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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, February 26, 2009


    Hot Wife Gina

    Hi there. Here's an attached story from a recent encounter my Hot Wife had. Two pics from the encounter also attached. Hope you can post it!

    email: gina19602 @

    “Oh God. I love how your cock feels.”

    Moaned my wife while Mark, 23-years-old and 26 years her junior was on top of her, pushing his long cock deep inside of her. Mark chuckled and continued to fuck her while she moved her hips up to meet his deep thrusts.

    She was loving it. There they were in our bed, the same bed I woke up in that morning, and my wife was fucking Mark with the eagerness of a teenager. She had already had one screaming orgasm and she was quickly moving toward her second.

    I moved around the familiar surroundings of our bedroom, camera in hand, while clicking pictures of the intense fucking my very hot wife was getting. My cock was as hard as a rock and why shouldn’t it be? Here was my wife of 19 years, lying in our marital bed, legs open and drawn up while a man we had met only an hour before was fucking her with an energy that only a horny 23-year-old could have. His long cock was giving her enormous pleasure and she was letting him know: brash and wanton with desire, a true hot wife in every sense of the term. She had me so aroused I couldn’t wait until they were done and he left and I could (finally) have a turn.

    But I knew the rules we had agreed to: Wifey gets to fuck and I watch and then when her lover leaves I have my chance. I do not fuck other women because she doesn’t want me to. It is instead my job as a cuckold husband to find the men she will fuck from various adult websites, to show them to her and if she approves to set up the meeting. I get to be present when she gives them her pussy, a pussy these young men gladly accept because it’s attached to a hot, married woman. Sometimes I take pictures, sometimes I watch. On occasion I join in so that my wife can have an MFM experience. Afterward she lets me eat her well fucked pussy while she moans and tells me how good her lover fucked her. I then fuck her to a final orgasm of the night.

    She especially loves for me to eat her pussy after another man has fucked her. It makes her feel that she is in charge and that she’s being worshipped for being a hot slutty wife. I love it too. Her pussy tastes extra sweet after she’s been fucked, as if her sex juices have been fully released. It’s an extra-heady aroma that makes me want to eat her more and more. We don’t do the “creampie” thing, as all her lovers must wear condoms for safety reasons. I just get to taste how excited my sexy wife has gotten from another man’s cock and the taste of her sex is

    It all began about 9 months ago when my wife of 19 years and I met her first extra-marital lover. She went to this meeting not sure if she would go through with it and left wanting for more. Since then she has had ten lovers who have all been greatly satisfied and have satisfied her in return. Now it was Mark’s turn.

    “Oh God, I’m going to cum again” she moaned while she frantically fucked back against Mark’s dick. He began to fuck her even more furiously, causing her to have a second screaming, arms flailing orgasm of the night. She was spent but Mark wasn’t. She wasn’t going to leave him hanging.

    “Here, lets get this off” she said while gently removing the condom from his stiff dick “let’s see if you like this”

    She practically swallowed this young man’s cock.

    Mark began to moan with pleasure and gently stroked her hair while she gave him the blow job of his life.

    “Oh, don’t stop…so good” he said while she made love to his dick with her hot mouth.

    Wifey began to alternate between licking his balls and sucking on the head of his cock. It was too much for him as he began to stiffen. She quickly clamped her lips around his cock and began to suck him deep into her mouth. Mark couldn’t hold back any longer and he exploded in her mouth. My hot wife swallowed every last drop.

    After Mark left it was my turn. I climbed between her legs and began to feast on her used pussy causing her to let out a low moan. She wore one of those self-satisfied smiles of a woman who has her man under control. She does. I felt privileged to be tasting her hot pussy, grateful to have a wife who beds so many men and who does it so well. But most of all I feel absolute dedication for this woman who has the freedom to fuck whomever she wants whenever she wants. I’m grateful to be able to share her hot pussy with her many lovers and I know I’ll continue to please her in as many ways as I can.


    Sunday, February 22, 2009


    First Time Posting

    1ST EMAIL:

    First time posting.

    Me and my wife a few weekends ago went and met some friends in orlando for some partying at the city walk. We met up with some of our long time married couple friends and his brother and shared a motel room. We all partied that night and had a great time. At the end of the night back at the room it was really late and I was drunk so I fell asleep on the bed in another room. The married couple was also asleep in that same room and I expected my wife shortly to come to bed.

