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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 30, 2008


    My Wife's First

    I have always had a fantasy about seeing my lovely wife fucked all night by a VWE black guy and myself, probably nothing unusual in this but when I tell you the full story you will realize just how erotic and exciting it was. My wife who I will call Sara is 46 years old but looks 36 and has a great body (see picture of our recreation of that night). Since our three youngers are now adults she has lost some weight and looks very good. She has been totally faithful to me during our 24 year marriage and only felt one other cock other than mine before we got married which I am not complaining about, but recently our sex has started to get more erotic and now its common place that during our sex she wants me to talk dirty to her and slap her arse when I am pounding her from behind.

    This coming from a very straight and orthodox approach to sex has been some turnaround. Just lately I mentioned that I would like to see her fucked by another man and although at first she was surprised and taken aback by the suggestion, she has mellowed somewhat and although shyness would come into play I know that as soon as she felt a long hard black cock penetrating her she would really enjoy herself and open up completely. My problem was how could I get her aroused enough to introduce another guy without her losing her confidence.

    So I looked online and got some ideas from black guys who were very interested in fucking my wife and picked one and met him alone in a local hotel to chat over the situation. We both came up with a similar plan and put it into practice the next weekend. On the Saturday night I told the wife we were going to a valentines party and staying over in a local hotel. I also arranged for Paulo the black guy to arrive about 10.30pm and sit in the bar till 11.30pm by which time my beautiful and unsuspecting wife would be at it upstairs in the hotel bedroom.

    My wife dressed up in her black all in one crutch less figure hugging body stocking which made her tits and nipples stick out and showed off her shapely arse, we started on the bed about 11.00pm I was licking her tits and fingering her before going down on her and sucking her pussy and clit, she was soon moaning and playing with her tits when I said that we should play a game of guess who's screwing her, she felt it strange but I tied her hands to the bed posts with her tights and put a blindfold on her, I said she looked fantastic with her laying there with her legs wide open and a very wet pussy.

    I said I was going to get my camera to take a photo and although she slightly protested I got off the bed and went quietly to the door, where Paulo was waiting. I ushered him in putting a finger to my mouth not to make any noise and quietly closed the door. When Paulo saw Sara laying there legs open and arms tied and blindfolded he started to remove his clothes. When he dropped his pants I was envious and worried slightly that Sara could take his VWE black cock, which was semi hard at over 7 ins and must have been 4 ins in girth.

    I told Sara that I had taken the photo and did she want fucking now, she said yes and hurry up and put my cock in. I motioned to Paulo to get between her legs and ease his now fully erect monster into her, his cock must have grown to 9.5 ins now and 5.5 ins in girth. Paulo got on the bed still not saying anything and started to rub his cock over Sara's pussy. The contrast in skin colour was startling Paulo was a well built stallion of a man, well muscled and oozed strength and with his monster cock about to penetrate my wife.

    I felt a mixture of excitement and panic. He slid in the first three inches and Sara arched her back and said I felt big, he then eased in another 3-4 inched and rested again, Sara by this time was starting to move her body with lots of oos and aahs coming from her, this was about the limit of my penetration so she still did not suspect anything apart from the extra stretching Paulo was giving her with his increased girth. Paulo after getting Sara used to his penetrated 7 ins, eased another two inches into her and really started to get her gasping between moans and I think she realised now that this could not be me as she was moving her body to and fro trying to stop the penetration and in the next movement impaling herself on it more.

    At this stage I was amazed by Paolo's control, he had under him a beautiful white woman legs wide open impaled on his cock and he was motionless whilst she got accustomed to his size.

    He now moved his arse and pulled out of Sara till his tip of his cock was still in her pussy and with one powerful slow push he put all his cock into Sara until his black balls rested on her white arse. She screamed like I have never heard her before her face grimaced and she moved her body to try to get away from this penetration, he again rested now laying flat on her and nibbling her ear and nipples through the body stocking.

