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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 29, 2009


    My Wife on a Date - 2

    Hello all finally an update from "My Wife on a Date" in September.

    Well things have been very hot for my wife. The guy that she met on Facebook is now her regular "Boyfriend". She sees him about 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. Their fuck dates are becoming a regular thing to say the least. I get very turned on and I am so lucky that she comes home to me and then usually lets me lick her pussy again and gives me some pussy also.

    Now on to the details that I hope there are many who want to hear about. She believes in being safe, but she has not made him use a condom at all and she has now been to see him around 8 times in a little less than a month. This really means she likes him. She said not to worry that she won't get pregnant. He does not cum in her pussy she said, he comes in her mouth, or on her face, hair and tits etc...... OMG that almost made me cum when she told me that for the first time.

    She rarely sucks my cock but loves to suck his and enjoys him cumming on her. She really has to like him and she said it's so hot when he fucks me that "I can not and will not stop him if he does not want to use a condom". When I protested she said "it was really none of my business and it did not matter if I liked it or not". She then told me that if I wanted her to that she would stop but I said no you enjoy it but please be

    Now she has also told me, and it makes me have butterflies, that he has the largest load of cum she has ever seen and that it was easily 10 times the amount I cum. She said she was sucking his dick and jacking him off one night and he filled her hand up and it ran out everywhere. She has also told me that another time he covered her face and she tried to swallow it all but it came out the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin and dripped on to her neck. She then had to try and scoop it up with her finger to get it all so it would not go to waste.

    The other night I was fucking her and I said to her you really want him to cum inside you and fill you up like I can't do don't you? She said YES BABY I REALLY DO and she came hard. She has even got to the point that she will text me during the day and tell me I am going to C's house because he wants me to tonight. And many times she will say "Oh and I will be out late so do not bother me and I will wake you up when I get in"

    The other day she left about 1AM and did not come back the next day until about 9:30AM. I had texted her several times and I thought she was ignoring me but she said she left her phone on silent because she did not want to be bothered. She had texted me about 9AM finally and said "I'm on my way home now." I met her on my way home as she was leaving the house going somewhere with my daughter around 12 noon and I was kind of ill and had not responded to her texts because she had not mine for a while.

    Well when I got in I saw the bra she was wearing and immediately looked through the dirty clothes to see if I could find her hot black lace panties that matched the bra. I could not find them anywhere and my heart was pounding. I thought well she might have them on. I went into the bathroom and there on the towel rack, she had left them for me to find. I got so hot and bothered and then any anger I had turned to lust as I realized she planned to let me find them. There was not a lot of cum in them so I asked later and it was confirmed she did not have them on long as she basically wore them there and then wore them home and left them for me to find and inspect. She loves the power she has over me and other men and I do also.

    She has another date planned for either Saturday or Sunday and at this rate she will probably have had about 10 or more sex dates in her first month with her new boyfriend. Although she said she does not want to see anyone else and her new Boyfriend does not either she has a couple of other guys that are on the radar. I complained and asked why her new Boyfriend did not seem to want to fuck her in front of me.cuckold

    She said "I don't know". I do kind of understand it is easy because at his house she can do what ever and be as loud as they want with no one to bother them. Last night she woke me and told me that one of these guys (on the radar) she was talking to would fuck her in front of me but he is in Fla and that is about 6+ hr drive. I know she was flirting with him as she told him earlier he was Super Mega Hot and she said when she showed me his pic on Facebook, " I mean look at him he is sexy and I would FUCK him in a second." She smiled at me as she knew my cock was getting hard and I liked it. For now we will just have to wait and see where that goes if anywhere at all.

    She told me last night as we were fucking that she thought that she was going to wait until near the end of her cycle and let her Boyfriend fill her pussy up with a load he saved for a few days and then bring me home a present for our anniversary this year. She said she was worried that most of it might leak out so she might have to wear some panties that will hold it in until she can get home and make me lick it out. OMG.

    I am very excited about that possibility and all the other ones. Well I have attached a pic of me and her (I have a condom on and had been fucking her in the pic) The other ones are just a couple of pics for you to visualize what a hot little slut I have (she sent me some of these). BTW. The black lace panties in one of the pics are the ones I found in the bathroom. Hope you like her pics and they make you cum hard. Oh almost forgot that she told me he wants to make a video of him fucking her. I do not know if I will get to see it but I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed and your cocks hard.

    A True Cuckold - blueeyesonetime @


    Sunday, October 25, 2009


    More of Hot Wife Gina - by Hubby

    New Story. Let me know:

    They were both naked on the bed. I was fully clothed and watching in rapt attention.

    “Mmm! Your pussy feels so nice and tight” Adam called out as he pumped his dick in and out of her with long hard stokes.

    “Oh Adam, you feel so big and hard” Moaned my wife as she energetically fucked her younger lover back.

    This was way too hot, and scandalous, and off the mainstream--definitely not a behavior most would approve of. Likely a behavior that would throw most husbands into a rage. But there was my wife, flat on her back and spread-eagled in a room at the Hilton in Manhattan, while a man 10-years her junior, a man she had only met an hour before was fucking her so completely she had already cum once and was fast approaching a second orgasm.

    She wanted it bad and was not shy about showing it. Her pussy was so wet it was making squishing noises with each thrust and an almost milky substance was dripping from her onto the bed sheets. That only happens to her when she’s super aroused and clearly Adam’s 8-inch dick had her right there.

    She tightly gripped his ass as it was pounding into her, her wedding ring visible as she pulled him into her deeper and deeper. Seeing her there fully submissive, not only accepting but actively helping Adam have his fill of her married pussy, all under the watchful eye of her husband—it had me so hard and aroused I was almost hypnotized, involuntarily rubbing my cock through my pants.CUCKOLD

    “Oh God!” she cried out as he began to gently nibble on her nipple then moved up to her mouth, sucking her tongue into his mouth as his cock filled her pussy.

    I moved around the hotel room taking pictures of my wife loving every sensation as she willingly gave her pussy to this stranger with a big dick. Excited to be witnessing how wanton my wife of 20 years was.

    Excited to see how aroused and hot this young man was to be fucking my wife, both of them ignoring me while they focused on having every inch of one another. It couldn’t get any better!

    “Oh Adam, I’m ready to cum any time but I want to wait so we can cum together.”

    Adam grunted an affirmative and he slowed his pace down, fucking my wife with long, hard strokes, causing her to moan even more as she began to hungrily kiss him with a passion I only see in her when she is in a heightened state of arousal, her feet and toes flexing involuntarily as she fought to contain her release.

    Adam quickened his pace and started fucking her like a man possessed, causing Wifey to scream out in pleasure: “ Oh Fuck me, Fuck meee…I’m cumming ohhhh God I’m cumming”.

    This proved to be too much for him as he stiffened and with one deep thrust he let out a moan and came, collapsing on top of her.

    On the taxi ride home Wifey turned to me and gave me a slow passionate kiss.

    “That was amazing” she said “probably the best fucking I’ve had in a long time.”

    “Are you spent?” I asked her. “Or can we have some fun at home?”

    “Don’t worry.” She chuckled. “There’s still some more of me for you. Besides, I want to make sure you get your sloppy seconds.”

    I did. Twice.

    gina19602 @


    Thursday, October 22, 2009


    Becoming a Bull

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for some time now. I have always wondered what it would be like to be the bull that the woman goes to and can not say no too. I never figured I would become one because I am a fairly average man. I am 35 years old, 6'4", 285lbs, short brown hair, balding a bit, blue eyes with strong arms. As for my manhood, I am nothign huge, but I am 7 inches of muscle my wife likes very much. A few weeks ago, I would however have my opportunity to try out becoming a bull.

