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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, August 25, 2008


    Interracial Reverse Cuckold - Part 1


    I didn't think that I was a cuckold but after the experiences I've had and seeing this and other sites, I realize that I am and ok with it. The thing is though is somewhat of a reverse cuckold where I am a black man with a black girlfrienf who loves giving her out and watching her fuck white guys.

    It didn't even start out like that, we were a couple that had great sex one on one. She (Jacqueline) is ultra sexy, 5'5", fair skinned, 36C breasts, 28 waist, I swear 48" hips, with the roundest fattest ass you or I have ever seen, and her pussy has the fullest pinkest lips. We started off taking pictures of us and it gradually got more and more risque. One night, during, in the heat of the moment, I told her she would look so beautiful sucking on a cock while I fucked her. She got so turned on by that, she came over and over and for days later kept on talking about that. So I finally worked up the courage to put and ad on craigslist, saying we were looking for a 3rd. We were hit with a flood of responses, but no one I thought she would want.

    We continued with our lives and the "fantasy" talk as before grew more and more. I would start and she would take over. I had no idea her imagination was so vivid, or so raunchy. Where I would talk about her blowing guys while I fucked her, she threw out smothering guys with her ass, me fucking her while both of us sucked off another guy, etc. What pushed me over the brink was one Sunday, we were into it and I wanted to see how she would react, so I asked her the names of guys she thinks want to fuck her. She did not hesitate to rattle off names, James, Todd, Kevin, Steve, Randy, etc. With each name, I stroked her, deeper and harder and she began calling their names like they were fucking her. It was so exciting to me I shot one of the biggest loads I have ever made all over her pussy. We were relaxed a bit she said, you're not done and had me lick up my own cum.

    From then on, each phone call, every conversation was scenarios about other guys. I went back on CL and put up another ad to have a guy join us and again had a glut of responses. We found a few and one Saturday night, we stayed in and started playing early. We were fucking in every position and I had made contact with 2 of the guys and told them the plan. They were to call when they were outside and I would let them in. In the course of the night, our fucking led us to the porch and as fate would have it, one of the guys arrived then. He called and I told him to come up the stairs. What met him was Jacqueline bent over the railing, pants to her thighs and me drilling her from behind. We were on a semi-private street, somewhat hidden by a tree, but a curious neighbor with the right angle would've gotten an eyeful. He approached and without missing a stroke, shook his hand, and he watched jacqueline who suddenly became shy. I asked if he liked what he saw and he said yes and reached out and began to rub her bottom as I was fucking her. He asked me to step aside, and I felt her flinch. I told her it was ok and pulled out. He positioned himself behind her, spread her and and began to eat her out, ass, pussy, everything. He must've been really good because she started writhing around and breathing heavier. I watched a stroked my cock to the side shielding them from public view. SHe got a bit louder and said let's go wife

    He led her inside and I closed the door. He began to undress her, without a word and when she was nude in front of him, he stood there admiring her. He then slid out of his clothes and laid on the ground between her feet and motioned for her to sit on his face. I got behind them and it was a sight that is still etched in my memory. Her spread pink pussy lowered over his face like a mask, her hips spread to near epic proportions, and her asshole, available and puckered. He ate her pussy like a cannibal and when she came ground her dripping pussy into his face. I couldn't stand it and knelt behind her and told him to step aside. She said no, she wanted him to lick her while I fucked her. I said ok and mounted my woman again, my cock sliding in too easy from all the cum and saliva. As I pump her, I feel his tongue flicking her clit and then further up to my balls. What a feeling! She stroked his cock as we had our way. I got up and raised her up and reclined her back in a chair, legs in the air. Again, he went in and ate her pussy like a hungry dog as I kissed her. I moved in front of her and entered her spread legs to the hilt. Then I feel his mouth again, sucking my ball and tracing circles around her asshole. She is ultra turned on by this and in heaven. I step aside so that he can have his turn and he says he can't. I ask why and he says that he is a sub and cannot assert dominance on a woman by fucking her. I am stymied because I thought he understood the ad, but apparently did not. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I took his head and pushed it back into her ass. I deliberated while I watched and decided ok, spin it differently. I moved him back and entered her again and told him to get close. I arched so she could see. I pumped her for a bit and then pulled out and told him to suck my cock. He took it right in his mouth and she swooned. He gagged a bit and slid me back in her. This continued until I was ready to pop and when I did, I pulled out and came right on her pussy lips, so much it looked like icing. He greedily ate it up and gathered his belongings and left. This was only the beginning.


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