    She called my name and said could I take the blindfold off and with that Paulo started to slowly and with full penetration fuck Sara. His powerful black arse now going up and down between my wife's thighs was an extremely erotic site captured for ever on our camcorder, my own erection was seeping pre cum and Paolo was now building up a pace and Sara just seemed to give herself totally to this penetration, the screams were now replaced by deep throated groans as she tossed her head backwards and forwards calling out my name. After a good ten minutes of fucking I could tell Paolo was getting near to coming up my wife but I completely forgot to mention that he needed to wear a condom as I have had the snip years ago, I forgot all about this.

    Not wanting to spoil the moment I chose not to say anything to Paolo who by now confident that my wife's pussy was taking all of his cock was taking my wife to an enormous orgasm, he grunted like a bull and with a final big push started to empty his balls into my wife's unprotected pussy, my wife feeling this screamed and thrashed her body on the bed her breathing was rapid and I could tell she had come also on this monster buried deep in her. After a few minutes passed, Paolo pulled out his semi erect cock and rolled off of my wife. My wife was totally motionless her body well and truly fucked with come oozing out of her pussy. I then lay between her legs and stuck my cock up her till I came as well. I undid her hands and she took her blindfold off and saw this black stallion laying beside her, she had a mixture of shyness, embarrassment and yet a look of total fulfilment on her face.

    She got up went to the loo. When she came back in the Camcorder was playing the sex act and at first she sat on the edge of the bed, the more the tape played the more she got turned on again till eventually she was laying on the bed between Paolo and myself where for the rest of the night I was treated to Paulo taking my wife in every position possible including with him standing with her legs wrapped around him impaled on his cock against the bedroom wall. She must have come about five or six times during the night, each time he came deep inside her unprotected pussy. The next morning we all showered with Sara complaining of having a sore and puffy pussy. On the way back home she got the morning after pill and said she would like to repeat the experience some time in the future, I just hope its soon. - Dan


    Sunday, November 23, 2008


    The triple Cuckold Experience in two days!

    hot wife
    Well this is how it started.

    We are a middle age guy and gal . She is 40 and I am 60, and we love to hang together and are very best of friends. We both like variety so there are always other men and women we play with. One Saturday afternoon Char was going to Ralph's house to play and have a fuck fest. I was at her house doing the honeydew list from a fresh move in and was busy when she came back. We chatted and I told her I wanted to lick her freshly fucked pussy from Ralph. She told me no because it was nasty.. Since we had done this before I questioned the word nasty. Well it seems Ralph got carried away and he deposited his load deep inside her and she felt unclean. I told her that was hot and since I never had a cream pie I wanted to eat all the cum from her pussy. She reluctantly sat on a chair and I sat on the floor. As she spread her legs wide and lifted them high. I could see the jizz start to leak from her red freshly fucked slit. I dove in like a mad man and sucked and licked every drop I could all the while concentrate on her excited clit. She just loved it and called me her nasty boy. Her clit was pulsating and she called me a nasty slut as I licked and watched her clit pulsate just inches from my face. When we were done we and she was clean we went on with our day.

    Sunday we were continuing our quest to organize the house. I told her I wanted to watch her fuck some guy and not let the guy know. It was a voyeur thing. She said cool and we started to make arrangements.

    Checking out the closets for best view. Positioning the mirrors for best angel and she called one of her fuck buddies. Little did I know she called two of her fuck buddies and asked them to show up at two different times but still close enough together so it would be convenient to watch them both in the same day.

    Well the first guy shows up and he starts to undress in front of the closet door that I am seated in side. She gets nervous and stands near the door. All was good and I was not exposed. She gets on the bed and starts to kiss him and reach for his cock. It was already swollen and he was probably taking ED pills. She puts the normal sized cock in her mouth and starts to give a number one blowjob, which any normal male would have blown his nuts. Because of the ED He never went off. I watch them play and she is giving him a rim ride on her pussy lips, hand job, and more blowjob. He is rock had but it isn't a giant cock. He goes down on her and I have a perfect view and she is reacting very positively. He backs up a little gets over her and starts to mount her.

