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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, May 09, 2008


    How We Got Started

    When I was nineteen I owned (the bank did anyway) a run down old fishing boat and the crew was me and my cousin Greg. I had married early and my wife Zena was twenty-one, good looking if a bit plump - with absolutely huge tits on her. Greg was living in our shack with us and within a few weeks I guess he knew everything about us and we did about him. It was small shack.

    When I had a morning fuck with the wife I would be bouncing her up and down on the mattress and she'd giggle and go 'shhh... hear that?' It was Greg on the other side of the ply wall playing with himself and moaning with the effort. Of course then the wife would start moaning herself just to help him along.

    Fishing days were Wednesday to the early hours of Saturday morning where we'd be unloading at the fish markets - then a four hour run back up the coast to our shack and my wife's welcoming arms and spread legs!

    The boat was old and wooden and I had the bilge pump running twelve hours out of twenty-four and if it packed up we were fish bait so that made the Wednesday morning fuck with the wife all that more important and that got me thinking. Hell, Greg and me were cousins, we'd done everything together - so I put it to Zena. She was doing everything else for him that a wife does, his cooking, mending, his washing and ironing. Why not do the other as well? The whole idea turned me on and Zena was very receptive to it as well. She liked the idea of sending 'her' men off with a smile on our faces.

    Damn if we didn't keep her on her back from Saturday afternoon all through to Wednesday morning!

    Greg was an early riser only now it wasn't to pull on his pud, he'd be naked and pull that curtain open and bounce onto the bed and just roll my half asleep wife onto her back and nudge her legs apart! Thats how I woke up - him on top of her with his cock buried balls deep in her cunt going for it like there was no tomorrow. The bedhead thumped against the wall and the springs protesting and him trying to drive her through the mattress! Zena would be grunting with the force of his thrusts and her head nodding on the pillow in time to his meaty lunges.

    I'd be saying, '...c'mon, hurry up, I want a bit of her...' and Greg would pant out ' fucking way, I was on her first!' And the wife would add her bit through soft grunts '...ohhh "grunt", don't do a "grunt" quickie on "moan" me, just "grunt" fuck me all "grunt" day long.

    What turned me on most about my cousin Greg fucking my wife Zena?hotwife

    It was the absolute thrill of 'giving' my wife to another man. To have him kiss her, stroke her, feel her huge bosom, suck her nipples - and to sink his big tool in her hot sweet cunt. It turned me on seeing another guy do all those things that were formally sacrosanct - for me only.

    I felt the sweet bitter pain watching Zena kiss his cock and then open her mouth and suck on him. I watched her lips go thin as she sucked on him and her head bobbed up and down as her lips slid up and down his shaft. The lips that I would kiss, before and after. It turned me on watching another guy give pleasure to my wife and to do all the things that I had done when I considered her body and soul were mine alone.

    Zena was puzzled for a while that I didn't want her first - she knew most guys didn't want to go 'slops'. I would murmur to her '...let Greg go first...' and she'd look at me 'Don't you want to fuck me before him hon? Don't you want to be first in my pussy?'.

    Life was idyllic, fishing for a living - and then me and Greg home to the wife, her shrieking with laughter as we chased her around the shack, pulling her clothing off and letting her run again until she was nude. Wow! The images. Zena's face flushed, her huge breasts wobbling and nodding heavily and her thick luxurious triangle of pubic hair so enticing and me and Greg advancing on her with our cocks rigid. Zena would back up to the sofa and collapse back onto it and her legs would fall open almost bonelessly and her face would be a picture of surrender and lust with her eyes showing a sort of vacancy that meant she was ours for the taking - or maybe even anyone's!

    Business was going well, I had fluked the right time to be in the fishing business and we switched to tuna. What madness, special rubber carpets on the deck so we didn't damage the fish, one scale missing meant hundreds of dollars. And to watch our catch at the markets, just four fish and the Japanese bidding massive amounts on them. ( I had a small boat, the freezers could only handle four fish that size ) I needed another crew member and Greg nominated his brother Rob.

