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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, August 29, 2008


    Part 2 - Blowing kisses to White bulls

    After our first experience with a guy, it became our obsession. While I had played with couples before, she had not and was amazed that we actually did it. She began to express herself more as to what she wanted to see as we put out hypothetical scenarios to each other. I enjoyed seeing the attention guys would give her when we went out either ogling her or seeing them turn their head when she walked by. One weekend we were going to the beach and again I set an ad on Craigslist, saying what time we would be there, the area we would be at and what we would be wearing. I asked for guys to come and join us and see what happens.

    We got to the beach and found our spot and laid out our blankets; it was hot! We stripped to our bathing suits and kicked back. Within 10 minutes, the first guy came by and said hello and chatted a bit, then another guy came by and another. She shot me a look like why are all these guys talking to us and I shrugged my shoulders, playing coy. Some moved on, others stayed. One guy, Chris, dark haired guy sat on the blanket and kept on complimenting her. She looked over at me and figured out what was happening and played along. She started to spray sunblock on and Chris offered to rub it in. She laid on her stomach and Chris worked on her back and moved down to her big ass. He rubbed and kneaded her ass cheeks and squeezed them and I sat and watched, my cock growing in my trunks.

    She spread her legs a bit and allowed Chris to dip his fingers between her thighs. He pulled asides her suit and stuck two fingers in her pussy and worked them in and out under the auspice of rubbing sunblock on her. It turned me on to just watch this that my wife was in public having another man fingerfuck her. He took a third finger a slipped it in her asshole and and worked her up to a suppressed orgasm right there on the beach. She buried he face in the blanket to avoid screaming. He pulled out and she swung around where her head was by his crotch.

    She told me to move around to hide her as she began to discreetly untie his trunks. He pulled his cock out and and guided her head right to it. She engulfed half of it in her mouth, rose back to the tip then went all the way back down. I watched as I stroked her hips, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. She looked at me and took my left hand and guided it to base of his cock replacing hers with mine and continued to suck him. He said your wife sucks so good and she was. She went deeper on him than she ever went on me and it was like her lips were glued to his cock. In the distance, people walked along the beach, some I think were trying to decipher what was going on, but I couldn't look away.

    I was transfixed on his cock going in and out of her mouth. He said he was about to cum and she moved my hand and began to jerk him off. He began to spurt and she caught it in her hand and squeezed the last drop into her palm. She wiped his cum on my bare chest and cleaned up her mouth. He fixed his clothes and left us his number. She said she like it when I set things like this up and like it even more when I watched, that is was liberating for her. We stayed the rest of the day at the beach and talked about plans for later that evening...

    pr @


    Monday, August 25, 2008


    Interracial Reverse Cuckold - Part 1


    I didn't think that I was a cuckold but after the experiences I've had and seeing this and other sites, I realize that I am and ok with it. The thing is though is somewhat of a reverse cuckold where I am a black man with a black girlfrienf who loves giving her out and watching her fuck white guys.

    It didn't even start out like that, we were a couple that had great sex one on one. She (Jacqueline) is ultra sexy, 5'5", fair skinned, 36C breasts, 28 waist, I swear 48" hips, with the roundest fattest ass you or I have ever seen, and her pussy has the fullest pinkest lips. We started off taking pictures of us and it gradually got more and more risque. One night, during, in the heat of the moment, I told her she would look so beautiful sucking on a cock while I fucked her. She got so turned on by that, she came over and over and for days later kept on talking about that. So I finally worked up the courage to put and ad on craigslist, saying we were looking for a 3rd. We were hit with a flood of responses, but no one I thought she would want.

    We continued with our lives and the "fantasy" talk as before grew more and more. I would start and she would take over. I had no idea her imagination was so vivid, or so raunchy. Where I would talk about her blowing guys while I fucked her, she threw out smothering guys with her ass, me fucking her while both of us sucked off another guy, etc. What pushed me over the brink was one Sunday, we were into it and I wanted to see how she would react, so I asked her the names of guys she thinks want to fuck her. She did not hesitate to rattle off names, James, Todd, Kevin, Steve, Randy, etc. With each name, I stroked her, deeper and harder and she began calling their names like they were fucking her. It was so exciting to me I shot one of the biggest loads I have ever made all over her pussy. We were relaxed a bit she said, you're not done and had me lick up my own cum.

    From then on, each phone call, every conversation was scenarios about other guys. I went back on CL and put up another ad to have a guy join us and again had a glut of responses. We found a few and one Saturday night, we stayed in and started playing early. We were fucking in every position and I had made contact with 2 of the guys and told them the plan. They were to call when they were outside and I would let them in. In the course of the night, our fucking led us to the porch and as fate would have it, one of the guys arrived then. He called and I told him to come up the stairs. What met him was Jacqueline bent over the railing, pants to her thighs and me drilling her from behind. We were on a semi-private street, somewhat hidden by a tree, but a curious neighbor with the right angle would've gotten an eyeful. He approached and without missing a stroke, shook his hand, and he watched jacqueline who suddenly became shy. I asked if he liked what he saw and he said yes and reached out and began to rub her bottom as I was fucking her. He asked me to step aside, and I felt her flinch. I told her it was ok and pulled out. He positioned himself behind her, spread her and and began to eat her out, ass, pussy, everything. He must've been really good because she started writhing around and breathing heavier. I watched a stroked my cock to the side shielding them from public view. SHe got a bit louder and said let's go wife

