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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 29, 2008


    Cucked From Day 1

    My wife and I were introduced to each other by a common friend at a party. We hit it off immediately. Amy had a sexual presence about her. She had a way of telling guys, “you can fuck me” without saying a word. Her tits were like guy magnets. Her tits were almost perfect in everyway, big and round. I have a picture attached that I took from my cell. It's the best I've got without showing her face but it does illustrate exactly why she was chased. She was the girl next door. That night I stayed after everyone else left.

    We sat down on the couch and I made my move. We started kissing and feeling each other up. It was getting pretty heavy as she started stroking my cock through my pants. I had her bra off, but she left her t-shirt on. I was hypnotized by her tits. I was feeling them through her shirt, I couldn’t believe how round and plump they were, as I found out later they were 36DD’s. She was lying on top of me grinding her body over my hardon. She reached down and started to undo my pants. I was already pre-cumming so my jeans and boxers were getting damp. she slid my pants down just past my balls and thighs, but left my boxers on.

    My cock was hard as a rock, and the tip was poking through the top of my underwear. She reached down and squeezed my cock head with her fingers. A big drop of semen flowed from my head, she used her index finger to wipe it off. She then brought it up to my face and said, “ you want to try it?”, she then put the finger quickly in her mouth and giggled. I wasn’t sure what to do, I was young and dumb with no real experience. I just met this girl and she was taking control over me.

    We started kissing again. I was playing heavily with her tits and ass, and she was softly holding and rubbing my cock and balls under my boxers. Then it happened, knock knock knock, someone was at the door. What the hell? She got up and went to the door. I heard a guy but couldn’t hear what was being said. She went outside for 5 minutes and I was starting to wonder what was going on.

    She came back in and sat down next to me and said, “I want you to stay here, but I have to go for a little bit”. I was confused, what do you mean go? She said her ex-boyfriend was outside and he needed to talk. I was like, fuck him. She insisted that I stay, and said she would be right back. If there could have been a snap shot of that moment in my life, it would define the beginning of my cuckold lifestyle with Amy. I had so many different feelings, I was humiliated, jealous, sad, horny and filled with excitement all at the same time. Anyone that has been in their first cuckold experience knows what feelings I’m talking about. It’s an addictive feeling, almost like 100 orgasms going off at once. She left, and I laid back down on her couch wondering what the heck just happened.

    Then I started thinking, she just left without her bra on. Her tits are free for this guy to see and feel. But of course he’s been with her before, it’s her old boyfriend. He knows more about her than I do. He has done more than I may ever get to do. All these feeling and thoughts were going through my head. I was wondering what they were doing? Was he touching her? Was she touching him? Are they fucking or what? She chose him over me, that was humiliating, but yet she told me to wait. I was shaking with excitement. That’s the control women have in this situation and I liked it.

    She came back to the house about thirty minutes later. It was kind of awkward, I wasn’t sure if I should have left or stayed. She sat next to me on the couch as I laid there. She put her hand on my head and started rubbing my hair. She said she was sorry and explained that they were over, but he was still her friend. I didn’t ask if they did anything, but I had a feeling something happened. She asked me if I wanted to stay the night, and of course I did. She laid down on the couch with me and we started kissing again.

    Her mouth tasted a little different this time though, more pungent. At the time I didn’t know what I was tasting, but it was another man’s cum in her mouth. We didn’t fuck that night, and she didn’t suck me off. We kissed and she kept softly jacking me and playing with my balls. She could have done that all night, I didn’t care. She asked me if I wanted to titty fuck her. I climbed up to her and placed my cock between her tits. My cock was wet from pre-cum, so that lubricated her tits nicely. It didn’t take me long before I came harder than I ever have before.

    As I was cumming over her tits, one shot hit her mouth. She was rubbing the cum over her body, and her tongue came out and licked off what was on her lips. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into, but I really liked the feeling. This wasn’t the traditional cuckold experience, but it was the beginning of that part of my life. - H.M


    Thursday, June 26, 2008


    On Our Anniversary!

    I am a cuck, this much is true, I love it! I walk around horny all the time. I have posted several times on other websites and recently am finding out that they are more of a swingers site rather than a cuck place. This blog is perfect. I have 2 pics of her taken by one of her earlier lovers that have given me years of stimulation up t'ill now.