    I finally woke up around 4am to find my wife not in the bed and as my eyes focused I seen the husband of the other couple not in his bed with his wife. Now me and my wife have an agreement for cuckolding but it has only happened a few times with one of our really close friends but anyway I got up to go see where my wife was I walked into the living room and my wife was almost naked and kissing the married husband and his brother. They acted surprised to see me and almost ran but my wife got up and told me she was fixing to come get me to ask if she could fuck them(yea right).

    Anyway I told her yes and she turned and went straight back to them. I sat in a chair and watched as she sucked and fucked both of them for about an hour in every position doubled fucked and all. It was very exciting to see her doing this. When after one guy came in her I asked if I could have a turn and she told me no, not until the other guy came in her because right now this was their pussy and not mine. I got so excited I almost came but I waited and when he was done she told them to go to bed so we could be alone. She squatted over me and let me clean her good and proper and then she let me fuck her until I came which was not long after that show.

    I love the feeling of her loose pussy after she fucks other people. We talked on the way home the next day and I begged her to do more of that. She was hesitant but I think if the time is right she will. Until the next time I'll just fantisize about that.

    2ND EMAIL:

    Webmaster ... she did it again this past weekend!

    We went to the coast to stay with a whole group of friends. There were 4 couples and 2 single guys. We all had a great day. The men went offshore fishing and the girls all went shopping. That night we all partied hard and the girls all got in the hot tub naked and let us watch as they made out with one another. That was all the group fun we had until we had all went to sleep and the 2 single guys and one marrried guy was still up drinking when my wife got up and went downstairs to get some water. I awoke when she left and waited. She came back and got back in bed and started playing with me and telling me she wanted to go back to them 3 guys and fuck all of them.

    I got really turned on and after some talking we decided she would go back and get fucked. I would give her about 30 minutes then come down stairs. I could hear them laughing and talking and I could hear her tell them she was going to fuck them and I had given her permisssion. While they were fucking her I listened as hard as I could and hoped the other couples would not hear. I finally went downstairs after 30 minutes. When I first arrived 2 guys were sitting on the couch while the other had my wife bent over a recliner pounding away. The men seemed nervous at first but when I started talking to them they opened up.

    The 2 on the couch had already came in her pusssy while she had been riding one then the other on the couch. The had finished and were just watching. The other guy still pounding stopped and let my wife come sit on my dick and ride just for a little while. It felt so good with all that cum in her. He then pulled her back off of me and bent her back over until he finally came in her pussy also. When it was over my wife squatted over my face and I licked every bit of cum I could get. The guys really didn't like it much I don't think but I don't care I liked it. I got to fuck her in front of them and cum. When we got up the next morning 2 of the other girls told my wife in private that they had heard us and wished they could get fucked like that. Hopefully I'll get to fuck one of them soon. - Sinful


    Thursday, February 19, 2009


    My Wife's Boyfriend

    My wife has had a relationship with a man for about 6 months now. I have not met him yet. She has told me all about him. Sometimes, she will spend the night with him and then come home the next morning smelling of sex. She will then proceed to tell me just how good he gave it to her all night. We will usually have sex while she tells me how good his cock felt and how many times he made her cum.

    Last Sunday she came home with her boyfriend, of which whom I had never met before, following behind her. She told me that they were going into the bedroom and for me to 'find something to occupy myself with'.

    I watched as the young stud followed my wife into the bedroom.

    I was hungry so I decided to make myself something to eat and then wondered if they were hungry as well.

    I walked by the bedroom and noticed that the door was cracked open. I could look inside the bedroom and have a clear view of the bed that they were both on.
    I saw my wife take his huge cock in her mouth. She was licking and sucking his cock like I had never seen her do before. She would moan every time she swallowed his huge cock. His eyes would roll back in his head with every stroke that she gave to his cock.

    He laid her back on the bed and then inserted his cock into her pussy. I noticed that they did not use any lube. We always used lube. She said that she needed lube with me because her pussy just,'doesn't get as wet as it used to'. Her pussy got so wet with him that they didn't have to use lube. I could literally see her pussy dripping with anticipation. Her pussy juices where running down her leg just from giving him head!