    She is a little spinner and he is a 6-2 kind of guy. I can see his hard cock start to disappear in her tight pussy and as he rises and thrusts it disappears in her pussy each time. It was very hot for me to watch. All the time I am stroking my engorged cock. Now my cock is like a can of beer. Thick and large so I know she likes me to fill her up and I am hoping I can after this guy leaves. She has him dismount and she turns around for doggie. They have been fucking for at least 30 minutes. He starts in doggie and she lays flat to her favorite position flat doggie and I watch him pound away on her. He looses his hard and he rolls off and takes a rest. She sucks him back to life and he mounts up for another round of pounding. Well he finally looses it and he pulls out and dumps his seed all over her back. With the ED meds he stays semi hard and they continue on. Well he isn't going to cum for round two so they stop and it is shower time. While all this is going on I am looking out the crack in the door and pleasuring myself. All of a sudden when they are in flat doggie I loose it and I just start spewing my load all over the towel on the floor. It was a fantastic nut.

    He leaves and I ask her if I can eat her freshly fucked pussy. She says no. She wants to masturbate and I can watch if I am quiet. I was in the computer room and she goes to the bedroom and starts her private event. I walk in and quietly sit in the chair in the closet (door wide open) and watch her caress herself, tease her nipples and start to caress her clit with her hand. She was amazing and very sensual in her mission. She stopped got her vibe and continued. All the while talking to herself about a little girl she wanted to eat her pussy. I watched her nipples pucker and toes curl and she had an earth shattering orgasm.

    Just as she completed there was a phone call guy number two was here and I had nowhere to go except to the closet.

    Well here is guy number two and they start the sexy event and I am watching
    She undresses him and again a guy is hard from ED medication and she starts to suck him smaller dick than the last guyand my cock. This event is very similar to the first guy with one exception. She starts to cover a dildo and puts a cover on it and lube. She wants to take this guys ass while she blows him to see if she can make him cum faster. While he on his back he says ouch. She takes the dildo and straddles the guy and inserts it in her pussy. She then takes his cock and guides it into her pussy with the dildo already inserted. She needed some extra girth and the dildo did the trick. For a brief moment I thought she was doing a DP with anal (one of my favorite things to do for variety.) I then realize she is getting double fucked in the pussy so she can feel him. All the while I am playing with my engorged dick. She switched to doggie and has the dildo inserted and is guiding his cock into the same place. He starts to slip in the ass and she corrects him. They are in standing doggie with double vag and I have a bird's eye view. Well that did it for me I started squirting load number two and it went hard and hit the door before falling to the floor. Well with a lot of work on her part She gave him a vag rim ride with hand pressure and eventually put his cock in his hand and said "do it" the little girl was tired. She deserved a break.

    Well after a quick shower and he was gone we got cleaned up and I took her out to lunch and we relaxed and chatted. You see I am blessed I have a great female friend that lets us both live out our fantasies. Next week we have a threesome with a bi male and all three of us will play. Since we are Try-sexual I am sure it will be interesting. Well I have officially had my first two cuckolds experiences actually three and it only took two days and we are all smiles.

    I am a lucky guy

    ok to use this e mail address for comments - jewels1600 @


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    Thursday, November 20, 2008


    My Labia Already Parting

    My boyfriend and I just had our first three-way and he wanted badly for me to send it in here since he loves this blog and reads it all the time. Eric, my boyfriend, and I, had talked about our sexual past and I'd mentioned that my ex was hung, like really hung. Soon we were fantasizing in bed about a threesome which he was thrilled about. One day it finally happened:

    We were visiting my hometown a couple weeks ago and a group of my friends were going to Ryan, m ex's, parent's cottage. Me Ry and Eric drove up together but the other car-load bailled out to see a show in town. We swam for a while and drank some beers in the sun. At one point we were relaxing on the raft when I looked over at Ry and saw that his wet runks hugged his soft but huge cock.

