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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, March 31, 2008


    My Wife Said These Words to me as I ...

    ... tried to make love to her last night:

    Why don’t you fuck me harder?

    Is it in yet?

    Oh yeah, thats right, it never really goes in does it?

    Its too short to even reach my hole isnt it?

    Answer me!

    I want to hear you say it!

    Tell me your dick is too little to please your wife. Or any other woman for that matter.

    Say it!

    OK, now that we have that out of the way. Can you hurry up and get this over with? I’ve got shit to do.
    I cant spend all night diddling your little pee pee.

    Are you ready to squirt your little load yet?

    Would it help if I pretend to enjoy it?

    Too bad!

    Im not going to degrade myself by putting on a show for you!

    Its bad enough that I put up with that tiny, shriveled sad, little excuse for a dick trying desperately to get inside me every night, only to have it rub frantically against me for a minute or two before squirting a few drops sperm on my leg.

    God! I wish I had someone who could make me feel like a real woman. I haven’t felt like that in sooooo long.

    Oh, I know I have the toys, but its just not the same as having a big, hard, man-sized cock slamming in and out of me for an hour and then filling me soo full of cum that it runs out and makes a big stain on the mattress.
    (Sigh) I guess that is not going to happen again.

    Or maybe it will?

    Maybe I will just go and find me a real man with a real cock that can make me feel like a real woman. Would you like that, pencildick?

    Too bad!

    I’ve made up my mind. Starting tomorrow this pussy is going to belong to a real man.

    Oh, don’t cry baby, Im not leaving you. Im not going anywhere.

    I still love you.

    What I cant stand, however is being sexually frustrated.

    Life is too short...and so is your little dicklett. Ha ha ha!

    don’t you agree?

    Then say it!

    Look me in the eye and say, my tiney tiny dick is too small to do anything for my wife and she deserves to be pleasured by a real man.

    Say it or you will never get any of this pussy again! NEVER!

    Good, that’s a good boy.wife

    Now that we have that established, lets talk about our new arrangement.

    First , Im going to severely limit your peckers exposure to my pussy. Maybe it will appreciate it more then. Ya think?

    Never mind, it dos’nt matter what you think!

    From now on if that disgusting little piece of flesh between your legs comes in contact with my body you will have worked damn hard for the privilege.

    That’s right, privilege!

    From now on if you wont sexual pleasure form my body you are going to have to earn it.

    Don’t look soo sad baby, I haven’t had any real pleasure in years. But that’s all going to change now!
    Starting now you will be the frustrated one in this marriage, not me.

    Also, we need to talk about truth in advertising.


    That dos’nt surprise me.

    Im talking about you walking around pretending to be a real man.

    Still don’t get it?

    OK, (sigh) listen carefully. You wear mens underwear right?


    Its wrong for you to walk around all day pretending to be packing a real dick when there is just a little pinky-prick hanging down there.

    Sooooo... I think Im going to put you in panties.

    Oh stop it! Its not like you have a dick or something.

    NO! You don’t have a dick.

    Its too small to even be considered a little dick.
    Its more like a big clit.

    SHUT UP! Don’t you dare talk back to me!

    Your not going to change my mind. Not unless you grow a dick. That’s not going to happen is it?

    Is it?!

    Ok then, its settled. Tomorrow while Im out looking for a real man to give this pussy to I will pick you up some pretty, pink, lacy, panties. You will look soooo cute!!

    Oh, better yet!

    You can get them yourself. Of course I will have to be there to make sure you get the right thing. And if you try to pull some shit I will make sure the cashier and anyone else in the store knows exactly whats going on and just who will be wearing the panties and why.

    Hell yess! I would absolutly do that! You don’t need self esteem, you need to grow a dick. You don’t deserve any respect. If the judge who married us had ever saw you naked he would have altered the vows to leave out that whole bit about respect , honor and obey.

    Are you ready to cum yet?

    You better hurry up!

    Alright im tired of this shit! You got 10 more strokes and if you don’t finish that’s just too bad.

    Only five strokes left Needledick.

