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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, May 12, 2008


    Waiting For My Wife

    Hi Bloggers and Cucks!

    I was reading in bed while waiting for my wife to return from an evening shift at the local hospital where she works as a nursing assistant. I heard her car pull up, the back door close and her put the keys down on the kitchen bench. I thought the next sound will be a glass of wine being poured. To my surprise she came straight into the bedroom.

    She quickly stripped off and slid into bed saying I'm glad you are still awake. Not needing much encouragement with this sort of invitation I slid my hand down between her legs and found that she was already very wet and ready for sex. I rolled closer and started to kiss her gently. As I started to slip my tongue into her mouth she turned her head slightly and said "I should tell you something" Still playing with her pussy I asked why. She started to say something about her last task of the evening I interrupted at this point and said lets worry about that later but she said no I need to tell you about it.

    I sighed and said go ahead while still teasing her pussy open. " my last task of the evening was a bed bath for a patient in one of the private rooms. It was that young football player I told you about the other day, the one with the neck brace. He has been in for a week now and when I got to washing his upper legs he started to get an erection that the hospital gown couldn't hide." I am thinking to myself so this is why she has come home ready for sex. She sees plenty of naked male bodies in her job so why this has an erection under a gown got her so excited.

    She then tells me that she told the young man not to be embarrassed and she pulled the gown up to continue the bed bath. In an attempt to lighten the moment she says that she asked him if he would like her to wash "that" as well. His reply was no surprise...."yes please" The surprise was mine when my wife said that she felt sorry for him in that state and that she had started to wash his penis for him. She said that she had intended to stop after a few seconds and find an excuse to leave the room so that he could finish "the job" himself.
    cuckold wife

    When she took her hands away he had begged her "please don't stop, I need to cum." She replied you could do that yourself while I am out of the room. He pleaded with her to not to leave and to keep going.

    What do you think I should have done she asked?

    Knowing how he must have felt I said probably keep washing?

    She said I knew you would think that and then explained that knowing how he must have been feeling she decided to keep washing till he came and would then quickly leave the room. She said how she started washing gently up and down and could tell that it wouldn't take long for him to come. I was very surprised at this but was also getting excited at the thought of her stroking this guy.

    I had said at times in the heat of lovemaking that I would like to see her with another man like at swingers parties, but had never thought she could do anything like this.

    Are you upset with me she asked, I answered not upset but I am surprised, Are you sure you want me to tell you the rest she asked. Very turned on by now I said tell me all the details.

    She said how she was stroking him with the sponge and that he was enjoying the warmth and movement but as he was circumcised it wasn't easy to be gentle. He was in the middle of the bed she explained and that her arms were extended and starting to get tired. Knowing that her shift ended soon she said that she knew she had to hurry things along and couldn't leave him like that. I think I knew what she was going to say next but was still amazed when she told me.

    She said I knew I could make him come quicker if I used my mouth so thats what I did. How long did it take? I managed to ask, I could tell she was getting excited relating the story to me. "I started with a few licks under the head and then did a couple of deep down to the back of my mouth plunges and I could feel the head of his penis harden right up, I knew he would come in the next couple of seconds."

    And did he I asked.

    Yes she replied, I had just enough of his dick in my mouth so that I could work my tongue under the head as he came, the second squirt hit way back at the back of my throat and by the time he stopped squirting it was nearly too much for me to swallow.
    That's why I said I need to talk to you before tongue kissed me. Excited as we both were within seconds we were fucking frantically it didn't take long for us to both come, I was careful with my kissing but! - The Newest Cuckold Husband from Oregon, Sam

    P.S. I attached a few pictures of her for visuals.


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