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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, May 23, 2008


    Our Wedding Night

    Our wedding reception was held in a large 5 start hotel in the middle of the Scottish Highland. So this meant that most of the guests were staying overnight.
    I had known Ann since she was in primary school and watched her (I am 5 yrs older)
    As she blossomed into a desirable attractive woman.

    At 20 she was stunning in her wedding dress and knows one could have been prouder as I walked her down the aisle. Our Best man was Dan 2 yrs younger than me and an x boyfriend of Ann’s also a good mate to me so having him as Best man wasn’t an issue with us.

    In fact I already new that it was Dan who had taken her virginity, a fact he had never spared telling me about. However I never saw this as anything other than her business because it was before she and I had gotten together. It was strange though looking back that during our year long engagement I never had sex with her as we decided we would wait until we were married and that our plan was to start a family right away. I was looking foreword to the night we could be alone when I could at last take my lovely Bride in to my arms and enter her.

    The dancing went on till late and we danced and drank with the guests. Ann loves dancing and I watched a few times as she danced with Dan. I often had asked her if she still had feelings for him. Always she denied this saying he was good at sex but never at anything else.

    As the night wore on I did get a little stirring in my pants when she was dancing pretty close, nevertheless I was never the jealous type and knew that she was now mine.

    The drink was flowing freely and unfortunately I over indulged. In fact I got pretty legless. The guests started to drift away and with Ann’s help and assisted by Dan I was taken upstairs to the bedroom and they undressed me and I was literally put to bed.

    Now strange as it may seem the room which was a suite had actually 2 beds a single where I was placed in my drunken stupor and a double bed. Little did I know as I was there that Dan had put his arm round Ann to comfort her as she was crying at my drunken state (I was told this later). It all happened with the emotions of the moment. They kissed and Dan (who’s wife was 9 months pregnant and not at the wedding) was horny and attracted by Ann in her White Wedding dress he said she was so sexy he couldn’t stop himself.

    His had cupped her breast and she responded with a kiss even stronger. Seeing she was responding he placed his hand on her thighs and worked his way up under the dress. She hadn’t stopped him and he was feeling her lovely lace covered
    cunt and found she was extremely wet. Well the inevitable happened, he unzipped her dress and she stood facing him in her white bra and thin lace panties and garter belt holding up her nylon stockings.

    Ann had gone down onto her knees and hid herself under his Kilt (it was a Scottish wedding) she started to suck his cock. The moans coming from him must have stirred my slumbers as I opened my eyes and all I could see was Dan standing Ann’s head buried under his Kilt and the obvious motions told the story that he was getting the sucking of his life.

    Looking back now I still wonder why I didn’t make it known that I was actually awake, but I just lay and kept silent. Dan was moaning and was almost at the point of no return when he stopped her and laid her on the bed. He unbuckled his kilt and it fell to the floor. His cock was rigid large and thick. He slipped her panties off and she unclipped her bra. I was completely dumfounded as she said “common fuck me like you did before “

    Laying back and pulling him close she kissed him and said “I need this badly give it to me now“

    Dan at this stage, as I could clearly see from my bed, took his cock and with her assistance inserted it in to her cunt. It seemed to have difficulty at first then she relaxed as it slid easily into her.

    Dan precede a slow steady fuck she wound her legs over his thighs giving him easier access and getting more of him at each stroke. Her kissing got more intense as their lips were entwined.HOT BRIDE

    I watched not moving for fear of being discovered watching. Looking back isn’t it strange how I felt I was the one intruding and was scared of being caught. Their movements intensified his hips meeting hers as their arousal increased.

    “I'm coming, I’ll pull out“ Dan said, having a moment’s guilty conscience.

    “Don’t you dare“ Ann screamed “I want it all “

    “What about Campbell“ he said (referring to me). Ann replied “don’t give a shit just fuck me “

    With that his arse cheeks clenched he tightened up and she in turn yelled and stiffened with the intensity as he pumped her full of his cum. I was in a state of real turmoil. I had just witnessed my bride being fucked on our wedding night by my best friend the Best man but mainly because my emotions were all over the place. I had actually gotten turned on, despite my now increasing headache at the scene I'd witnessed and still remained immobile for fear of being discovered watching.

    Taking a further glance I look as they now lay side by side holding hands completely satiated. Dan now seemed a bit guilty and said so. Ann just sighed and said it was all my fault anyway as i'd got pissed and couldn’t perform and she was so up for it tonight. As an after thought she did say that what I didn’t know wouldn’t harm me.
    Dan asked her if she loved me. She said she did but having seen what I had to offer clockwise tonight as she undressed me I couldn’t compare to Dan.

    At that he kissed her again.

    His hand was now caressing her breasts and she was playing with his cock which was rapidly growing hard again.

    “Once more she said, and then you can fuck off back to your wife”

    They laughed together and again she said ”you’ve always managed it twice in a row so your not getting away with out a repeat”

    With this she went on top of him and was about to insert his tool when I in-advertently made a noise and she immediately got off and lay back. I decided at that moment my own cock needed some attention so without looking, got out of the bed on the opposite side from them and pretended still to be very drunk.

    I went to the toilet but my headache was getting worse. I walked drunkenly back into the room. Just as Dan was getting out of the bed he said, "Hi Mate" and asked Ann where she had put the paracetamol.

    She told me to look inside her bag both of them were totally dumbfounded that I had actually acknowledged the fact they were both naked and in bed together & also the fact That Dan was there at all.

    Dan left and my headache was so sore I couldn’t do anything but fall asleep.

    What happened next morning well that’s for another day.

    Suffice to say that 9 months later my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and Dan became my wife’s steady lover for the next 2 years until he decided to immigrate to Australia. However it didn’t end there I have been a cuck for if not all but most of our married life. And maybe I will write and tell you about my experiences again soon. For now this experience will be my starting point in expressing my cuckold self and I'm including pictures of my wife while wearing her bridal panties. - Campbell


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