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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, May 30, 2008


    French Wife Cuckolds Her Hubby

    french wife
    Good morning,

    I am a French woman I have 35 years I am married and have 2 children 1 to 12-year-old girl and a boy of 8 years, I have always been attracted to black men and especially by their big sex ...

    My husband often moving and knowing that I'm bored authorized me to take a black man as a lover, the first time he accompanied me and offered me a young black stallion, as I like oral sex and sodomy everything he could give me ....

    This young man became my lover and when my husband started traveling I joined and I m'offrais (offered myself) completely to him, we spent entire nights to make love and I could live my fantasy.

    My young lover asked me one day if it told me to make love with friends to him (albeit on black men) and I could not refuse to me, I was talking to my husband and it gave me permission to meet his men.

    The D-Day does not know if I had to go but my young lover tells me that this would happen very bien(good). He asked me to dress sexy dress and he came to fetch me at my home, my legs that shaking but also excitement to know that I would be offered to 2 black men, once among 2 black men I wanted to make a U turn but my young lover forced me to return to the house.

    2 black men awaited me and my young lover spoke in their ear, I withdrew my skirt and told his 2 friends that I was in their provisions (care), the largest of 2 took me head and led me to sex, which was steep (he had a big cock), j'ouvris (I opened my) mouth and enfourna sex (took it in) inflated by the desire, I felt the hands of his accolyte (friend) who retired my string (took off my clothes) and began to embrace me sexually. The hand of the biggest headed to my head make a to and fro on her sex while his friend started me into sex with him (basically one at her head and one at her pussy taking turns).

    I could not remember much and started pushing small groans. I had the greatest feeling when his desire arrived (he came) withdrew his sex (cock) and came to join his friend, now I felt their 2 sexes returned to me, they took me with strength and in a moment of lucidity j'ouvris (opened my) eyes and saw my young lover me take pictures (hubby was photographing all this), it made me nervous and I thought (about) to my friends who could not doubt that the nice woman I was married at this time offered to 2 black men (what would the neighbours think?).

    Once I finished taking the sex of the smallest and started sucking him to drink its juice still hot ...

    My young lover asked me to get up and rhabiller me (get me dressed again), I could not move because the 2 men exhausted me, my young lover took me by the hand and m'entraina out of the house. I had not yet finished to get dressed and I left the house half-naked, he threw me in the car while he was driving and asked me to suck.

    I m'exécutais (did as he asked) and felt that his sex was inflated pleasure in it (he was hard). M'éjacula mouth quickly (he came fast in her mouth) and told me that it had excited me offered his 2 friends, it tells me that next time he m'offrirait to 5 black men ......

    I am sorry if my English is not perfect


    Zabouxx - sa.soul @


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