    He led her inside and I closed the door. He began to undress her, without a word and when she was nude in front of him, he stood there admiring her. He then slid out of his clothes and laid on the ground between her feet and motioned for her to sit on his face. I got behind them and it was a sight that is still etched in my memory. Her spread pink pussy lowered over his face like a mask, her hips spread to near epic proportions, and her asshole, available and puckered. He ate her pussy like a cannibal and when she came ground her dripping pussy into his face. I couldn't stand it and knelt behind her and told him to step aside. She said no, she wanted him to lick her while I fucked her. I said ok and mounted my woman again, my cock sliding in too easy from all the cum and saliva. As I pump her, I feel his tongue flicking her clit and then further up to my balls. What a feeling! She stroked his cock as we had our way. I got up and raised her up and reclined her back in a chair, legs in the air. Again, he went in and ate her pussy like a hungry dog as I kissed her. I moved in front of her and entered her spread legs to the hilt. Then I feel his mouth again, sucking my ball and tracing circles around her asshole. She is ultra turned on by this and in heaven. I step aside so that he can have his turn and he says he can't. I ask why and he says that he is a sub and cannot assert dominance on a woman by fucking her. I am stymied because I thought he understood the ad, but apparently did not. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I took his head and pushed it back into her ass. I deliberated while I watched and decided ok, spin it differently. I moved him back and entered her again and told him to get close. I arched so she could see. I pumped her for a bit and then pulled out and told him to suck my cock. He took it right in his mouth and she swooned. He gagged a bit and slid me back in her. This continued until I was ready to pop and when I did, I pulled out and came right on her pussy lips, so much it looked like icing. He greedily ate it up and gathered his belongings and left. This was only the beginning.


    Friday, August 22, 2008


    Young Cuckolds First Time


    I am not really sure if I got the right email for the cuckold blog but here goes:

    We've been married for 5 years, and I have been cuckolded regularly throughout. I would like to tell you about the first time.

    We married early, I was 19 and my wife Leila was 18. We had had a kid, obviously not planned, but we were very much in love and had a very active sex life, we would make love 3 or 4 times a night, every night. and Leila was always up for anything, she had a great imagination and would always want to try something new. She was a very sexy girl, slightly plump, but with big breasts, 38G, an an insatiable appetite for sex.

    Anyway, I was a musician, I played bass and sang, but I wanted to earn money for me and my family, so I got in with a band that played the London club and hotel circuit and we were playing 5 or 6 nights a week. I was earning good money and I was happy that we were making progress.

    All of the people in the band were older than me, most of them in their 30's, but I was happy to be in a good band, earning money at what I wanted to do. Leila would come to most of the gigs with me, but few of the other wives would too, I guess they were older and had an established family life, so Leila got know the other guys in the band quite well.

    Well, like most music scenes there was an element of drugs involved. In our case it was the manager, a guy called Kim, who was involved heavily. There was a strong rumour that the police would be picking people up as part of a police action called operation Judy, so kim was going to get out, moving to Kenya.

    He called a big party at his house in the Kent countryside, and of course we were invited.

    When we arrived we knew we were out of our depth. There were lots of drugs on offer, but also everyone was older and more sophisticated than Leila and and me. Leila was dressed in a short dress that had a tie under her breasts and ended mid thigh. It presented her breasts beautifully so she was showing lots of breast and lots of leg. Straight away a couple of the women took me aside and said we were a lovely young couple, but that it was Kims night, and we needed to make sure he was happy!! I didn't know what they meant but agreed with them anyway.

    Anyway there was lots of Coke and weed available, Leila and I went for both and we were soon feeling pretty mellow and sexy. We were laying on some cushions and touching each other up and feeing pretty good when one of the women, Nicky, came over and whispered something into Leila's ear.

    Leila stood up and said she had to go and pay her 'dues'. I asked what she meant, but she said nothing, Nicky whispered in my ear, 'come and watch if you want'

    I followed Leila and Nicky and we went upstairs. We went into one of the the bedrooms and there was Kim lying on the bed, naked. He had one of the other wives, Suzy who was married to Clive, the keyboard player, sucking his cock, and a couple of the other band members were watching, including Clive, who gave me a big grin when we walked in. Kim looked pretty out of it but Nicky said 'leila needs to bring Kim off, he has to leave the country and he has the hots for her' I had this incredible feeling of confusion mixed with arousal, Nicky rubbed my crotch over my jeans, felt my erection and said to Leila 'he likes the idea, its up to you'.

    Leila needed no more encouragement. She peeled off her top and bra and got a round of applause as her big breasts bobbed out. She took off her panties and stood naked in front of the bed and Kim. She turned to me and looked me in the eye, then looked at Nicky's hand rubbing my cock and smiled. She climbed on the bed and on top of Kim, and one of the other wives held Kim's cock and beckoned me over.

    'Feed it in' she said to me. I held Kim's cock and aimed it at my wife's pussy. I felt an agoiny of indecision as my wife's pussy hovered over Kim's cock while I massaged it erect, and Nicky had my cock out and was sucking on it hard.

    Leila smiled at me and plunged her pussy down onto Kim's cock. She knew just what she wanted. Kim had a good sized cock, about 7 inches long, but more importantly thick, about 2 inches across, thicker than mine. Immediately he rolled her over onto her back and drove his penis into her.