    My Wife has been cucking me for the last 10 years off and on, Last year, she restarted after a several year break, and had three men in the year, she was bouncing from bed to bed or should I say from ouside in parks, to hotels, to bf houses... LOL.....

    Earlier this year I found out that she had taken one of her relationships to a cheating level, she was having an online affair with a guy that had left and went over seas, things were rough for us as I looked at this as cheating not cucking... there were some lost days I still don't know what went on, she denies seeing him just says it was an online thing. Long story short, We were on the brink of a divorce when one Saturday afternoon after a day of fighting, she comes in the living room and says, Im going out!! Can I check the peter meter. Of coarse I was instantly hard.

    Later that evening, we text several times, I called her around 2:30 am, She said she was talking to the waitress and leaving now. When she walked in the door, she came up and gave me a big kiss and said, I just gave the bartender a blow job, and man does he have a big one. I can't wait to have him ... Well, she has been uncontrolable since. And yes she has had him, over the pool table right in the bar.... Wish I could have seen that.

    She has been doing a show at a local meet this week, for weeks leading up to it she has been talking about finding someone to, well, Hump....! she has had a guy in a booth next to them talking with her all week. Two nights ago, she was to afraid to ask him to get a drink. She had borrowed my hot rod earlier that day so she could take him for a "ride".. She is dying to fuck someone in my car when im not arround.

    HELL, she likes to fuck others without me around who am i kidding. So she stopped at the local bar and ended up giving the bartender another blow job, but he wouldn't go any further. She hasn't given me any this week, just shoves her pussy in my face and says "You can cum, in your hand, I need to save my pussy so i can stay cock hungry" Gotta love that.....

    Last night She wouldn't answer my text as normally as she does, so i know something is up. She calls me when she is done, and says, i'm following him to his hotel to see if he wants a "Ride". Hope you don't mind. 20 minutes later she calls me again, and says, i'm here in the hotel, gonna have a drink with him ... Ill call you ... 2hours later, she calls me, things are heating up. I informed her of the time, she appologized and said "what do i do?" ... I told her to go in there and tell him lets go to your room for some fun....

    2 hours later I call her. No answer..... 4 min. later at 3:30 in the morning , she calls. Hi hunny, im walking down the hall back to the car... I wonder if anyone knows i just got fucked.... LOL..... when she got home of course, right on my face and says, brought something home for you.... We talked the rest of this morning away about different scinario's for today...

    I think she is going to his hotel room this morning to fuck him before they go to the meet.. She loves to walk around all day smelling like another man, and carrying his cum around in her pussy.... She wants him to be all hands today in front of her co workers and coyly deny anything is going on.... she hopes he takes her home tonight and fucks her again.. She is dying to cum on his cock.... O by the way..... Today is our anaversary.... WOW!!!!! - NG


    Sunday, June 22, 2008


    My Lonely Wife Ann


    Hey Cucks! This is about us. - My wife and I moved to Texas and started our life in the military. At first we didn’t talk much about her with other guys, things kind of leveled off. I believe she wanted to be a straight wife, maybe she wanted a new start in Texas. I spent half my time the first year in the motor pool, the other half was spent in the field. The military is a lonely place for a wife. I could tell she was getting lonely. I suggested she find a job. So she took a job at the PX working in the flower shop. She seemed to really enjoy it and it made things better on both of us.

    We started to have party’s at our apartment and all the guys would come over. Ann would do a lot of flirting and teasing. I think she liked it that she was the only girl at the party. We had a couple of guys over at the pool one time and she would wrestle with them, and she would swim under their legs “accidentally” rubbing their cocks as she went down. There was a guy named Spc. Thompson who became very good friends with Ann and me.

    He would ask questions about her like, “Does she swallow?”, “How big are her tits?”. Normal military buddy smack. He even asked me if he could titty fuck her once (you can see one of them in the picture I sent). He said his girlfriend didn’t have tits and that was something he always wanted to do. Like everyone else he was transfixed on Ann’s tits. I played along with it and told him I would bring some pics of her naked, I’ll even ask about the titty fuck. I started telling Ann about what Thompson was saying and asking.