    I was in downtown LA on business for a few days. I was staying near the Staples Center and the LALive area. The first night I was there, I headed out on foot to find something to eat. After walking around for a while, I settled on a nice seafood restaurant across the way from the hotel. I was seated and would soon meet Tanya, my waitress. I have never really looked at other woman in real life since I got married, but she was very attractive to me. She had a beautiful smile and an intoxicating scent. As the night would go on, I would notice her deep brown eyes, long black hair and the smoothest tan skin you ever saw. She was wearing a tight black tank top with black slacks and heels. I would guestimate that she was from 23-26 year old and noticed the ring on her finger right away.

    We struck up conversation every time she would visit my table and I decided I was going to try something for the first time. I started flirting with her as she would bring me food and my drinks. When she would take a glass or plate, I would "Accidently" brush her hand with mine. Before long, I could feel her gaze on me when ever she was near my table. Finally it was time to test it all. She brought me the check and I gave her a larger than normal tip and left her a note with my hotel and room number on it. When she returned, I told her I was going to be up late if she was not doing anything. She smiled and I thanked her for a wonderful meal. I just figured she was flirting with me to get a larger tip. I had no real expectation that she would actually take me up on the offer. But I could not help but think about her smooth skin and the one time I was her nipples poking through her bra and tank. I was semi hard all the way to my hotel.PIC

    I was back at my hotel and was watching sports when I heard a knock on the door. A shock shot through my body. Would this totally hot sexy 23 year old married woman come see me instead of going home to her husband? I could not believe my eyes when I opened the door to see her standing there at my door like at 16 year old on her first date. In her hand, she brought some desert. She asked if maybe I wanted to join her in some chocolate cake. I invited her in. She was still in her black slacks and tank top, only she had put on a grey over coat for the night air. After taking her coat for her, we began sharing the cake. As we did, we chatted about ourselves and the fact that neither of us had ever done anything like this. She mentioned that her husband and she were looking for a way to spice up their sex and a friend of hers saw her flirting with me and thought it might be a good way to do just that. I smiled at her and slowly gave her a bit of the cake off my fork.

    It was not long before the cake was gone and I offered her a more comfortable seat on the bed. She stood up and smiled and hesitated. I grabbed her waist and pulled her tight and kissed her hard. She tried to fight for a second, but then returned the kiss and my hands held her body tight against mine. Finally I released her and she gasp for breath. I kept on hand around her waist and looked into her eyes and told her now was the time for her to leave is she was going to. She looked up towards me, I told her that if she did not leave, by the end of the night, she would be mine. She looked at me for another second, then reached up and kissed me on the lips. I held her tight and lifted her to my level as we kissed. Then I lowered her to the bed. As she released the kiss, her head laid back and I began kissing her neck. I could not believe I was doing this. I spent quite some time licking and sucking her neck and body as I removed her tank top and her slacks. It was at this poitn I would find her wearing a hot sexy bra with matching panties, garter and stockings. I worked my way up her body with kisses and nibbles from her toes to her head. When I began nibbling her ear, I gently pressed my hard rod against her now wet panties. She moaned.

    I began working on getting her panties off. When I did, I could not believe the sight of no tan lines, this dark skin was her natural color. I dove into her lips like it was a swimming pool. Licking and sucking her lips and clit. It did not take long before he would begin her first round or orgasms. As the tension built, she moaned louder and louder. By the time she was cumming, she was screeming and begging for more. As she began to finish her third orgasm in a row, her cell phone began to ring. Her eyes got really big and she got really tense as she got up to get the phone. As she got it out of her purse she looked at the number. I looked at her and asked who it was. She said it was her husband. She was about to answer it when I grabbed the phone from her. She looked at me in surprise. I reminded her that by staying, she was mine and I turned the call off. I threw the phone on the chair and turned back to her. As she stood there in shock, I grabbed her head and gave her a hard kiss. As I did, I walked her back to the bed and gently bent her over the edge. I began rubbing my rod against her now soaking wet lips from behind. I dropped my pants and boxers and released it for her. As I began sliding it against her from behind she protested. She said that I must have condom on. I told her I did not have any and neither did she. She told me to get some. I looked at her and smiled, I told her if she wanted them, it was up to her to get them.

    I decided to test her. As she walked over to her cloths, I told her she did not have permission to get dressed and leave. I told her if she wanted them, she would have to go as she was dressed. We argued for a few minutes and it was decided that she could wear one of my dress shirts down to the corner store. I was in total shock as she walked out the door wearing nothing but my shirt with her stockings and bra. I had no idea how sexualy intoxicating this kind of control was. I stayed hard the entire 20-30 minutes she was gone. When she returned, you could tell it was cold outside as her nipples where pushing through her bra and the shirt. They were huge and I decided I could not wait any longer. I ripped off the shirt and her bra and laid her on the bed and began sucking and massaging her chest. Her breasts were perfect. She was the first woman I had known to be of larger size who did not need her bra. Her chest was firm enough that when I took it off, they stayed up nice and tight. I kissed and sucked for what seemed eternity. Finally she was begging me to put it in. As she wished, I leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips as I slid the tip into her warm wet hole. She moaned and grunted again as I gently pulled it out and started to stroke it against her clit. I stroked it long and hard against her clit as her breathing increased and she began to grunt louder. Then I swiftly shifted my hips and quickly slid it deep inside her lips and she let out a screem from the pleasure. She began to shake and twitch as I leaned back and stroked her clit with my rod deep inside of her. She began gushing juice around my shaft and down my balls as she came two more times.

    After she relaxed, I began stroking my rod inside and out. She moaned everytime I found the hilt against her lips. I began to pick up the pace and she began grunting louder and louder. It wasnt until I finally let loose with my first load of cum inside of her that she realized I was not wearing a condom. She began to squirm but as I continued to shoot load after load inside of her, I laid forward on top of her so she had to take it all. Finally, she just gave in and laid there enjoying ever shot. I rolled off of her and began rubbing by cum from her lips all over her body. As I teased her clit once more, she began to feel her next round of orgasms coming. About this time, her phone would ring again. She wondered why her phone was on the night stand. I told her that her husband had called while she was out and I answered it for her. She picked it up and it was her husband again. I told her if she wanted to, she could answer it this time. As she did, I continued stroking and rubbing my cum all over her. It was a short conversation about what she was doing and how it felt. I suspect somewhere along the line he told her to cum home, as I heard her reply "I cant, I have to do what he says, he has already made me cum 5 times and there are more coming." She listened for a while as I stroked her clit. Her breathing increased and I told her to ask him if he wanted to hear your next orgasm. As she asked him, she started it and was screaming and cumming all over my hand again. This time I would slide 4 fingers deep inside of her while stroking her clit with my thumb. Her orgasm lasted several minutes and would end with a gasp and her colapsing onto the bed. I took the phone and said, she is busy now, she will get back to you and hung it up. I was getting off on the power that being a bull was giving me.

    Before I had even set her phone down, she had fallen asleep. I laid next to her and around 3 am, fell asleep myself. I awoke in the morning to the sound of the hair dryer going. I got up and walked to the bathroom. She had gotten showered and dressed and was preparing to leave. She looked absolutly gorgious. This combined with being the morning, made me hard as a rock instantly. I asked where she was going and she said she was having breakfast with her mom and needed to go. As she walked over towards her shoes purse, I grabbed her around the waist again. I kissed her deep. I asked her if I pleased her last night, her reply was oh yes, very much so. I told her good, now it was time for her to please me. I grabbed her hard and kissed her deep. As I did, I dropped her pants around her ankles and let her step out of them. Then I took her around the waist and threw her to the bed roughly. She squeeled in surprise. I jumped on top of her and began kissing and bit her all over. For the next while, I was stripping her with my teeth. I finally had her totally naked and rolled her on her hands and knees and was mounting her from behind. She was moaning and grunting once again as I grabbed her hips and began pounding hard into her. As I did, her phone rang once again. She could see it as I pounded her and I told her to turn it off, that her husband would have to wait once more. She said it was her mom. I continued as she said she had to answer it. She tried to have a conversation as I pounded her harder and harder. I could not believe how hard I was or how much I needed her to cum on me. I began slamming her from behind. All I remember of the conversation was her saying, I cant come mom, I have to please him he is my bull now, I have to do what he says.

