member and Greg nominated his brother Rob.

    We had a comfortable routine going before Rob joined us and Zena was happy with her two 'hubbies'.

    'What's going to happen when he gets here...' Zena asked '...I'm sure as hell not going to be creeping around giving you two sex!'

    Greg and I had talked it over and he tentatively asked her 'Couldn't you handle three hubbies...?'

    Zena laughed and exclaimed 'What!? I spend enough time on my back as it is with you two coming at me whenever you've got stiffys! I'd get fucking bowlegged doing three of you!'

    Rob looked a bit like his brother Greg and as Zena thought Greg was 'cute' anyway, it didn't take much for her to like him. As I mentioned earlier, we lived in a small shack with almost no privacy and at one time the wife reckoned the pheramones and testostarone in the air was that thick it was like a sex fog that she had to wade through! Of course Rob was included in the 'menage', all it took was a few glowing logs in the fireplace and half a bottle of Spumante. We did Zena then and there on a mattress in front of the fire with the wife murmuring 'No.. I shouldn't.. I shouldn't be doing this.. oh-h-h-h.. you're all making me do it...'

    Both Greg and Rob had been first in line when the cocks were being handed out. Their's were quite big while mine was of a more modest size and as usual I wanted to watch before having a turn on my wife. Well, talk about excited. I reckon each of us lasted no more than a minute or two. No sooner had Rob got his big fat cock up the wife he was hammering it in like a jack rabbit with her just hanging on for the ride. I reckon me and Greg were holding our breaths because the only sound was the crackle of the fire, Rob's harsh rhythmic grunts and Zena's forced gasping exhalations. I watched as Rob's arse drove up and down and then his spastic jerks as he he squirted his spunk deep inside her cunt! No sooner had Rob got off her, with his cock glistening with her moisture, then Greg took his place.

    I had a glimpse of my wife's pussy, open and wet, and then Greg sank his weight down on her with my wife's hand snaked down between them to feed his big cock in her. Greg was a bit more controlled - after all, he knew the wife wasn't going anywhere and was available for a bit of fun anytime he wanted. All the same, he lasted maybe twice as long as his brother - which wasn't long at all, and then he too was pumping his jism into her already full

    Of course Zena was nowhere near an orgasm. I wasn't all that inclined to take my time either. I fairly leapt on her and my cock found her cunt with practised ease, in fact it slipped in quite easily. There's the wife moaning '...take your time.. go slow for me...' and I'm thinking 'fuck! no way.. you've got heaps of cock coming your way tonight... you'll have wait.. I'm having too much fun!'

    Zena also had a habit of falling asleep after too much wine and an orgasm to boot would put her right off! Not that she minded us still going at her - she's laid in the there in the past quite happily snoring gently as me and Greg took turns having a fuck.

    I was also seeing a side to Zena that I hadn't seen before. After a bit of faked 'coyness' she was right into it and could certainly handle what the three of us were giving her. Before I met Zena I was aware of her reputation as the 'town bike'. I grew up in the small town downriver and she grew up in Pittown and I didn't go there much. However, Zena's reputation certainly travelled and discounting most of the bullshit she was certainly the most popular girl in town when the bars closed Friday and Saturday nights! In the end I guess the other women made her life hell and she turned up in our small town making sandwiches in the local deli. She said 'no' to the guys in town and we left her alone and then one day she agreed to go on a date with me - within a few weeks she'd moved into my small shack and we got married a short time later.

    Zena was my fantasy come true and I loved her and there was nothing she wouldn't let me do - and by extension there was nothing she wouldn't let Greg and Rob do as well. Now picture this. When you're getting pussy regular you tend to take it for granted, but for Greg and Rob, it was all new and they had convinced themselves that one day the wife would turn it off. As a consequence they would jump her at every opportunity and she was generous enough to let them. Even doing the washing up! When they pestered her and showed the wife their big stiffys she'd just sigh and pull down her panties and wriggle back and brace herself and they'd lift her dress up and give her a fuck her over the sink. Of course after they'd poked her I'd have to have a go! - Darren


    Monday, May 05, 2008


    My Wife Sue

    Hi Everyone,

    Last Tuesday my wife told me that she had invited Jim to our house for dinner Thursday night. Jim is a salesman that she deals with at work, and he has been asking her out for drinks for several months. She said he is very attractive and in his early thirties. My wife is 42 very pretty and firm boobs. I have never considered myself a cuckold but do enjoy watching her with other men. That status of mine was about to change after this.

