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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, June 09, 2008


    My Wife Cheated

    hot wife
    Little did I ever think this would happen or I would be posting on a website like this. Last night I saw an email to my wife that was accidently left on our computer. It was from one of my best friends who had recently gotten married and moved. I asked her about the content of the email and she admitted she had been having an affair with him.

    He was a groomsman in our wedding evem and I had known him since middle school. She told me it started with a simple massage since he had been training for that and was practicing on her and I. Then it led to him "erotically" massaging her and rubbing her pussy through her panties, which led to him rubbing her pussy under her panties and then to rubbing, fingering and even licking her pussy.

    She admitted she started to jack him off which led to her sucking his cock. Which of course led to the two of them having loads of sex over the past few weeks. They had gone horseback riding and motorcycle riding when I was at work and I was ok with it since we were all good friends. Little did I know they rode his motorcycle to a hotel to have sex.

    So I was told by her of how I had been with her multiple times after he had been with her that same day and how I even licked her pussy after he had cum inside her. I was SHOCKED!! I couldn't believe I didn't know it ... here I had been making fun of those who couldn't tell another man had cum in their wife (and actually I made fun of them TO my wife) and it had been happening to me too. I was told how they had sex in our house and even how she sucked his dick in the living room while I was asleep in bed one night. I am still in shock. We have been together for 5 years and never knew anything. She said that she also cheated this one time early on.

    It was by one of the guys in my wedding party. After our honeymoon we had another house party for most of our good friends who attended the wedding. My wife stayed up with the remaining guests while I went to bed. She came up and slid into bed. I started to feel her up and I was so naive that I thought she was all wet for me. I went down on her and she came almost instantly. I couldn't get over how wet she was and fucked her hard. All the while I was fucking her she kept rubbing what I thought was her pussy juice onto my balls. Finally she squezzed my balls exactly when I started to cum. It was the hottest sex we had up to that time.

    I have never been a jealous person and I am still not. I did find myself actually getting hard though as she was admitting all of this to me. I didn't even yell or scream or even raise my voice. I had been "cucked" in a way and didn't even know it.

    He has just moved away to California and we live in Florida however I have the feeling that next time he is in town they will have sex again. Is something wrong with me that it didn't upset me but did the opposite and excited me? We had sex after she admitted all of this and it was great. I am attaching a picture of her as well so everyone can see how beautiful she is. BTW, the tattoo on her ass was inspired by that first guy I told you about. That also was intense. A permanent mark. But just doing this is turning me on. Imagining how many men will be looking at her on the blog. I'm not sure where we are gonna go from here but it certainly is interesting and has changed things. - Joey


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