    With that she began returning the pounding. For the next several hours again we would have sex in every position we could think of. It finally ended with me in her bum from behind as she screemed with please. I grabbed her chest as I began to cum in her and pounded my rod as deep into her as I could. She collapsed onto the bed as I pounded her a few more times from behind. She could barely move from the workout. I was on cloud nine as a bull, I was liking the control and the attention. I got showered and dressed. I packed my things and was headed for the airport. When I left, she was still laying face down on the bed with her legs spread from her pounding.

    I left her a note regarding our encounter, telling her I could return in a month if she liked. She was to get my email from this note to you and send me an answer to my last question to her. As a souvenier of my becoming a bull, I took her bra and panties. I could not resist the temptation or the thought of her returning home to her husband sore and without them. I am attaching a picture of them for your viewers as well as an action shot I took in the middle of the evening.

    Comments and feedback are welcome as to how I did for my first time as a bull. Would also like any sugestions for the next time, if there is one, I meet with her again. Tanya, if you would like me to visit again, please email me with your answer to my conditions and we will see if you will get another round. Tell your mom sorry to have made you miss breakfast.

    Webmaster, thank you for having this site. Without it, I would not have become a bull, and Tanya would not have been able to cuckold her husband for the night.

    bjm2005 @


    Sunday, October 18, 2009


    She was in Lust

    This is a true story that happened last weekend. My wife Diane is 35yrs. old and hot. It has always been a real fantasy turn on for me to think abut her having sex with another man while I watched. I had brought it up to her several times in the past with a rather mild interest on her part.

    That is until last weekend. We travelled to Virginia to attend a wedding for one of her college friends. The wedding was on Saturday but we arrived on Friday night to give us some extra time to relax. The wedding was being held at a Banquet/ Conference center with an attached hotel and several night clubs and restaurants. We checked into our room and headed down to the restaurant for some dinner.

    In the lobby Diane spotted three of her sorority sisters who were all chatting and popping inside and out to catch a quick smoke. During the conversation a guy by the name of Rick ran up and was getting reaquainted with the group. Almost immediately I could feel the electricity in the air between Diane and Rick; the big smile, screeching hello, long hug and big (friendly kiss on the lips). The two of them kind of paired of to the side and chatted for about 10 minutes before I figured that I would walk over, only to get a "oh yeah, this is my husband Rob".

    They continued on for about 10 more minutes until our little flashy disk thing signalled our table was ready. As we were leaving Rick mentioned that he and a couple others would be hanging out in "Velocity" , one of the dance clubs , and that she should stop by. I was hoping that this was leading to where it appeared to be leading. Before bumping into Rick; Diane had said that she was starving and tired. "I just want to eat, go back to the room and relax." Now, she hardly touched her dinner and carried on for the next hour about what a great guy Rick was and how close they were in college.

    Unfortunately he was dating a friend of her's so nothing had ever happened between them. I must admit, Rick was quite the guy. 6ft. 1" 200 lbs. with deep blue eyes and a charming smile and lots of charisma. After dinner we returned to our room. I could tell that Diane had something on her mind. She said that she had gotten a second wind and felt like maybe going out to one of the clubs. What a surprise when she blurted that she read in the motel guide what a great place the Velocity club was supposed to be.

    She showered then began getting dressed. When I saw her outfit I knew that my suspicions maybe correct. Gone were the sweatpants and t-shirt. She had on a short black mini skirt, a white spagehtti strapped spandex shaper top that really showed her chest and a pair of sexy black flats.

    She looked and smelled awesome. She even put a lotion with sparkles on her chest to help guide the eyes. When we entered the club Rick was already there with 2 other friends. When he spotted her he did one of those dumb struck double takes and almost dropped his drink. Around 11:00 the DJ began to play and the lights were dimmed. By this time Diane had about 5 peach snapps with O.J. and was feeling no pain. Her and Rick were on the dance floor for just about every dance.

    Then the DJ played dirty dancing. WHOOOAAAA, it was HOT!! Diane was rubbing up and grinding on Rick like a sex crazed maniac. At the end of the dance, they came back over to rest. Most of the side by side seats were taken so Diane promptly sat on Rick's lap.The beer was working on my bladder so I excused myself to the men's room. On the way out Rick came in. He said that he was very sorry for monopolizing Diane and asked that I please not be angry with him for the way they were carrying on. He said that he does stupid things when he drinks, and the way Diane was dressed and the fact that he hasn't gotten laid in a year where all wearing on him.

    I assured him that I was not angry and that his behavior was ok as I had enjoyed seeing Diane relax and open up. I then went outside for a quick smoke upon returning to the club Lady in Red was playing. Rick and Diane were on the floor, dancing very close and gazing into each other's eyes. His hands were around her waist, rubbing her lower back below the cutoff of her shirt. This happens to be one of her very erogenous zones. After the song finished I told Diane that I was going back to the room to get some rest but she should stay here with Rick and have some fun. It was now 1:00. Back upstairs my imagination was running wild, were they in his room, would she fuck him?

    I layed on the bed and dozed off. I awoke to the door opening and looked over at the clock 4:28 A.M. As Diane appeared in the hallway I could see that she was barefoot. She was looking at me sheepishly, walked over, sat on the bed and bursed into tears. (definetely not the night cap that I was hoping for.) After about 5min. of coaxing I got her to the point of being able to talk. She said that after I left, they danced to several more songs and were having the time of their life.

    At 2:00 they had last call and put the lights up. She said that they sat in the lobby talking and then decided to take a walk out back on this deck area that over looks a small pond. It was about 55 degrees out and she was cold. Neither one of them had long sleeves or a jacket on. She said that he bagan to rub her shoulders in an attempt to warm her up. She said that his touch felt great; he then pulled her against him. They embraced for about a minute when he began stroking her hair. He then lifted her chin and proceeded to kiss her on the lips.

    Soon their tongue's were exploring each other's mouth's. After about 10 minutes he asked if she would like to go back to his room to relax a little bit. Once in his room they sat on the couch and continued their little make out session. He then offered her a back rub (sure fire way to get in her pants). He massaged her for over half an hour. He had removed her top and sucked on her tits. He slid her skirt off and removed her panties. She said that his dick was sooo hard that it looked about ready to burst through his pants.

    She undid his belt and opened his pants to pull out a 7" cock. She pulled off his shirt to reveal a nice tight washboard stomach and chest. Unfortunately for me; she said that she felt a rush of guilt come over her. Here I trusted her enough to be alone with him and now she was doing this to me. With that she got up got dressed and came back to our room. I figured it was now or never.

    As we cuddled on the bed, I reiterated to her that although it may seem weird; the thought of her and him together was extremely hot, turned me on, was very ok with me, and I would love for it to happen if it was ok with her. I don't think that at first she believed me, but she slowly began to warm up to the idea. I told her, you only live once, life is short, it's only sex and we are all consenting adults. She called his room and they talked for about 10 minutes. She popped her head back in and asked if Rick could accompany us on morning trip to Historic Williamsburg that we were planning on taking since the wedding was not until 5pm.