    You better make it count cause this is the last your getting for a good long while.

    There, that’s it.

    Now, dosent that feel better?wife

    Get some rest baby, we have a lot of shopping to do in the morning.

    Oh my God! I know you didn’t forget already! We just talked about this. We have to find me a man and you some panties.

    Role playing?! You thought we were role playing? How can you be so stupid?

    NO! Your not getting out of this! I meant every word I said and you agreed to my terms. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

    --> She has been saying stuff like that for awhile now and it turns me on to no end although she doesn't know it. I am officially cucked now and can't wait for her to meet up with one of her co-workers Ron who promised to take her out on Friday. - Jeremy


    Thursday, March 27, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cindy Playing Naughty Hostess

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Two days ago we all came to Cindy's parent's trailer in the Florida Keys. It was her parents, two sisters, and brother, a friend of her brothers, Cindy, Rick and me. This was a usual weekend trip during the summer months except that it was usually one of Cindy's friends that would come but this weekend it was Rick.

    I always love these weekends and at the same time get really nervous with everyone around. Rick always tries to do something to Cindy out on the boat, wave runner, water, or late at night when everyone is asleep. This weekend was a little harder because everyone was there but he did manage to get a hand job while we (except the parents) watched TV late at night. The lights were off, the television on, and the three of us were in the back couch under a blanket.

    Rick had also made a pass at one of her sisters but neither of them realized I caught them kissing. For one thing I wasn't about to tell Cindy but I was going to quiz Rick about it … especially since she is the youngest of the sisters, Kim, at 18 years old and he is 27, a nine year difference and I definitely don't want any trouble being that he is MY friend.

    It turns out that he and Kim had been fooling around for the past few months, but it was safe. Kim had not and was not going to tell anyone because he told her it would cause problems.

    Anyways, during our conversation today, Rick told me that he had a big favor to ask but he wasn't sure how I was going to take it. He said that he is only asking because he thought it might be exciting and kept thinking about it for the past week after reading something similar on one of the forums. Now, I'm getting excited and nervous and just wanted him to ask.

    He wanted to have a little get together at his home to watch the football game next Sunday with a few of the guys from the prison where he worked at. He wanted to have Cindy come over and dress provocative so he could do things to her while they were there but without going over the edge. Just have a little fun. I have to admit that it was exciting but I wasn't sure how it would work or how to get Cindy to do it. I knew she was getting more into her sexuality but this would be a little more to be in front of several strangers. I asked Rick how the forum story happened and he said it was a 'loss to a bet' but that would not work in this case.

    I recommended he suggest it during the next time he was fucking Cindy and I'm sure she would not say no to him.

    That night we went back home from the Keys and Rick was with Cindy and I since his car was at our home. We went inside and I winked at Rick and took off to take a shower. I made sure to take a really, really long shower and when I came out I could hear Cindy moaning in the living room so I decided to continue my shower. After a few minutes she surprised me by coming in the shower and being very touchy. I asked her, smiling, if she had fun and she just kissed me. Rick had left.

    --- Next day

    The next day Rick called me and asked me if Cindy had asked me anything yet and I said no. He told me what he had told her during sex and that she would be asking me soon. At night while we were getting ready to sleep she started to tell me about Rick asking her to come over on Sunday and wearing an outfit he bought for me to wear. This is where I acted shocked and then asked her why he wanted her to go. I realized he hadn't told her that he was having friends over and only said he wanted to spend an afternoon focusing on her and wearing the outfit. I asked her if she wanted to and she was quite excited to do it but wanted to make sure it was ok with me. I told her whatever she wanted to do was fine with me.

    --- Sunday

    Sunday came and it is usually a day we sleep in late. Cindy woke me up to tell me she had to leave cause Rick wanted her at his house early. I kissed her goodbye and went back to sleep. Well, not really, but I pretended until she was gone.

    I called Rick and told him she was on his way. The only thing I requested was that he


    Monday, March 24, 2008


    My Asian Wife Cuckolds Me

    I am pleased to have been Cuckolded four times by my fiancee, who lives in Nanning China!