    I could see Leila's pussy lips being pulled in and out as he fucked her, and I could see her pussy dripping with moisture. She was incredibly aroused at fucking in front of everyone, but she was obviously enjoying Kim's thick solid cock, and the sight of her pussy lips wrapped tight around his cock was incredible. She came after about 3 mins and I saw her feet wrap around his back and her toes curl as she orgasmed. It was incredibly erotic watching my 18 year old wife being fucked like this while a dozen people watched.

    Suddenly, as she was approaching her second orgasm, her eyes opened and she looked me straight in the eye as she came. I could see Kim tensing up as he came, and as he pumped his sperm into her pussy, Leila looked at me with a deeply satisfied smile on her face, and I knew something had fundimentally changed in our relationship.

    Kim rolled off Leila and I could see the cum oozing from her pussy. Clive grabbed my head and pushed it towards Leilas pussy. 'Clean it, clean it now', he said. I had the most painful erection I had ever had, 'If you want to cum clean it' he said. Kim was smiling and Nicky had stopped touching me, so I thought I should probably do what they all wanted.

    I dipped my tongue into Leila's pussy and heard her groan with pleasure as her lovely tanned feet wrapped around my back and pulled me against her pussy. I felt her cum again and tasted a mixture of her fluids and Kim's cum flood into my mouth.

    My tongue lapped Kim's cum from her pussy and I could hear the people in the room clapping and cheering as I drank another man's sperm from my wife's pussy. Leila turned over so I was under her and she ground her pussy onto my lips as Kim's cum oozed into my mouth.

    I felt a fantastic feeling as Leila's mouth wrapped around my cock, and almost immediately felt her orgasm against my tongue. Just as I was about to cum in her mouth she stopped, looked at me and smiled, and I saw Clive's cock above my face as it plunged into Leila's pussy.

    Lick it, she said, or you won't cum tonight. I took one of Clive's balls into my mouth, ran my tongue along his cock, and knew my relationship with Leila had changed forever. This is a picture of her wonderful breats right now at the age of 23. We have had many more adventures and might send them in someday. - Rolio


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    Monday, August 18, 2008


    Cuckold Wedding Anniversary.


    My husband wrote some time ago about our first cuckold experience that happened in Tahiti. Since then we have had a few other experiences. None of our experiences were planned, they just occurred naturally and spontaneously. We just accept each situation as it comes. If any sexual opportunity arises and we are in the mood to act on it, we do it. If one party is uncomfortable and does not want to act on it or go any further if already acted on, then we don’t go any further. The following is gangbang experience that we had about five years ago.

    My husband Mick and I were in L.A. My husband had to attend a conference so I went along as our wedding anniversary fell due during the week that he was to be at the conference. In fact it fell due on the last day of the conference.

    On the evening of that last day a dinner was organized for the conference participants and their partners if their partners were in town.

    At about 7.00 pm Mick came to the hotel straight from the conference to take me to dinner. I was ready and waiting for him. As it was a warm night I was dressed in a light colored mini dress and as I felt horny with the thought of having wild sex with my husband after dinner to celebrate our anniversary I decided not to wear any panties. In fact I hardly wear panties in summer, unless I am menstruating.

    Mick had no idea that I was not wearing any panties. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said that I look stunning and that he would like to fuck me there and then. After all it was his anniversary as well so, I could not refuse him, I just bent over and he immediately noticed that I was not wearing any panties, he could not control himself, he had to take me there and then. He pulled down the zip of his pants, took out his hard cock and took me from behind. I loved it, it was a real turn on however, it did not last long as he was very excited and come in my pussy within a couple of minutes. I was left frustrated and horny but as we were running out of time, we could not do it again and he promised me to make up when we return that night. He wiped his cock with a tissue and put that now semi erect cock back in his pants. I also wiped his cum from my pussy, picked my bag and rushed out the door where the taxi had just arrived and was waiting for us.

    While on the way to the restaurant we started kissing, Mick slipped his hand down the front of my low cut dress to play with my tits whilst I caressed the bulge in his lap. The taxi had arrived at the restaurant, people walking by saw nothing but as I glanced forward I noticed the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror looking up my legs as I sat back in the seat, I adjusted my dress, fixed my make up and hair and when the door opened I stepped out feeling great.

    The restaurant was elegant, and most of the patrons were people from the conference. I did not know any of them as they were from various states. We sat at a table with another couple from Florida, Jack and Sandy. We had a couple of margaritas before our meal and sat down to eat lobster and wash it down with a nice chardonnay wine. Jack and Sandy left at about 11.00 pm and we decided to move to the restaurant bar and have a few drinks to celebrate our anniversary. There were only a few people in the bar as most of the diners had left to return to their hotels etc..

    We sat at a table and ordered a couple of glasses of champagne. To my disappointment the house band was not playing that night and the only music audible was piped music.

    It was not long before I was tipsy, loose and relaxed feeling horny as I could now feel some of my husbands cum running down my legs. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped the cum from the inside of my thighs and, as I was about to tell my husband what I was doing, I saw a man approach our table and greeted by my husband. He was handsome man, about my husband’s age, though he looked a bit older. Mick introduced him to me as Peter the head of the New York operations.

    Another man approached, a much younger man, no more than 20 to 25 years of age. Peter introduced him as his assistant, David.

    As David and I were shaking hands another gentleman approached us and he was introduced to me as being John from Philadelphia

    Mick explained to his colleagues that it is our anniversary. They all wished us a happy anniversary. Peter ordered bottle of champagne and asked if they could join us. I said that we would love their company and all three of them sat at our table.

    I commented on how disappointed I was that the house band was not playing that night as I was looking forward to having a dance on our anniversary.