    On Thursday my wife came home from work early to get ready and clean up around the house. When I got home she was very nervous and told me to hurry that Jim would be here any minute. Jim arrived and we had a few drinks while I made steaks on the grill. After dinner we sat in the living room talking about all kinds of things. My wife and Jim were sitting on the couch with me across the room from them. My wife was wearing a very low cut top and a short black skirt. He told me I was a lucky guy to have such a pretty wife. Then he said Sue tells me you like to watch her have sex with other men. My jaw hit the floor and before I could process any of it he turned and started kissing her and feeling her tits. Sue opened her legs a little and I noticed she was wearing a garter belt with no underwear. Jim put his hand into her top and inside her bra. Then he turned back to me and said are you sure you can handle this, because once I get going I don't want to stop. I stuttered and told him it was okay.

    Jim pulled her shirt up over her head and opened her bra. He started sucking her tits and then put his hand under her skirt and was rubbing her pussy. He looked at me and said ohhh she is nice and wet she has been waiting for this all day. Then he said let's go up to the bedroom where we can really get comfortable. When we got to the bedroom they both removed their clothes except Sue kept her garter and nylons on. Jim was rock hard and very well endowed I would say about 10 inches. Jim walked over to the bed and Sue started sucking his cock - she is very good at it but she couldn't take him all in her mouth. Jim said oh yea baby that feels so good suck me I knew you were going to be one hot little slut the first time I saw you. Then he looked at me and said all of the guys that go into her work are always talking about how hot she is and how they all want to see her naked.

    Jim pulled out of her mouth and layed her back on the bed he knelt on the floor and started licking her pussy. Sue was holding the back of his head and moaning like crazy. Jim pushed her legs in the air and licked her from her clit all the way down to her ass. He had his finger in her pussy and was licking her asshole when she started to have her first orgasm. Then he said "baby you are so sweet" then he told me to "come here and feel this pussy & have you ever felt her this wet?"

    I had to admit I didn't think I had. Then told me to "hold it open for me while I fuck her". He started to put it in and I said wait a minute you have to use a condom. He said he hates those and he didn't want to use one. Then he said "don't worry I am clean, I only fuck clean married women and I always get checked." I told him no you have to use one. Jim said I told you are you sure you can handle this and that I wasn't going to stop. He said "Sue you want me to fuck you or not?"

    She said it was okay that he didn't have to use one. Jim said "spread her pussy for me Tom I am going to fuck your wife like she has never been fucked before." I pulled her pussy open then he said "now hold my cock and guide it into her, I want her to know you are having me fuck her." I rubbed the tip of his cock on her clit and then slid it into her. Then Jim just kind of pushed me away and said "watch this now you are going to see the way a real man fucks a hot little slut."wife sue

    We have never had a guy talk like this before but Sue seemed to really enjoy it. Jim told her to tell me how good it felt. Sue looked at me and said oh baby I never felt such a big cock before, it feels so good. Jim said her pussy is so tight it almost hurts to fuck her. Jim kept pounding away at her for at least 15 minutes really hard then said he was ready to cum. Sue was moaning saying Jim fuck me give it to me baby cum in me I want it so bad. Jim said he wasn't going to cum in her yet and pulled out and started jacking off over her belly. When he started to cum it shot all the way up to her face and he covered her tits and belly with his cum. Then he told me to go get a wash rag and towel so you can clean her up for me. I brought in the wash cloth and towel and handed it to them. Then Jim whispered in Sue's ear and she looked at me and said honey you clean Jim's cum up for me please we want to watch you clean it up. While I was doing it Jim said that is just the first time he said I can cum 7 or 8 times a night.

    Then Jim said to me "I just love fucking women in their own bed. Everytime you fuck her here from now on she will be thinking about me fucking her, and how much better I did her." Jim turned her on her side so she was facing me and told her to "look at your husband & tell him to sit on the floor right next to you" which I did. Jim slid his cock into her again and she had the most satisfied look on her face I had ever seen. Jim was whispering in her ear again then she told me to "feel his cock going in me & play with my clit while he fucks me baby."

    Jim is the best fuck I have ever had and from now on I am going to be his little whore. He can have me anytime he comes to town. Jim kept telling her what to say and she would repeat it. Jim told me that he was going to spend the whole night fucking her and that I could go sleep in his hotel room. I told him I would stay on the couch and he could stay in the bedroom. Sue said no we want you to go to his hotel, I am Jim's for tonight and he doesn't want to share me. He wants me to himself, I am going to let him do anything he wants to me, I am going to be his woman anytime he wants. Then she said he wants to fuck my virgin ass and I don't want you to see that. Jim said "Sue you are one hot little slut I can't believe you are the same woman that I know from work." He pulled her on top of him so she was facing away from him and she was riding up and down on his cock. Sue told me to go down and lick her while Jim fucks me. Jim said he was ready to cum again and Sue told me "hold his cock in me and squeeze it a little so you can feel him cumming in my pussy." Jim started cumming And he just kept going. Cum was dripping out of her pussy and down his cock. I couldn't believe that anyone could cum that much especially after he had already came just a half hour before. Then Jim went up and had Sue lick his cock clean as she did it he just stayed hard.