    He began pumping her in missionary position. Her long legs wrapped around his muscular body. Her legs squeezed him and held him tight. They would look longingly into each other eyes and then kiss each other deeply and passionately.

    She pulled away from his kiss so she could say that she was about to cum. It only took her a few minutes to reach climax with him.

    She rolled him over and got on top. She rode his cock so hard. She began to tell him that she loved him and that he could fuck her so much better than her husband. She began to ride him harder and harder. She came again saying, 'God I love you ... fuck me baby'.

    He began to moan and as he blew his load inside of her. I could see his cum leaking out from her pussy and running down his cock. They both collapsed and fell asleep with his cock still inside of her.

    After a few hours they woke up and made love again. I didn't watch this time, but I could hear her moaning and telling him how much she loved him and how good he was at making her cum.

    Her boyfriend left and she invited me into the bedroom. She told me that she was ready for me. I took my cock and plunged it into her cum filled soaked pussy. She told me how she was in love with her boyfriend and how much better she enjoyed sex with him as I was thrusting inside of her. I couldn't hold off much longer so I shot my load inside of her as well.

    I can't wait till tomorrow. We are going shopping for an outfit for her to wear on her next date with her boyfriend. - John


    Monday, February 16, 2009


    In Pursuit of Becoming a Cuckold - 2


    She may cuck me yet. Vee saw the cuck blog I posted and was very happy with how it read.

    We had some great replies which got Vee even hornier than ever and thank you all very much for the great orgasms and tremendous fucks, suck jobs, licking creamy sweet pussy, that have taken place because of your encouraging words; even the “take care and watch out going over the top” warnings.

    When I said she may cuck me is because in the course of one of our fuck sessions Vee mentioned her hairdresser, Angelo, whom she believes has a huge cock – she has been purving on him while under his control over her hair. Angelo is Greg’s brother, friend of Mark, the half a glass cum man; when I mentioned that to her she got very excited and had a magic ‘O’ orgasm, which I followed with penetrating her vagina, as it gets water tight after she cums, and letting go a great squirt of cum in her delicious cavity.

    Angelo has been the centre of attraction in our fantasies ever since and I believe Vee is at a point where she only talks of him (even when we are not fucking) and I believe needs to have his manhood inside her moist, well lubricated cunt. Vee’s pussy has never been creamier and wetter then ever since Angelo has come into the equation; more later.

    Of course she has also shared some past events. One such event was her first orgasm. She was fourteen and she had noticed the boys (and their dad) next door having a bit of a look while she was in her room (their bathroom window was almost opposite her bedroom window). She shifted the furniture in her room around a bit to the point where she placed the dresser against her window so that the reflection could be seen from next door’s window and ensured her curtains were open enough for them to have a good look. She would parade by her window while dressing and undressing and would place the mirror on her dresser just at the right angle so that she could be seen playing with herself, well knowing she had an audience, rubbing her clitoris and experiencing extreme orgasms. This lead to Vee playing with both boys penises and sucking the eldest, Russell, incidently he became a policeman and she bumped into him when working up North in the bank.

    She also told me of her first boyfriend, with whom she had great sex until she found out that he was also fucking a co-worker. She then met a biker, with whom she enjoyed many great outings and experiences, such as showing her tits in public, group fucking and her first experience with smoking pot and getting stoned.

    She parted with the biker as he got a little violent and thought she should settle down a bit and get her act together. This of course did not mean she stopped fucking her sister’s boyfriends (which explained why before we were married her sister came to stay with us, at Vee’s flat, and she practically forced me to have sex with her – We lived in a one bedroom flat and the three of us shared the bed, lucky is was a king size bed, Vee in the middle for the first two nights; the third night we showered and went to bed, after fucking Vee, she made me stay in between her and her sister and gave me hand signals to press my hard on against her sisters behind, which caused her to throw one leg forward to allow me to penetrate her from behind, thereafter I had a great time fucking both of them - for the next twelve glorious days before she went back home; or were they fucking me?)

    At that time Vee was working for a bank and she would at time babysit her boss’ three boys. After putting them to bed she would smoke pot, listened to music and played with her clitoris while high. On one particular night her boss came home, unexpected, to get a certificate he had forgotten and caught her naked on the lounge, a joint in one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other, while listening to Cat Stevens. Not only did her boss get the certificate but watched her have a few orgasms and ending up fucking her and cumming in her juicy pussy before returning back to the bank function.

