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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, February 08, 2009


    Charlene and Big Mike continue (7)


    Remember we are great playmates and have just a ton of fun together, What I am gong to describe to you actually took place on two sequential evenings.. We both had meeting to go to and we agreed to meet at 9PM. We were going to have a new playmate that evening and were waiting for his call. It was from a great guy (we think) that said he could cum 8 times in 40 minutes with tantric control and we were both very excited to experience this new guy.

    Regress earlier in the day I had met with my friend Reese (prior story and post) and we fucked like rock stars. We had not been together in a while and she is so much fun and for me an easy nut. We rolled around and played had. One "O:" orally with "G" spot stim and two huge O's" for her from fucking. In the oral she squirted all over and it was really hot.

    Back to the night. How I was going to perform that evening with gusto was in my mind a question. Remember I am slightly over 60. Well as I arrived at the house and let myself in I see Char sleeping fully clothed and taking a cat nap.

    Well I sat on the chair and watched her sleep for a time and said WTF she is fully clothed and that looks uncomfortable. I took off the shoes and rolled her over and took off her size one jeans. She had no undies on and was naked from the waist down. As I roller her over she spread her legs lifted her knees and said "mmmm" as I was looking at her pretty walnut hairless pussy. I lowered my mouth to the clit and gently started to lick and suck. She likes the lite touch. Soon her clit was engorged ( Photo) and I was loving it.. I was hard as stone. I did oral for over 30 minutes and the phone rang. It was Richi our Bi guy and he was tied up after work so we tried to reschedule.. No harm no foul. Back to Char and more pussy eating. I took a picture or her clit and it was swollen and flush with blood. She is a difficult nut but we did it hand mouth and her hand and I could feel the wetness run out of her and the internal pulsations on my fingers. When she was done she just said wow, wow,wow, do anything you want to me. I rolled her over and lubed her crack (ass) and started rubbing my cock between her cheeks. I was really hoping to slip in her anus for two pumps and a squirt (lol)hot wife

    Well we played and I was in flat doggy and doggy and she said I want to watch you cum. She flipped me around and started giving me a hand job with great head. Well Char loves to play with ass mine or anyone else's. She lubes me up and starts to go for my prostate and tantalize my cock and ass. The short version is she went to my ass. Penetrated me with a dildo and then her hand all the while stroking me like a rock star. I just started to cum and cum and she said. "did you cum like that this morning with Reese. I said no I came more
    I was impressed as was she. Well we lay back exhausted and soon we were in the kitchen chatting..

    The next day starts and she has a date with a want to be lover boy and needs to go to the airport after the evening at 7 am for an early flight. I usually take her to the airport. Well we are deciding if I am taking her and other options. I told her I wanted to be in her bed when she returned home from the date. I wanted to have her cum filled pussy planted on my face in any position and I would clean her up from all the cum in her pussy. She said Hmmm You're such a nasty boy but I like it.
    I will see what we can work out. She calls me from after dinner and intermission from fucking this guy and tells me to be at her house when she gets home.

    She comes in the door at about midnight and I am in bed and faking sleep.
    She gets undressed and give me a few nudges she gets in bed and straddles my face and she is soaking wet. I can feel the cum starting to leak from her and onto my face. I lap it up and please her slit as I am doing it. I want more so I ask her to switch to 69 and let it run and be pushed out on my face. This felt like it continued for a long time. All the while she was jacking the big unit and sucking on it the best she could. I made her tell me how lover boy pounded on her and what they did. He doesn't get her off just himself. Well as she is speaking to me about the events she says I want your ass,. She reached in the toy bag and gets the big Doc Johnson and slips on the harness. She actually looks cute with that big dick hanging from her small frame.

    Well I am told to put a pillow under my ass to elevate and lift my legs to give her access. As she penetrates my ass my dick gets rock hard and she grasps it and is stroking me as she drills my ass. Every once in a while she stops and tell me something hot and I again am on the verge of Cuming. Well finally I could take no more and I just start to leak and spurt with every stroke. She is yelling at me "you bitch you're my bitch look how I make you cum". Well I guess I am and I guess we do. All is well I can hardly wait for her next date and cream pie.

    More stories will follow

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