    Sue told me to stick my hand in her pussy and feel all of the cum in there. When I did and pulled my fingers out a huge glob of cum came out and fell on the bed. Sue told me to get another wash cloth and clean it up for Jim. After I came back from the bathroom and cleaned her pussy Sue told me "it's time for you to go now. The key for Jim's hotel room is in his pants." Jim said its room 432 at the Holiday Inn by the freeway. I told them that I didn't want to leave. Sue said If you ever want to have sex again or ever wanted to watch again you have to leave. I want to spend the night with Jim alone and give him everthing he wants.

    When we went to bed the next night I pulled the covers back and there was cum stains all over the bed Sue said that Jim wanted me to sleep on his cum for a day or two so I would know how many times he fucked me in your bed and I would know what a stud he was. Then she said he really was good and that she really had a good time with him. She told me she loved me and that Jim was just sex, but it was the best she has ever had. Next time he is in town I am going to spend the night with him at his hotel. We are going to go out for drinks after work with some of his coworkers and he wants them to see us go into his hotel. He made a bet with them that he could fuck me and he wants to prove it to them. He told them That I was going to be his and that none of them would ever get a chance.

    So that was our experience with Jim. So far he hasn't told us when he'd be back. I felt humiliated having to go to his hotel room but you get used to it really. Sue is still my wife but that was a raw experience. The first time someone spoke to us in that way and controlled the situation like that. I admit it was arousing and find myself looking forward to our next meeting with him although I am somewhat nervous. I have attached 2 pictures of Sue getting ready. The hot wife she is! - Tom & Sue, Tennessee


    Friday, May 02, 2008


    MiamiMark - His Girlfriend Nat's Next Cuck

    Nat ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Click here and read the text in the yellow box for background to this story.

    That Thursday after work I joined up with Nat at the Mall and she asked me to pick out an outfit for her to wear Friday night at the 'see if anyone will pick me up' event she's been asking to do. Not only was I already getting worked up about the possibilities, but this was killing me. The outfit ended up being fairly simple and appealing. It was a dark grey flared skirt about ½ way down to the knees and a halter top which really brought out her breasts. No stockings were needed but she did buy a new set of silky black panties and bra at Victoria's Secret… the perfect touch.

    Friday night we got ready and went out pretty late to the Oyster House (pub/bar). It wasn't as packed as I thought it would be and the crowd was fairly tamed. After about an hour we ended up going to South Beach. As soon as we entered the first club we realized why there had been so much traffic … Spring Break was almost over and everyone was out having fun.

    We hit a total of 3 clubs that night and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I think the possibility of something happening is sometimes just as exciting. She would go in alone to the clubs and then I would go in and find a corner … which was pretty crowded. I would watch her as guys would flirt and buy her drinks. She even got to dance at least a dozen times with different guys but no one really hit on her.

    Towards the end of the night, this one group of guys spent plenty of time talking with her and I couldn't really see what was going on. It ended up that they were from FSU which is where she graduated from and they were in the medical program. So they hit it off pretty well.

    When she was ready to leave around 3 am, they tried to convince her to stay but she was so exhausted. They asked her for her number and she gave them her cell phone. That was it …nothing else. She left and I followed and we had great sex that night by talking about all the guys and which ones she found hot and wished she would've been with.

    We both thought about it a lot the next day and we both wanted to go out but had previous plans to have dinner with friends. In the middle of dinner she got a call and was talking when she looked at me and practically blushed. It was the guys from last night and they wanted her to go up to Ft. Lauderdale , where there hotel was, to go out and party with them on their last night. It really sucked but we couldn't make it.

    So that was the weekend plans, nothing out of the ordinary but still pretty exciting in its own way. She was being adventurous and I was getting excited .

    About a week later the same guy, Chris, had called her from college and that went on for about 3 weeks almost every night. He would call and they would chat about b.s. things and after a while the conversations would get more and more sexual. I would lie next to her in bed and listen to her and him. After a few days of flirting they began to basically have phone sex and I would go down on her and play with her as they talked. She even had him on speaker phone at one point so I could here the whole thing. I'm not sure who was turned on more … her by him, or me by her being so turned on.

    I finally came out and asked her if she wanted to be with him if she could and she never really answered me, so I told her she would have to tell me and plead to do it if she ever did want to. We left it at that.

    A couple of weeks later


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