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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
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    Saturday, October 03, 2009


    My Wife & Her Boss

    Mary my sexy 45 year old wife is a Manager of a major insurance company in a country town in Australia, we are 150km’s from a capital city and as part of her work she travels to the city for meetings and has other managers and her bosses visit her. Most of the other managers are male, Mary and one other woman are the only female managers of the 15 others managers.

    Mary’s direct supervisor is a man named Bill, he is 60years of age, 6’ 4” tall, built like an athlete who is half his age and is an arrogant, self confident and over bearing prick, who gets up my nose with his attitude and the way he speaks to his staff, especially female staff members and in particular Mary.

    He orders them around and can be crude and has hit on Mary several times, he simply laughs of her pathetic complaints, when I once confronted him about this he said “Stuart, my boy I’m only joking, why would I hit on your wife with you here. Then again maybe that’s what I like, no only joking again”. However he had a strange look about this, like he was playing with me but also challenging me.

    Recently Bill was in town seeing the regional offices were meeting targets, Mary had a meeting with Bill in the early after noon, which finished positively for Mary. Bill wanted to take her and her office staff to dinner, Mary rang me and told me about her arrangements, I was happy as her staff would be there and the majority are young females, so Bill’s attention would be on them and not Mary.

    Mary and I had a good sex life and had role played several fantasies our favourite was her being fucked by a stranger or strangers, who had big dicks, I loved the scenario, Mary liked the role play but wasn’t interested in partaking in such a scenario. We also role played her being tied up and used by me and other men and also her being dominated by a big strong man, who was forth-right and controlling of her.

    Mary rang me at 8.00pm and said things were winding up and she expected to be home before 9.00pm. Mary wasn’t home at 10.30pm and I was a little worried, I tried her mobile phone but it was ringing it had been turned off, now I was starting to panic as my mind imagined all sorts of things, car accident, robbed, raped in the car park of the hotel and finally off with Bill. I drove to the hotel she had dinner at and her car was in the carpark, I walked around the area, then a door opened and Mary appeared, she was with ‘old – Bill’ he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately she responded back, he fondled her butt, then gave her a slap as they broke of the kiss and said to her, see you in the office tomorrow.

    Mary said, I hope so, it’s a pity I can’t stay the night but I will see you tomorrow. Bill said, you can bet on that, I’ll come in around 8.00am be there and wear something sexy. Mary replied, for you anything, how about no bra or knickers for easy access. Bill said, sounds good but be discreet I don’t want other staff or clients thinking you’re a slut or tart. Mary said, I’m your slut, I’ll do what ever you want just to try that big cock of yours, but I will be discreet. Mary gave Bill a sloppy kiss, squeezed his cock through his pants and wandered to her car, she was so distracted she didn’t see me or my car. I jumped in my car and raced home, I beat her home by three minutes.

    I waited on the lounge with the Television on, Mary wandered in as nothing had happened and said,, sorry I’m late we got talking and some of us went to Bill’s for a drink and to discuss staff appraisals, don’t worry it was all professional. I asked who was there at Bills’. Mary replied, Bill, me, Susan her office admin assistant and Ann, Mary’s second in charge. I knew it was crap or maybe it was that way at the start but the others had left earlier.

    Mary went for a shower, I checked the clothes she had discarded in the laundry, her bra was missing and her panties contained a bucket load of cum. I joined her in the shower, she was shy about showing me her body, so I said, I know what you got up to tonight, I saw you outside his room. Mary broke down and cried on my shoulder, I checked out her body, it had marks on her breasts, ass and legs. Her breasts had love-bites on them and her nipples were red raw, her ass and legs were bright red. I asked her what had happened, my cock was firming and Mary noticed this, she looked at me and said, in bed, I’ll tell you and show you what happened.

    Mary related the following to me -

    We had dinner, Bill had invited me to his room, I declined so he walked me to my car, at the car we chatted, Bill leant over and kissed me on the lips, I didn’t respond or push him away, so he continued and his hands wandered over my ass again I didn’t really respond either way, he then moved to my tits and then I responded by kissing him back and letting him fondle my tits and in public. Bill got me so hot he then took my hand and led me to his room, I followed willingly, I was caught-up in the moment. When we entered the room he kissed me again, fondled my tits and undid my shirt to get at my naked tits, he sucked them, pulled on them and pinched my nipples like no one ever before, I nearly came there and then.

    He led me to the lounge, removed my clothes and went to work on me, he lay me down and sucked my pussy until I came, I nearly passed out, he stood removed his shirt and pants, he got me to kneel before him and I removed his underwear, to reveal this biggest cock I’ve ever seen, even in porno’s, it was 10+ inches long, the shaft was thick and it had a head that was huge.

    I sucked the head of that cock and tried to get more in my mouth but couldn’t, so Bill lay me down got over my head and fed his cock into my mouth and throat, I could get more in, due to the angle, he held my head and pushed three quarters into my mouth and throat, I gagged several times but kept sucking and using my tongue. Bill shot a heap of cum into my throat and then withdrew and filled my mouth and shot some on my face.

    He then got between my legs and put that monster head into my pussy lips, I said to him be careful, go slow its too big, Bill grabbed my legs lifted then higher and shoved his big cock straight into my pussy with one vicious stroke and said, I don’t fuck careful or slow, I fuck my way.

    He then continued to slam his big cock into me with savage blows until I came over his cock, then he slowed up and said, now I’ll fuck you slow and deep until you cum again, then I’ll fill your cunt with my hot seed. He kept to his word and fucked me slow and deep for 30 minutes and as I neared orgasm he slowed up and didn’t go deep, it frustrated me and I tried to get him moving he was teasing me and asked me to tell him how I wanted to be fucked.

    I relented and begged him to fuck me hard, to use me as he pleased, to cum in my pussy, I told him I was his and could use me any way he wanted. Bill gave me a brutal fucking and I came again, he flipped me over and shoved his hard cock up my ass, as you knno I have only been fucked there a few times as you know. Bill’s cock nearly tore me apart and it hurt for a while until it became unbearably good and I came again as I stroked my pussy, Bill shot another load in my ass, it hurt a bit as his salty cum infiltrated my torn ass, however all in all it was very very good. He spanked my ass and legs as he fucked me hard.

    I later sat on his lap and rode his cock until he was ready to cum, he pulled me off and got me to deep throat his big cock until he came in my mouth again. Bill lay me across the lounge and spanked me several times with his hand, then he used a belt on me, he was controlled but it hurt, but in a good way. You saw the rest as I left his room.

    I asked her what was planned for tomorrow, Mary smiled and said, more of the above and hopefully a few different things. Like what, I said. She replied, anything that means he fucks me with his gigantic cock again and he uses me as he pleases, I love being his fuck toy and pleasing him. I said, boy I wish I could watch that, she said, ok, come to work with me hide out in the back office then sneak out and watch from my sliding window. I said, yeah and I’ll bring the video camera to catch it on video. Mary said, I’ll use my work camera, hide it in my office and also catch all the action so we can watch it tonight or later on, wow this is fucking hot.

    I fucked her and came hard and quickly we drifted off to sleep. The next day will be my next story. - Stuart

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