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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, August 29, 2008


    Part 2 - Blowing kisses to White bulls

    After our first experience with a guy, it became our obsession. While I had played with couples before, she had not and was amazed that we actually did it. She began to express herself more as to what she wanted to see as we put out hypothetical scenarios to each other. I enjoyed seeing the attention guys would give her when we went out either ogling her or seeing them turn their head when she walked by. One weekend we were going to the beach and again I set an ad on Craigslist, saying what time we would be there, the area we would be at and what we would be wearing. I asked for guys to come and join us and see what happens.

    We got to the beach and found our spot and laid out our blankets; it was hot! We stripped to our bathing suits and kicked back. Within 10 minutes, the first guy came by and said hello and chatted a bit, then another guy came by and another. She shot me a look like why are all these guys talking to us and I shrugged my shoulders, playing coy. Some moved on, others stayed. One guy, Chris, dark haired guy sat on the blanket and kept on complimenting her. She looked over at me and figured out what was happening and played along. She started to spray sunblock on and Chris offered to rub it in. She laid on her stomach and Chris worked on her back and moved down to her big ass. He rubbed and kneaded her ass cheeks and squeezed them and I sat and watched, my cock growing in my trunks.

    She spread her legs a bit and allowed Chris to dip his fingers between her thighs. He pulled asides her suit and stuck two fingers in her pussy and worked them in and out under the auspice of rubbing sunblock on her. It turned me on to just watch this that my wife was in public having another man fingerfuck her. He took a third finger a slipped it in her asshole and and worked her up to a suppressed orgasm right there on the beach. She buried he face in the blanket to avoid screaming. He pulled out and she swung around where her head was by his crotch.

    She told me to move around to hide her as she began to discreetly untie his trunks. He pulled his cock out and and guided her head right to it. She engulfed half of it in her mouth, rose back to the tip then went all the way back down. I watched as I stroked her hips, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. She looked at me and took my left hand and guided it to base of his cock replacing hers with mine and continued to suck him. He said your wife sucks so good and she was. She went deeper on him than she ever went on me and it was like her lips were glued to his cock. In the distance, people walked along the beach, some I think were trying to decipher what was going on, but I couldn't look away.

    I was transfixed on his cock going in and out of her mouth. He said he was about to cum and she moved my hand and began to jerk him off. He began to spurt and she caught it in her hand and squeezed the last drop into her palm. She wiped his cum on my bare chest and cleaned up her mouth. He fixed his clothes and left us his number. She said she like it when I set things like this up and like it even more when I watched, that is was liberating for her. We stayed the rest of the day at the beach and talked about plans for later that evening...

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