    The next morning the three of us met for breakfast. The electricity was back in the air. Diane and Rick sat next to each other, feeding one another and really pouring it on; they were like 2 love sick teenagers. After breakfast we piled into the mini van and headed out to Williamsburg. The whole show was just erotic to the max. The whole day, they were holding hands, nuzzling each other and steeling kisses every chance they got. I really felt like an outside third wheel, but loved the bird's eye view.

    About 3pm we returned to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. While my wife was dressig she asked me if I was sure that this was what I wanted and then confessed that she really could get used to this sort of thing and loved the endorphine release. We attended the wedding and reception, with Rick and Diane dancing most of the night and the drinks flowing. I popped outside for a quick smoke and was chatting with a few friends. When I returned, Diane and Rick were both missing.

    About 20 minutes later, Diane texted me to come back to our room. My heart was pounding. I opened the door. The lights were dimmed and the TV was on to a jazz music station. Diane and Rick were both naked laying on the bed. She smiled and said well I hope this was what you have been waiting for. She then proceeded to go down on Rick's dick and give him the most sensual blow job that I have ever seen. About 10 minutes later , Rick began to gasp and squirm. He was cumming. Diane was gasping and slurping as his cum was running down her face.

    She swallowed and proceeded to lick him clean (two things that she has never ever done for me). They lay there spooning for 30 minutes or so. Rick then rolled Diane on her back and proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of her body. He buried his face in her snatch and went to town. She was going crazy and came so hard that she squirted him( also a 1st.) She then jumped on top and rode him like a wild stallion. To make a long story short; for the next 2 hours I watched the both of them fuck like teenagers in every position imagineable, with no protection to boot.

    Rick spent the night in bed with Diane while I slept on the sofa pullout. The next morning I awoke to hear screams coming from the shower. Rick and Diane were in the shower, he had her bent over and was fucking her from behind. Soon they came out and took it to the bed to finish. Unfortunately we had to check out by 11A.M. Rick and Diane said their good byes and promised to hook up again real soon.

    Unfortunately he lives in Georgia and we live in NJ, but I have a feeling that this experience has opened up a whole new horizon for us with lots of good things to come. I am also sending a picture of Diane for your viewing pleasure. - Moi

    Thursday, October 15, 2009


    My Wife's First Black Cock


    This is a true story of our Saturday night…

    My wife took her first black cock after 2 years of searching for the right guy. This was a chance encounter and we didn’t really even know the guy, but I guess the stars were aligned right. We were out with friends for dinner downtown and afterwards decided to go to a club for a couple of drinks. As the night progressed and the alcohol was flowing, Samantha was on the dance floor with her girlfriends and a group of guys approached them. Samantha was being hit on by a black guy, who’s name we still don’t know, and after first trying to ignore his advances she told him that her husband was right over there, and I might not appreciate him dancing with my wife.

    Of course she knew I was lovin every minute of it. Anyways to make a long story short one thing led to another, and she decided that tonight was the night she wanted to take someone home. She told me of her plans and I encouraged her to try and get him to come back to our place. She went back to the dance floor and told her dance partner that she could be his for the night on one condition, that her husband gets to watch them together.

    This kid was about 19 at best, and while he seemed hesitant at first, his cock got the best of him and agreed to go home with us. We ditched our friends from dinner and told this guy to meet us around the block and we would pick him up in 15 minutes.
    Once we got home and everyone’s nerves had settled thanks to some more drinks, it didn’t take long for Samantha to get his cock out of his pants and taste this guy.

    Sam gave him a blow job to start. His cock was a solid 8.5 inches, and he kept looking at me making sure I was cool with everything. I told him to relax and do whatever he wanted with her, I just want to watch them have a good time. Finally the moment came when she was ready to feel his cock inside her. Sam told him to fuck her with his black cock and fuck her good. I asked this guy if he minded me licking her pussy first to get it ready for him, he told me what ever I wanted man, just don’t get in his way when he was fucking her.

    I knelt down at the edge of the bed and went crazy on my wife’s pussy which was already soaking wet. Kris, we got his name, stood up beside me and started jerking off just inches from my face telling me to get it nice and wet cause he was gonna fuck her deep and hard. Not even 5 minutes had passed and he put pulled my head off her pussy and stepped in front of me. So here I am kneeling on the floor with my wife's pussy in front of me begging to be fucked, and this black guy's ass is literally in my face, with his balls swinging away.

    I could see his cock hanging from behind him, and before I knew it, he has her legs on his shoulders and he rubs his cock on her pussy and before I could say anything more puts the whole thing in her with one fast thrust. Samantha yelps a little but gladly takes him all. I was in shock, I'm here on my knees with some stranger's ass and balls in my face with his cock in my wife, no condom or anything. We hadn’t discussed it, but I assumed he would put one on cause we don’t even know him. Had we been sober im sure it would have been different, but we were all feeling good and drunk.

    Not even 10 minutes goes by and he says he is going to cum and asks where he should go. Samantha tells him wherever he wants, and the next thing I know is he drops his load in her pussy. As soon as he pulls out I could see cum starting to ooze out, and I quickly strip and take my turn fucking her.

    Fucking a pussy full of another mans cum was one of the best feelings ive ever felt in my life. It felt so wet and loose, and I too quickly dropped a load in her. After I pull out Kris is standing there naked and looks at my cock and says no wonder she wants other men. His limp dick was bigger than my 5 inches hard…

    We get to talking and he tells us he is 21 years old compared to our 34 and 36, and that this was just the second girl he ever fucked. He was in a relationship with his high school girlfriend for 4 years before they broke up last week, this puts me at ease cause he just fucked my wife bareback.

    I tell him he can stay the night and fuck her some more if he wants to. We stayed up all night and he fucked Samantha 6 times before leaving at 7 this morning. He tells us thanks, asks for some cab money and gives us his cell and tells us to call him if we want.

    Sam was tender today to say the least. Best night and I still can’t believe it happened. The picture attatched is of Samantha in the outfit she is going to wear for Kris next time we invite him over. We're not sure when that will be but I can't wait. - Marc-Andre


    Sunday, October 11, 2009


    Cuckolded Early

    I had fallen deeply in love with Jenny in my early twenties. Living with her grandmother in our small Ohio town, she was originally from Pasadena. She was blonde, beautiful, and so much fun to be around. I had started to hang with a slightly older group that drank, smoked pot, and partied hard. Jenny dated Kevin who was an oil field worker with lots of money, attitude and weed. Jenny was really into him. I don't think anyone noticed, but I was really into her. I was smaller in frame and younger in appearance than Kevin. I wasn't surprised that his ruggedness attracted a beautiful girl like Jenny.

    But sometime during that year Kevin dumped her sending her back to Pasadena to live with her parents in a rush. Quietly I was crushed. I waited and wanted and finally she was through with Kevin. But instead of having the opportunity to make her mine, I lost her to the west coast. I was truly heart-broken.

    Sometime during the following summer, she came back to Ohio. Apparently over the break-up she moved back in with her grandmother. I wasted no time making my move. I let her know immediately how I felt. She told me she thought that she might be in love with me too, and we were off to the races. I don't even remember when or where we first had sex but I know I felt that I was making love to a goddess. Her naturally blonde pussy, her large breasts, pretty smile and blue eyes made me insane with hormone-driven lust. Her full (but fit) figure made me feel as though I was with a woman for the first time in my life. This was my first adult love affair.

    When I wasn't working that summer, I was with Jenny. We made love often and went everywhere together. I had found my soul mate. I just knew it.

    Everyone at our school knew that we were in love. I was on top of the world.