    Two of the occasions I have been able to watch on the web cam through the computer.
    Photographs taken by her lovers amaze me.

    I started my search for an Asian Bride one year ago. Having been married for 36 years to a woman that spoiled me having 37 different lovers during our marriage. I wanted to find an Asian woman that would be uninhibited about her body, and enjoy being photographed, and looking sexy teasing and flirting with other men. All things I enjoy!

    I placed the following profile on an Asian dating site:

    Asian Profile

    I seek a very special, "perfect woman," to share the reaming years in blissful happiness!

    Traditional qualities are fine, but the right combination of contemporary naughty, and nice is more fun. Playful, warm personality.

    A little extra padding OK, weight proportional. Preferably age compatible to 20 years younger.

    I'm a semiretired Boudoir, and fine art body landscape photographer. My wife should be comfortable posing for alluring, sexy, romantic, and glamorous portraits and be comfortable showing her body.

    The companion I seek should love to be photographed in sexy clothes, teasing, flirting, and showing off.

    An exciting new life, with never a Dull moment awaits!

    My Ideal Person:
    Looking for, companion, affectionate lover, spouse who enjoys the same free time activities. Photography, travel, movies, social games, dinning. Gregarious, warm personality, contemporary attributes with an open mind for fun, to explore, and enjoy new adventures! Self confident with sensuous appearance, discreetly sexy and enjoys being noticed and tastefully naughty.

    Self confident friendly fun personality, comfortable with or without clothes!
    Sexual active, with strong desires! I have been called open minded and that I give the utmost freedom to my wife. One woman is definitely enough for me. I want to love and worship a sexually passionate woman who still fervently craves intimacy and likes to occasionally be discreetly mischievous. I do not require, or expect
    that my wife be absolutely sexually faithful to me!

    My search found many different women in China, who are mostly conservative, but open minded for change!

    Several women sent me interesting personal portraits taken by themselves, but I came up with an idea for finding a photographer for them to pose for, and send photos to me. Two of the women posed and had sex with the photographer. My Fiancee posed for two photographers, and stayed three nights with the second Lover. I was able to watch on his web cam as he posed her for sexy portraits, and made love to her. He was able to capture my favorite image of his semen dripping from her pussy flower.

    (see attached photos)

    The first lover captured an incredible image in a self portrait of himself inserted, and the flow of his semen. (see attached photo). The experience was so exciting for her that she told her best friend about it. They went together to his home and her friend had sex with him as she watched and helped push his balls as he pumped his penis deeply into her. It took him a a long time to release his semen!

    I love her desire to please me and I am helping her find other men which is very difficult in China. Attitudes and laws are very strict there. She attends an English Class in a Restaurant when English speaking men come to meet women. I e-mail one man and got them together for one encounter, but she dose no like his personality. He drinks too much and has a quick temper.

    Her forth Lover is very interesting to me because he is like a father 68 years old, and his wife has cut him off. He visits her twice a month, and gives her a little money to help her out. One day I talked her into leaving the web cam on so I could watch. The computer screen was off so he did not know I was watching. They sat together at the computer table for a little while talking to each other. And then he started playing with her breast. My penis got hard instantly. It did not take long. I was surprised as they stood in front of the computer and He inserted her while standing. She has complained to me that she does not enjoy making love to him anymore because he is no longer romantic. He is too quick.

    But I still think she likes it, because she gets wet enough for him to insert. I watched as she laid on the bed with her legs spread for him. He looked at her and touched her flower to know it was wet and he climbed on. His buns look very good as they tightened each time he pushed himself deeper. It did not take long for him to release. It was easy to tell when he climaxed. As he got up I could see her working to wipe herself clean from the dripping. I wanted to slip in and lick her myself and continue her pleasure.

    She told him the next day that I was watching and he was a little angry, but two weeks later we talked together at the computer and got aquatinted. I assured him the I appreciated him helping her and wanted him to continue to visit. He would always be welcome in our home and could visit any time he wanted!

