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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, May 31, 2009


    Reese Cuck training. Her fiancé

    Wow this is too good to be true. Reese and I have been playmates for almost two years. You may recall we do almost anything together or our hearts desire. Just two very sexual open people. Well during this time she has had a fiancé and he didn’t have a clue. Well as expected the cat was let out of the bag when he found an e-mail. The shit hit the fan at least I thought until he said. Babe I love you no matter what you do. Please don’t leave I want to meet this guy (Me).

    Well a meet was arranged and Reese and Johnny greeted me warmly. Evidently they talked things out and he was curious as all hell and wanted to meet and talk to me. We talked about how sexual Reese is and how turned on he got after the hurt and confusion were gone. He and I chatted at length and we became friends. All the while Reese listened and encouraged him to speak freely. It seems that he has all these pent up fantasies and he never let them out. Reese looked at me and we grinned. She looks at Johnny and says I want some really hot pictures of us fucking so when you’re not around I can look at my photo album and rip one off to our hot pictures.

    I said lets do it Johnny I’ll take pictures of you fucking. Reese pipes in and says wait big guy when he is spent it will be your duty to continue. I looked at Johnny and said how do you feel about watching me fuck Reese while you watch and take pictures. He responds without hesitation …That’s hot let’s do it. We have set a meet for a few days from now.BLOG

    Second meet.

    The time arrives. I run an early errand with a family member and go to the hideaway. I arrive at 11:30 in the morning and it is moments after the couple of Reese and Johnny arrive. I chat a little and we drink some coffee. I excuse myself to pee and when I return Johnny is spread eagle on the bed tied with bungee cords naked and Reese is sucking his cock. Like a woman possessed.

    She breaks off the momentum and says take some pictures. I start snapping away and he blows his load to the ceiling and she takes most of it and swallows.

    She leaves him tied up and comes to me and starts kissing me so Johnny can see. She asks him how he likes it and he says it’s hot but if feels peculiar. Now remember this guy is still restrained. Reese tells me to get on my knees and presses her beautiful flush with passion pussy and clit against my face as he watches. Reese starts to shudder and sees Johnny is starting to twitch to a second erection. I resume my picture taking and watch her impale herself on his now rigid cock for round two.

    She goes into one of her orgasm trances while she is riding and rocking on Johnny.

    Her eyes roll back in her head and she mumbles more give me more.

    She rocks till she shudders and twitches in orgasm. Johnny erupts inside her and he is spent. Reese is just getting started, She tells me to put my head on the edge of the bed. She mounts my face and …aahhhhh a fresh warm cream pie. Leaking into my mouth. I lick it all up all the while tongue wagging her clit until she starts to shake and shudder. Now All I have been doing is taking pictures and I am hard like penitentiary steel. Reese gets on the bed next to Johnny on her knees doggie-style and says to me 'fuck me and fuck me good. Johnnie watch this.' I start slow and with her encouragement I am pounding her. She erupts into orgasm and I can feel her insides start to gush with lubrication. Johnny’s eyes are popping out of his head and loving it. I don’t cum but dismount when Reese sees Johnny starting to stir with a third erection. Oh to be younger. She grabs the lube and puts it between her ass cheeks. And says watch.

    She gets on top of Johnny, still restrained and starts to rub his cock between her ass cheeks. It is just like fucking but no penetration. She flips to reverse cowgirl so Johnny can watch his lover manipulate his cock. She looks at me and says “isn’t this what you wanted”. She lifts up and slides the normal size cock right into her perfect ass.HOTWIFE

    She tilts back so I can see her pussy with that clear view of the cock in ass. She then proceeds to rock on his cock and says cum eat my pussy. Obeying as I should I put my face between her legs and start to lick her cunt while she ass rides Johnny’s cock. Johnny releases load three in her ass. I am still on load one. She unties Johnny and says Johnny you watched him fuck me now watch me fuck him. He starts taking pictures and she puts on a strap on with a huge cock. She starts to insert the dido in my ass and is stroking my cock underneath. She puts both hands on my ass and fucks me good. I tell her I am going to cum big time. She pulls out and says cum in my mouth. She says Johnny cum close and watch this. I spray her face, mouth and she makes him kiss her so he is getting some of my fluids. A first time for him.

    Well we were exhausted and we cleaned up and chatted for a while. Johnny thought all of it was very hot.

    Wow was that ever hot. We leave and she winks at me and says see you tomorrow.