    Then one Friday night, after getting off work at a local restaurant I went to Jenny's grandmother's house to pick her up. She wasn't there. Looking back, I see that her grandmother knew more than she was telling me. She knew that Kevin had stopped by to take Jenny out. She knew that I was being betrayed. I, on the other hand, was too naive. I was only worried about her safety.

    I spent the whole night driving around town. Going from hangout to hangout, looking for any clue that would tell me where she was. Every hour or so I would return to her grandmother's house only to have my hopes dashed when I didn't find her there.

    The following morning I caught up with her at the apartment of one of her friends'. Immediately I knew something was up. Her eyes had never looked at me like that. Then she said it. 'I was with Kevin last night and yes, I slept with him.' She was obviously embarrassed but not ashamed. She said she was sorry for making me worry about her but there was no apology for spreading her legs, for letting another guy - an older more masculine guy put his cock inside her. There was no apology for letting him cum inside her, as I later learned he did.

    I remember very little dialogue after that point. I felt a blow to my gut. My head was spinning, and I was so angry! I wanted to smack her, or cry or something. But I don't think I did anything really. I yelled. Big deal.

    We continued dating for a few more weeks, maybe a month. But I no longer loved her. I was an ass to her for the remaining time we were together and even cheated on her in retaliation for the pain I felt. But in the end all the passion was gone and it was over. That was the autumn of darkness for me.

    I didn't know whom I was going to grow up to be then. I didn't know then that I would, one day actually want my wife to be unfaithful to me, ask her to be. I couldn't imagine that I would ask my wife someday to suck her boss' cock. But I did. I didn't know that I would someday spend hours talking my wife into spreading her legs for my best friend. But I did. I didn't know enough when I was younger to enjoy the raw and deep sexuality that caused Jenny to spread her legs for Kevin, even though I know she loved me when she did it. I was too young.

    About ten years later, standing in the darkened kitchen of my own home while stroking my stiff and aching cock, watching my wife give oral sex to her boss in our driveway I started to make the association. At that electric moment I remembered the agony and euphoria I experienced back in those days, in my bed at night, imagining Jenny sitting atop Kevin's cock. Although she never really described anything they had done to me in any detail, in my mind I saw her slowly fucking him, her beautiful breasts in his hands. I imagined them cumming over and over again, together. He pumped endless amounts of his cum into my sweet Jenny's pussy in those replays that I imagined. - CuckedEarly
    P.S. the pic is of me making my wife cum while she thinks of him (boss).


    Friday, October 09, 2009


    Lisa's Spanking Good Time

    I had previously written to this site about my wife, Lisa, and how -- at a point when our marriage had all but collapsed -- I had allowed her the temporary freedom to sleep with anyone she pleased provided that she followed certain conditions I had set for her.

    At the time, my wife and I lived in a condominium building just outside our city’s business district. While Lisa and I kept mostly to ourselves, proximity made a passing acquaintance with at least some of our neighbors inevitable. One of them, Roman, became a regular at our home.

    Roman was a writer who had just begun to achieve a measure of success in his field. Having endured a complicated divorce a few years prior, he lived alone in a flat three floors above ours. Being single again meant Roman had much free time on his hands, and he had early on developed the habit of knocking on our door in the evenings, cradling a six-pack and a bottle of Tennessee whiskey in his arms. When the weather permitted, we took the liquor out to the terrace to chat and get drunk.

    Lisa seemed to like Roman as she sometimes joined us, volunteering to replenish the ice bucket, the bags of chips and the dipping sauce before pulling up a seat to participate in the conversation. She never did any of these when I drank with my closest buddies unless I asked her.

    The fondness was mutual. Roman took a particular interest in Lisa, and once, in a fit of drunkenness, had confessed to a crush on her just as I was shoving him out the door for the night. I had dismissed the remark as mere drunken ranting at the time and, during breakfast the following morning, had told Lisa about it for laughs.

    Roman often spoke of moving out west to try his luck at screenwriting. I never took this seriously, and actually believed he would never get the break that he wanted. But I was wrong.

    One afternoon Roman came over to announce that he had been hired to work with a team of writers for a new TV series to be shot in Los Angeles. “It turns out that one of the writers on the team had backed out at the last moment,” he eagerly explained. “The production team wants me to replace him ASAP so I’ll be moving out in about a week and a half.”

    Roman set our last get-together as neighbors on the Saturday before his departure. “I’m afraid I’ll have to do a whole lot of packing until then,” he told me, adding that I should come over to help him when I had the time.

    I told him that I was up to my neck in work, lacked many hours of sleep, and would probably have no time that week to help out. “All right, but you’re missing out on free beer, buddy,” he told me. He then turned to my wife and said, “I’m sure Lisa would never turn down an opportunity to guzzle down a free beer, right?”

    Lisa laughed and said, “Of course not!”

    “Is it okay if Lisa comes over to help out instead, man?” Roman asked me.

    I shrugged and said I could see no reason why not. Lisa pinched my cheek and said, “My husband is a good neighbor, after all.”

    The next few days saw Lisa spending most of her free time in Roman’s flat. I was too busy to think anything of it, at first. But then I began to notice a gradual change in the way she behaved. She became more demonstrative in her affections for Roman, straightening the collar of his shirt when it was uneven, or arranging his hair when it was tousled. In the evenings, she would rush in from work, take a quick shower, get dressed, and be on her way to Roman’s place to help him pack just as soon as she had my dinner on the table.

    This bothered me because, while I had given Lisa license to sleep with anyone she desired, she was quite aware that drew the line when it came to neighbors. I knew how cruel the neighborhood rumor mill could be, especially so when it involved unfaithful wives. I did not want our private life to become the subject of unfair gossip in the hallways.

    I grew even more suspicious when, once, after spending much of the evening packing at Roman’s place, the two came back to our flat for a few beers. I was working at my computer in the bedroom, and I remember that, at one point, my train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Roman and Lisa laughing outside. After a while, however, I noticed that the living room had fallen completely silent. This struck me as odd so I got up from my desk to see whether the two had gone back to Roman’s place to finish packing.

    When I stepped out I saw Lisa reclined on the couch with her calves resting on Roman’s lap. They were staring at each other, and I had the disturbing impression that they were in the middle of a whispered conversation when I walked in. Lisa quickly threw her legs over the side of the couch and sat up when she saw me. “Would you like a beer, sweetie?” she asked.

    I made no mention of the incident to Lisa in bed that night. I was, after all, unsure as to whether there was sound basis for my suspicions, and I did not wish to appear paranoid. But what little sleep I did get was uneasy, as I was bothered – and admittedly aroused -- by the memory of Lisa stretched out on our living room couch, rubbing her deliciously smooth calves against Roman’s thighs.

    When Saturday finally came Roman had come by our place in the morning to make sure we had not forgotten about his going-away party. He spent most of the morning preparing for his send-off. Lisa and I drove out to buy beer, whiskey and extra ice for the evening. I watched Lisa closely throughout this time, looking for something to confirm my growing suspicions. But I got nothing.

    The sky had already grown dark by the time Lisa and I returned from the liquor store. Roman had everything ready. He came over to our apartment with the chili, a couple of rock n’ roll CDs, and a few things from his apartment that he wanted us to have.

    Dinner went without incident. We talked and drank a few beers around the dinner table. After dinner we retired to the living room with a bottle of whiskey and sat around listening to Roman’s CDs. It was cold out and the whiskey was good and Lisa looked great in a tight and tiny white skirt, high-heeled slip-ons and a baby blue blouse that accentuated her curves.

    “Do you mind if I ask your old lady for a dance?” Roman asked, pouring a shot of whiskey into my glass. Lisa did not even wait for me to answer. Giggling, she jumped up, picked out a CD and snapped it into the player.