    Peter said: “all is not lost, “I have rented an apartment here in L.A. as my wife would be joining me next week and we will be staying here for a month to do some work in our L.A. Office. In this apartment I do have music and plenty of champagne so If you and Mick would like to continue partying on, you are welcome to join us at my apartment, which I believe is only a couple of minutes away from your hotel.”

    “I said it would be nice, and looked at my husband. Mick replied, “Its fine by me.”

    Peter drove us to his apartment. I sat in the back with Mick and John whilst David sat in the front. John told us that he was married with two children and that his wife was back home as she had to take care of her sick mother. David told us that he has never been married, he had just finished college and that he had been Peter’s assistant for some 6 months.

    When we got to Peter’s apartment, we settled into the lounge chairs and marveled at the city lights out the window. Peter brought out the champagne and poured it in the glasses and offered a glass to each one, starting with me. Peter raised a toast to us for our anniversary and every one wished us a happy anniversary.

    I had a sip of my champagne and went over to the wall shelves were some music CDs were stacked. As I bent over to examine the CDs and while doing so I am sure I gave everyone in the room the most exciting view, my ass and pussy were exposed as I wore no knickers. Mick told me later that he was pleasantly surprised, He said that it turned him on to see my beauty been admired by these men, he took out his cell phone and took a pix of me bending over. (see pix below)

    No one said a word. As I was bent over I felt a man’s bulge on my ass and felt hands on my bare shoulders, gently massaging my shoulders and neck. I thought that it was my husband massaging my shoulders and neck but to my surprise when I turned around I found Peter touching me. He said how about an anniversary kiss and with out waiting for my response he bent down and placed his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth.

    To this day I don’t know why I did not pull away. I responded, and responded more when he touched the front of my dress and held his palm against my breast. It was a long kiss.

    Peter looked at his young associate, David and said to him “Go on, your turn, Give her a kiss for her anniversary.”

    I then heard Mick say “Yes, give her kiss,”.

    The young man blushed, I looked over at my husband, none of the men moved so by this time I was sexually excited so I walked over to the young man and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, I slid my tongue in his mouth and slightly rubbed my belly on the young man’s belly. I heard the click from my husband's cell phone camera and I knew that my husband was taking pics. My husband told me later that as my arms were raised around the young man’s neck, my mini dress was also raised, semi exposing my bare ass, giving full view to John who was sitting at the other end of the room. (see pix below)

    As I was tongue kissing David I heard my husband say “Now it’s John turn, give him a kiss that he will never forget”.

    I obliged, I went over to John grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him tightly over my mouth inserting my tongue in his mouth, pressing my body against his.

    Peter returned for more and pressed my body tight against his as our mouths came together. I felt fingers in the middle of my back at my shoulders. I felt the straps of my dress been slipped over my shoulders. It was my husband undressing me and as the kiss with Peter ended, and we let go of each other, my dress fell to the floor leaving me standing there with only my bra and boots. The fact that it was my husband that initiated the undressing encouraged me to do with these men, what ever I wanted. Mick’s action was an indication that he had no objection to me fucking these men. I am also that his action also was indication to Peter and the others that they had his permission to fuck me if I didn’t object.

    Whilst standing in the middle of the room with my dress to the floor Peter reached out and undid my bra letting it too drop to the floor. He then palmed and kissed my tits. It was all surreal. I should have been shocked, appalled or at least surprised but, I was none of those things I was incredibly turned on and I was loving it.

    I stood naked in the middle of the room as the three strangers took turns sucking my nipples, licking my pussy and kissing my lips. At some point I noticed my husband taking pictures, that too seemed somehow exciting. I was to busy being tongue kissed and fondled to notice a mattress that had been brought out from one of the rooms, covered with a blue colored sheet and laid down on the lounge floor.

    The young man was first to take out his cock but only because his boss made him, I went down on the mattress on my all fours. David stood in front of me dangling his cock near my lips. His cock was still soft when I took it in my mouth but it quickly grew becoming long and hard. John too stood before me to get his tool sucked. Peter already had an erection and went straight too my ass. He spat in his hand and rubbed his saliva in my pussy. My pussy was already moist and with the additional moisture of the saliva. My pussy was ready and willing to take Peters large cock. Within a few seconds of Peter rubbing his saliva over my clit I felt this hard rod entering my pussy I went out of my mind it was a wonderful feeling. (see pix below)

    At that moment I heard the clicking sounds of my husband's cell phone camera taking more pics, and there we were, I was on all fours naked, wearing only my boots, surrounded by three strangers. One with his cock in my pussy and the other two with their cocks in their hands waiting their turn to have their cocks attended to, whilst my husband was sitting back on a lounge chair, stroking his cock with one hand and taking pics. with the other. It was then that I realized that all three strangers, as well as my husband, were going to fuck my brains out.
    These strangers took turns fucking me and I loved every minute. I would close my eyes and try to guess which cock was in my pussy. My tits dangled and danced as each man shoved his tool up my pussy and banged his lap against my bare ass. I would open my eyes and see my husband sitting in the lounge chair, a few feet away from me, taking pics with one hand and stroking his hard cock with the other hand. I called my husband to come to me and as he came close to me I grabbed his hard cock and took it in my mouth whilst the young man was fucking me hard. My husband did not last long and came in my mouth whilst David was ramming my pussy from behind. My husband pulled out his cock from my mouth and grabbed John, pulled him over in front of me grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck that cock. “With pleasure” I responded and I continue sucking cock whilst David was fucking me. I had John’s cock in my mouth and Peters cock in my hand whilst David was banging me hard. Both Peter and John were holding on a tit each. I moaned with pleasure as the young man pumped my juicy moist pussy. Loud moans were heard each time the young man’s cock pushed forward.

