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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 29, 2009


    My Wife on a Date - 2

    Hello all finally an update from "My Wife on a Date" in September.

    Well things have been very hot for my wife. The guy that she met on Facebook is now her regular "Boyfriend". She sees him about 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. Their fuck dates are becoming a regular thing to say the least. I get very turned on and I am so lucky that she comes home to me and then usually lets me lick her pussy again and gives me some pussy also.

    Now on to the details that I hope there are many who want to hear about. She believes in being safe, but she has not made him use a condom at all and she has now been to see him around 8 times in a little less than a month. This really means she likes him. She said not to worry that she won't get pregnant. He does not cum in her pussy she said, he comes in her mouth, or on her face, hair and tits etc...... OMG that almost made me cum when she told me that for the first time.

    She rarely sucks my cock but loves to suck his and enjoys him cumming on her. She really has to like him and she said it's so hot when he fucks me that "I can not and will not stop him if he does not want to use a condom". When I protested she said "it was really none of my business and it did not matter if I liked it or not". She then told me that if I wanted her to that she would stop but I said no you enjoy it but please be

    Now she has also told me, and it makes me have butterflies, that he has the largest load of cum she has ever seen and that it was easily 10 times the amount I cum. She said she was sucking his dick and jacking him off one night and he filled her hand up and it ran out everywhere. She has also told me that another time he covered her face and she tried to swallow it all but it came out the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin and dripped on to her neck. She then had to try and scoop it up with her finger to get it all so it would not go to waste.

    The other night I was fucking her and I said to her you really want him to cum inside you and fill you up like I can't do don't you? She said YES BABY I REALLY DO and she came hard. She has even got to the point that she will text me during the day and tell me I am going to C's house because he wants me to tonight. And many times she will say "Oh and I will be out late so do not bother me and I will wake you up when I get in"

    The other day she left about 1AM and did not come back the next day until about 9:30AM. I had texted her several times and I thought she was ignoring me but she said she left her phone on silent because she did not want to be bothered. She had texted me about 9AM finally and said "I'm on my way home now." I met her on my way home as she was leaving the house going somewhere with my daughter around 12 noon and I was kind of ill and had not responded to her texts because she had not mine for a while.

    Well when I got in I saw the bra she was wearing and immediately looked through the dirty clothes to see if I could find her hot black lace panties that matched the bra. I could not find them anywhere and my heart was pounding. I thought well she might have them on. I went into the bathroom and there on the towel rack, she had left them for me to find. I got so hot and bothered and then any anger I had turned to lust as I realized she planned to let me find them. There was not a lot of cum in them so I asked later and it was confirmed she did not have them on long as she basically wore them there and then wore them home and left them for me to find and inspect. She loves the power she has over me and other men and I do also.

    She has another date planned for either Saturday or Sunday and at this rate she will probably have had about 10 or more sex dates in her first month with her new boyfriend. Although she said she does not want to see anyone else and her new Boyfriend does not either she has a couple of other guys that are on the radar. I complained and asked why her new Boyfriend did not seem to want to fuck her in front of me.cuckold

    She said "I don't know". I do kind of understand it is easy because at his house she can do what ever and be as loud as they want with no one to bother them. Last night she woke me and told me that one of these guys (on the radar) she was talking to would fuck her in front of me but he is in Fla and that is about 6+ hr drive. I know she was flirting with him as she told him earlier he was Super Mega Hot and she said when she showed me his pic on Facebook, " I mean look at him he is sexy and I would FUCK him in a second." She smiled at me as she knew my cock was getting hard and I liked it. For now we will just have to wait and see where that goes if anywhere at all.

    She told me last night as we were fucking that she thought that she was going to wait until near the end of her cycle and let her Boyfriend fill her pussy up with a load he saved for a few days and then bring me home a present for our anniversary this year. She said she was worried that most of it might leak out so she might have to wear some panties that will hold it in until she can get home and make me lick it out. OMG.

    I am very excited about that possibility and all the other ones. Well I have attached a pic of me and her (I have a condom on and had been fucking her in the pic) The other ones are just a couple of pics for you to visualize what a hot little slut I have (she sent me some of these). BTW. The black lace panties in one of the pics are the ones I found in the bathroom. Hope you like her pics and they make you cum hard. Oh almost forgot that she told me he wants to make a video of him fucking her. I do not know if I will get to see it but I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed and your cocks hard.

    A True Cuckold - blueeyesonetime @


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