    The music started and they began to dance. I watched closely, taking care not to appear too obvious as I noted how they moved and spoke to one another. Amazingly, I found no indication whatsoever to support the notion that something was brewing between them. I began to relax a bit, and became more inclined to think that maybe I had been imagining things.

    We spent a good part of the evening drinking and, by around 11:30 pm, the combination of exhaustion and alcohol had gotten the better of me. My eyelids were so heavy it took some effort to keep awake. Satisfied that nothing improper was going on between my wife and Roman, I bid the both of them good night.

    “You can’t be serious,” Roman protested. “You don’t really expect Lisa and me to finish all that beer and whiskey you bought now, do you?”

    I reminded him how tired I was, having worked hard without a full night’s sleep throughout the week. I then kissed Lisa good-night and dragged myself unsteadily to the bedroom where I plopped face down on our bed, utterly exhausted.

    I woke about an hour and a half later, aching for a leak. Stumbling to the bathroom, I had passed the open door and realized that Roman and Lisa were gone. It did not require a genius to guess where they went. I wanted to kick myself for doubting my initial instinct. With dread in my heart, I took the elevator up to Roman’s floor.

    As expected, the door to Roman’s apartment was locked and, after pacing back and forth in the hallway a few minutes, I decided the only way to confirm my suspicions was through the window that was accessible to the nearby fire escape. The plan seemed simple enough at first, but once out on the fire escape I realized I was visible to anyone who happened to look up from the street below. I risked it anyway, and slunk across the landing toward a window from which the only light in Roman’s flat shone.

    My ears caught the sound of voices as I approached. My heart raced when I realized that one of them belonged to my wife. I slowly inched my eyes toward the window and, squinting against the light inside, found myself peering square into Roman’s bedroom.

    Lisa and Roman were squatted close together on the floor. They appeared to be doing some last minute packing. Lisa was stuffing wads of paper into pieces of decorative furniture before handing them to Roman, who put them one after the other into a large box. They were goofing around, pinching and tickling each other as they worked and, contrary to how they behaved when I was around, it was clear that they were more than just friends and neighbors. From the looks of it, I could tell that something had been going on between them for a while now.

    “Hand me the duct tape, will you?” Roman said, pointing. “Be careful this time.”

    “Where did you put it?” Lisa asked, turning to search around her.

    “It’s right there -- beside your knee,” Roman answered.

    “Oh, here it is,” Lisa said. She reached for the roll of tape and, with her elbow, knocked over a nearby bottle of beer. “Oops,” she said softly, watching the beer spill onto carpet.

    “You did that on purpose!” Roman said, laughing. “I saw you!”

    “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” Lisa replied with a grin. “Either way, I guess you’ll have to punish me,” she said, rising to her feet. “Again,” she added with a mischievous wink.

    I watched from outside the window as Lisa walked over to the narrow table that was pushed against the wall opposite the bed. She then raised her skirt above her waist and bent over to expose her buttocks. She was wearing thongs.

    “So that’s the way it’s going to be again, huh?” Roman sighed as he got to his feet and followed Lisa to the table. They whispered to each other, giggling. I strained to listen but I could not make out what they were saying to one another. Roman then raised his hand in the air and struck Lisa’s buttocks with such violence that she gave a little hop.

    I was shocked. I could not believe that Lisa had neither protested nor offered any kind of resistance. “Again,” she gasped instead, quivering in the aftermath of the blow.

    To my added astonishment, Roman delivered another quick, stinging slap to Lisa’s behind, making her yelp. I pulled myself away from the window for a moment, trying to decide whether I’d seen enough, but then I heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh once more, and I knew that I could not have walked away to save my life.

    “Again,” Lisa repeated, breathing hard as she began to sway her hips slowly from side to side. “Harder, this time,” she said. “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

    Roman complied, bringing his hand far back and swinging it forward crisply against her buttocks. This time the whacking sound was so loud it made me flinch.

    “Harder,” Lisa said, her voice beginning to tremble with excitement. “Please, baby?”

    “You really like this, don’t you?” Roman asked her, chuckling while he positioned himself behind Lisa and raised his hand in the air.

    “Yes, I do,” Lisa answered. “You’re making me so wet I want to…” She had not quite finished her sentence when Roman brought his palm down on her so hard he left a bright red welt on her butt cheek.

    I watched breathlessly as Lisa’s body shuddered, the muscles of her thighs tensing underneath her. I could tell that she was completely turned-on, and seeing it made my cock jump to immediate attention. I was aroused and there was no point denying it. I was seeing an aspect of my wife’s personality that I had never even known existed and it fascinated me.

    “More?” Roman asked as he ran his fingers over my wife’s smooth buttocks.

    “Yes, please,” Lisa answered in a throaty voice. “I’m a bad girl and I deserve a proper spanking,” she added, bracing herself for the intoxicating release that Roman’s hand seemed to provide with each stinging wallop.

    “All right,” Roman said, wiping the sweat from his brows with his forearm. He inhaled, drew back, and gave Lisa yet another brisk whack with his palm. The sound made sweat beads pop from my forehead.

    “Again,” Lisa said with a wicked smile on her face. “Give me more, this time.”

    Roman retreated a bit and looked at her from behind, considering. He then raised his hand and slapped Lisa’s buttocks four consecutive times, each one harder than the last. “That’s it, baby,” Lisa huffed. “More, please?”

    “Are you sure?” Roman asked, licking his lips. “I think you’re going to bruise badly as it is.”

    Lisa looked back over her shoulder at Roman and said, “Don’t you think I deserve a spanking, baby?”

    Roman’s answer came in the form of an open palm that punished Lisa’s behind so sharply I almost cried out for her. The pain must have been considerable, yet unbelievably, Lisa turned and, in a quivering voice, said, “I think I’m about to come, baby.”

    “Enough,” Roman said, panting as he unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. “Turn around. I want to see you.”

    Smiling, Lisa eased onto the table like a cat. She was visibly wet, and Roman watched as she slowly spread her legs and pushed her panties to one side. “Is this what you want, baby?” she purred, touching her neatly trimmed vagina with her fingertips.

    “You’re so beautiful I can just eat you,” Roman said. He then leaned forward and ran his tongue up and down Lisa’s slit. Lisa moaned, her hips undulating as she clutched the edge of the tabletop and pushed her pussy against Roman’s mouth and fingers.

    After feasting on Lisa’s juices for what seemed an eternity, Roman rose to his feet and pulled her closer. “I want to watch you play with yourself,” he whispered into Lisa’s ear, reaching down to rub her clit with his fingers.

    With a smile that dripped with naughtiness, Lisa pushed him away, pulled her panties off and freed her perky breasts from the embrace of her blouse. She then dipped two fingers into her vagina, brought them up to her lips, and gently sucked on them.

    Seeing Lisa work herself to an orgasm in front of another man was almost too much for me. I had to shut my eyes briefly to prevent myself from exploding. When I opened my eyes again a few moments later, she was already on the floor, fervently attending to Roman’s cock with her mouth and hands.

    “Move over,” Roman said, guiding Lisa to the carpet. He took a condom from one of the drawers on the table and lay down beside her, caressing her breasts and kissing her deeply. After a while, Lisa crawled down toward his cock, lifting her leg over his face so that their bodies slid smoothly into a 69 position, with Roman underneath.

    I will never forget how Lisa’s eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings when Roman twirled his tongue up between her legs, his hands clutching her buttocks as he drew her closer. She arched back, her palms resting on his belly, her eyes rolled upward in utter ecstasy as she rode his mouth. “Right there,” she confirmed loudly. “Please don’t stop.”