    The young man came first. He came inside me and I felt every drop of his spurt. It was Peter’s turn to take me from behind whilst I was sucking Johns cock and whilst hubby and David were licking my tits.

    Positions changed, I laid on my back on the mattress I bent my legs and, slightly lifted them up holding them at the top of my boots just below the knees. Peter took a hold of his large erect cock and inserted it in my pussy again. Peter was pumping my pussy with his cock when John and David stood over my head with their erect cocks ready for action. (see pix below)

    John and David kneeled down to me. John stuck his cock in my mouth and David started sucking my left nipple, at this stage I called over to my husband to come over to suck my other nipple. I love having my nipples sucked whilst being fucked. Peter was fucking my pussy hard whilst John had his cock down my throat and hubby and David were busy sucking my tits. It was a wonderful feeling. As I laid sprawled, legs apart on the mattress, Peter lost control, he could not hold on any longer, he just lost it, I felt it inside me, I felt every fabulous spurt of his cum.

    I laid on the mattress sucking David’s massive cock as my husband banged my pussy hard, his sperm added to the load already inside me and trickled from my slit onto the sheet.

    John wanted a blow job so as he lay on his back on the mattress, I bent over his lap and serviced him, I worked the foreskin up and down his fat prick wetting his tool with my mouth and watching his lecherous eyes. Part hand job part blowjob, it worked perfectly, soon he was ejaculating everywhere, in my mouth, my hair, on my hanging breasts, I pumped and sucked him until his balls were drained.

    The young man had another hard on, so he too wanted a blow job. So I took his gigantic cock in my hand, slowly pulled the foreskin back and started to lick the knob of that cock. Then I would slide it slowly in my mouth, inch by inch. I sucked and licked until the poor man could not hold it any longer. He came with an explosive burst of sperm that soaked my face and tits.

    When I stumbled away from the mattress the sheet was soaked from the young man’s gusher and from the sperm running from my crotch, I stood there naked, face and tits splattered, sperm running down my thighs, wet hair and make up a mess and my husband took more pictures.

    Later when I stepped from the shower and whilst I was putting my dress on, I could hear the men laughing, reliving the evening in locker room language, their words cunt, cock-sucker, cum-slut, turned me on all over again, so I went over to Peter, who was the only one still naked, sitting on the lounge chair. I grabbed his semi erect cock in my right hand and slowly stroke it up and down. I bent over, put it in my mouth and within a few seconds it was very hard. The other guys, including my husband were watching with disbelief. They couldn’t believe that after all the fucking I wanted more. But I felt so sexually charged that I wanted more. As soon as his cock was very hard, I sat on it with my back to Peter watching the other men, including my husband, watching me. I slowely lowered my pussy over the head of Peter’s cock allowing that wonderful cock of his slide all the way in my pussy. I would move up and down Peter’s shaft whilst David, John and hubby would watch every move I made. Peter and I simultaneously exploded into a wild orgasm. I felt Peters explosive burst of sperm whilst I was exploding in to an orgasm with my eyes locked in to my husband’s eyes. I called out to my husband that I loved him very much and asked him to come to me to hold me whilst my body was gyrating. I took a hold of my husband’s hand and rested my head on my husbands chest whilst my pussy was still full with Peters cock an cum .I stayed in that position for a few minutes until Peter’s cock had gone soft and slid out of my pussy. My husband helped me up, grabbed my bag and said our goodbyes and left. Whilst out in the street waiting for a taxi I could feel all the cum dripping down my legs.

    Goodbyes were brief even a bit bashful we all knew or, at least assumed this would never happen again.

    As soon as we arrived in our room I removed my boots, unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor standing there bare naked. That’s when I realized that I had forgotten my bra in Peter’s apartment. I jumped on the bed and grabbed my husband and said to him “Thank you darling for a wonderful anniversary and now it is your turn to fuck me.”

    Mick’s memories of the events that had taken place only a few minutes ago were so fresh in his head that gave him an instant hard on and as I invited him to fuck me, he had no hesitation at all. He threw me on the bed, spread my legs apart, and shoved his cock in to my pussy that not long ago was the centre of attention to three other cocks, and said to me” take this, you slut”, and pumped my pussy hard. I replied, “Oh yeah!!, fuck me harder.”

    Mick did in fact fucked me harder, in and out, in and out, until he came with an explosive spurt of cum. At the same time I exploded into a fabulous orgasm. I thanked my husband for a fabulous anniversary and we kissed each other and went to sleep.

    I never saw my bra again nor have I seen the three strangers as my husband left that company shortly after the conference.
    Mike & April aprilluisson @


    Thursday, August 07, 2008


    My First Cuck Account

    Here's the true account of my first cuckolding ....... written on a Saturday morning in March, 2004.

    So, here i am, 9 am on a Saturday morning, reliving the events of my first true cuckolding experience over and over in my head.

    We had gone to the local watering hole and hung out with friends for most of the night. Miss had started to get a bit amorous with me, telling me all that she wanted me to do to Her tonight when we got home. Well, this did nothing for my cause, considering i have been denied orgasm since march 4, and have been locked in my new CB- 3000 since that time. So needless to say, it quickly put me in an exciting mood, that is, until She decided i wasn't what She wanted to play with tonight.