    We chat everyday on the Yahoo messaging (Eugene1504) which is different from my AOL address!

    I came up with another new idea to find her and, her best friend new lover friend as personal Tour Guides and Escorts to single men visiting China. I put up a Yahoo group site with photos and links. They are both excited about welcoming visitors!



    Thursday, March 20, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cindy at the Florida Keys

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    A few weeks had passed since our first swinging experience between my best friend and my fiancée and it was torture. I didn’t want to seem overly anxious on any possible future rendezvous but it was killing me. I would casually bring his name into our conversation in hopes she would ask and it worked. She couldn’t help but wonder if he mentioned anything about her and her performance. Since I was the only man she had ever had sex with, she needed to know that someone else other than me found her attractive and arousing.

    I would tell her how he kept asking about her and how great she was. By the look in her eyes she was eating it up and then she would continue doing her routine, pretending she didn’t care. But all I had to do was walk up behind her, wrap my arms around her and reach down to realize that she was hotter and wetter than ever.


    One night Cindy mentioned taking advantage of the long weekend and heading out to the Florida Keys for some fun under the sun. Her parents had house there and her family usually spent most summer weekends down there. We were only a couple of hours away and that made it perfect. As we were preparing the Thursday night before, the phone rang and she answered. I didn’t have to guess who it was because she started laughing and giggling; it was Rick.

    She handed me the phone and I casually snuck down the hall and into the den to talk with him. I was hoping to convince him to come along but it didn’t take much to hear him say, ‘sure’. Thoughts were already running through my head about what might happen but I had to keep calm.

    The next morning Cindy and I left with her sisters to the Keys and we met up with most of her family … parents, sisters, and their husbands. We spent the entire day at their house just vegetating and talking about going out at night. I also mentioned that Rick was driving down and was looking for a cheap hotel to spend the night since he didn’t work. Cindy’s mom quickly jumped in and said he should stay with us … she always liked Rick.

    Sometime late in the evening, Rick showed up and everyone (minus the parents) went to the local bar for some dancing and drinks. That night we got home late and just crashed … Rick slept on the sofa bed in the living room and we shared a room with one of her sisters.

    The next day we all went out on her parent’s wave runners until one of them broke down (which happened often). We ended up taking turns on the one remaining wave runner going two at a time. That was our entire Saturday … wave runner, BBQ, and lying under the trees.

    I honestly hadn’t even thought about Cindy and Rick the entire day since it was just another one of our get-togethers. Sometime in the afternoon while I was taking a nap, Cindy and Rick had gone out on the wave runner together.

    She told me later that night that he had taken her out into the middle of the bay and they flipped over. As she was getting back on the wave runner, he pulled her back in the water and held her against him as he caressed her breasts over her suit.

    She started to give him a hand job in the water and he tried to have sex but the water made it uncomfortable and virtually impossible with the waves. He kept trying and it was definitely not going to happen so they climbed back up and he sat behind her rubbing up against her and fingering her.

    Anyways, that night we played Pictionary and hung


    I've written a few stories of my FANTASTIC adventures of being a cum slut whore and don't worry, more will come. For all the cucks out there who wonder what it would be like to watch their wife/girlfriend do Black, I have an easy solution for you. Plan a trip to Jamacia! Why do you think so many white couples/white women go down there? To get fucked of course! Women will find a way for it to happen. Sometimes the husband knows and watches. Sometimes she will plan a shopping excursion or time to be alone. Do you really think she is alone? Get real. All those HOT,SEXY real men down there? Highly doubtful. She's being turned into a slut for Black cock. My Lover there sends me pics of all the women that he and his friends have done. He told me that there is not a woman who has said no to him or any of his friends. So cucks, the thing to do is go for it. Stop wondering, just do it. Life is too short to waste.

    - Constance at the FORUM

    Monday, March 17, 2008


    My Hot Wife Cheated


    I recently wrote asking the good readers of this site if they thought, from the evidence presented, my wife had cuckolded me. Well case closed: she plead guilty.