    I told her he wanted to titty fuck her. She looked at me like are you kidding and laughed. I think she really enjoyed that guys thought she was hot. She asked me what I thought and I told her it was up to her and I didn’t mind. I would just want to watch. She said she would think about it. This went on for at least a month and Thompson was asking almost everyday. Well one day I had Battalion CQ duty, that’s a 24hr duty where I have to stay on post.

    I didn’t think anything about it at all. That is until I got off and went to the platoon building to see the guys. That’s when Thompson came up and said I seen Ann last night. I was like really where? I went to your house. He said he knew I was on CQ duty and thought this would be the prefect time to see Ann. He went over there and she invited him in. He asked her if I told her about what he wanted. She said I did and she was thinking about it. He said she sat down and told him to come to her. He was standing next to her with her face right at cock level and she reached up and pulled out his cock from his shorts. She started sucking him and jacking it off. I was kind of shocked, how could she do this with out telling me first.

    Why would she not call me. Heck I was in the shack all night with a phone bored out of my mind while she was sucking my best friends cock? She sucked him until he was ready to cum and then she took her shirt and bra off. He played with her tits for a long time, he said. She let him do everything he wanted to her tits. He said she even moved behind him and rubbed her nipples on his ass. She asked him where do you want to come, in my mouth or on my tits? He told her in her mouth. She told him he could fuck her titty’s until he was ready to come, then he needed to put his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe this. I thought for sure he was lying, but this sounded a lot like Ann.

    I didn’t know what to believe. He said he fucked her tits and she would lean up and take his cock in her mouth. When he was cumming she held his cock in her mouth until he was done, then she swallowed it. I wasn’t mad at Thompson at all, he was my best friend and we played this game all the time. But he sounded believable this time. I got home and Ann was getting ready for work. I walked in the bathroom and asked her if Thompson stopped by last night, she said yes. I was like so it did happen, she looked at me like what are you talking about. I told her what he said and she laughed. I asked if it was true and she said maybe, maybe not. She would never really tell me. She had to go to work and so I went to bed.

    When she got back that evening I was waiting for her. I asked her again did it happen? She said no it didn’t. She said he came over and was acting weird and shy, but nothing happened. She then asked, would you be mad if it did? I said no, and she just smiled. She knew I didn’t have a problem with her doing this, but yet I could never tell if she did it or not. I never found out. Thompson said it was true, but Ann only confirmed it really. I would ask her during sex and she would say “yes it happened” , but then when I ask did it really happen, she would smile and say “no it didn’t”. It was a game she played with me. What a rush.


    Friday, June 20, 2008


    MiamiMark - His Girlfriend Nat's Next Cuck 3

    Nat ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Hi Again,

    I told you about Chris and Nat and the trip up there. The other couple of times were without me so I can't really give details and it wasn't anything really interesting either so I'm not going to bore you with those things. But I did have one last story about Nat with me.

    About 3 weeks before she ended up moving out of town we had a big party with all her friends and some of mine; a sort of 'going away' celebration. It turned out to have a few more people than we had expected and at the last minute ended up changing it to one of her coworker's house which was large enough to accommodate everyone. It was a Saturday night and Nat and I got ready and headed over there to make sure we were early enough to greet everyone else.

    It was a great party. Everyone was drinking and eating, talking and some more drinking. I think drinking was the running theme with Nat and parties.

    By 2am in the morning there were still more than half the people there, about 40 or so. I was looking for Nat and her friend told me she was quite sick and went to the bathroom. I was a bit concerned so I asked where the bathroom was and she had gone upstairs. I went up and found her on her knees holding on the toilet for dear life. Bret, her coworker and owner of the house, was outside the bathroom asking her if she was ok and we both went in to help her. She was done puking but was a bit dizzy.

    We ended up taking her to a bedroom and plopped her on the bed. He left and I took off her shoes, shirt, and unzipped the skirt to make it comfortable, finally tucking her in. Bret came back with some water and aspirin for her to take now to help with the hang over that was sure to come the next day.

