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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 23, 2008


    The triple Cuckold Experience in two days!

    hot wife
    Well this is how it started.

    We are a middle age guy and gal . She is 40 and I am 60, and we love to hang together and are very best of friends. We both like variety so there are always other men and women we play with. One Saturday afternoon Char was going to Ralph's house to play and have a fuck fest. I was at her house doing the honeydew list from a fresh move in and was busy when she came back. We chatted and I told her I wanted to lick her freshly fucked pussy from Ralph. She told me no because it was nasty.. Since we had done this before I questioned the word nasty. Well it seems Ralph got carried away and he deposited his load deep inside her and she felt unclean. I told her that was hot and since I never had a cream pie I wanted to eat all the cum from her pussy. She reluctantly sat on a chair and I sat on the floor. As she spread her legs wide and lifted them high. I could see the jizz start to leak from her red freshly fucked slit. I dove in like a mad man and sucked and licked every drop I could all the while concentrate on her excited clit. She just loved it and called me her nasty boy. Her clit was pulsating and she called me a nasty slut as I licked and watched her clit pulsate just inches from my face. When we were done we and she was clean we went on with our day.

    Sunday we were continuing our quest to organize the house. I told her I wanted to watch her fuck some guy and not let the guy know. It was a voyeur thing. She said cool and we started to make arrangements.

    Checking out the closets for best view. Positioning the mirrors for best angel and she called one of her fuck buddies. Little did I know she called two of her fuck buddies and asked them to show up at two different times but still close enough together so it would be convenient to watch them both in the same day.

    Well the first guy shows up and he starts to undress in front of the closet door that I am seated in side. She gets nervous and stands near the door. All was good and I was not exposed. She gets on the bed and starts to kiss him and reach for his cock. It was already swollen and he was probably taking ED pills. She puts the normal sized cock in her mouth and starts to give a number one blowjob, which any normal male would have blown his nuts. Because of the ED He never went off. I watch them play and she is giving him a rim ride on her pussy lips, hand job, and more blowjob. He is rock had but it isn't a giant cock. He goes down on her and I have a perfect view and she is reacting very positively. He backs up a little gets over her and starts to mount her.

    She is a little spinner and he is a 6-2 kind of guy. I can see his hard cock start to disappear in her tight pussy and as he rises and thrusts it disappears in her pussy each time. It was very hot for me to watch. All the time I am stroking my engorged cock. Now my cock is like a can of beer. Thick and large so I know she likes me to fill her up and I am hoping I can after this guy leaves. She has him dismount and she turns around for doggie. They have been fucking for at least 30 minutes. He starts in doggie and she lays flat to her favorite position flat doggie and I watch him pound away on her. He looses his hard and he rolls off and takes a rest. She sucks him back to life and he mounts up for another round of pounding. Well he finally looses it and he pulls out and dumps his seed all over her back. With the ED meds he stays semi hard and they continue on. Well he isn't going to cum for round two so they stop and it is shower time. While all this is going on I am looking out the crack in the door and pleasuring myself. All of a sudden when they are in flat doggie I loose it and I just start spewing my load all over the towel on the floor. It was a fantastic nut.

    He leaves and I ask her if I can eat her freshly fucked pussy. She says no. She wants to masturbate and I can watch if I am quiet. I was in the computer room and she goes to the bedroom and starts her private event. I walk in and quietly sit in the chair in the closet (door wide open) and watch her caress herself, tease her nipples and start to caress her clit with her hand. She was amazing and very sensual in her mission. She stopped got her vibe and continued. All the while talking to herself about a little girl she wanted to eat her pussy. I watched her nipples pucker and toes curl and she had an earth shattering orgasm.

    Just as she completed there was a phone call guy number two was here and I had nowhere to go except to the closet.

    Well here is guy number two and they start the sexy event and I am watching
    She undresses him and again a guy is hard from ED medication and she starts to suck him smaller dick than the last guyand my cock. This event is very similar to the first guy with one exception. She starts to cover a dildo and puts a cover on it and lube. She wants to take this guys ass while she blows him to see if she can make him cum faster. While he on his back he says ouch. She takes the dildo and straddles the guy and inserts it in her pussy. She then takes his cock and guides it into her pussy with the dildo already inserted. She needed some extra girth and the dildo did the trick. For a brief moment I thought she was doing a DP with anal (one of my favorite things to do for variety.) I then realize she is getting double fucked in the pussy so she can feel him. All the while I am playing with my engorged dick. She switched to doggie and has the dildo inserted and is guiding his cock into the same place. He starts to slip in the ass and she corrects him. They are in standing doggie with double vag and I have a bird's eye view. Well that did it for me I started squirting load number two and it went hard and hit the door before falling to the floor. Well with a lot of work on her part She gave him a vag rim ride with hand pressure and eventually put his cock in his hand and said "do it" the little girl was tired. She deserved a break.

    Well after a quick shower and he was gone we got cleaned up and I took her out to lunch and we relaxed and chatted. You see I am blessed I have a great female friend that lets us both live out our fantasies. Next week we have a threesome with a bi male and all three of us will play. Since we are Try-sexual I am sure it will be interesting. Well I have officially had my first two cuckolds experiences actually three and it only took two days and we are all smiles.

    I am a lucky guy

    ok to use this e mail address for comments - jewels1600 @


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