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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, November 13, 2008


    My Wife with Her Old Lover

    with frank
    Hi All the Cuckold Readers,

    My wife and I are back in NJ visiting my wife's family. However tonight I got her to dress up in a skirt, sheer blouse, no bra, short full skirt, sheer panties, lace top thighs and heels.

    We went out to dinner then I suggested we stop by and see if Frank was home. Frank was fucking her several times a week when we lived here. He has hours of video of her and her & him, as well as hundreds of pictures of her that I'm sure he has shown to several of guys I know online (attached is one of them). Well anyway when I suggested stopping by his place she looked at me a bit nervous. I told her to relax we'll just stop by for a drink or two and leave.

    Well Frank was there, and we had two drinks, then three, and before she could say much Frank was kissing her and feeling her up. After that she just melted into his arms as he slid his hand up her skirt and started fingering her married cunt. He slowly undressed my wife as he kissed, fondled and fingered her. When he had her stripped down to her stocking and heels he got up and dropped his pants in front of my very worked up wife. As his cock sprang free of his underwear, my loving wife slide her mouth down till her nose touched his stomach. She started sucking his cock like it was the first time. After a few minutes Frank got down on his knees and spread my wife's legs, pushing her knees up and out, as her got her to guide his cock into her very wet, willing married cunt.

    Frank fucked my wife with long deep strokes, forcing her breath from her as each stroke hit bottom. My wife started cumming and begging him to fuck her harder. They fucked for about twenty minutes with my wife cumming on his fat cock several times, before Frank told her he was going to cum. She told to cum deep in her, as she hooked her heels behind his hips. Frank came deep in my wife's pussy and kissed her for the longest time as they came down from their fucking.

    After he was done with my wife he got up and let her suck his cock clean. Frank got dressed but wouldn't let my wife have her clothes back. He told her she'd have to come back tomorrow evening to collect them if she wanted them back. She looked at me and asked how she was supposed to get home in just her stockings and heels. Frank told her she'd have to risk it.

    Frank said he'd walk us to the car and led my wife out the door and down to our car. I followed along hoping none of his neighbors saw us. I drove back to our motel and went inside to get a cover up for her. She was so hot when we got to our room that she just pushed me back on the bed and straddled my face. She told me she couldn't believe I set her up like that again so I should eat his cum out of her very wet pussy. I ate her as she came again, then fucked her well used cunt for sloppy seconds.

    After we were done she said we had to do some shopping tomorrow so she could get a new outfit for tomorrow night. She rolled over and went to sleep.

    I'm still so excited having watched Frank fuck my wife again. I can barely wait til tomorrow. - E


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