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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, March 20, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cindy at the Florida Keys

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    A few weeks had passed since our first swinging experience between my best friend and my fiancée and it was torture. I didn’t want to seem overly anxious on any possible future rendezvous but it was killing me. I would casually bring his name into our conversation in hopes she would ask and it worked. She couldn’t help but wonder if he mentioned anything about her and her performance. Since I was the only man she had ever had sex with, she needed to know that someone else other than me found her attractive and arousing.

    I would tell her how he kept asking about her and how great she was. By the look in her eyes she was eating it up and then she would continue doing her routine, pretending she didn’t care. But all I had to do was walk up behind her, wrap my arms around her and reach down to realize that she was hotter and wetter than ever.


    One night Cindy mentioned taking advantage of the long weekend and heading out to the Florida Keys for some fun under the sun. Her parents had house there and her family usually spent most summer weekends down there. We were only a couple of hours away and that made it perfect. As we were preparing the Thursday night before, the phone rang and she answered. I didn’t have to guess who it was because she started laughing and giggling; it was Rick.

    She handed me the phone and I casually snuck down the hall and into the den to talk with him. I was hoping to convince him to come along but it didn’t take much to hear him say, ‘sure’. Thoughts were already running through my head about what might happen but I had to keep calm.

    The next morning Cindy and I left with her sisters to the Keys and we met up with most of her family … parents, sisters, and their husbands. We spent the entire day at their house just vegetating and talking about going out at night. I also mentioned that Rick was driving down and was looking for a cheap hotel to spend the night since he didn’t work. Cindy’s mom quickly jumped in and said he should stay with us … she always liked Rick.

    Sometime late in the evening, Rick showed up and everyone (minus the parents) went to the local bar for some dancing and drinks. That night we got home late and just crashed … Rick slept on the sofa bed in the living room and we shared a room with one of her sisters.

    The next day we all went out on her parent’s wave runners until one of them broke down (which happened often). We ended up taking turns on the one remaining wave runner going two at a time. That was our entire Saturday … wave runner, BBQ, and lying under the trees.

    I honestly hadn’t even thought about Cindy and Rick the entire day since it was just another one of our get-togethers. Sometime in the afternoon while I was taking a nap, Cindy and Rick had gone out on the wave runner together.

    She told me later that night that he had taken her out into the middle of the bay and they flipped over. As she was getting back on the wave runner, he pulled her back in the water and held her against him as he caressed her breasts over her suit.

    She started to give him a hand job in the water and he tried to have sex but the water made it uncomfortable and virtually impossible with the waves. He kept trying and it was definitely not going to happen so they climbed back up and he sat behind her rubbing up against her and fingering her.

    Anyways, that night we played Pictionary and hung


    I've written a few stories of my FANTASTIC adventures of being a cum slut whore and don't worry, more will come. For all the cucks out there who wonder what it would be like to watch their wife/girlfriend do Black, I have an easy solution for you. Plan a trip to Jamacia! Why do you think so many white couples/white women go down there? To get fucked of course! Women will find a way for it to happen. Sometimes the husband knows and watches. Sometimes she will plan a shopping excursion or time to be alone. Do you really think she is alone? Get real. All those HOT,SEXY real men down there? Highly doubtful. She's being turned into a slut for Black cock. My Lover there sends me pics of all the women that he and his friends have done. He told me that there is not a woman who has said no to him or any of his friends. So cucks, the thing to do is go for it. Stop wondering, just do it. Life is too short to waste.

    - Constance at the FORUM

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