    Third…The big surprise

    Well I guess Johnny is having a birthday soon, Reese wants to treat her man to something special. It seems Johnny has an appreciation for Chocolate as in women of color. Reese asks me for my help to find a pretty “sister” to join Johnny for his birthday and fuck his lights out while she watches. Then she mentions, if she were Bi sexual and a hottie she would love it even more. I pipe in and say WOW what an opportunity to make a photo album so you can have a nightstand album to masturbate with when one of you is busy or out.

    Well I looked high and low and found Lala. 25 years old half Black and Half Jamaican. She was Bi sexual and Playboy body and face material. I approached her after we met and she too was an open sexual being. Her response was something like “fuck ya let’s do it. Will you take pictures for me to save” Life couldn’t be better…but it does get better. LaLa is a strap on queen. She wears a strap on so much you would think she is a trans-sexual. (lol) I arrive the next day and Johnny is puzzled not knowing what will happen for his birthday.

    Well he walks in with Reese and I am sitting there with LaLa and kissing her with my hands on her luscious breasts. I stand up and say HBD and this is your gift from Reese.

    He is awe struck. Especially after yesterday. He is taken by the hand into the BR and LaLa strips him naked and they fuck like teenage rock stars. Reese and I are just talking and listening to the noises in the LR.

    Well eventually LaLa walks in our room naked. She walks up to Reese and kisses her passionately and says come with me. They go into the BR and get on the bed with Johnny. LaLa and Reese are game on. Imagine the most beautiful lesbian lovers going at it passionately and that’s what it was. I have a big bone and Johnny is awe struck. We both get hard on’s and we fuck both the woman. LaLa puts on a strap on and fucks Reese while we watch. What a beautiful day. Another fantasy lived and done with. Wait there is a fourth surprise. Only had to wait two days.

    Fourth Surprise

    Reese is very Bi and I found her a new playmate. I met Susie at a social event and we hit it off. We went to her place and she is very hot. She is another version of Reese and loves to fuck. The only difference is she is into anal orgasms as well as fucking like a crazed woman. She told me she was looking for a woman playmate and is hungry for a new gal. I relayed the information to Reese and we arranged a meet.

    Well not knowing what would happen but understanding both women. I brought Suzie to Reese to meet etc. I excused myself to the men’s room and when I returned in a matter of minutes they were kissing passionately and removing each other’s clothes. In what seemed like a flash they were groping and getting ready to devour each other’s pussies. Licking grabbing and finally laying down on the bed and full on 69, both were very hungry. I had a huge cock in my pants. But this time it was about the ladies. I grabbed the camera and put out the strap on for Reese. When she found out Suzie was an anal girl she went nuts and was going to go for the ass and pussy. She is fingering and licking like a woman possessed. Suzie says taking a breath ”put that on and fuck me good”. Well that is all it took. In a flash Reese had the big unit strapped on and was fucking the pussy in a matter of minutes Suzie lifted her bottom and legs and the big strap on slipped right into the anus (missionary style). Suzie gasped and started to ride like a cowgirl and rubbing her clit like a mad crazed woman. She started to cum again and again. Reese was getting tired so she dismounted and sat on her face to be eaten. In a deep breath and then Reese says “Well are you going to fuck us or do we have to fuck you.” I said to both let’s do this.HOT

    Well in this situation there just is never enough dick to go around. I fucked Suzie and then let Reese watch me as I slipped it into her ass slowly. Reese went nuts and said switch to a position so I cal lick her pussy and your cock and balls all at once. We did just that and while Suzie was rocking cowgirl on my cock in her ass. She leans back and Reese is licking my root as I fuck Suzie Licking Suzie’s Pussy and fingering my ass at the same time. It was too much for me. I withdrew from her ass and unleashed a torrent of cum like I didn’t know I had.

    The ladies rested smoked drank and then started tenderly nibbling at each other for a complete round two. Enough time passed and I was rock hard again. Reese asked Suzie if she wanted to do me with a strap on. This is something Suzie never did before and said yes right away.