    As I stared at that heavy cock I found myself thinking of the good sex, after I'd gotten used to a thick 9" prick. I nudged Eric and knodded towards Ry's cock. Eric looked shocked, then, realizing what this meant, he smiled and knodded. That was me decided and Eric still ready, so if Ryan was game we were having sex that night.

    Eric went to get more beer and I asked Ry to rub some suntan lotion on my back. While RY got the lotion I sat in front of him and took my bikini top off. As he rubbed my back I leaned back against Ry and moaned slightly. It wasn't long before I could feel Ry's fingers exploring the sides of my breasts and his cock beginning to thicken and press against my ass.

    When I saw Eric coming I lay down on my chests while Ry dove into the lake and swam up to help with the beer. The guys passed me a beer but stayen in the water, making their heads level with my body. When the guys were behind me, I spread my legs and arched my back, knowing that my old suit was so faded and frayed it was see-through. Eric later told me that they could clearly see I was turned on because my labia were puffy and already parting.

    Anyway, after a day of tension things came to a head infront of the fire that night. We were talking sex, specifically first times since Ry and i lost our virginity together we were talking about sex with each other when the time was right I kissed him. When our lips touched I knew I wanted him and soon I was panting into his mouth as we made out.

    Eric watched as Ry mauled my breasts and played with my stiff nipples while I ground my self against him. Soon his hand was cupping my crotch. I was so wet that two of his fingers slid into my pussy filling me suddenly and making me moan. I turned towards Eric, making sure he could see my thick lips clinging to Ry's slick fingers while I got finger-fucked. Just before I came, Ry took his pants off, exposing his cock.

    Ry's semi was already as big as Eric's good 7" hard-on, only soft. I held his weight in my hand for a moment before I started stroking him. When he was hard I told Ry to lay on his side so We could spoon. I kissed Eric and he rubbed my pussy while I ground my ass against Ry and held his head against my vagina. We slowed our pace and Ry eased his head into me. A wave of pleasure rocked me, getting stronger as Ry filled me with his meat.

    Ry started me off slow letting my vagina open slowly and take him deeper. but soon he was slamming me with his hard shaft. Soon I could feel him stiffen and expand which started me cumming. I looked Eric in the eye and told Ry to cum in me. Soon I was begging for his cum.

    Ry's first shot filled my pussy with warmth which set me off. It felt like hours as Ry and I rocked through the minute long orgasm. Ry shooting off into my womb, feeding me his cum made me cum. When he finished We held each other as his cock slowly softened. My pussy was soaked with cum and a slow stream was running out of my pussy and down Ry's cock. Eric came right then on my breasts. It was my best experience. - JulieB


    Monday, November 17, 2008


    While Hubby is Away - 3

    Husbands Story from "when away"

    My wife recently let me know through this website about a recent exploit while I was away. We have received a lot of email and many have asked for me to give my thoughts. So here it goes-

    For years I have watched my beautiful wife suck and fuck a very select group of men. It started with a best friend and then a few people off the Internet (AFF). The excitement has never waned and the desire is mutual. I was recently very surprised one night while calling home while out of town. My wife answered but I could immediately tell that something was up. The excuse was weak! Sure enough, I saw the story a day later. My cock was rock hard and I beat-off several times reading about her exploits at the same as the world on the WWW.

    When I got to see her a few days later, the passion was electric and I had to lick, suck and taste her "dirty" pussy as she told me more and more about her lover. I imagined that he had just finished and I could still taste his cock. Her lips were still red from all the fucking she had received from the stranger. We fucked fast and furious. She looked into my eyes and told me how she missed the feel of his thick cock. I came immediately, filling her up. Not missing a beat, I went down on her and made her cum. I pretended the whole time that it was her lovers seed that I was tasting as it oozed out. It tasted sooo good that I got hard again and her suck my cock like the way she sucked his in the story.