    We were drinking margaritas and she was feeling sexy so we started fooing around. As I licked her clit and fuckd her with her favorite vibrator I started asking questions again. What had she done? Did she fuck him? Much to my surprise she asked me if I would be mad if she had. I said not if she told the truth. She then reached down and grabbed my cock and said that it seemed like I really did like the idea. I told her "maybe I do." She said, "Well you always encouraged me to be slutty, and you'd like me to fuck someone else. I thought I was doing a good thing..." I then asked for the whole story.

    She met this guy who was a builder and got the hots for him. After talking several times, she invited him over to our house to give her an estimate on upgrading the master bathroom off our bed room. As he scoped things out, she said she came up behind him and started rubbing his arms, then chest. He turned around and they started kissing fiercly without saying anything. She said her panties were totally soaked as she led him into our room, and shimmied out of her sundress. She said she knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans andslid down his boxers. His large erection sprang out, and she said her stomach flipped when she saw the size and girth of it.cheater wife

    I got her to admit that he was at least 8" ( I am only 6.2") After trying to deepthroat him ( which she never does for me) she lay down on the bed and popped off her bra. He slid off her panties, as he stood at the side of the bed. Without any further foreplay he slid his cock slowly into her hot pussy. She said she had to hold his wrists as his thick shaft stretched her tiny cunt the first several thrusts, until finally she felt his balls against her ass.

    At this point I asked her if she felt guilty or anything and she said no. In fact she said she really only wanted that cock in her, and wouldn't have stopped if I walked in. As she said this my straining erection leaked a table spoon of cum.cheating wife

    He gradually increased his speed and she was surprised how she loosened up and began to push back against his thrusts. She did not remember how long they fucked but she said that he began to sweat and tense up, and at the same time she felt herself gush her own cum around his thick shaft, lubing him up futher ( I always have to use ky wih her.) Just after she reached her orgasm she saw his eyes get big and he quickly pulled out and unleashed a massive load of thick cum up her belly, on her belly button ring.

    Then they quickly dressed, and agreed to do it again soon. That night when I approached her for sex, and she was sore, so she turned me down claiming she was tired. They met several times in their cars at seculed spots when I thought she was working, and she always told herself after she had to stop or tell me. The few times we had sex during these weeks, she told me she couldn't really feel my cock against the walls of her vagina, and either faked her orgasm or waited until I came, and made me go down on her or play with one of her toys. They finally stopped when his wife got suspicious.wife

    At this point she asked if I was mad, but I only stood up to show her my rock hard cock, which she guided into her hot cunt. I exploded very quickly inside of her, and she laughed, saying "I guess that's a no." She claims she is not doing this anymore, but she is currently out tanning. And bought a sexy new outfit and a choker necklace that says "I love Boys!" And she told me that she is in her sexual prime and to just trust where her sexuality takes us. So I don't know if my cuckolding experiences are quite over.

    Feel free to tell me what you think. Is she just cheating on me? - burnhamrd7 @


    Friday, March 14, 2008


    My Wife Lisa


    I would like to tell you a story about the first and only cuckold experience that my wife Lisa and I had. First off, let me give you a litte background info. We both met in the Military, I was a Marine, and Lisa was in the Navy. Needless to say, both of us are in good shape which you can see from her pictures.

    I never had any trouble with women, in fact I was bit of a player before I was married. Lisa was a bit more conservative, but being that I had been with a considerable amount of women earlier, she was more than willing for me to 'discover' her sexuality with her. We always had great sex, what turns me on is watching her. Whether it be her fucking me, giving me head or playing with herself, it turns me on, and she knows it. She often would tell me stories about her best friend who is bi-sexual and she might be a little curious. She asked if this would turn me on. Of course I would say, 'Yes'.

    One day, when talking about sex, she brought this up again, and asked what I thought. I told her everything she does turns me on, and that I love watching her, I would like her to try it if she wants, I would just have to be there to experience it with her. I also told her that I have fantasized about her with other men and how that too turns me on. We often talked about our fantasies during sex and kept saying one day we'll try it.