    We had a comfortable routine going before Rob joined us and Zena was happy with her two 'hubbies'.

    'What's going to happen when he gets here...' Zena asked '...I'm sure as hell not going to be creeping around giving you two sex!'

    Greg and I had talked it over and he tentatively asked her 'Couldn't you handle three hubbies...?'

    Zena laughed and exclaimed 'What!? I spend enough time on my back as it is with you two coming at me whenever you've got stiffys! I'd get fucking bowlegged doing three of you!'

    Rob looked a bit like his brother Greg and as Zena thought Greg was 'cute' anyway, it didn't take much for her to like him. As I mentioned earlier, we lived in a small shack with almost no privacy and at one time the wife reckoned the pheramones and testostarone in the air was that thick it was like a sex fog that she had to wade through! Of course Rob was included in the 'menage', all it took was a few glowing logs in the fireplace and half a bottle of Spumante. We did Zena then and there on a mattress in front of the fire with the wife murmuring 'No.. I shouldn't.. I shouldn't be doing this.. oh-h-h-h.. you're all making me do it...'

    Both Greg and Rob had been first in line when the cocks were being handed out. Their's were quite big while mine was of a more modest size and as usual I wanted to watch before having a turn on my wife. Well, talk about excited. I reckon each of us lasted no more than a minute or two. No sooner had Rob got his big fat cock up the wife he was hammering it in like a jack rabbit with her just hanging on for the ride. I reckon me and Greg were holding our breaths because the only sound was the crackle of the fire, Rob's harsh rhythmic grunts and Zena's forced gasping exhalations. I watched as Rob's arse drove up and down and then his spastic jerks as he he squirted his spunk deep inside her cunt! No sooner had Rob got off her, with his cock glistening with her moisture, then Greg took his place.

    I had a glimpse of my wife's pussy, open and wet, and then Greg sank his weight down on her with my wife's hand snaked down between them to feed his big cock in her. Greg was a bit more controlled - after all, he knew the wife wasn't going anywhere and was available for a bit of fun anytime he wanted. All the same, he lasted maybe twice as long as his brother - which wasn't long at all, and then he too was pumping his jism into her already full

    Of course Zena was nowhere near an orgasm. I wasn't all that inclined to take my time either. I fairly leapt on her and my cock found her cunt with practised ease, in fact it slipped in quite easily. There's the wife moaning '...take your time.. go slow for me...' and I'm thinking 'fuck! no way.. you've got heaps of cock coming your way tonight... you'll have wait.. I'm having too much fun!'

    Zena also had a habit of falling asleep after too much wine and an orgasm to boot would put her right off! Not that she minded us still going at her - she's laid in the there in the past quite happily snoring gently as me and Greg took turns having a fuck.

    I was also seeing a side to Zena that I hadn't seen before. After a bit of faked 'coyness' she was right into it and could certainly handle what the three of us were giving her. Before I met Zena I was aware of her reputation as the 'town bike'. I grew up in the small town downriver and she grew up in Pittown and I didn't go there much. However, Zena's reputation certainly travelled and discounting most of the bullshit she was certainly the most popular girl in town when the bars closed Friday and Saturday nights! In the end I guess the other women made her life hell and she turned up in our small town making sandwiches in the local deli. She said 'no' to the guys in town and we left her alone and then one day she agreed to go on a date with me - within a few weeks she'd moved into my small shack and we got married a short time later.

    Zena was my fantasy come true and I loved her and there was nothing she wouldn't let me do - and by extension there was nothing she wouldn't let Greg and Rob do as well. Now picture this. When you're getting pussy regular you tend to take it for granted, but for Greg and Rob, it was all new and they had convinced themselves that one day the wife would turn it off. As a consequence they would jump her at every opportunity and she was generous enough to let them. Even doing the washing up! When they pestered her and showed the wife their big stiffys she'd just sigh and pull down her panties and wriggle back and brace herself and they'd lift her dress up and give her a fuck her over the sink. Of course after they'd poked her I'd have to have a go! - Darren


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