    Reese got Suzie started in doggie and then Reese came to my head and spread her legs for my mouth. All the time Suzie is fucking me with a strap, milking by cock and I am eating Reese to orgasm. I couldn’t take it and I unloaded while Suzie was milking and fucking me. Then I ate Suzie to a big O. Well all said and done three hours had passed and I was spend and a good cuck and facilitator. Suzie is now my new playmate and Reese is staying closer to home with Johnny. What great fun. I am a lucky guy that has a great life.

    jewels1600 @


    Thursday, May 28, 2009


    How I First Found Out


    Let me begin by describing my wife of seven years, Lisa. She is a year younger than me at 31. She is 5’3” and weighs around 100 lbs. She has long, straight dark brown hair, full lips, and fine-looking, shapely legs. Her eyes are brown and her complexion fair. She is half Asian, half Portuguese. She has a dancer’s belly: flat as a board, rising up to meet perky, medium-sized breasts. She is, by any standard, a beautiful woman, and I have been told many times that I am lucky to have her.

    Six years ago, when Lisa first made it known to me that she wanted to work, I had said no. My paycheck was enough. We had purchased a modest little flat in an excellent neighborhood of the city in which we live and were, in many ways, happy. But Lisa can be very persuasive, when she wants to. And so, after many months of gentle prodding, I relented. I told her she could file a few job applications if she really wanted to.

    Her first job interview was at a large and successful firm not far from where we live. When I came home later that day she told me she was hired. She began work the following week as a junior executive. As the months passed and I got used to her working, I began to notice gradual changes in the way she dressed.

    When I first met my wife she was very conservative, almost shy, even. She did not drink, never wore make-up, short skirts, or high heels. But around two months into her job, I observed that she was buying shorter and shorter skirts and shorts. She also took to wearing shoes with very high heels. I liked the change. As I have mentioned, she is a very attractive woman with knock-out legs and a ravishing body to boot.

    What really turned me on, though, was that she seemed to enjoy the attention that the short skirts, the shorts, and the high heels got her -- especially from men. We were fucking like rabbits at the time and even that had changed. She was more uninhibited, more confident, and more anxious to learn what gave me pleasure. I was, of course, not at all displeased by all this.

    By her seventh month on the job, however, our life together had undergone an almost complete transformation. She often came home late. When I tried to reach her on her mobile telephone, there was usually no answer. She’d come home at the crack of dawn, apologize, and go straight to bed. On occasion, she would go out-of-town on conferences and training seminars and not come back for days.

    Looking back on it now, I realize that I had suspected her of infidelity. Yet I was not sure and every time I insinuated any impropriety on her part, she looked at me as though my suspicions were completely unfounded – if not insane.

    In any case, one night I had to work late to meet a deadline. I told the office I would do everything at home and e-mail them what they needed the following day. I went home at around dinner time, expecting Lisa to be there. She wasn’t. So I decided to get to work on my project immediately.

    The hard drive on my old PC had conked out three days prior and, while the repair shop had called to tell me it was already fixed, I had not had the time to swing by to get it. So I went into the bedroom to work on Lisa’s laptop. I knew she wouldn’t appreciate that, but it was an emergency.

    I finished what I had to do on Lisa’s PC at around 1 o’clock in the morning and realized she was still not home. I had received no calls from her. No text messages. No nothing. I began to worry.

    I called her mobile phone repeatedly. No answer. I told myself she was probably hard at work on something. I was tired after a full day’s work. I decided to hit the sack. She would wake me to apologize when she got home.

    I was about to shut Lisa’s laptop down when I was struck by a strong impulse to snoop around her files a bit. She wouldn’t know, I told myself. So, one by one, I began to open the folders on the desktop of her computer. After about 20 minutes of doing this, I became bored. But then I eventually clicked on a folder and found it was password protected. My mind raced. What was it that was so secret that she would protect it with a password?

    I couldn’t fight the urge to find out so I tried a number of possibilities. My name, the date of our anniversary, her name and the year she was born, among others. Nothing worked.

    What happened next came as a complete surprise -- even to me. Lisa had once before mentioned that she liked everybody at the place where she worked except her boss, who always gave her a hard time. I remembered that she had said that his name is Christopher. I typed the name down. The folder popped open.

    There were a number of sub-folders inside. They were arranged haphazardly: some by date, some by place name. I opened one and found it was filled with pictures and video clips. My throat went dry and my hands started to tremble. I clicked on a photo icon and, as I did, felt like a man who had just taken a deadly step into a headlong fall.

    There was Lisa, the whole magnificent length of her smooth white body stretched out on a bed I did not recognize, wearing nothing but her tiny black lace panties and her favorite black stilettos. Her breasts were fully exposed and the belly button stud she had recently acquired shone in the light of the flashbulb. There was a look of devilish, contented pleasure on her face – a look I had never seen on her before. It was as if I was looking at a woman I did not know.