    Then one night we decided to go to a dance club, so we got all dressed up. Lisa was wearing this tight little black outfit that looked a little slutty, I loved it. Our friend Eddie came with us, he was supposed to meet a girl there that one of his old girlfriends was hooking him up with. Eddie is one of my old player friends, he is even better at it than I was. Well we got to the club and we saw the girl he was supposed to meet; let's just say she was a little drunker that he likes them, OK, a lot drunker.

    When Lisa saw her, she laughed and told Eddie that he can be her 'other' date for the night. This got my curiousity going. We all got a couple of drinks and started dancing. We go dancing quite a bit, but I am not as good of a dancer as Lisa or Eddie, so after a couple of songs, I told Lisa I was going to sit out a few songs. She said OK and started to follow me back to the table. She knows I don't mind her dancing with other men, so when we got back to the table, she grabbed Eddie by the hand and told me she was going to have fun with Eddie for a while on the dance floor.

    I knew the drinks were affecting her now, and told her; 'Not too much fun... at least not without me'. She gave me a sly little smile and proceeded to the dance floor. They were out there bumping and grinding all over the dance floor, I noticed I wasn't the only one watching them, after all she did look damn good, and they were dancing a little erotically. Then I noticed her kissing Eddie on the neck every now and then. I don't know if she knew I was watching or not, or if she even cared, after all, we were pretty drunk. 3 am came and it was time to go home. We got a taxi, Eddie wasn't originally going to go home with us, but on the account of his big blind date, he had to.

    I teased him and told him that the drunk girl is still available. He laughed, but Lisa said we couldn't send him home with her because she would intoxicate him, and told him he can stay at our place since he lives across town. Well in the back of the cab, Lisa just happened to be sitting in the middle of me and Eddie.

    She said, 'Wow, I wasn't expecting to go home with two studs, lucky me!'
    And kissed us both on the cheek. You could feel the sexuality stirring in the cab. When we arrived home, Lisa went and got some more drinks and I turned on the music and the blacklight, then she came back and sat down in the middle of the two of us again. She slid a little forward and leaned back, as she did this her skirt rode up enough to see her sexy red panties.

    I knew I had to do something, so I started rubbing her leg and kissing her neck. She turned to me and kissed me for a minute or so, and then turned and looked at Eddie. Eddie looked over at me looking for guidance, I gave him a little nod, and he started kissing her. With that, I started to finger her and then pulled off her panties. After doing that for a while and getting her very wet, I kind of sat on her lap facing her, she looked at me curiously and then I pulled her blouse off. That did it, with that, she started rubbing Eddie's dick through his pants, and then he undid them and she started rubbing him a bit.

    From there, I leaned her back so she was laying on the couch, I was kneeling on the floor kissing her, and Eddie started to crawl on top of her. All of a sudden she stopped kissing me,she arched back and gave a little moan. I knew he had entered her. Then she started kissing him again, I just kind of sat back and watched. After a few minutes of this, he got off of her and turned her over. From there I entered her from behind, and he went around front and she took him in her mouth. It was hard to do this on the couch, so we all decided to go to the bedroom and finish up.

    We ended up fucking the rest of the night away and all passed out naked. Later that morning I woke up, Lisa was facing me and gently rubbing my chest. I looked at her, she had her eyes closed then I realized Eddie was fucking her from behind. I kissed her softly. With that, she rolled over and faced Eddie, then mounted him. I just lay back in bed and watched them for the next hour. In the light, I could see all of her expressions, and that turned me on more than anything.

    Watching her is extremely erotic, she can move like no other. Finally he came while she was on top of him, he just stayed inside of her while they kissed for a while. Eventually Eddie had to go home, so we all got dressed and walked him to the door. Lisa gave him a nice goodbye kiss, and sent him on his way. As the door closed Lisa looked at me and said, 'Well that was interesting.' I kissed her and hugged her. 'I love you' I told her, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. With that, we we went to the bedroom and made love on and off the rest of the day.

