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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, February 12, 2009


    In Pursuit of Becoming a Cuckold


    She won’t cuck me. After nearly five years of trying; with sharing lots of fantasies and still cannot get her to put the horns on me.

    It started when a much younger friend of ours, Pete – only 33, sent us a very well structured email that he wanted to fool around with us; basically he wanted to fuck my wife.

    I am fifteen years older than my wife, 43, and when we got the email we were extremely flattered by the very well expressed correspondence (actually his wife structured it and ensured that it would not be offensive). That evening we had the best sex we have had for sometime as we fantasised what we could do if we were to actually go through with it. Had we answered the email at such enjoyable and erotic evening we would have had replied with a Yes answer. However the next day we replied with a “we take your request as a compliment and we’ll think about it and reply in due course”.

    I had discovered exactly what a sensual and experienced sexual woman I married. She sucked my cock like never before, she let me fuck her up the ass, we used vibrating aids, she got me to fist her and to the point of sticking my cock in with a vibrator inside her vagina and another vibrator up her ass. I have seen her have as many as six orgasms in a single fuck session (over a period of a couple of hours), either bringing herself on, with me inside her, while licking her clit, with toys etc.wife

    Not only has our sex life been greatly enriched but also she has gone to the extent of telling me about her past; which got me absolutely obssessed with wanting her to have sex with other guys; for nothing more than that I wanted to see her fuck and be had by guys that I know. She has even told me of the time, whe she was about 15, at her grandparents farm where she had played with the white stallion’s cock, and made it blow, although she could not stick its massive cock into her virgin pussy; mind you it was not for lack of trying and rubbing it hard against her her clitoris until she had a mighty orgasm. This was her sexual awakening. She toyed with her Maths teacher (widow with two teenage sons), whom she used to tease by opening her legs and allowing him to purve on her crutch (under the desk). She would also stay after class and ask him to help her out with some maths problems to the point where she invited herself to his place and regularly sucked him off and eventually let him take her virginity.

    With our fantasies with our friend Pete I introduced a very well hung friend (more so of Pete than mine) into the equation; this guy Tom has a 19cm penis and very, very thick – according to Pete who has seen him in action (I managed to get photos of him to show the wife). We made up fantasies as to how we would meet up with him and how he will end up fucking her.

    I shared Pete’s email with my best buddy, Robin, my brother-in-law, Joe, and a mutual friend (Pete’s and mine), Dave. As I shared this information they all commented that they could easily understand where Pete was coming from as they all thought that my
    wife, Vee, was extremely hot and oozed with sexual appetite, which led me to also share (with my wife’s permission) photos I’ve taken of her including some video clips of her playing with herself and showing the intense moment of her climax. Of course they too want to fuck her and are always eager to see more of her beautiful pussy or mouth sucking cock.

    I have also introduced to our fantasies Mark and Greg. Mark is a mate who has a wonderful issue with his balls and when he cums it’s like filling a half a glass of water, this gets my wife really turned on as she loves the feel of semen filling up her vagina. Greg is again a young fellow in his late twenties and although not as big as Tom, apparantely, has a very hard (almost steel) cock; this gets my wife off very quickly when I detail how he is fucking her against a brick wall and while she rubs her clit – which makes her squirt Mark’s semen out of her pussy with every spasm of her vaginal muscles.wife

    Not all the fantasies have been created by me. Vee has also introduced some of the males sheassociates with from time to time, such as, Gabbie, the vice principal, young teacher Carlos and some of the school’s (where she works) helping dads, particularly as all of them have tried to hit on her at one time or another and her knickers show when she comes home from work on such days when they have come on to her and gets her juices flowing. Just last night she wakes me at around 2 am by touching my balls and penis and relates the horny dream she was having – the moist and welcoming vagina, sexual desires tells me she likes the fantasies, which has driven me to write and send this out.

    I know that deep down she wants to fuck all the guys (close to a dozen) we have or bring to our fantasies, as never a time goes past that if I start talking about any of these guys she gets very wet and her instinct is to feel her hardened nipples and her pussy and leading to a great fuck.

    Sorry I cannot show you pictures of her fucking other guys but the ones attached are to give you an idea as to how hot she is and what a great fuck she would be for so many other horny guys that would love to fuck her. Not to mention the joy I would get from watching all those cocks in her mouth, ass and cunt. I so much want to be a CUCK and I’m still trying.wife

    Maybe she will get to read this and know that I’m for real and want to see a great sexy woman behave like a real slut.

    Should I continue to try and get her to cuck me?

    All replies welcomed on bob.kingtafmo @


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