    Nat is, without sounding wrong, a little mean when she drinks and aggressively sexual. She will insult you and demand more which I always found funny and a turn on. When Bret left she began to put my hand down her skirt and told me to fuck her. I wasn't feeling too comfortable having sex in the bedroom knowing everyone would want to say goodbye to her and Bret would be back so I kind of brushed it off. Wrong thing to do.

    I left to mingle a bit while she slept it off and then went back upstairs. There she was on the bed with the covers on the floor and Bret between her legs eating her out. I stood and watched a bit and then decided to come into the room and close the door. Bret stood up when he realized I was there and Nat asked him why he stopped. I didn't say anything and he didn't either. She told him to keep doing it because she wanted to show me how a real man fucks a woman. Then she pulled his


    Monday, June 16, 2008


    Our Cuck Experiences

    I've decided to post an experience with my GF as I've spent too long lurking and enjoying reading the posts.

    I was originally going to write this experience but I asked if she would, so you're going to get a separate email from her soon as she's typing it up now. The only details missing are that I'm 36 and she's 26, her lover is 27 and has a much bigger cock than me (which she loves telling me). I was wearing fishnet stockings, panties and lipstick when I cleaned her after she had been with her lover, and she can't wait to see her story and picture on the blog!

    HER - So you got the intro from my BF. Now, at one point we broke up for a time and following our break-up we didn’t talk for some time, but gradually started texting each other, and eventually I was staying over at his on weekends so that I could go out in town to meet other men. The first night we slept together again I had been speed dating and had met about 15 men. He really enjoyed me telling him about what had happened, although there wasn’t a great deal to tell at that point.

    I started seeing one of the guys from the event on a regular basis, whilst still seeing my BF, I would see my guy one night and him on the next. He asked me about the other guy and we started discussing what he had been doing to me, he loved hearing about how I’d been licked and fucked. We even started using the positions I’d been doing with the other guy.

    I asked to stay over one night as I was meeting another guy from the event. He text'd me saying that would be fine, and could he lick me out before I went out, to which I obviously agreed. I went round full of expectation, so much so that I drove round without knickers, wanting it so badly. It was amazing, he brought me to a fantastic orgasm. Then I went out to meet my date for the night.

    When I returned he wanted to know all about it, although we hadn’t actually done anything, he had been wanting us to though so that I could tell him about it.
    That’s when he asked if he could lick me out after I had fucked my guy. We planned it out, that I would see my guy on Saturday night, and he would come round when he knew he was about to leave. As it happens me and my guy had a fight that night and things were a little frosty, because of this I decided to text him and ask if he still wanted me to fuck him. Afterwards he told me this really added to the already heightened feelings racing through him. So wanting to fulfil his fantasy, we fucked, me remembering every detail so I could retell it in the moments that followed.

    He also really wanted to see the guy I was fucking. At first I was apprehensive, but as the moment drew closer I wanted them to cross paths as well. The danger made the experience amazing. I ushered my guy out of the door and text'd the other to let him know he could come straight up. We wasted no time, and within minutes of one leaving I was being licked out by the other. We even filmed it, me getting him to tell me what he was doing, and what he was licking out of me. I asked him what it tasted like, describing every erotic moment.

    From this we have decided to do things a little differently, we’re now back seeing each other, with conditions; he can’t see other girls, however, I’m free to see as many men as I choose, and do with them whatever I like. The dirtier the better as far as he’s concerned. He also wants to see me with other men, which I must admit to being apprehensive about, but knowing what it will do for him, I’m willing to give things a try.

    We hope you all enjoyed our experiences. - Patty & Dave


    Friday, June 13, 2008


    My Wife Terrorizes Me!

    To: The Cuckold Blog Webmaster & Readers;

    I never heard of cuckolding ten years ago when we married. But I knew from our dating days that it turned me on when Eve flirted with guys. She was a big time flirt. But after we married she stopped.

    Eventually I got up the nerve to broach the subject of another man while we were in the mood. She laughed it off as a cute fantasy. For years I kept bringing it up and she kept laughing about it. I had completely given up. Then after it never being mentioned for months she brought it up. Out of a clear blue sky and not during sex play. I didn't know how to respond. We had never seriously discussed it. It was always bedroom talk. Suddenly she was asking, in a restaurant no less, if I was serious about her making out with another man. With no warning I was on the spot.