    I remembered she had bought a few pieces of slutty lingerie recently. When I asked why she said, “I just want to look good in bed for you.” She did wear them in bed for me from time to time, but I knew now that she had not, in fact, purchased the sexy undergarments exclusively for me.

    There were a dozen or so more photos in the folder but I could not bring myself to look at any more of them. I did not even think of looking at the videos. She was fucking around and I knew it.

    I lost my temper. The surge of anger in me was terrific. I quickly retrieved one of my flash drive devices and copied all of the files, fully intent on exposing her for the whore that she really is.

    When I had done saving the files into my USB flash drive, I hid it in my desk drawer, locked it, pulled on a pair of pants, got the car keys and went downstairs. My plan was simple: I would drive out to Lisa’s office to confront the two adulterous lovers.


    The drive to my wife’s office building was short. As it was way past midnight, there was very little traffic. I parked my car in the wide, open-air parking lot across the street from her office building.

    I was breathing heavily as I crossed the street. The persistent and nagging thought of my wife with another man made my anger rise to a point where my fists were clenched tightly inside the pockets of my windbreaker.

    I had been to Lisa’s place of work before so I knew exactly where to go. I entered the building, took the elevator to the 14th floor, got off, and walked calmly into the lobby of Lisa’s office. As it was already around 2:30am, there was no receptionist out front, only the night watchman. I told him to go get Lisa. While I was not sure, I spoke as though I knew actually knew she was there. “Tell her husband wants a word with her,” I said.

    As the night watchman disappeared into the offices at the back I took a seat on one of the sofas arranged in a corner of the lobby. After a few moments, the night watchman returned and said politely, “Your wife will be out in a while, sir.”

    I waited about 20 minutes, becoming more and more impatient with every tick of the clock that hung above the office lobby. Then, keeping my anger and impatience in check, I asked the night watchman if he would mind getting me a cup of coffee. He said sure and went back inside.

    I knew he would be getting coffee from the machine in the pantry off to the right of the entrance to the offices. (Like I said, I had been to Lisa’s office before.) I knew, too, that once the night watchman was inside the pantry, I could easily slip into the office without being seen.

    So as soon as I was sure he was in the pantry, I got up, walked inside, and made my way to Lisa’s office in the executive area past the desks of the clerks and secretaries. I got to the door of Lisa’s office and was about to grab the doorknob and walk in when I heard a voice further down the hall.

    It was a male voice, and it sounded as through he were giving someone a dressing down. I paid no further attention to it at the time and proceeded into Lisa’s office without knocking. To my surprise, it was empty. The lights were on, and I saw Lisa’s handbag on the desk, so I knew she was still around.

    I waited a bit, then stepped out of my wife’s office and looked at the door down the hallway. By now I knew the night watchman had come back out front to find that I had gone. He would have assumed -- I hoped at the time -- I had left without bothering to wait for my wife, or the coffee I had asked him to get for me.

    I noticed that I could hear no more voices from the other door. I walked quietly toward it and, as I got to it, I heard voices coming from the other side again. This time I could definitely tell that my wife was inside the room. I could hear her voice but I could not make out what she was saying.

    There was another silence then I heard Lisa moan and sigh. My heart sank. I stood there for a while, bracing myself against the pain and the shock of it and, with a trembling hand, reached for the doorknob and slowly twisted it open. It was unlocked. I pushed the door open a crack and peered inside.

    Lisa and a man I had correctly assumed was her was boss, Christopher, were standing a little off to the left of the room, in front of a big desk. They were kissing. Christopher had his hands on Lisa’s buttocks, gripping her butt cheeks through her short grey skirt. I noticed that Lisa’s black blouse was already undone. Christopher looked huge against my wife’s petite frame. His hair was cropped short. From what I could see, he was clean-shaven. His shirt was also open.

    After a moment of kissing and groping, Christopher lifted her skirt, slipped his hands into Lisa’s black panties, and began caressing her pussy and buttocks while they kissed. I heard Lisa moan and sigh in delight. She arched her head back so Christopher could put his mouth and tongue on her neck. As he did, I saw her wrap a leg around Christopher’s leg and put her hand inside the front of his pants.

