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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, August 07, 2008


    My First Cuck Account

    Here's the true account of my first cuckolding ....... written on a Saturday morning in March, 2004.

    So, here i am, 9 am on a Saturday morning, reliving the events of my first true cuckolding experience over and over in my head.

    We had gone to the local watering hole and hung out with friends for most of the night. Miss had started to get a bit amorous with me, telling me all that she wanted me to do to Her tonight when we got home. Well, this did nothing for my cause, considering i have been denied orgasm since march 4, and have been locked in my new CB- 3000 since that time. So needless to say, it quickly put me in an exciting mood, that is, until She decided i wasn't what She wanted to play with tonight.

    She got Her eyes set on one of our friends, a fellow we had both known for a while, and one that we knew had an open relationship with his wife, who is in another town. So as we were putting on our coats to head home, She knelt next to him, and started talking to him, asking him if he wanted to come by for a drink. She gave him directions and off we went.

    Once we got home, we stood in the living room, and waited for him to drive by. It appeared that he wasn't going to show, so Miss had started to play with my locked penis, and i, undoing my pants and squeezing my balls, which have started to turn blue by this time.

    Then all of a sudden his car stops in front of our house, he is here, and i am still locked, pants back on and ignored for the time being.

    **** JUMP AHEAD 1 HOUR ****

    I came down the stairs to see them looking out the window together, arm in arm. They heard me coming, and Miss came up to me, and told me he was nervous and wanted reassurances. I said, "i can go sit and watch quietly if You want Miss?" She said yes that would work.cucold

    As i sat there, they went from fully clothed making out, to him sitting on the ottoman, and Her on Her knees, with his cock in her mouth. The whole time i didn't say a word, just sat there waiting and watching. (Once Miss looked over his shoulder and blew me a kiss. Amazing how a little signal can give such reassurances!!)

    Soon she led him us the stairs, without a word to me. I slowly followed, picking up his clothes as i went. I went straight to the spare bedroom across the hall, which happens to have a wonderful view of the master bedroom, and Her bed.

    What followed next was the most amazing thing i have ever seen... My wife of 8 short months being taken liberally by a man who she had just picked up, a man who knew how to fuck, a man who knew what he wanted, and by this time was ready to take it. (Maybe i should mention at this time that not only am i cuckolded and chastised, but She has also trained to me have a short trigger, to want to explode in orgasm at the first feel of Her Goddess Pussy wrapped around my little penis.)

    So for Her to be able to sit upon his stiff cock, and ride to Her hearts content, must have been heaven for Her, i can only imagine. Needless to say, he didn't spurt at the first inopportune moment, as i would have. They must have gone on for 30 minutes, with Her riding him until She had orgasmed over and over again. I saw his hands gripping Her breasts, hard, and i saw Her shaking in multiple orgasms as She rode him and he played with Her Clit. Soon She got off of him, and went down to suck him some more. She did this for quite a while, i almost thought She wanted him to explode in Her mouth, but soon i could see them getting into position again.

    This time, She was lying on Her side, with Her legs splayed slightly, and he straddles Her lower leg, to insert into Her pussy, according to Her, it is a very good position. I watched them fuck for another 10 minutes, until i heard him say "where do you want it, where do you want my load?" I heard Her reply, "Yes, Yes i want it deep in my pussy!" Soon, he was twitching, and she was groaning, and i was throbbing inside the cage wrapped around my penis. I watched them cum hard for a long time, and all i could think about was the Cream Pie that she would be feeding me later, once he was gone.cuck

    They laid there for a long time, probably 15-20 minutes until i remind Her that She had to get up in the morning (by this time it was 4:45 or so, and she had to be up at 7:30). He got dressed, and as we were seeing him to the door, he hugged and kissed Miss, almost to the point of heading back upstairs, and then shook my hand, saying, "you are a stronger man than I, I couldn't have watched my wife and another man like that".

    After he left, Miss and i went to our bed, and we cuddled, we told each other how much we loved each other, and she reassured me that no matter how well he made love, i was the only one she would love, period. Then She looked at me with that look in Her eye, mischievous, sly, call it what you want, but i knew what She meant. She said "pet, i have got something for you, why don't you roll onto your back and let me sit on your face for a minute. I want to give you your reward for not getting in the way tonight, for being such a good pet, and as a consolation for not getting unlocked tonight." With that she rode my face until there wasn't a drop of his cum left in Her Goddess Pussy, until she had filled my mouth so many times that i lost count.

    Well, that's it, i am now a cuckold, and yes i do feel different, i still got the butterflies in my belly, and maybe if i am lucky i will get unlocked to pleasure Her myself soon, but i really doubt i will be anywhere near what she experienced last night.

    hope you all enjoyed and like the pics too.....




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