    Was it just a fantasy? Was she serious? Was she just teasing? Was she testing? I thought for a second and said it would be fine by me. She asked if I was sure. Yes. Then she said to take some time and think about it. She would not bring it up again. It would be up to me.

    It was all I thought about the next day. I had found a cuckold site by then, not this one. Its now shut down. But I had a good knowledge of some of the aspects of cuckoldry.

    That night I started to tell her I wanted to give it a try. She said no. If she did it she would be the one giving it a try. If she liked it she would continue. If she didn't she would stop. But I would have no say so make up my mind now as it's the only control I have.

    By then I was hooked on the fantasy of the whole thing and knew how many guys would love to have been in my position.

    I said go for it.

    I asked if she had someone in mind. She smiled coyly and said none of my business.
    In time I found out. She bowled in a Fri. league and there was a men's league on the low end and the women were at the high lanes on the other end of the alley.

    A guy had his eye on her for months and finally approached her for drinks one night. She accepted immediately. She had been watching him watching her. They exchanged personal pleasantries and when she said she was married he said he assumed it because of her rings. At the time I knew nothing about them. Also I was unaware she had visited some cuck sites that I had been to. She said she had a guy in mind but nothing more.

    She and her fuck buddy got into it hot and heavy in no time. I assumed it was a bowling buddy since instead of coming home by 10pm she was getting home at midnight and later. But when I asked her about her guy she would just say the deal is that she decides where everything is going.

    I can only assume her visits to the cuck sites is what began to influence her behaviour. She began commenting on my size. I'm not huge but an honest six inches. Yes. Maybe on the slender side. But not that big a deal.Then comments about why I came so quickly and why I produced so little semen. Then she wanted me to do it twice in the same night and when I had trouble with that she began telling me how other men could do it two or three times in an hour. How long they could last and how much they filled a woman with their cum. Instead of enjoying the cuckolding I found myself losing confidence and self esteem. Erections were coming farther and farther apart and they were barely hard enough to effect penetration.

    I decided the cuckold thing had to end. I sat down with her and told her how I was being affected. I asked her to break off her current relationship so we could go back. She looked at me as if I were crazed. "you want me to give up sex?" I said of course not. We would continue to have sex. She shook her head in astonishment and proceeded to wound me mortally.
    hot wife

    "I let you fuck me because you're so pathetic in bed I know you will never get laid any where else. But it most certainly isn't sex for me. It is two minutes of my body you have the use of, which lately hasn't been very often."

    Finally some months later as the result of this cuck site, I'm sure, she began telling me about her sex life. It has helped immensely. It was us sharing. I get normal erections and she has taken to teasing me about things like me being a cuck and how I'm lucky she has not decided to mention it at the hair salon and stuff like that. I know she is just playing a game but when she threatens to out me to someone it terrorizes me. She won't tell me if she uses protection but I assume she does since she has never wanted children. I no longer feel as left out of her life as I used to. But I am not included as I would like to be. She has told me to be patient and that in time she will share with me. she will be reading this no doubt as it is one of her sites bookmarked that she gets ideas from. Her pictures are attached and my hope is high. I think, in her way, we are getting closer. - Thomas


    Monday, June 09, 2008


    My Wife Cheated

    hot wife
    Little did I ever think this would happen or I would be posting on a website like this. Last night I saw an email to my wife that was accidently left on our computer. It was from one of my best friends who had recently gotten married and moved. I asked her about the content of the email and she admitted she had been having an affair with him.

    He was a groomsman in our wedding evem and I had known him since middle school. She told me it started with a simple massage since he had been training for that and was practicing on her and I. Then it led to him "erotically" massaging her and rubbing her pussy through her panties, which led to him rubbing her pussy under her panties and then to rubbing, fingering and even licking her pussy.

    She admitted she started to jack him off which led to her sucking his cock. Which of course led to the two of them having loads of sex over the past few weeks. They had gone horseback riding and motorcycle riding when I was at work and I was ok with it since we were all good friends. Little did I know they rode his motorcycle to a hotel to have sex.

