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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, November 03, 2008


    My Wife is a Dream

    Hi there all of you, just a message as I thought it was about time I shared my wife with you all. She is pretty much what we all dream of, she fucks and sucks other guys, (once we have both agreed, a lot have been close friends/neighbours), then makes me lick her clean and if I am REALLY good, I can use the hole with cum in it straight after.

    One of our favourite times was a friend from our local pub came back with us and she started to suck him off, wow what a HUGE dick he had, really long but not that fat. I went upstairs, while she settled on sucking his big cock, to change into my pj's and left her sucking him. When I came down, she had just finished placing "our" condom onto his huge dick and started lowering herself onto him, she looked round at me and said, "that's ok isn't it honey?" That was the first time I was genuinely shocked, cos she always consults with me first!

    Well, it got a lot better from then on, he moved her to the sofa and got comfortable and got her on top of him as he lay down. He then asked me to help him to double penetrate her, a thing she loves, but I had to decline as my pathetic cock couldn't stay hard enough to penetrate her (true) as I had a few too many to drink, (well that's my excuse). He then did something that she has NEVER let me do in that position, and my GOD have I tried, He just eased his dick straight into her asshole!!!! straight from her pussy, and she didn't even wince!! not a word to stop him, just let him!!! now THAT made me hard I can tell you!

    I then started wanking properly and got on my knees to get a closer look at this slut taking my friends cock deep in her ass (btw, the first guy other than me since we were married to fuck her in the ass), without ANY objections. I then asked him if it was ok to start licking his cock-shaft as it was going in and out of my wife and luckily he said yes, so I got to work licking his condom covered dick as it slid in and out of my wifes once "no-go to other men" hole. I licked close to her ass entrance and tasted as much as I could, and god I was enjoying the fact that this was a virginal position that I had been denied before!! WOW.

    From there after a while, he put her onto her front and got on top of her and dipped into her pussy, but always went back to her asshole and started to pound her with a lot more force, I went to her head and held it and she sucked my semi-hard dick while my friend pumped away at my gorgeous wife in front of me.

    After about 10-15 mins of pushing into her asshole while on top of her, (yes she was saying things like "ow" and moaning a lot cos of the size of his dick in her body), we both knew he was cumming inside her asshole, again no-one else has been in there except for me till that point!!

    I encouraged him to cum as deep as he could and asked him to stay up her ass for as long as he could to really enjoy her.

    Again, I was about to be truly shocked, as as he pulled out of my wife's used and stretched asshole, he said "oops it's broken" and showed me the tip of the condom and yes it was well and truly ripped apart, (serves me right for giving her condoms that fit me and not larger ones), she didn't care, just moaned in happiness, but I at first was ashamed that my friend had actually deposited his cum inside her asshole without my say so.

    Unfortunately, he didn't offer me to suck his big dick clean, but I DID get between her while she lay there in afterglow and licked her asshole as thoroughly as I could of all the cum that I could reach with my tongue.

    He said his goodbyes to us, while sniggering and smiling to himself, I presume cos of what he just did, but I knew my place then well and truly, no more was I in control of who fucked her and when. Me and my wife then headed to bed where I was allowed to fuck her, NOT in that position I might add lol.

    The next day, she told me she still had his cum seeping from her ass as she went to the loo!! And she teased me saying that it must have been DEEP.

    Anyhow, enjoy wanking over my wife.




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