    I looked away. I do not know why, but I felt guilty for being there: as if I were watching something I should not be watching. I wanted to walk away. All my anger was suddenly gone. I felt ashamed. I was about to leave when I heard Christopher order Lisa to get on her knees. The gruff tone he took with my wife alarmed me. I peered into the crack again just in time to see Lisa kneel down to unbuckle his pants.

    My heart was pounding. I was heartbroken and murderously angry but, at the same time, I was excited. I watched Lisa take Christopher’s cock out of his pants, gripping the shaft with both her small hands. I could see that his member was only a bit bigger than mine, but she seemed actually to worship it.

    “You want that, don’t you?” Christopher said. I could not see Lisa’s face, but I heard her answer pleadingly: “Yes, I do. I want you in my mouth, please.”

    “All right, suck on it now,” Christopher barked. Again I was shocked. I had known my wife long enough to understand that she did not like being ordered around. But she took Christopher’s cock greedily into her mouth and moaned in obvious delight.

    I could not see Lisa’s face but I could tell she was taking in a good amount of his length. He grabbed her hair with both hands and began to push her head to meet the timing of his thrusts. Lisa’s moans grew louder and louder as the thrusts became more and more savage. I saw her reach down and play with her clit, rubbing her fingers vigorously through her panties as she sucked at Christopher’s cock.

    This went on for a few minutes, with Lisa getting more and more excited, milking Christopher’s cock and moaning in sheer pleasure. Every now and then, she would pull herself away, look up teasingly, then come back to lick his shaft and flick her tongue on his balls. I could hear her slurp and drool all over him down there.

    Then Christopher said, “That’s enough. Get up.” Lisa obeyed, rising up to kiss Christopher passionately in the mouth. I could tell she was really turned on. Her pussy was so wet that the juices from it glistened in the soft light.

    Then I saw Christopher take her roughly by the arm and lead her around the desk. He stood her up in front him, pulled open a drawer and pulled out a condom. He took my wife by the shoulders and turned her around, still with the same alarming roughness. Lisa was now facing the door with the desk in front of her.

    I looked back at the dimly lit office down the hall. I wanted to walk away, but I was drawn to the scene playing out not more than ten feet away from where I stood behind the door.

    When I looked through the slight opening of the door again I saw Lisa was leaned over the desk. Her bra was undone so that her pink and hardened nipples were touching the desktop. Her legs were wide apart. Her arms were spread out among the papers on the desk and her panties were pulled down just low enough to reveal her pussy. On her face was that fascinating look I had seen earlier in the photographs on her computer. She was so radiant and flushed with excitement her skin seemed to glow.

    Christopher was standing behind her, his cock now wrapped in the condom. He had dropped his pants to his ankles. He reached forward, grabbed Lisa by the hair violently, and began to rub the head of his cock against the outside of Lisa’s pussy while his other hand fingered her roughly. Lisa gasped and moaned loudly. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, please. Make me cum, please,” she begged.

    I stepped away from the door. I could not understand what it was I feeling. I was hurt and angry, but also very much aroused. I was rock hard. I looked at the bulge in my pants, then down the hall, suddenly afraid the night watchman would spot me while on his rounds. I did not want to be caught. But I could not resist the urge to watch some more. Again, the sound of Lisa’s moaning drew me back to the door.

    When my eyes again returned to the couple inside, I could tell that Christopher had already driven his cock all the way into Lisa’s pussy. He began to fuck her hard. Lisa gasped in ecstasy and her eyes rolled toward the ceiling as she pushed against Christopher’s cock. Then she reached back, gripped her partner by the butt cheek, and pulled him deeper into her, moaning as she did. “Fuck me harder, deeper!” she pleaded.

    I stood there watching in awe of Lisa’s lust for this man. I could not remember ever seeing her this way when we made love. I was deeply hurt, but I could no longer deny my own excitement as I watched the rhythm of their fucking intensify. “You like that?” Christopher would ask. “Yes, oh yes!” Lisa would gasp, frantic with pleasure. “Then beg for it, you little slut,” Christopher would command her. Lisa would comply, begging and pleading to be fucked. “I’m your slut. Fuck me like a slut. Fuck me like I’m your slut, please,” she purred. Lisa’s body shuddered and she began to thrash around violently.

    As she reached orgasm, she begged Christopher to fuck her harder and faster. He yanked her hair violently back. She let out a yelp of delicious pleasure. He was pounding her hard and fast in no time and I could tell she loved it. At one point, her moans and begging became so loud I was afraid it would bring the night watchman over. They fucked furiously for what must have been around 10 minutes. Lisa came again and again during that time, her body going into breathless spasms with each climax.