    Since then Vee would often work back and after all the staff had gone would bone her boss and let him fuck her, insisting he cum inside her cunt (she loved the power of his squirt and the pressure of his semen against her cervix). Unfortunately her boss got transferred up North and she got left looking for casual fucks in nearby country towns (not her own town) with a very close friend of hers, Gen. Some of these stories for another time.

    Her fuck sessions with her ex-boss managed to get her excellent personnel reviews and quickly got promoted to a business lending management position. Vee managed to get a transfer up North, to the same city as her ex-boss, but to a different branch. She continued with discreetly meeting up with her old boss and fucked like crazy. On one such fuckfest her old boss suggested that she should work in the sex industry and as she enjoyed sex so much might as well get paid for it.

    Vee applied for an evening shift at a local topless bar but as she had relatively small boobs she was knocked back which made her go and work, after her daily work at the bank, for an escort agency. At this escort agency she met many of ther clients from surronding country towns as they would stay overnight in the city; not only did she take their money for sex but also got her a lot of new and ongoing business. She also made more money selling sex part time than what she earned in the bank fulltime. I have some other tales of her around this period which are subject for other time.

    Now the plan is the following:

    We are having an extremely hot summer and we are going over to Angelo’s (he is separated) place for a dinner, which Vee has volunteered to cook, and enjoy his new decking over his swimming pool.

    Our dear friend Mark as well as Angelo’s two brothers, Greg and Tony, will also be there. I am hoping that with the right setting the five of us will be able to fuck and enjoy Vee’s gorgeous body and I, particularly, may finally enjoy watching her get a tremendous gang bang and watch her enjoy the attention and the satisfaction expressions while they all fuck her and cum inside her treasure box.

    So may be from nothing to a great start at being cucked.

    She has however expressed her hesitations as she is worried that she may get the taste of her past slutty life – I have assured her that I will support her and that if we do this that we will not try again until we have discussed it and agree to it after a lapse period of three months or more.

    The plan is for two week ends time and if all goes to plan I will be able to share that experience with you.

    Sorry to all you other guys who may read this and have been wanting to fuck Vee for a long time but not included in this first plan; but think of it this way, if all goes OK, you too may tasting and enjoying Vee’s delicious sex, her little but firm titties, her sweet juicy vagina.

    Please keep those great emails coming in as Vee really gets a kick of the praises that most of them sing.

    Comments to bob.kingtafmo @

    Enjoy the photos.


    Thursday, February 12, 2009


    In Pursuit of Becoming a Cuckold


    She won’t cuck me. After nearly five years of trying; with sharing lots of fantasies and still cannot get her to put the horns on me.

    It started when a much younger friend of ours, Pete – only 33, sent us a very well structured email that he wanted to fool around with us; basically he wanted to fuck my wife.

    I am fifteen years older than my wife, 43, and when we got the email we were extremely flattered by the very well expressed correspondence (actually his wife structured it and ensured that it would not be offensive). That evening we had the best sex we have had for sometime as we fantasised what we could do if we were to actually go through with it. Had we answered the email at such enjoyable and erotic evening we would have had replied with a Yes answer. However the next day we replied with a “we take your request as a compliment and we’ll think about it and reply in due course”.

    I had discovered exactly what a sensual and experienced sexual woman I married. She sucked my cock like never before, she let me fuck her up the ass, we used vibrating aids, she got me to fist her and to the point of sticking my cock in with a vibrator inside her vagina and another vibrator up her ass. I have seen her have as many as six orgasms in a single fuck session (over a period of a couple of hours), either bringing herself on, with me inside her, while licking her clit, with toys etc.wife

    Not only has our sex life been greatly enriched but also she has gone to the extent of telling me about her past; which got me absolutely obssessed with wanting her to have sex with other guys; for nothing more than that I wanted to see her fuck and be had by guys that I know. She has even told me of the time, whe she was about 15, at her grandparents farm where she had played with the white stallion’s cock, and made it blow, although she could not stick its massive cock into her virgin pussy; mind you it was not for lack of trying and rubbing it hard against her her clitoris until she had a mighty orgasm. This was her sexual awakening. She toyed with her Maths teacher (widow with two teenage sons), whom she used to tease by opening her legs and allowing him to purve on her crutch (under the desk). She would also stay after class and ask him to help her out with some maths problems to the point where she invited herself to his place and regularly sucked him off and eventually let him take her virginity.

