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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, October 25, 2009


    More of Hot Wife Gina - by Hubby

    New Story. Let me know:

    They were both naked on the bed. I was fully clothed and watching in rapt attention.

    “Mmm! Your pussy feels so nice and tight” Adam called out as he pumped his dick in and out of her with long hard stokes.

    “Oh Adam, you feel so big and hard” Moaned my wife as she energetically fucked her younger lover back.

    This was way too hot, and scandalous, and off the mainstream--definitely not a behavior most would approve of. Likely a behavior that would throw most husbands into a rage. But there was my wife, flat on her back and spread-eagled in a room at the Hilton in Manhattan, while a man 10-years her junior, a man she had only met an hour before was fucking her so completely she had already cum once and was fast approaching a second orgasm.

    She wanted it bad and was not shy about showing it. Her pussy was so wet it was making squishing noises with each thrust and an almost milky substance was dripping from her onto the bed sheets. That only happens to her when she’s super aroused and clearly Adam’s 8-inch dick had her right there.

    She tightly gripped his ass as it was pounding into her, her wedding ring visible as she pulled him into her deeper and deeper. Seeing her there fully submissive, not only accepting but actively helping Adam have his fill of her married pussy, all under the watchful eye of her husband—it had me so hard and aroused I was almost hypnotized, involuntarily rubbing my cock through my pants.CUCKOLD

    “Oh God!” she cried out as he began to gently nibble on her nipple then moved up to her mouth, sucking her tongue into his mouth as his cock filled her pussy.

    I moved around the hotel room taking pictures of my wife loving every sensation as she willingly gave her pussy to this stranger with a big dick. Excited to be witnessing how wanton my wife of 20 years was.

    Excited to see how aroused and hot this young man was to be fucking my wife, both of them ignoring me while they focused on having every inch of one another. It couldn’t get any better!

    “Oh Adam, I’m ready to cum any time but I want to wait so we can cum together.”

    Adam grunted an affirmative and he slowed his pace down, fucking my wife with long, hard strokes, causing her to moan even more as she began to hungrily kiss him with a passion I only see in her when she is in a heightened state of arousal, her feet and toes flexing involuntarily as she fought to contain her release.

    Adam quickened his pace and started fucking her like a man possessed, causing Wifey to scream out in pleasure: “ Oh Fuck me, Fuck meee…I’m cumming ohhhh God I’m cumming”.

    This proved to be too much for him as he stiffened and with one deep thrust he let out a moan and came, collapsing on top of her.

    On the taxi ride home Wifey turned to me and gave me a slow passionate kiss.

    “That was amazing” she said “probably the best fucking I’ve had in a long time.”

    “Are you spent?” I asked her. “Or can we have some fun at home?”

    “Don’t worry.” She chuckled. “There’s still some more of me for you. Besides, I want to make sure you get your sloppy seconds.”

    I did. Twice.

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