    So I was told by her of how I had been with her multiple times after he had been with her that same day and how I even licked her pussy after he had cum inside her. I was SHOCKED!! I couldn't believe I didn't know it ... here I had been making fun of those who couldn't tell another man had cum in their wife (and actually I made fun of them TO my wife) and it had been happening to me too. I was told how they had sex in our house and even how she sucked his dick in the living room while I was asleep in bed one night. I am still in shock. We have been together for 5 years and never knew anything. She said that she also cheated this one time early on.

    It was by one of the guys in my wedding party. After our honeymoon we had another house party for most of our good friends who attended the wedding. My wife stayed up with the remaining guests while I went to bed. She came up and slid into bed. I started to feel her up and I was so naive that I thought she was all wet for me. I went down on her and she came almost instantly. I couldn't get over how wet she was and fucked her hard. All the while I was fucking her she kept rubbing what I thought was her pussy juice onto my balls. Finally she squezzed my balls exactly when I started to cum. It was the hottest sex we had up to that time.

    I have never been a jealous person and I am still not. I did find myself actually getting hard though as she was admitting all of this to me. I didn't even yell or scream or even raise my voice. I had been "cucked" in a way and didn't even know it.

    He has just moved away to California and we live in Florida however I have the feeling that next time he is in town they will have sex again. Is something wrong with me that it didn't upset me but did the opposite and excited me? We had sex after she admitted all of this and it was great. I am attaching a picture of her as well so everyone can see how beautiful she is. BTW, the tattoo on her ass was inspired by that first guy I told you about. That also was intense. A permanent mark. But just doing this is turning me on. Imagining how many men will be looking at her on the blog. I'm not sure where we are gonna go from here but it certainly is interesting and has changed things. - Joey


    Friday, June 06, 2008


    My Wife Started Hotwifing Again !

    hot wife
    Hi Blogmaster,

    Thanks for your reply. I attached the pictures of my wife and have the details of my wife's and mine current situation. Finally she has started hotwifing again. Until about 6 months ago she had a young 25 year old guy (she`s 36 by the way) who was her steady lover.Things were very passionate between the 2 of them and of all the lovers she has had over the years he was her favourite.

    She would never refuse him sex and over the course of their year long relationship he would often have her as often as every second night. Unfortunately about 6 months ago he decided to move out west for work. The night before he left, my wife went out with him and they went back to his house and she spent most of the night having sex with him. As a going away present she let him fuck her ass. She really enjoys anal sex but this guy was about 8" long and fairly thick so although he had tried to get in her ass before it had just ended up being too painful for her.

    The night before he left though he fucked her ass twice and her pussy once. Her lover was aware that I knew he was fucking her but he would never fuck her at our house and I never met him. She would tell me all the details of their "dates" when she came home as I licked his cum out of her pussy. During their relationship He always got to fuck her first except for maybe 3 or 4 times and I would have her after she came home from being with him.

    The best way I can describe the way my wife was during her relationship with him is "blissfull". She was always happy and always sexually satisfied. Other than getting jealous a couple times because he was fucking her so often and wouldn`t let me watch the two of them together I was very happy too. I`m sure my wife was in love with him although it isn`t something she will admit.

    Since her lover moved away I have been looking for a replacement for him at places like AFF. We have had tons of responses but many of them want to go out with her exclusively which means we'd have to break up. Not something we want. When she goes out she has been hit on constantly by other guys, but she would never "date" any of them. She is a very attractive wife by the way and always turns mens heads.

    I really started to push her into seeing other guys again and it got to the point where we had a huge argument over it last week. She made it clear to me that she will decide who and when she is going to fuck. It took a couple days but we smoothed things over when I told her I was fine with her decision.

    My wife works part time waitressing at a bar and she had to work this past friday night. The bars here are open until 2 a.m and by the time they restock the coolers and clean up she usually doesn`t get home until 3:30 or 4 a.m. and sometimes it is later if she goes for coffee or drinks after or goes to get fucked which she has from time to time. When she came home in the morning she undressed and climbed into bed. I woke up as she got in and asked her how her night was. She replied that it was good but she was bad.

    I asked her what she meant by "bad". She was having her period so I didn`t think she had been fucking. She does`nt like having sex and is usually bitchy during her period. In fact only her previous lover has had sex with her once during her period and that was only because she thought it had ended.