    To reward and further encourage Roman’s oral ministrations, Lisa had lowered her head forward and welcomed his cock into her mouth, sucking urgently as her hands worked his balls and shaft. When Roman slipped his fingers into her, she moaned and sucked even harder on his stiff member, stopping only to moisten the shaft with spit or slither her tongue across the bottom of his balls.

    “I can’t hold it back anymore,” Roman groaned as he grabbed Lisa and threw her to the carpet. Lisa watched intently as he unrolled the condom over his cock. “Quickly,” she pleaded impatiently as she rubbed her clit, her hips moving in a circular motion as she lay on the carpet, waiting.

    In one swift move Roman was on top of her, rubbing the head of his cock against her dripping wet slit. “You’re driving me crazy,” he said as he entered Lisa and began to pump and grind into her with urgency.

    I watched as Lisa’s mouth formed an O, her tongue flicking out as she wrapped legs her around Roman’s waist, and began to move her hips in time with his pumping. “Fuck me, baby,” I heard her moan loudly. “I’ve been waiting for it all day.”

    Roman obeyed, driving his cock hard into her. Lisa meanwhile pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts with her own. I had to fight the urge to relieve myself of the tremendous rush of lust I felt as I watched the muscles on Lisa’s thighs and calves clench each time Roman slammed into her. “You’re such a sweet, sweet slutty little thing,” Roman told Lisa, panting into her ear.

    “From behind,” Lisa gasped. “Take me from behind!” There was a look in her eyes which I had never seen before: a look that was at once desperate, blissful, and hungry. Under totally different circumstances, it would have been the look of crazed fury.

    Roman pulled out and turned her around so that she lay flat with stomach on the carpet, her legs spread, her knees bent so that the tips of her feet pointed toward the ceiling. Grasping Lisa by the waist, he entered her from behind with one violent thrust, burying himself to the balls deep inside her vagina.

    “I’m yours,” Lisa said, her voice cracking. “You own me. Fuck that pussy all you want, baby.” Hearing this, Roman began thrusting in earnest, holding Lisa’s shoulders tightly as his tongue traced a hot trail up the back of her neck. Lisa pushed herself up by her palms and gripped the fabric of the carpet with her fingertips for support. I could tell she was about to climax.

    I was trembling with excitement as I watched all of this and, for a moment, I had forgotten where I was. I looked around me to check whether I had been noticed and was relieved to see that the street below was empty. I would have observed my surroundings even more closely had not Lisa’s moaning drawn me back to the window.

    “Spank me,” she said, biting her lips as she turned to glance at Roman. “Make me come hard, baby,” she whispered, her body tightening as all the pent up energy in her loins prepared for mind-blowing release.

    Roman laughed and smacked her hard on the buttocks. “You’re a kinky little slut, aren’t you?” he said. Lisa moaned and purred, and he struck her buttocks two more times as he renewed his violent thrusting. Lisa begged him to speed up. “Are you ready to come?” Roman asked her. “Yes,” Lisa said, nodding frantically between moans and sighs.

    Roman plowed into her with one final thrust and Lisa bloomed, her eyes widening, her lustrous dark brown hair falling across her face, her mouth letting out a scream as her entire body collapsed into a spine-shuddering orgasm. Roman quickly followed, pulling the condom off his member as he sprayed himself over Lisa’s back and buttocks.

    They lay on the floor for a while, breathing hard. After a while, they began to kiss and cuddle. I knew they would be at it again soon, but by then I had decided that I had seen enough. I quietly slipped away from the window and made my way back to the elevator.

    I had pretended to be asleep when Lisa came to bed just before daybreak. The next morning passed as through nothing had happened. Lisa dropped by Roman’s place one last time that afternoon to say good-bye and we never heard from him again.

    I eventually did tell my wife that I had seen her with Roman that night. She seemed genuinely sorry for betraying my trust, but I had to give her a good spanking nevertheless.

    BAILEY - baileyhammond85 @


    Saturday, October 03, 2009


    My Wife & Her Boss

    Mary my sexy 45 year old wife is a Manager of a major insurance company in a country town in Australia, we are 150km’s from a capital city and as part of her work she travels to the city for meetings and has other managers and her bosses visit her. Most of the other managers are male, Mary and one other woman are the only female managers of the 15 others managers.

    Mary’s direct supervisor is a man named Bill, he is 60years of age, 6’ 4” tall, built like an athlete who is half his age and is an arrogant, self confident and over bearing prick, who gets up my nose with his attitude and the way he speaks to his staff, especially female staff members and in particular Mary.

    He orders them around and can be crude and has hit on Mary several times, he simply laughs of her pathetic complaints, when I once confronted him about this he said “Stuart, my boy I’m only joking, why would I hit on your wife with you here. Then again maybe that’s what I like, no only joking again”. However he had a strange look about this, like he was playing with me but also challenging me.

    Recently Bill was in town seeing the regional offices were meeting targets, Mary had a meeting with Bill in the early after noon, which finished positively for Mary. Bill wanted to take her and her office staff to dinner, Mary rang me and told me about her arrangements, I was happy as her staff would be there and the majority are young females, so Bill’s attention would be on them and not Mary.

    Mary and I had a good sex life and had role played several fantasies our favourite was her being fucked by a stranger or strangers, who had big dicks, I loved the scenario, Mary liked the role play but wasn’t interested in partaking in such a scenario. We also role played her being tied up and used by me and other men and also her being dominated by a big strong man, who was forth-right and controlling of her.

    Mary rang me at 8.00pm and said things were winding up and she expected to be home before 9.00pm. Mary wasn’t home at 10.30pm and I was a little worried, I tried her mobile phone but it was ringing it had been turned off, now I was starting to panic as my mind imagined all sorts of things, car accident, robbed, raped in the car park of the hotel and finally off with Bill. I drove to the hotel she had dinner at and her car was in the carpark, I walked around the area, then a door opened and Mary appeared, she was with ‘old – Bill’ he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately she responded back, he fondled her butt, then gave her a slap as they broke of the kiss and said to her, see you in the office tomorrow.

    Mary said, I hope so, it’s a pity I can’t stay the night but I will see you tomorrow. Bill said, you can bet on that, I’ll come in around 8.00am be there and wear something sexy. Mary replied, for you anything, how about no bra or knickers for easy access. Bill said, sounds good but be discreet I don’t want other staff or clients thinking you’re a slut or tart. Mary said, I’m your slut, I’ll do what ever you want just to try that big cock of yours, but I will be discreet. Mary gave Bill a sloppy kiss, squeezed his cock through his pants and wandered to her car, she was so distracted she didn’t see me or my car. I jumped in my car and raced home, I beat her home by three minutes.

    I waited on the lounge with the Television on, Mary wandered in as nothing had happened and said,, sorry I’m late we got talking and some of us went to Bill’s for a drink and to discuss staff appraisals, don’t worry it was all professional. I asked who was there at Bills’. Mary replied, Bill, me, Susan her office admin assistant and Ann, Mary’s second in charge. I knew it was crap or maybe it was that way at the start but the others had left earlier.

    Mary went for a shower, I checked the clothes she had discarded in the laundry, her bra was missing and her panties contained a bucket load of cum. I joined her in the shower, she was shy about showing me her body, so I said, I know what you got up to tonight, I saw you outside his room. Mary broke down and cried on my shoulder, I checked out her body, it had marks on her breasts, ass and legs. Her breasts had love-bites on them and her nipples were red raw, her ass and legs were bright red. I asked her what had happened, my cock was firming and Mary noticed this, she looked at me and said, in bed, I’ll tell you and show you what happened.

