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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, March 31, 2008


    My Wife Said These Words to me as I ...

    ... tried to make love to her last night:

    Why don’t you fuck me harder?

    Is it in yet?

    Oh yeah, thats right, it never really goes in does it?

    Its too short to even reach my hole isnt it?

    Answer me!

    I want to hear you say it!

    Tell me your dick is too little to please your wife. Or any other woman for that matter.

    Say it!

    OK, now that we have that out of the way. Can you hurry up and get this over with? I’ve got shit to do.
    I cant spend all night diddling your little pee pee.

    Are you ready to squirt your little load yet?

    Would it help if I pretend to enjoy it?

    Too bad!

    Im not going to degrade myself by putting on a show for you!

    Its bad enough that I put up with that tiny, shriveled sad, little excuse for a dick trying desperately to get inside me every night, only to have it rub frantically against me for a minute or two before squirting a few drops sperm on my leg.

    God! I wish I had someone who could make me feel like a real woman. I haven’t felt like that in sooooo long.

    Oh, I know I have the toys, but its just not the same as having a big, hard, man-sized cock slamming in and out of me for an hour and then filling me soo full of cum that it runs out and makes a big stain on the mattress.
    (Sigh) I guess that is not going to happen again.

    Or maybe it will?

    Maybe I will just go and find me a real man with a real cock that can make me feel like a real woman. Would you like that, pencildick?

    Too bad!

    I’ve made up my mind. Starting tomorrow this pussy is going to belong to a real man.

    Oh, don’t cry baby, Im not leaving you. Im not going anywhere.

    I still love you.

    What I cant stand, however is being sexually frustrated.

    Life is too short...and so is your little dicklett. Ha ha ha!

    don’t you agree?

    Then say it!

    Look me in the eye and say, my tiney tiny dick is too small to do anything for my wife and she deserves to be pleasured by a real man.

    Say it or you will never get any of this pussy again! NEVER!

    Good, that’s a good boy.wife

    Now that we have that established, lets talk about our new arrangement.

    First , Im going to severely limit your peckers exposure to my pussy. Maybe it will appreciate it more then. Ya think?

    Never mind, it dos’nt matter what you think!

    From now on if that disgusting little piece of flesh between your legs comes in contact with my body you will have worked damn hard for the privilege.

    That’s right, privilege!

    From now on if you wont sexual pleasure form my body you are going to have to earn it.

    Don’t look soo sad baby, I haven’t had any real pleasure in years. But that’s all going to change now!
    Starting now you will be the frustrated one in this marriage, not me.

    Also, we need to talk about truth in advertising.


    That dos’nt surprise me.

    Im talking about you walking around pretending to be a real man.

    Still don’t get it?

    OK, (sigh) listen carefully. You wear mens underwear right?


    Its wrong for you to walk around all day pretending to be packing a real dick when there is just a little pinky-prick hanging down there.

    Sooooo... I think Im going to put you in panties.

    Oh stop it! Its not like you have a dick or something.

    NO! You don’t have a dick.

    Its too small to even be considered a little dick.
    Its more like a big clit.

    SHUT UP! Don’t you dare talk back to me!

    Your not going to change my mind. Not unless you grow a dick. That’s not going to happen is it?

    Is it?!

    Ok then, its settled. Tomorrow while Im out looking for a real man to give this pussy to I will pick you up some pretty, pink, lacy, panties. You will look soooo cute!!

    Oh, better yet!

    You can get them yourself. Of course I will have to be there to make sure you get the right thing. And if you try to pull some shit I will make sure the cashier and anyone else in the store knows exactly whats going on and just who will be wearing the panties and why.

    Hell yess! I would absolutly do that! You don’t need self esteem, you need to grow a dick. You don’t deserve any respect. If the judge who married us had ever saw you naked he would have altered the vows to leave out that whole bit about respect , honor and obey.

    Are you ready to cum yet?

    You better hurry up!

    Alright im tired of this shit! You got 10 more strokes and if you don’t finish that’s just too bad.

    Only five strokes left Needledick.

    You better make it count cause this is the last your getting for a good long while.

    There, that’s it.

    Now, dosent that feel better?wife

    Get some rest baby, we have a lot of shopping to do in the morning.

    Oh my God! I know you didn’t forget already! We just talked about this. We have to find me a man and you some panties.

    Role playing?! You thought we were role playing? How can you be so stupid?

    NO! Your not getting out of this! I meant every word I said and you agreed to my terms. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

    --> She has been saying stuff like that for awhile now and it turns me on to no end although she doesn't know it. I am officially cucked now and can't wait for her to meet up with one of her co-workers Ron who promised to take her out on Friday. - Jeremy


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