    Now we haven't repeated any experience like it for somereason but I'd love to. I think she needs to be in the right mood and I don't want to push her. If it happens again you can bet I'll let you all know. - Karl


    Monday, March 10, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cindy's Birthday

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    My birthday was that weekend and things had calmed down from the festivities and get-togethers with friends. It wasn’t any different than previous years and I didn’t expect it to be.

    After a long week of cleaning up and getting back to reality, Cindy and I decided to stay home for the weekend. We ended up catching up on house chores and the little things that never seem to get done.

    Friday night, Cindy handed me my honey-do-list of things to buy and errands to do that evening. On the way out, she handed me a belated birthday card and told me not to open it until I received a page from her on my beeper (yes … this was a while ago). And with that, off I went shopping.

    A couple of hours later, almost being done with my list, I was in the drive through line of Taco Bell. I figured I’d take some food back to the house so we could just watch TV and eat. As I was pulling up to the window, my pager went off and a jolt of excitement ran through me. Throughout the shopping and errands, I had actually forgotten about the card.

    I took the card out of the envelope and, as I opened it, a Polaroid photograph slipped out and landed on my lap upside down. I turned the picture over and my jaw nearly hit the ground. There, in full color, was a torso shot of my wife. From breasts to knees … but that wasn’t the half of it. She was completely shaved.

    For the longest time I had tried to convince her into shaving herself just for once … and I guess she decided to make it my birthday present. I quickly pulled out of the drive through and pulled aside to read the card. This is what is read:

    “Happy Birthday.

    By the time you read this card, Rick will be enjoying this. Take your time!!!”

    No sooner had I finished the card, I was racing home and disregarded my last two errands. I knew that Rick was probably already there and I couldn’t help but wonder how long they were ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Friday, March 07, 2008


    My Wife Stacey

    Hi Everyone,

    Great blog that's right up our alley!

    Let me tell you about my wife and how we discovered our cuckold sides. One night while making love, my wife told me she wished she had three of me. I was intrigued because it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch Stacey make love to other men.

    We were thrilled to realize we had the same fantasy. We fantasized about it for months having great sex in the process! On vacation in Gatlinburg, Tenn. we agreed it was time to make our fantasy come true! Stacey and I went to a night club for her to pick up a guy. After several hours we were disappointed to find no one that Stacey was interested in. I was getting restless and decided to go back to the motel.

    To my surprise, Stacey was determined to find her a man. She was very worked up and horny! We agreed that I would come check on her in 20 minutes. After being at the motel for only 10 minutes there was a knock on the door. It was Stacey, she said she had 2 guys waiting outside! She told me that while at the club she used an old trick. She had a sad look on her face because of not being able to find anyone, when 2 friends came along side her and asked what was wrong.
    nude wife

    She said that she didn't want to go back to the motel alone. They were eager to oblige her even when she said her husband would be joining in. They gave her a ride to the motel. On the way she got in the back seat with one of them and he began kissing and feeling her. She was on fire and reached for his cock - she let out a squeal when she realized they both were very hard! When she came in the motel room she told me she would fuck both of them if I wanted, but we agreed that one at a time would be better to start with.

    She went to get Jason and Phil who were waiting outside and brought them in. After we were introduced, Stacey removed her clothes and began undressing her 2 men. Watching her kiss another man for the first time was very exiting as she worked her way down to his hard cock. I was in ecstasy watching her little mouth taking his hard cock in and out. Stacey led Phil to the hot tub and lowered herself on his cock, she let out squeels of pleasure I had never heard before!

    As she road his cock she called out to Jason and I that she needed something to suck! Jason was eager to have her suck him and jumped by her side. She could barely get her lips around his cockhead as she was being bounced around too much. Stacey took turns alternating between our cocks until we all piled onto the bed. Jason layed on his back and Stacey got on her knees and began sucking his cock. Phil moved in behind her and filled her pussy with his cock. She was having the fuck of her life and loving every minute of it!