    Mary related the following to me -

    We had dinner, Bill had invited me to his room, I declined so he walked me to my car, at the car we chatted, Bill leant over and kissed me on the lips, I didn’t respond or push him away, so he continued and his hands wandered over my ass again I didn’t really respond either way, he then moved to my tits and then I responded by kissing him back and letting him fondle my tits and in public. Bill got me so hot he then took my hand and led me to his room, I followed willingly, I was caught-up in the moment. When we entered the room he kissed me again, fondled my tits and undid my shirt to get at my naked tits, he sucked them, pulled on them and pinched my nipples like no one ever before, I nearly came there and then.

    He led me to the lounge, removed my clothes and went to work on me, he lay me down and sucked my pussy until I came, I nearly passed out, he stood removed his shirt and pants, he got me to kneel before him and I removed his underwear, to reveal this biggest cock I’ve ever seen, even in porno’s, it was 10+ inches long, the shaft was thick and it had a head that was huge.

    I sucked the head of that cock and tried to get more in my mouth but couldn’t, so Bill lay me down got over my head and fed his cock into my mouth and throat, I could get more in, due to the angle, he held my head and pushed three quarters into my mouth and throat, I gagged several times but kept sucking and using my tongue. Bill shot a heap of cum into my throat and then withdrew and filled my mouth and shot some on my face.

    He then got between my legs and put that monster head into my pussy lips, I said to him be careful, go slow its too big, Bill grabbed my legs lifted then higher and shoved his big cock straight into my pussy with one vicious stroke and said, I don’t fuck careful or slow, I fuck my way.

    He then continued to slam his big cock into me with savage blows until I came over his cock, then he slowed up and said, now I’ll fuck you slow and deep until you cum again, then I’ll fill your cunt with my hot seed. He kept to his word and fucked me slow and deep for 30 minutes and as I neared orgasm he slowed up and didn’t go deep, it frustrated me and I tried to get him moving he was teasing me and asked me to tell him how I wanted to be fucked.

    I relented and begged him to fuck me hard, to use me as he pleased, to cum in my pussy, I told him I was his and could use me any way he wanted. Bill gave me a brutal fucking and I came again, he flipped me over and shoved his hard cock up my ass, as you knno I have only been fucked there a few times as you know. Bill’s cock nearly tore me apart and it hurt for a while until it became unbearably good and I came again as I stroked my pussy, Bill shot another load in my ass, it hurt a bit as his salty cum infiltrated my torn ass, however all in all it was very very good. He spanked my ass and legs as he fucked me hard.

    I later sat on his lap and rode his cock until he was ready to cum, he pulled me off and got me to deep throat his big cock until he came in my mouth again. Bill lay me across the lounge and spanked me several times with his hand, then he used a belt on me, he was controlled but it hurt, but in a good way. You saw the rest as I left his room.

    I asked her what was planned for tomorrow, Mary smiled and said, more of the above and hopefully a few different things. Like what, I said. She replied, anything that means he fucks me with his gigantic cock again and he uses me as he pleases, I love being his fuck toy and pleasing him. I said, boy I wish I could watch that, she said, ok, come to work with me hide out in the back office then sneak out and watch from my sliding window. I said, yeah and I’ll bring the video camera to catch it on video. Mary said, I’ll use my work camera, hide it in my office and also catch all the action so we can watch it tonight or later on, wow this is fucking hot.

    I fucked her and came hard and quickly we drifted off to sleep. The next day will be my next story. - Stuart

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    Thursday, October 01, 2009


    She Almost Fucked Him !

    At times over the past few years, I've mentioned to my wife Linda that I would enjoy watching her have sex with another man, but only if it was something that she would enjoy also. She would always say she's not interested. Occasionally she would say if we were away on vacation, maybe she would do it if it was someone she would never see again.

    Recently I was talking to a co-worker of mine who had recently gotten divorced. Keith is a real nice and handsome guy. He said he hadn't met anyone to date yet since his divorce, and said he had very little social life. So I told my wife that it would be nice if we invited Keith over for dinner on Saturday night. She said, "OK, but don't get any weird ideas about me having sex with him."

    Dinner went very well. Keith and Linda got along great, talking about all kinds of topics. After Keith left, I asked my wife what she thought of him. She said, "He's so nice and so handsome!. I can't believe some woman hasn't grabbed him for her own yet." Keith told me later that he hoped that someday he would meet a lady for himself who is as nice and pretty as Linda is. I told this to Linda, and said that she had my permission to have sex with him if she wanted. She said, "Keith is very attractive, and I can imagine doing it with him. But thinking about it is one thing. I would never ever actually do it. But I couldn't help noticing he had a nice bulge in his crotch."

    A couple of weeks later, I suggested we have Keith over for dinner again. She got concerned about my motives, and said, "If your inviting him over because you think I'll have sex with him, forget it!" I said, 'No I don't think you'll have sex with him. I just think he's a nice guy who could use a dinner invitation."

    So the following Saturday night we had Keith over. We sat around the dining room table talking while sharing a couple bottles of wine. Once again Linda and Keith got along great, but I could tell that Linda was a little drunk. Usually she is kind of shy, but she started telling Keith how handsome he was, and that she couldn't believe that the women weren't after him yet.

    About midnight when Keith said it was time for him to go home, Linda tried very hard to talk him into staying overnite in our guest room, saying he had been drinking and shouldn't drive. But Keith said he couldn't stay because he needed to play the piano at his church in the morning.

    Then as soon as Keith left that night, I could not believe what Linda said to me. She said, "I was getting so horny I could barely stand it! While Keith was talking to me, I was just looking at him, and imagining I was riding up and down on his cock, and that you were sitting there watching me. I could barely control myself. If he stayed any longer I was either going to jump on him, or have to go upstairs and use my dildo. I was so hot and wanted to do it with him so bad!"

    Never before in our 20 years of marriage had I ever seen her act or talk like this, and I was pleasantly shocked. I said, "I wish I had known that you wanted to do it with him. I would have helped you seduce him." And she said, "I didn't know what to do! I was trying to get him to stay, but I wasn't even sure he would want to do it with me."

    And I said,"You know he would want to. He told you how pretty you were, and what a nice body you have." She pleaded, "Call him on his cellphone, and tell him to come back."

    I thought about calling him to come back that night, but I still had never even mentioned to Keith yet the idea of him screwing my wife. I decided that it might be better to wait until the next time we have him over again. So I didn't call him.

    Then Linda stripped off her clothes right there in the kitchen. Her nipples were erect. I felt her pussy and it was soaking wet. As I fucked her, she closed her eyes and said she was fantasizing that it was Keith fucking her. In no time at all, she had a massive orgasm. Then a little while later she had another. The next morning she wanted more so I worked her over with a dildo, until she had another orgasm. And then that night she was still horny so I gave it to her again. Normally once a week is plenty for her.

    I never told Keith that my wife wanted him that night, and he has no idea what he missed. But days later I asked Keith if he would be interested in doing it with my wife, and he said he would love to. I didn't want to get his hopes up yet, so I replied that I'd keep it in mind, but added that Linda probably wouldn't go for it anyway.

    Unfortunately that was the last time we've had Keith over. The next time I suggested inviting Keith over for dinner, Linda told me she didn't want to invite him over, and that she is absolutely NOT having sex with anyone besides me because it is against our religion and would also be bad for our marriage. She told me she was very confused that last night that Keith was over. Obviously I was very disappointed. I tried to change her mind, but had no luck at all.

    That was several months ago. I think I'll try to get permission to invite him over again pretty soon, but just as a friend this time, promising her that I understand her feelings and accept them. I will leave it 100% completely up to her if anything else happens. I am not very optimistic, but you never know. - Wanton Cuck

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