    She snuggled up beside me and gently started stroking my cock. She told me that a guy she had sex with several times over the last few years showed up at the bar with some friends of his. She said she really didn`t say too much to him during the evening but he left when the bar closed but then called her a short time later and asked if she wanted to get together. She told him that she was having her period but he wanted to see her anyway. She said ok so he came back to the bar and she let him in and he sat there and chatted with her and the other barmaid while they cleaned up.

    They were almost done and my wife went to the ladies room. He followed her in there and started kissing her and rubbing his cock against her ass. Telling her "see how hard you make me". He wanted to fuck her right there but she said no. He then said he wanted her to go parking after. She said ok but she was having her rags and couldn`t fuck him. He is cocky so he told her he would fuck her up the ass. They left the bar and went to a place in her car where they have gone parking before. They talked for awhile and then started kissing. He lifted my wife`s shirt and took her tits out of her bra and started sucking on them. My wife took his cock out of his pants and he told her to suck it. She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth and started blowing him. While she was giving him head he reached down the back of her jeans and started fingering her asshole. He told her again that he wanted to fuck her ass and told her to take her pants off. She took her jeans off and they reclined the passenger seat and she got on her hands and knees on the seat and he got behind her. He put the head of his cock up to her anus and slowly forced it into her.

    she was still stroking my hard cock as she told me all of the details. After he got his whole length in her ass he let her get used to it and then started to fuck her slowly. He could tell she was getting into it and really started to fuck her hard. He came and then he pulled out and shot his load all over her bare ass. They both got dressed and they talked for awhile.

    My wife told him she should get going and he told her no he was hard again and wanted to fuck her again. He had her take off her pants again and she layed on her back on the passenger seat. He got on top of her and she guided his cock into her pussy. She had a tampon in so he didn`t fuck her very deep. She rubbed her clit while he stroked her and after she came he had an orgasm and filled her pussy with his seed.

    My wife was still stroking me while she told me all this and then she told me she wanted me to fuck her. She didn`t have a tampon in and I sunk my whole cock into her. She rubbed her clit and told me to fuck her hard and deep. We both came within a couple minutes. It was a wonderful bonding moment between us that cuckolding has helped create. Our sex is so much more connected since she started being a hotwife.

    Hopefully my wife will keep seeing this guy. He thinks she is a cheating wife and I have never met him. If she continues to see him I am going to ask her to tell him that I know he is fucking her and that I approve of it. I hope that he will become comfortable with the idea and he will start fucking my wife in our bed whenever he wants. We'll see. - Clay


    Monday, June 02, 2008


    Wife K


    This is a story that's probably familiar to many readers. I originally proposed the idea of my wife K. taking another lover soon after we married 10 years ago, and she rejected the idea as weird. She thought I just wanted an excuse to fuck other women. About 8 months ago her behavior totally changed: slutty clothes, dyed hair, waxed pussy, bellybutton ring, etc.

    She read a book called the Ethical Slut, and brought up the idea again of me watching her with another man. She asked what I'd get out of it, and I told her it would be hot to see her enjoy sex with a real stud. She soon admitted that she had begun fucking an aquaintance of hers for a few weeks. After initially being pissed she didn't tell me, we discussed how to bring this into both of our lives, as I was truly into the idea. After she talked it over with her boyfriend, we arranged to all party together for the first time.

    They made plans to meet at a sports bar for some drinks before returning home. I bought her a new bellybutton ring to wear that says "Slut," and a new thong to wear on her date. As she got ready I snapped a few pictures. Before she left in a short sundress with her new ring, and no bra on, she unzipped my pants and removed my hard cock. She barely stroked it once or twice and pre-cum gathered at the tip. "I don't want you to jerk off while I'm out. I want you to stay horny the whole time. Don't blow your load." she instructed me as she tucked my cock away. She then kissed me and headed out the door.