    With our fantasies with our friend Pete I introduced a very well hung friend (more so of Pete than mine) into the equation; this guy Tom has a 19cm penis and very, very thick – according to Pete who has seen him in action (I managed to get photos of him to show the wife). We made up fantasies as to how we would meet up with him and how he will end up fucking her.

    I shared Pete’s email with my best buddy, Robin, my brother-in-law, Joe, and a mutual friend (Pete’s and mine), Dave. As I shared this information they all commented that they could easily understand where Pete was coming from as they all thought that my
    wife, Vee, was extremely hot and oozed with sexual appetite, which led me to also share (with my wife’s permission) photos I’ve taken of her including some video clips of her playing with herself and showing the intense moment of her climax. Of course they too want to fuck her and are always eager to see more of her beautiful pussy or mouth sucking cock.

    I have also introduced to our fantasies Mark and Greg. Mark is a mate who has a wonderful issue with his balls and when he cums it’s like filling a half a glass of water, this gets my wife really turned on as she loves the feel of semen filling up her vagina. Greg is again a young fellow in his late twenties and although not as big as Tom, apparantely, has a very hard (almost steel) cock; this gets my wife off very quickly when I detail how he is fucking her against a brick wall and while she rubs her clit – which makes her squirt Mark’s semen out of her pussy with every spasm of her vaginal muscles.wife

    Not all the fantasies have been created by me. Vee has also introduced some of the males sheassociates with from time to time, such as, Gabbie, the vice principal, young teacher Carlos and some of the school’s (where she works) helping dads, particularly as all of them have tried to hit on her at one time or another and her knickers show when she comes home from work on such days when they have come on to her and gets her juices flowing. Just last night she wakes me at around 2 am by touching my balls and penis and relates the horny dream she was having – the moist and welcoming vagina, sexual desires tells me she likes the fantasies, which has driven me to write and send this out.

    I know that deep down she wants to fuck all the guys (close to a dozen) we have or bring to our fantasies, as never a time goes past that if I start talking about any of these guys she gets very wet and her instinct is to feel her hardened nipples and her pussy and leading to a great fuck.

    Sorry I cannot show you pictures of her fucking other guys but the ones attached are to give you an idea as to how hot she is and what a great fuck she would be for so many other horny guys that would love to fuck her. Not to mention the joy I would get from watching all those cocks in her mouth, ass and cunt. I so much want to be a CUCK and I’m still trying.wife

    Maybe she will get to read this and know that I’m for real and want to see a great sexy woman behave like a real slut.

    Should I continue to try and get her to cuck me?

    All replies welcomed on bob.kingtafmo @


    Sunday, February 08, 2009


    Charlene and Big Mike continue (7)


    Remember we are great playmates and have just a ton of fun together, What I am gong to describe to you actually took place on two sequential evenings.. We both had meeting to go to and we agreed to meet at 9PM. We were going to have a new playmate that evening and were waiting for his call. It was from a great guy (we think) that said he could cum 8 times in 40 minutes with tantric control and we were both very excited to experience this new guy.

    Regress earlier in the day I had met with my friend Reese (prior story and post) and we fucked like rock stars. We had not been together in a while and she is so much fun and for me an easy nut. We rolled around and played had. One "O:" orally with "G" spot stim and two huge O's" for her from fucking. In the oral she squirted all over and it was really hot.

    Back to the night. How I was going to perform that evening with gusto was in my mind a question. Remember I am slightly over 60. Well as I arrived at the house and let myself in I see Char sleeping fully clothed and taking a cat nap.