    It has taken years but we really have gotten to the point were we love to explore new sexual experiences both with or without me. Overall, I still probably prefer to watch or participate but there is something special about your beautiful, loving wife becoming a slut every once in a while and surprising you with a story!!!
    PS - The picture is one of my favorite. My wife is on top with a cream pie leaking after an Friend of mine and I had both just filled her up!

    We are not currently looking for anyone as we have too much to handle between now and the New Year. Thanks to all the people who have written and hope that you each find your own Cuckhold experience! pittsbghcpl @


    Thursday, November 13, 2008


    My Wife with Her Old Lover

    with frank
    Hi All the Cuckold Readers,

    My wife and I are back in NJ visiting my wife's family. However tonight I got her to dress up in a skirt, sheer blouse, no bra, short full skirt, sheer panties, lace top thighs and heels.

    We went out to dinner then I suggested we stop by and see if Frank was home. Frank was fucking her several times a week when we lived here. He has hours of video of her and her & him, as well as hundreds of pictures of her that I'm sure he has shown to several of guys I know online (attached is one of them). Well anyway when I suggested stopping by his place she looked at me a bit nervous. I told her to relax we'll just stop by for a drink or two and leave.

    Well Frank was there, and we had two drinks, then three, and before she could say much Frank was kissing her and feeling her up. After that she just melted into his arms as he slid his hand up her skirt and started fingering her married cunt. He slowly undressed my wife as he kissed, fondled and fingered her. When he had her stripped down to her stocking and heels he got up and dropped his pants in front of my very worked up wife. As his cock sprang free of his underwear, my loving wife slide her mouth down till her nose touched his stomach. She started sucking his cock like it was the first time. After a few minutes Frank got down on his knees and spread my wife's legs, pushing her knees up and out, as her got her to guide his cock into her very wet, willing married cunt.

    Frank fucked my wife with long deep strokes, forcing her breath from her as each stroke hit bottom. My wife started cumming and begging him to fuck her harder. They fucked for about twenty minutes with my wife cumming on his fat cock several times, before Frank told her he was going to cum. She told to cum deep in her, as she hooked her heels behind his hips. Frank came deep in my wife's pussy and kissed her for the longest time as they came down from their fucking.

    After he was done with my wife he got up and let her suck his cock clean. Frank got dressed but wouldn't let my wife have her clothes back. He told her she'd have to come back tomorrow evening to collect them if she wanted them back. She looked at me and asked how she was supposed to get home in just her stockings and heels. Frank told her she'd have to risk it.

    Frank said he'd walk us to the car and led my wife out the door and down to our car. I followed along hoping none of his neighbors saw us. I drove back to our motel and went inside to get a cover up for her. She was so hot when we got to our room that she just pushed me back on the bed and straddled my face. She told me she couldn't believe I set her up like that again so I should eat his cum out of her very wet pussy. I ate her as she came again, then fucked her well used cunt for sloppy seconds.

    After we were done she said we had to do some shopping tomorrow so she could get a new outfit for tomorrow night. She rolled over and went to sleep.

    I'm still so excited having watched Frank fuck my wife again. I can barely wait til tomorrow. - E


    Sunday, November 09, 2008


    While Hubby is Away - 2


    Here is part 2 of while my Husband was away- attached is a pic.

    My new love had said that he has a shoe fetish so... I slipped on a pair of high heel pumps, an ultra short mini and shelf bra and waited for him to show. I was more than eager and dripping wet in anticipation. He walked through the door and shoved his tongue in my mouth. There was nothing said. It wasn’t necessary.

    I led him upstairs. When we got to bedroom, he used one hand to push me face down into the bed while the fingers on his other hand found their way into my pussy. He liked how wet I was and told me so. He grabbed me by the hips and slammed against me. He was hard. Let the games begin.

    He loosened his grip on me long enough for me to stand and sneak behind him. I put my hand under his shirt and found his nipples. I pinched and he groaned. I lifted his shirt off and kissed my way down his back. I wrapped my hands around the front of his legs so that when I stood I could feel each of his muscles tighten. My hands ended on his crotch. I grabbed his balls in one hand and stroked his cock with the other. No more teasing. I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and took it all off.