    When it was Christopher’s turn to cum, he pulled out, whipped off the condom and threw it aside. Quickly -- and at the same time -- Lisa spun around and fell to her knees, presenting her tits to his cock. She was gasping and everything she did she seemed to do with desperate ecstasy. I saw her tongue flick in and out of her mouth as she caressed her nipples and her clit for him to see.

    Christopher breathed heavily as he jerked off to the spectacle of my wife pleasuring herself. He came in three explosive spurts, splattering his juices on her soft tits, her neck, and her face. Lisa moaned in delight and rubbed the hot spunk all over her body. “Good for the skin, right?” she said, her voice throaty, relaxed and devilishly seductive. When he was done with her, she slid down and lay on her back in the carpet, panting with exhaustion.

    Christopher looked dazed as he pulled his underwear and pants up. He dropped to his knees and laid himself down beside my wife. They were still laying there, breathing heavily, exchanging whispers and giggling, when I quietly left. I walked out across the dimly lit outer office and into the lobby. I walked past the night watchman, who was asleep and snoring in his swivel chair behind the front desk.

    I tried, but I could not go home. I drove around the city for a while. I was no longer sad. I felt nothing but lust and arousal. I wanted Lisa. I wanted to fuck her like crazy. But, to my horror, I realized that I also wanted her to go on fucking her boss. I knew, without a doubt, that I still loved my wife, but I was no longer sure she loved me. The pain was enormous but, strangely enough, I wanted Lisa badly, and in a way that I had never wanted her before.

    It was daybreak when I finally came home. Lisa was waiting there for me, her hair still wet from a shower. She was out sitting on one of the chairs in the balcony, drinking coffee. She smiled and motioned me over. I went into the kitchen to fetch myself a beer, and then I went out to join her in the cool of the early morning.

    “Hey, I heard you dropped by the office last night,” she said cheerfully. I said I did. She must have seen something in the expression on my face as her smile was quickly replaced by a look of dread.

    “Is anything wrong,” she asked, putting a palm on my knee. “I saw it all,” I said. “I saw you and your boss.” Lisa’s jaw dropped. For a moment, she looked completely startled. Then she averted my gaze and looked down. “Are you leaving me?” she asked. “Is that what you want?” I asked. “No,” she said. “I love you. I can’t imagine my life without you.” I sat down on a chair beside her and told her I wanted to know the whole truth.

    My wife said she and Christopher had been fucking for three months now. She said that although she found him very attractive from the start, she had refused his initial advances. When he began to turn his attention to the other girls in the office, however, she got jealous. “That was when I started wearing mini-skirts and all,” she said quietly.

    She said the next time Christopher made a pass at her, she gave in fast. They had gone on weekend vacations together, she confessed. “He made me do things,” she revealed.

    “Should I give this guy a lesson?” I asked. No, she answered. “To be honest,” she said, “I like it. I like his cock. I like the way he fucks me. Please try to understand.” I of course asked for details. But what she told me, and all the adventures we embarked on over the course of the next few years, is another story.

    Suffice it to say that we are still together and we are still happy. We love each other. We have vicious arguments, true, but our friendship and our life together is strong.

    Maybe, if I am lucky enough, we will grow old together and laugh about all of this in our sunset rocking chairs.

    Attached is one of the photos I found in Lisa’s laptop that night when I first found out. I chose one of poor quality, having been taken through a cellphone camera. This I did to obscure any details that may lead to the real identity of the people involved.


    Monday, May 25, 2009


    I'm Waiting for Her to Come Home

    It's Sunday night and my wife is with her new bf. She said not to expect her home tonight. How did this happen so fast?

    Friday night we both went to meet a man she met on a connection site. She wants me to tag along for first meetings because she feels safer that way. We met him at a bar that had a great live band and they hit it off at once. I love dancing with her but I didn't get to dance much as she spent the evening dancing with him. As they danced he pulled her tight against his body. They did not even try to hide the fact that he was feeling her tits and ass. At one point he even put his hand in her pants and felt her pussy on the dance floor for all to see.