    Well I sat on the chair and watched her sleep for a time and said WTF she is fully clothed and that looks uncomfortable. I took off the shoes and rolled her over and took off her size one jeans. She had no undies on and was naked from the waist down. As I roller her over she spread her legs lifted her knees and said "mmmm" as I was looking at her pretty walnut hairless pussy. I lowered my mouth to the clit and gently started to lick and suck. She likes the lite touch. Soon her clit was engorged ( Photo) and I was loving it.. I was hard as stone. I did oral for over 30 minutes and the phone rang. It was Richi our Bi guy and he was tied up after work so we tried to reschedule.. No harm no foul. Back to Char and more pussy eating. I took a picture or her clit and it was swollen and flush with blood. She is a difficult nut but we did it hand mouth and her hand and I could feel the wetness run out of her and the internal pulsations on my fingers. When she was done she just said wow, wow,wow, do anything you want to me. I rolled her over and lubed her crack (ass) and started rubbing my cock between her cheeks. I was really hoping to slip in her anus for two pumps and a squirt (lol)hot wife

    Well we played and I was in flat doggy and doggy and she said I want to watch you cum. She flipped me around and started giving me a hand job with great head. Well Char loves to play with ass mine or anyone else's. She lubes me up and starts to go for my prostate and tantalize my cock and ass. The short version is she went to my ass. Penetrated me with a dildo and then her hand all the while stroking me like a rock star. I just started to cum and cum and she said. "did you cum like that this morning with Reese. I said no I came more
    I was impressed as was she. Well we lay back exhausted and soon we were in the kitchen chatting..

    The next day starts and she has a date with a want to be lover boy and needs to go to the airport after the evening at 7 am for an early flight. I usually take her to the airport. Well we are deciding if I am taking her and other options. I told her I wanted to be in her bed when she returned home from the date. I wanted to have her cum filled pussy planted on my face in any position and I would clean her up from all the cum in her pussy. She said Hmmm You're such a nasty boy but I like it.
    I will see what we can work out. She calls me from after dinner and intermission from fucking this guy and tells me to be at her house when she gets home.

    She comes in the door at about midnight and I am in bed and faking sleep.
    She gets undressed and give me a few nudges she gets in bed and straddles my face and she is soaking wet. I can feel the cum starting to leak from her and onto my face. I lap it up and please her slit as I am doing it. I want more so I ask her to switch to 69 and let it run and be pushed out on my face. This felt like it continued for a long time. All the while she was jacking the big unit and sucking on it the best she could. I made her tell me how lover boy pounded on her and what they did. He doesn't get her off just himself. Well as she is speaking to me about the events she says I want your ass,. She reached in the toy bag and gets the big Doc Johnson and slips on the harness. She actually looks cute with that big dick hanging from her small frame.

    Well I am told to put a pillow under my ass to elevate and lift my legs to give her access. As she penetrates my ass my dick gets rock hard and she grasps it and is stroking me as she drills my ass. Every once in a while she stops and tell me something hot and I again am on the verge of Cuming. Well finally I could take no more and I just start to leak and spurt with every stroke. She is yelling at me "you bitch you're my bitch look how I make you cum". Well I guess I am and I guess we do. All is well I can hardly wait for her next date and cream pie.

    More stories will follow

    Jewels1600 @


    Thursday, February 05, 2009


    While Hubby is Away - 6

    Since my husband told you that I have once again stepped out, I guess I owe you the story. If you happened to be staying at the JFK Hilton recently and you were awakened by screaming, I apologize. I’m not generally a screamer.

    The man that you read about during the first two “while hubby is away” in November, contacted me and said he was coming to town. He asked if we could get together and I immediately said yes! Later, I simply told my husband that I was going out knowing that he would be suspicious and crazed with curiosity. I dressed in a short black skirt with high heeled boots and a tight see-through sweater no bra, to meet him. The outline of my nipples was as clearly evident as was the bulge in my husband’s pants when he saw me.

    I drove to my friend’s hotel room and he let me in wearing a big smile. He led me to a chair and offered me a drink. When I sat down he straddled my lap and grabbed a handful of my hair – pulling my head back, giving him complete access to my mouth. He kissed me slowly and passionately at first, but the kiss quickly turned into something more animalistic. With his tongue snaking around mine, he used his free hand to pinch my hardened nipples. He rocked his body into mine and I could feel his cock dance against my belly. My pussy contracted reflexively.

    When he had enough play with our clothes on, he stood and pulled me to him. Not taking any time to slowly undress me, I was naked in seconds. He bent down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth. I moaned in approval. He then told me to lie down on the bed. I didn’t want to. I wanted complete access to his incredible body as well and he was still completely dressed. We struggled briefly. When I was able to lift his shirt enough to nibble on his nipple, he stopped trying to push me down. I slowly lifted his shirt over his head; kissing my way from nipple to neck to ear to his mouth. I could see in his eyes that he was both annoyed and amused that I wasn’t following his plan. I went for his belt and managed to undo it as well as his jeans before he threw me on to the bed. He finished undressing himself and told me to be ready for him. I was more than ready. My body was tingling in anticipation – the first stroke is always the best.

