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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
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    Thursday, November 20, 2008


    My Labia Already Parting

    My boyfriend and I just had our first three-way and he wanted badly for me to send it in here since he loves this blog and reads it all the time. Eric, my boyfriend, and I, had talked about our sexual past and I'd mentioned that my ex was hung, like really hung. Soon we were fantasizing in bed about a threesome which he was thrilled about. One day it finally happened:

    We were visiting my hometown a couple weeks ago and a group of my friends were going to Ryan, m ex's, parent's cottage. Me Ry and Eric drove up together but the other car-load bailled out to see a show in town. We swam for a while and drank some beers in the sun. At one point we were relaxing on the raft when I looked over at Ry and saw that his wet runks hugged his soft but huge cock.

    As I stared at that heavy cock I found myself thinking of the good sex, after I'd gotten used to a thick 9" prick. I nudged Eric and knodded towards Ry's cock. Eric looked shocked, then, realizing what this meant, he smiled and knodded. That was me decided and Eric still ready, so if Ryan was game we were having sex that night.

    Eric went to get more beer and I asked Ry to rub some suntan lotion on my back. While RY got the lotion I sat in front of him and took my bikini top off. As he rubbed my back I leaned back against Ry and moaned slightly. It wasn't long before I could feel Ry's fingers exploring the sides of my breasts and his cock beginning to thicken and press against my ass.

    When I saw Eric coming I lay down on my chests while Ry dove into the lake and swam up to help with the beer. The guys passed me a beer but stayen in the water, making their heads level with my body. When the guys were behind me, I spread my legs and arched my back, knowing that my old suit was so faded and frayed it was see-through. Eric later told me that they could clearly see I was turned on because my labia were puffy and already parting.

    Anyway, after a day of tension things came to a head infront of the fire that night. We were talking sex, specifically first times since Ry and i lost our virginity together we were talking about sex with each other when the time was right I kissed him. When our lips touched I knew I wanted him and soon I was panting into his mouth as we made out.

    Eric watched as Ry mauled my breasts and played with my stiff nipples while I ground my self against him. Soon his hand was cupping my crotch. I was so wet that two of his fingers slid into my pussy filling me suddenly and making me moan. I turned towards Eric, making sure he could see my thick lips clinging to Ry's slick fingers while I got finger-fucked. Just before I came, Ry took his pants off, exposing his cock.

    Ry's semi was already as big as Eric's good 7" hard-on, only soft. I held his weight in my hand for a moment before I started stroking him. When he was hard I told Ry to lay on his side so We could spoon. I kissed Eric and he rubbed my pussy while I ground my ass against Ry and held his head against my vagina. We slowed our pace and Ry eased his head into me. A wave of pleasure rocked me, getting stronger as Ry filled me with his meat.

    Ry started me off slow letting my vagina open slowly and take him deeper. but soon he was slamming me with his hard shaft. Soon I could feel him stiffen and expand which started me cumming. I looked Eric in the eye and told Ry to cum in me. Soon I was begging for his cum.

    Ry's first shot filled my pussy with warmth which set me off. It felt like hours as Ry and I rocked through the minute long orgasm. Ry shooting off into my womb, feeding me his cum made me cum. When he finished We held each other as his cock slowly softened. My pussy was soaked with cum and a slow stream was running out of my pussy and down Ry's cock. Eric came right then on my breasts. It was my best experience. - JulieB


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