    She got Her eyes set on one of our friends, a fellow we had both known for a while, and one that we knew had an open relationship with his wife, who is in another town. So as we were putting on our coats to head home, She knelt next to him, and started talking to him, asking him if he wanted to come by for a drink. She gave him directions and off we went.

    Once we got home, we stood in the living room, and waited for him to drive by. It appeared that he wasn't going to show, so Miss had started to play with my locked penis, and i, undoing my pants and squeezing my balls, which have started to turn blue by this time.

    Then all of a sudden his car stops in front of our house, he is here, and i am still locked, pants back on and ignored for the time being.

    **** JUMP AHEAD 1 HOUR ****

    I came down the stairs to see them looking out the window together, arm in arm. They heard me coming, and Miss came up to me, and told me he was nervous and wanted reassurances. I said, "i can go sit and watch quietly if You want Miss?" She said yes that would work.cucold

    As i sat there, they went from fully clothed making out, to him sitting on the ottoman, and Her on Her knees, with his cock in her mouth. The whole time i didn't say a word, just sat there waiting and watching. (Once Miss looked over his shoulder and blew me a kiss. Amazing how a little signal can give such reassurances!!)

    Soon she led him us the stairs, without a word to me. I slowly followed, picking up his clothes as i went. I went straight to the spare bedroom across the hall, which happens to have a wonderful view of the master bedroom, and Her bed.

    What followed next was the most amazing thing i have ever seen... My wife of 8 short months being taken liberally by a man who she had just picked up, a man who knew how to fuck, a man who knew what he wanted, and by this time was ready to take it. (Maybe i should mention at this time that not only am i cuckolded and chastised, but She has also trained to me have a short trigger, to want to explode in orgasm at the first feel of Her Goddess Pussy wrapped around my little penis.)

    So for Her to be able to sit upon his stiff cock, and ride to Her hearts content, must have been heaven for Her, i can only imagine. Needless to say, he didn't spurt at the first inopportune moment, as i would have. They must have gone on for 30 minutes, with Her riding him until She had orgasmed over and over again. I saw his hands gripping Her breasts, hard, and i saw Her shaking in multiple orgasms as She rode him and he played with Her Clit. Soon She got off of him, and went down to suck him some more. She did this for quite a while, i almost thought She wanted him to explode in Her mouth, but soon i could see them getting into position again.

    This time, She was lying on Her side, with Her legs splayed slightly, and he straddles Her lower leg, to insert into Her pussy, according to Her, it is a very good position. I watched them fuck for another 10 minutes, until i heard him say "where do you want it, where do you want my load?" I heard Her reply, "Yes, Yes i want it deep in my pussy!" Soon, he was twitching, and she was groaning, and i was throbbing inside the cage wrapped around my penis. I watched them cum hard for a long time, and all i could think about was the Cream Pie that she would be feeding me later, once he was gone.cuck

    They laid there for a long time, probably 15-20 minutes until i remind Her that She had to get up in the morning (by this time it was 4:45 or so, and she had to be up at 7:30). He got dressed, and as we were seeing him to the door, he hugged and kissed Miss, almost to the point of heading back upstairs, and then shook my hand, saying, "you are a stronger man than I, I couldn't have watched my wife and another man like that".

    After he left, Miss and i went to our bed, and we cuddled, we told each other how much we loved each other, and she reassured me that no matter how well he made love, i was the only one she would love, period. Then She looked at me with that look in Her eye, mischievous, sly, call it what you want, but i knew what She meant. She said "pet, i have got something for you, why don't you roll onto your back and let me sit on your face for a minute. I want to give you your reward for not getting in the way tonight, for being such a good pet, and as a consolation for not getting unlocked tonight." With that she rode my face until there wasn't a drop of his cum left in Her Goddess Pussy, until she had filled my mouth so many times that i lost count.

    Well, that's it, i am now a cuckold, and yes i do feel different, i still got the butterflies in my belly, and maybe if i am lucky i will get unlocked to pleasure Her myself soon, but i really doubt i will be anywhere near what she experienced last night.

    hope you all enjoyed and like the pics too.....




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    Monday, August 04, 2008


    Lust in My Wife's Eyes

    After three years of marriage things changed, big time. One night after a torrid sexual episode my lovely young wife asked me if she could show me something. My curiosity was piqued and I agreed with a smile on my face, expecting her to show me a new position she wanted to try. Boy was I wrong.

    She went into our closet and after several minutes of rummaging she emerged with a videotape I had never seen before. As soon as she pushed play I saw my wife much younger than now, on a bed with two black men. Her sexy long legs were spread wide and the guys were on each side of her. Her tight young pussy was swollen and wet with her long lips protruding and her clit swollen and sticking out and her pink hole on display for the men and the camera.

    Both men were naked and sporting huge swollen cocks. My young wife, she was only 23 in the video said, "have you boys been thinking about my hot little pussy lately? I can't wait to have your cocks in me tonight." "Oh shit yes honey, we've been counting the days until we could see you again," one of them answered. With that the two guys climbed on the bed on either side of her. Placing a hand around each cock, she couldn't even close her fist around either as she began stroking and alternately licking each cock. Seeing my very young wife being so wanton on screen was driving me crazy.

    She was giggling and having fun as she played with and alternately sucked on both cocks, This was the most sensual about part of the this whole scene. The guys each reached down and began pulling on her nipples and mauling her breasts. "Oh god yes, pull on my nipples, you know how wet that makes my pussy, she told them, pull on them hard."