    I wanted his cock buried deep inside me. He wanted to play some more. He positioned himself over me and kissed my neck. His cock rubbed against my inner thighs. He took his time kissing my neck and mouth. I squirmed underneath him until the head of his cock was pressed against my clit. I tilted my pelvis back and forth using his cock to masturbate. He caught on quickly. He grabbed my hands and held them over my head while pressing his thighs onto mine. I couldn’t move. I was so wet. I know he wanted me too as I could feel his precum smearing my legs. He asked me what I wanted. “Your cock”, I answered. He said, “not good enough”. I looked deeply into his eyes and huskily replied, “I want to feel your hands and mouth all over my body. I want you to make me cum. I want your long, hard cock to fill my pussy again and again and again.” He inched his weight off of me enough that I could spread my legs. I could see the heat in his eyes. “Then take it” he barked, and in one swift movement he entered me.

    He is an amazing lover and I don’t say that lightly. We fucked well over an hour in no less than 10 positions. He just kept picking me up and putting me where he wanted me. Sometimes on my back, sometimes on my knees, sometimes straddling him – all in varying positions and with different degrees of force. He had me so turned and so wet that his entire lower half was covered in my juices. When we were both spent, he laid his head on my tummy and rested. We talked for almost 30 minutes and then he asked if I was up for another go. I am always up for great sex.

    He kissed his way from my mouth to my knees paying special attention to my nipples and inner thighs. He bent my legs and pulled my knees apart. He sucked my pussy lips into his mouth one at a time, pulling and nibbling at them. He licked my clit and played with my piercing. When he slid two fingers into me, I arched my back driving my pussy into his face. He removed his fingers and spread my lips wide bringing my clit front and center. I moaned and he dove in. He licked and sucked until my legs were shaking and I was screaming out in ecstasy. Unable to handle any more stimulation, I clamped my knees around his head and rode the waves of orgasmic pleasure with him pinned to my pussy.

    Returning the favor, I told him to lie on his stomach. I crawled over him – my nipples lightly rubbing against the skin that I just licked. I did this from toe to head and then back to his toes. When I put one of his toes in my mouth and he groaned I knew I should continue. I sucked on each toe while running my nails up and down his legs. After each toe got its turn, I kissed my way back to his neck. While kissing and licking his neck and ears, I fondled his ass with my hands. He showed his appreciation by telling me just how in tune I was to his needs and what a lucky guy he was to be the one receiving my attention. I thanked him and licked my way back to ass. I licked his balls and squeezed his thighs.

    It was he that was squirming now. He propped his pelvis up which allowed me to work his cock with my hand while continuing to lick and suck his balls. I ran my tongue over his asshole and he shivered. Within minutes he said he was going to cum. I told him to roll over. I slowed things down to give him a chance to recompose. I kissed his belly and licked every bit of his throbbing cock. When he said he was ready, I took his dick in my mouth. I played with just the head until my mouth was full of his precum. I sucked on his shaft while fondling his balls. Every time his cock jerked I slowed my rhythm down. At this point I had been licking some part of his body for over an hour. He needed to cum and had enough of my teasing.

    He pinned me to the bed and started fucking me again. He requested that I look into his eyes when he came. I agreed but asked that he shoot all over my tits and belly. He pulled out and feverishly worked his cock while I used both hands to play with this balls and asshole. He first shot prostatic fluid all over my tits but didn’t “cum” until two minutes later when he growled and globs of semen fell onto my tummy. He collapsed on the bed and focused on breathing. I had never witnessed such a long orgasm before. Being a part of it was incredibly powerful.

    I didn’t wash my hands or clean the cum off my tummy. When I got home, I kissed my husband and told him to smell my hands. He tore my clothes off and licked at the dried cum. He was already hard and wanted his turn. I was still swollen from the night’s activities and asked that he be gentle. He laughed and fucked me hard while I told him all about my night.