    I watched as Jason began to squirm and unloaded his cum on Stacey's mouth and breasts! We continued to fuck her for hours until Stacey was too tired for anymore. After they left we talked about our favorite parts and got so worked up that we made love once more! Stacey's pussy was much looser than usual and she was very tender. It was very exciting watching my cock pull their cum from her cunt. It didn't take long for me to fill her with mine once more! We are now looking for more men in our area online to become friends with and have some hot nights with.

    This is our only experience so far, we would like to have more! Please find enclosed a few pictures of Stacey.

    Stacey & John


    Monday, March 03, 2008


    Our First Time

    hot wife julie
    Hi to all the Cuckold Blog Readers,

    My wife and I had been married almost 8 years when we decided to make our already great sex-life even better. We decided to start out slowly, and to be sure and let the other know if anything made us uncomfortable. Julie really wanted to experience sucking another man's cock since I had been her first and only and I secretly always wanted to see her do that but never said anything. We decided a great candidate would be my best friend Scott. He is a great guy and one who we both felt comfortable with.

    I had given him a little previous warning as to what the afternoon/evening might hold before he came over that evening. He always came by to hang out most evenings anyway when he didn't have a date. That night we sat around having a few beers and talking, and even had a little bit to smoke. Julie mentioned that she had been shopping for a new swimsuit that day. I told her to go put it on and model it for us. Nervously, she left the room. Scott and I continued to talk and drink in her absence. He looked at me with a questioning look on his face. I said, 'this could be it, if she doesn't chicken-out.'

    Just follow my lead, I said. She returned wearing a very sexy bikini with strings on either side and the top nicely nestled her 36-B tits. Julie stands about 5' 7" tall and is 34-26-34. She has beautiful brown eyes and nice brunette hair as you can see in the pictures of that night. She came in and sat down between us and said, 'what do you think?' Scott, almost drooling, said,'very nice!'. I told her she did a great job picking it out. It really looked great on her. After another beer, I finally reached over and put my arm around Julie and unhooked her swimsuit from the back and pulled the strings to reveal her beautiful tits to Scott. She has very firm breasts with beautiful, small nipples that grow very hard, very fast.wife julie

    Immediately Scott grabbed one of her tits and started sucking her nipple. I grabbed the other. Together, Scott and I layed Julie back on the bed and peeled the swimsuit the rest of the way off. She was now completely naked laying on the soft comforter. Scott then turned his attention to her beautiful shaved mound and started trying to eat her pussy and she let him. Soon, all three of us were nude and rolling around on the bed. Scott went back to eating her pussy while she began to suck my hard dick.

    She was going crazy with pleasure as he ate her wet pussy and she hungrily sucked my cock. Finally, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, 'Scott, let me suck YOUR dick for a while.' She pushed him back on the bed and they began a 69 with her sucking his rock-hard dick. Scott was a bit smaller than me, but every bit as hard (see picture). I was watching and drooling when she motioned for me to come and kiss her. As I kissed Julie, she put my hand on Scott's cock with hers. She resumed sucking his dick and told me how good it felt in her mouth. Together we were pumping his cock, while Scott was writhing in pleasure. It was then that Julie pushed Scott's cock over to my lips, and without even thinking I began to suck the head into my mouth.

    Julie let out a moan and began fingering herself furiously as I sucked that hard cock as I pumped it with my hand. Scott looked down and just rolled his eyes back in pleasure. Julie kept fingering herself and licking her fingers, as I continued sucking my first cock. She rubbed her pussy juice on his dick and licked it off with me. She reached down and grabbed my cock and said, 'I want some cum!' She started sucking like crazy and pumping so hard I couldn't hold back. I shot a load that went up the side of her face and into one eye, but she kept pumping my cock and drinking every drop. She quickly grabbed Scott's dripping cock and started pumping it until his load shot into the air and she hungrily went after every drop.

    We all three just lay in the floor for a few minutes. Finally, Julie got up and went to clean up and went on to bed in the spare room exhausted while Scott and I had another beer. We were all still a little nervous at our new venture into the cuckolding world, but we definitely wanted to try that again!

    I'll share more of our experiences in future stories.

    Carl & Julie


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