    The guy on her left had a cock that nearly hung to the middle of his thighs, god it was huge, and at +9 inches I'm not a small guy, but this guy was huge. His cock dangled downward as she wrapped her hand around it and extended her tongue and gapping mouth towards his member. The younger version of my wife looked so nasty as she engulfed the head and then shoved several inches of his cock into her mouth that it was beyond compare.

    On the screen the younger version of my wife lay back a bit as the guy in her mouth pushed forward. Her soft tits, spread across her chest as he climbed onto the bed with her. She spread her legs at the same time and I could see her gorgeous pussy was shaved smooth except for a small racing stripe at the top. Her swollen pussy lips were just like I knew them to be, full plump out lips and long protruding inner lips. Her clit was swollen hard and sticking plainly out from it's hood. Her cunt was wet as I'd ever seen it as well.

    The guy on her right, also sporting a huge erect cock, climbed between her splayed thighs and grabbed his cock. He began to rub it up and down her wet slit as he prepared o fuck the younger version of my wife on the TV screen. Patricia paused from her oral ministrations to focus on the cock preparing to enter her cunt. "Yes, put that big cock in my slutty pussy, she told him. Stretch my pussy open for me baby." At this moment Patricia looked up at the camera with a complete look of lust in her eyes as the fat black cock spread her long pussy lips apart and began to enter her pussy.

    Now let me just pause here for a second. I was shocked when I first realized what this video was but the most shocking part of all is the way she spoke in it! I have never heard her with such a dirty mouth before. Ok then ...

    My on screen wife gasped as just the head slipped into her pussy, at which she pulled her mouth from the other guys huge cock and looked down between her legs as the other guy pushed into her. After a few more inches pressed into her she looked at the camera with one of those dazed lust filled looks. Her eyelids were half closed as she said to the camera, "god I love being nasty and slutty." My cock was rock hard as I watched the action on the screen and my wife began rubbing my cock as she asked/said, "so I take it that seeing me be so slutty turns you on honey." "Oh god yes, I answered, I've fantasized about you being a slut more times than I can count."

    On screen my wife sat on the bed with two huge black men on each side of her as she alternated between each cock, sucking each in as deep as she could while they mauled her soft titties, twisting and pulling her nipples hard, just the way I knew she loved it. Watching her lovely mouth spread wide by the two cocks was so erotic my cock began to twitch as she pulled on it as she sucked the two on the screen. The angle of the shot made the cocks look huge as they penetrated her mouth.

    The scene changed abruptly and she was straddling one huge black cock as the second man helped her and told her, "take it and put it in your cunt you nasty little slut." His words caused her to moan as she grabbed the cock beneath her and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. Patricia rubbed the fat cock up and down her swollen slit for a few seconds before placing the head at her wet opening. As she guided him to her wet slit she told him, "shove that cock in my pussy, stretch my cunt with your fat black cock."

    The camera moved around the side of the trio and soon focused on my wife's face as she tried to swallow the big black cock in her mouth. Seeing the camera she pulled the cock from her mouth and turning to the camera said, "I love being a slut for big cock, black, white, red, yellow. It doesn't matter as long as they are big and hard." To say I was surprised was a mild statement as I watched my wife return her mouth to the cock in front of her. She opened her mouth and swallowed about half of the guys huge cock in one gulp.

    Two men were fucking her, as I stared at the screen. Her tight little cunt was stretched wide as one cock pummeled her pussy and she eagerly swallowed the cock in front of her. Her pussy lips disappeared each time the cock in her cunt pushed inward and her ass jiggled as the man in her pussy hit her ass with his hips. He then began spanking her tight little ass telling her, "your such a hot little number. You like having our black cocks to play with don't chya?" "Uhmo," was all she could murmur from around the cock stretching her mouth.

    After several minutes she pulled the cock from her mouth and looked into the camera and said "look at how big this cock is, I love it when that are big, fat, and black like this one. That way they can stretch my pussy and ass to the limit." Saying that she took the cock back into her mouth and began to slobber all over it as she stroked and sucked his huge cock. After what seemed a very long time the screen panned my wife's face and we watched as her lovely young college aged face was coated with more cum than I thought even two cocks could produce.

    As the camera pulled back my lovely bride used her fingers to scoop the cum from her face and into her mouth, savoring every drop her two lovers had given her. With a lustful smile she winked at the camera and said, "god I love being a slut." And began to giggle like the schoolgirl she was as cum dribbled down her face and tits.

    My cock was rock hard as I watched my younger wife have her face coated with cum as the present version of my wife stroked my swollen 9" cock. We both watched the TV screen, aroused, as her younger version began cumming around the cock fucking her tight young pussy. Within a few moments her fuck partner grabbed her hips and announced his pending orgasm. "Oh yes here I cum sweet slut. I'm gonna fill your pussy with my juices." With that he buried his cock into her cunt and we watched as his balls tightened and he began filling her pussy with his load. He held her tight against his groin as he continued to fill her pussy with his cum. A few seconds later, his juices deposited he let his cock slip from her cunt.

    The screen was filled with the vision of my young wife's just fucked cunt gapping wide, lips swollen, clit protruding and cum running profusely from her wide stretched opening. It was a sight to behold. I could not hold back any longer as my swollen cock began shooting large amounts of jism. Patricia kept stroking my swollen cock and leaned forward, sticking her tongue out reaching for my next few spurts of cum. She looked absolutely slutty as she did so. Her face and hand was soon coated with my juices. When I finished cumming she looked up at me and said, "I take it you enjoyed my slutty younger self dear hubby."