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    Sunday, February 01, 2009


    While Hubby is Away - 5

    The wife is out playing tonight so I thought I would share some pics and provide a past story.
    So tonight I sit at home waiting while my wife is out satisfying herself with another mans cock. We recently moved and haven't gotten to spend too time alone. It has been hard to find time to bury my hard cock in her tight pussy. Finally, we found some time to be together and afterwards I was told that it was enough and she deserved a night out. She got a phone call from a guy who's cock she likes and she was planning to go out with him.

    I guess I will hear the rest later when she gets back…I know that he is going to enjoy her great tits and freshly shaved pussy. She shaved because I asked her to. She likes to do things to please me. She likes to please herself just as much. Which brings us back to her being out with another man. It is not the first time that she has not included me and I can remember one of the first times. I was at work and got a call that she was having a visitor - someone I didn't know. She hadn't mentioned anything beforehand call so it came as a complete shock. She always tells me everything, but she knew how receiving this random call would tease me. The rest of the day I couldn’t control myself and nearly died watching the minutes tick off the clock in anticipation. She wouldn't answer my calls. I knew she was doing this to purposely increase my curiosity and therefore my dersire. Was she sucking his cock? Was he filling her up? What position did he have her in? Where will she let him cum?

    The ride home was difficult - my mind was not on the road in front of me. She wasn't waiting for me when I walked in the door. She went about her nightly routine as if she didn't have a strange cock dirtying her hours before. I got rock hard just looking at her. I knew her secret. She was trying hard to concentrate on making dinner for the family but I could tell from her first glance that she had a story to tell me. I gave her a quick kiss and thought I could both smell and taste cum on her lips. Her hand smelled musty like it had been working a huge cock or a hefty set of balls.

    She always does this - She doesn't clean up after her exploits. She leaves the mark of her men on her body for me to discover later. Sometimes it is dried cum on her stomache or chest. Occassionally she won't eat or drink afterwaards so that I can taste cock on her mouth. She always leaves something for me. There is nothing better than a classy lady going about her homemaker duties when she is secretly carrying the stain of another man.

    I did my best to restrain myself around the kids, but every chance I got to slip a hand somewhere, I took it! I don’t know how I waited until the kids were in bed to rip her cloths off her, but it was so worth it. There it was. I could see dried cum on her stomach and breasts. I dived in; licking and sucking her clean while she recounted her tale. I licked the cum off her body as she told me how she met a younger guy from the internet and invited him over. He was at least 10 years younger and I am told a hunk.

    She generally doesn't care for the younger cocky type, but this guy made promises that she just had to see if they were true. She greeted him at the door wearing only a robe that was half open - I moved to her pussy. She was still red and swollen from whatever he did to her. I had to lick her tenderly as she continued with her story. He was nervous that a husband was lurking about, but quickly allowed his desire to take over. She led him to our bedroom and undressed him. She loves to take her time undressing a man - spending extra time to lick and suck his thick, long cock. She spent minutes describing how his cock was to suck - a little hard to get the whole thing in her mouth.

    His girth required more hand work - something she is equally talented in. I have to admit, hearing that she can't get a man's cock in her mouth only makes me wonder how it felt to have it in her pussy. Her story continues. I continue to carefully lick her cunt, hoping that the wetter she gets the easier it will be to get inside her. She is so swollen.

    Back to the story. She has him naked and hard. She is naked and wet. He tells her to lay on her back with her legs off the bed. He stands between her legs and spreads her lips with his fingers. She stops her story again and asks me to undress and stand before her - she wants to show me how this guy fucked as she tells me how it felt. She laid down on her back and grabbed my cock.

    She spread her lips with her one hand and rubbed her clit with my cock using the other hand. She told me how hard her young stud was. His cock was dripping precum. She ran her frieds over the head of his cock, gathering all his precum and took a taste. She knew he got off regularly as she said he tasted sweet. My cock was throbbing to get in her as she told me this. She knew how much I was enjoying her demonstration and tale. She paused and smiled - asked if I wanted to hear more. Huskily, I said yes.

    She positioned my cock at the mouth of her cunt and then grabbed my ass thrusting me into her. She told me how he pounded into her.

    Afterwards he bent her over and pounded her pussy. He switched her around like a doll and pinned her legs all the while filling her tight hole. After switching between oral and sex he said he was finally ready to cum and she asked that he leave his mark. She told me she sucked his cock clean but left his cum for me…

    I only wonder what tonight has in store for me!

    pittsbghcpl @


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