    He spun me around, picked me up and put me onto the bed. We kissed and groped and he rubbed his cock all over my clit and pussy. I gripped his cock and directed him to where I wanted him to be. One movement and he was filling me up. God was his cock thick. We fucked in one position after another until he instructed me to climb on top of his face. I positioned my pussy over his mouth and he ate me so hard you would have thought it was his last meal. I had to hold my headboard for support. Once I came he had me lie down and catch my breath. His cock was still so hard. I had to have him in my mouth.

    I slowly licked my way down his shaft. I sucked both of his balls. Then I grabbed his cock and took the whole thing into my mouth. To release, I gently ran my teeth up his shaft to his rim then I flicked my tongue all over the head. I worked one hand on his thighs and balls as the other continued to pump his cock in time with my mouth. Soon he was shaking, calling out, and finally coming in my mouth.

    After a brief rest, he rolled me on my stomach and laid on top of me. He kissed my neck and asked if I was ready for him. I said I was and that was enough to get his cock hard again. This time he slipped right in without assistance. I grabbed the edge of the bed. My god did he feel good. He used one hand to help him thrust and the other to massage my clit. He said this time was all about me. He rubbed and thrusted in unison. He told me how good I felt and how he wanted to fill me up with his cum. That was enough to push me into wave after wave of pleasure.

    Then it was his turn. Since, within 16 hours, he had already cum in my pussy and in my mouth, I decided on me was up next. I didn’t tell him that though. I teased him – kissing his stomach and inner thighs, sucking his nipples, cock and balls, running my hands everywhere I could reach. When I thought he was close to orgasm, I slowed down and gently licked the head of his cock. He said he would never stop me from teasing, but after 30 minutes he needed to cum. He pushed me onto my back, started fingering my pussy and told me to watch. He stroked his cock furiously while I continued to run my hands all over him. It didn’t take him long until he was shooting all over my stomach. When he removed his hand from my crotch I sucked him dry.

    He had to fly home after that. My panties are again wet just writing this. I need to get off again. I really need to find a lover I can call to come over and take care of me while my husband is away, or even when he is not. I hope you enjoyed my escapade dear. I’m going pull out the curved glass dildo and remember today. - pittsbghcpl @


    Thursday, November 06, 2008


    While Hubby is Away

    My husband and I have a great relationship. We truly enjoy each other and the other "arrangements" we've tried throughout the years. A favorite of both of ours is him watching me be with another man. Unfortunately, his job has moved him away, but that does not make him or me any less horny. So I was asked to choose a man and tell him about it later. He loves this blog - what better way to hear about my adventure?

    A gentleman wrote me saying that he would be in my hometown this week. We talked briefly and agreed to meet for lunch. You see, I am always looking for a good fuck and my husband is always eager to hear my exploits, but I can't bring every hard bodied, hard cocked guy home. I make sure they will provide a good story for my far away husband before I kiss them and we begin our dance.

    When we met, I liked what I saw. At the end of our lunch date I let him kiss me and I could feel his cock pressing against my pelvis. I needed to feel his hard cock thrusting into me so I invited him home later that night.

    He arrived. I answered the door in a sheer robe and we started kissing. I led him a couch and sat on his lap. His cock grew by the second until we were ripping his clothes off. He held my arms behind my back while he pushed against me. I couldn't wait to feel him inside me.

    But he took his time. He kissed his way down to my panties. He ripped those off and found my clit piercing. He alternated between massaging my clit and trusting his tongue into my pussy until I came - hard.

    Once I regained my breath, I attempted to return the favor. His cock was so hard. Every movement I made, he'd jerk and moan which only made me want to play with him more. I continued to suck and play husband called. I told him I was busy and I'd call him later - I didn't mention that I had a terrifically hard cock in my mouth.