    "God yes, I admitted, I loved it. I never thought you could be so nasty and slutty."

    "Oh god, she almost giggled, I haven't acted out like that in a long time. But I've been dreaming of it for a long time now. And you haven't even seen some of the worst, or best of my younger days." With that we settled back to watch the next two videos on this one tape.

    We watched as she took on several more cocks strange cocks and even a few hot little college pussies. In the third video she even had clit and tongue piercing's, god she looked hot. When I asked her what happened to them she told me that she took them out shortly after meeting me because she didn't want me to know about that side of her. But she also admitted that the clit jewelry made her horny all of the time.

    In one scene she was astride one mans massive cock while two other young men stood on each side of her mauling her breasts while she tried in vain to swollen the huge forearm sized cocks protruding from her fists. The sight was completely amazing and totally stimulating. My younger wife was acting like a super slut trying to shove two huge black cocks into her mouth while another one stretched her hungry wet cunt. I could see her pussy lips swollen and wrapped around the cock in her cunt. The cock was coated with cum and slimy wet with her juices. All the while her tits were being manhandled, mauled and pinched viscously. She looked at the camera with a glazed look in her lust filled eyes.

    Seeing my wife act so wantonly, like a woman in heat made me so damn horny. I was in a state of arousal I had never before known. She looked almost innocent, her face was so cute and young except for the fact the she was naked and surrounded by naked black men. And the fact that she wasn't just getting fucked, but fucking and sucking back at every hard cock offered her made the video's so much more stimulating than any porn video I had ever seen.

    Ever since watching my wife in action on her videos, our life has changed for the two of us. Although I had enjoyed the tape of my wife with another woman, I was totally aroused seeing her with other men. To me, and guys trust me, there is nothing more arousing than seeing you wife with other men. As they play with her, fuck her ass, pull on her nipples, stretch her cunt. Just try it guys you'll love it. But only if you are both secure in your relationship. These are pictures of her with her regular lover. I had to hide their faces as he has a job with the municipality and a public one too. As you can see Pat still looks great and turns heads all the time. We have progressed since that night watching the video and have had more encounters than we can count. Still nothing beats that first night watching that tape. Priceless! - Mac


    Friday, August 01, 2008


    Young Cuckolds

    Hi Everyone,

    I convinced my girlfriend to try a swinging experience with a couple I found online. She was nervous (and so was I), but we made our way to meet them at their place. When we got there the guy said his girlfriend was running late and he offered us some drinks to loosen up. He was trying to play it cool but I could tell he was like a kid in a candy store when he got a look at my girlfriend.

    She is really hot with an amazing body and only 25 years old, he was about 45. While we were waiting for his girlfriend to show up, who never did by the way (in fact, I don't think there ever was a "girlfriend"), he put some porn on to liven the mood. After a few minutes of that, I got so horny I started feeling my girlfriends tits and rubbing her pussy while he watched. Then I took off her clothes and exposed her beautiful body and began to lick her pussy. At that point the guy moved closer to my girlfriend, reached out and began rubbing her tits while bringing his hard cock, which was noticeably bulging in his pants, to her eye level.

    She was dripping her pussy juices all over my mouth by this point, but was still new to this and was so nervous she could only lay there and let him feel her body while she stared at the huge bulge in his pants which was e few inches from her face. He then unbuttoned his pants to release his stiff rod which he let linger a few inches from in front of her beautiful face. Seeing that she needed a little coaxing, I reached for her hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock.

    She immediately started stroking his large shaft, moaning more and more with every stroke. He moved his cock closer to her mouth and finally held the back of her head and slid his big cock into my girlfriends mouth. I couldn't believe how turned on I was, and how surreal it was to watch her suck and stroke that stranger's cock in front of me for the first time, opening her eyes every now and then to make eye contact with me. I then stepped back and watched as she continued to suck him off, getting a little more of his huge cock in her mouth each time she went down.

    Then he slowly pulled his dripping wet cock out of my girlfriend's mouth, spreads her legs, and slide his bulging stiff rod into her wet pussy. She moaned so loud as the huge shaft spread her pussy and moved deep inside of her body (She later told me his cock was not the biggest she had ever had but it was the hardest and that she "loved it" ). They continued to fuck in a variety of positions until they finally ended up with him mounting her missionary.

    As I watched her enjoy getting drilled by the stranger's big cock, my dick continued to throb so I made my way to her face as she lay on her back getting thrusted. I stuck my dick in her mouth and she beagn to suck it, harder and more passionately with every thrust from his cock. He pulled his dick out and told her to suck both of our cocks at the same time. She immediately got on her knees in between us and sucked one cock while she jerked the other, then traded. She then sucked both of our cocks at the same time, trying her best to fit both in her mouth but finally just put both of our cocks against each other and licked our shafts up and down as she played with our balls.

    Then without warning, the stranger shot his cum up in the air landing on her face, lips, and my cock. To my suprise, just after feeling his warm cum run down my shaft, I my cum shot out of my dick. She licked us both clean and kissed me. It was a great night and we actually forgot all about his 'girlfriend'. We just laughed it off in the car on the way home, happy that she wasn't there as this was much much better. The pictures we are sending were the same ones used in our profile online in our ad. - Jester


    FREE VIDS - CUCKOLD CREAM - It's free while still in testing mode. You need credit card verification for age (like ebay did) and then you get instant access. HERE to see them. - webmaster

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