    For the next two hours I could not do anything but pace and stare out the window. The wait was unbearable. Finally, they pulled in our driveway and they casually walked in, not attracting the attention of the neighbors. My wife introduced us. Her boyfriend B. is a builder by trade and had a firm handshake. Very down to earth typre of guy. We each had a beer and made some moderately awkward small talk, with my wife looking expectantly between the two of us. B. excused himself to the bathroom, and I quietly asked my wife if they had already fooled around. She had stroked him in his truck at the bar parking lot, and he fingered her wife

    I felt up her leg under her skirt and the thong I bought her was gone. Her smooth pussy was very wet, and she pushed my hand off telling me to behave. "Are you still ok with this" she asked. I told her I was. She then asked if I wanted to watch or not, as they had pre-arranged this little strategy session at the bar. I told her I definitely wanted to watch. B. came out and we sat on our couch with our beers. K. knelt in front of B., and he set his beer down. She rubbed his chest, stomach and legs, as he sat back. I moved to a chair across from the couch to get good view of what was going to happen. My stomach was in knots, but my cock was rock hard.

    Before long she had his cock out of his pants and was lick up and down the shaft, tilting her head so I could see. She glanced over her shoulder at making eye contact, and then hungrily continued sucking B.'s shaft. After several minutes of this, she stood and turned towards me. Leaning over my shoulder she lifted her skirt so that B. got a good look at her shaven pussy. She kissed my neck and whispered, "You still ok with this." I nodded. She then rubbed my prick through my jeans and said "Remember, don't jerk off. I want you to wait." She then backed up and lowered herself into B.'s lap.

    As she did she held his cock in one hand and guided it into her twat. She slowly slid down the legnth of his shaft, which was thick and at least two inches bigger than my 6. She stared directly into my eyes as she lowered her self all the down to his balls. B. reached up and slid the straps of her sundress down over her shoulders, and reached around to rub one of K.'s perky tits. She slowly slid up and down on his shaft, and her reverse cowgirl position gave me an excellent view. I could feel the pre-cum soaking my boxers, but did not take out my straining dick. If i had I would've exploded immdiately.

    White lines of her juices lubed his large cock as she slid up and down, gradually picking up speed. I wouldn't have lasted as long as B., and she was cumming on his shaft as she never has for me. Throughout the whole time, maintained eye contact with me, and had a slight smile on her face, as I sat in my chair and watched.

    Soon, B.'s balls tighted and I knew he was close. So did K. as she quickly rocked and grinded herself down on to his balls. Only then did she close her eyes, and let a out a few smalls moans, as she convulsed on his cock. B. grabbed her by the waist and lifted and she slid off just as a thick stream of cum shot out of his member.

    He squirted up her belly, and on to her sundress, which was still around her waist. He then stood up and kissed her on the mouth, and apologized for having to leave so abruptly. I think they had also arranged his quick exit to, but I didn't ask. She walked him to the door, and after I said it was nice meeting him, he left.wife

    K. led me to our room without a word. She pulled my shirt over my head, and slid off my jeans and boxers. My dick sprang out at attention. K. pushed me back on the bed and slid her sundress over her head. Climbing on top of me, I could feel the warm smear on her belly where B.'s cum had landed. Reaching down, she began stroking my dick slowly, positioning the tip right next to her lips. As she moved on top of me, I could feel the end touch her wet and swollen labia. The heat emanated from her, and I anticipated that she was going to be very sloppy. "Did you like that?" she asked me, her breath hot in my ear. "Did you like to watch me get fucked by a real man? Isn't that what you wanted?" I nodded, as she stroked my dick a little faster, just barely touching her pussy lips.

    I pushed upwards with my hips to enter her, but she pushed me back down to the bed. "You're not going to fuck me tonight. Not after I've been with a real man." She continued stroking me. "Did you like that, the way he stretched me open? Did you see how I cum for a big cock? You wouldn't be able to feel anything with this anyway," she whispered, and then stuck her hot tongue in my ear. My balls instantly convulsed then, and I shot a stream of cum on to her pussy, and another stream onto her racing stripe of pubes. "Awwww," she said, "are you better now? You're too easy."

    I lay in bed as she bounded off to shower. When she was finished, she got in bed and snuggled up to me and said, "That was fun. We'll have to do it again soon. Love you." And we drifted off to sleep.

    Thats the whole story, and please feel free to include my address for comments.


    R. burnhamrd7 @


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