    After I put down the phone, we decided enough was enough. I needed to feel this guy in me. He laid me down and in one smooth trust he was there. He felt great. He sounded great. And once he let my hands go free, I ran my nails along his body and I knew that he was mine to lead. We continued to heatedly fuck - both of us groaning. I tugged, twisted, and ran my nail lightly over his left nipple and he was done. He exploded into me. I could see in his eyes how each consectutive thrust was blissfully tortueous.

    I had to have more. I asked him to take off work tomorrow so that he can spend the day in bed with me. I will write later with Wednesday's exploits and I'll make sure to take more photos. - pittsbghcpl @


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    Monday, November 03, 2008


    My Wife is a Dream

    Hi there all of you, just a message as I thought it was about time I shared my wife with you all. She is pretty much what we all dream of, she fucks and sucks other guys, (once we have both agreed, a lot have been close friends/neighbours), then makes me lick her clean and if I am REALLY good, I can use the hole with cum in it straight after.

    One of our favourite times was a friend from our local pub came back with us and she started to suck him off, wow what a HUGE dick he had, really long but not that fat. I went upstairs, while she settled on sucking his big cock, to change into my pj's and left her sucking him. When I came down, she had just finished placing "our" condom onto his huge dick and started lowering herself onto him, she looked round at me and said, "that's ok isn't it honey?" That was the first time I was genuinely shocked, cos she always consults with me first!

    Well, it got a lot better from then on, he moved her to the sofa and got comfortable and got her on top of him as he lay down. He then asked me to help him to double penetrate her, a thing she loves, but I had to decline as my pathetic cock couldn't stay hard enough to penetrate her (true) as I had a few too many to drink, (well that's my excuse). He then did something that she has NEVER let me do in that position, and my GOD have I tried, He just eased his dick straight into her asshole!!!! straight from her pussy, and she didn't even wince!! not a word to stop him, just let him!!! now THAT made me hard I can tell you!

    I then started wanking properly and got on my knees to get a closer look at this slut taking my friends cock deep in her ass (btw, the first guy other than me since we were married to fuck her in the ass), without ANY objections. I then asked him if it was ok to start licking his cock-shaft as it was going in and out of my wife and luckily he said yes, so I got to work licking his condom covered dick as it slid in and out of my wifes once "no-go to other men" hole. I licked close to her ass entrance and tasted as much as I could, and god I was enjoying the fact that this was a virginal position that I had been denied before!! WOW.

    From there after a while, he put her onto her front and got on top of her and dipped into her pussy, but always went back to her asshole and started to pound her with a lot more force, I went to her head and held it and she sucked my semi-hard dick while my friend pumped away at my gorgeous wife in front of me.

    After about 10-15 mins of pushing into her asshole while on top of her, (yes she was saying things like "ow" and moaning a lot cos of the size of his dick in her body), we both knew he was cumming inside her asshole, again no-one else has been in there except for me till that point!!

    I encouraged him to cum as deep as he could and asked him to stay up her ass for as long as he could to really enjoy her.

    Again, I was about to be truly shocked, as as he pulled out of my wife's used and stretched asshole, he said "oops it's broken" and showed me the tip of the condom and yes it was well and truly ripped apart, (serves me right for giving her condoms that fit me and not larger ones), she didn't care, just moaned in happiness, but I at first was ashamed that my friend had actually deposited his cum inside her asshole without my say so.

    Unfortunately, he didn't offer me to suck his big dick clean, but I DID get between her while she lay there in afterglow and licked her asshole as thoroughly as I could of all the cum that I could reach with my tongue.

    He said his goodbyes to us, while sniggering and smiling to himself, I presume cos of what he just did, but I knew my place then well and truly, no more was I in control of who fucked her and when. Me and my wife then headed to bed where I was allowed to fuck her, NOT in that position I might add lol.

    The next day, she told me she still had his cum seeping from her ass as she went to the loo!! And she teased me saying that it must have been DEEP.

    Anyhow, enjoy wanking over my wife.




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