    When they finelly came back to the table she told me she loved pushing her body against him and feeling his hard dick pushing back against her. Then she told me to get them another drink. When I returned they were locked in a deep kiss. I set down and she put her foot in my lap. A sign that I can massage her foot for her. So I'm massaging her foot, she is locked in a hot kiss with him and she has a orgasm right there. Well the evening went on with them dancing hot and playing with each other. We all left about 1:00 and headed back to her new bf's place.

    Of course she road with him and I followed in our car. As they were driving I could see her in one of two positions. Either she was leaning against the passenger door or I could not see her at all. Later I learned that when she was leaning against the door he was fingering her pussy and when I could not see her she was sucking his cock. She is very hot, I would expect no less from her.

    Once we were at his place they wasted no time embracing in a hot kiss as soon as they got inside the door. They were standing in the middle of the living room and she wasted no time in undoing his jeans and getting his cock out. He wasted no time in removing her top and bra. He was sucking her tits as he undid her jeans and pushed them and her panties down to her thigh. She lifted her right foot and indicated I should remove her boot, which I did. Them she had me revove the other boot, her jeans and her panties. The whole time I was doing this they never let go of the embrace they were in. It was as if I they just to help remove her clothes for him.HOTWIFE

    It wasn't long till they decided to move up to his bedroom. Once there they kissed some more then she laid on her back on the bed, he was on his knees beside her head feeding her his nice thick dick. She loves thick dicks. As he was getting a great blowjob I was licking her pussy. Having her pussy licked as she sucks dick is a huge turn on for her for two reasons. One, She has great orgasms while sucking a bf's dick and me licking her. Two, it gets her pussy very wet for her bf to fuck her.

    She sucked him for guite a while, then he wanted to lick her. She reluctantly released his dick from her mouth and he started licking her. She LOVED it. He was obviously very good at licking pussy. As she had orgasm after orgasm she had me stroke her head, her hair and touch her tits. I really enjoyed seeing her in such a state of extreme arousal. After what seemed like 100 orgasms he decided it was time to fuck her.

    Even though this was the first time she was with this bf, she knew doggie style is his favorite position so she got on her her knees at the edge of the bed and he stood behind her and slid his thick cock into her. I forgot to mention that my wife is very vocal. She let out a moan that I'm quite sure the neighbors could hear.

    Pushing back against him to get the most from every thrust she was moaning...ahh...fuck me...fuck me harder...don't stop...ahh keep it in ...please keep fucking me...She was soooo hot she even took my cock in her mouth because she just needed more dick. Her bf was holding her by the sides of her ass and thrusting as hard as he could slam into her. He was soo excited that it wasn't long until he came saying that was the hardest he has cum in a long, long time.

    So, it's Sunday night now and it's only been 1 day since her first night with the new bf and she is leaving to see him again. Before meeting him she is visiting a friend whose father just passed away so she is wearing conservative clothing outwardly but is wearing a hot bra and panties underneath. Before dressing I was instructed to shave her pussy and had to increase the shaved area as the bf told her he liked more shaved then she currently had shaved and she is very eager to satisfy him.

    She told me her goal was to make one of his fantasies come true. He has a rather thick dick and because of that he has never found a woman that would take in the ass. She loves a challenge and intends to make his fantasy come true. I have no doubt that his dream will cum true tonight.


    After several hours and she has finally come home and told me about her night. She arrived at his place to sexy music and many candles burning. They fell into a long passionate kiss and as they were kissing he reached under her long flowing dress and pulled her panties off. She said she was very wet and he slid a finger in her pussy and made her cum on the spot. They moved to the couch where he used his tongue to bring her freshly shaved pussy to many orgasms.

    I didn't get all the details but she did say that he fucked her ass hard and long and that's how he had one of the best orgasms of his life.

    I'm a very lucky man. She told me the details and had me lick her pussy to a hard orgasm as she told me about her night. Then she fell fast asleep. - WannaBeCuckedBad


    Thursday, May 21, 2009


    MiamiMark - Cindy Club Hopping

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    My fiancée and I were now about 4 to 5 months away from our wedding and she had already made several remarks about wanting to stop being with other guys before the wedding and I completely respected that decision as we both said we would quit when either one of us felt it time. It killed me thinking we wouldn’t be doing all this since it was quickly becoming the most exciting thing I had experienced.

    I had talked to Rick about her decision and he also seemed a little bummed but quickly changed the subject into taking advantage of the time we had left. In that conversation I was a bit nervous but told him that watching them at the movie theater (previous encounter) from across the theater was very exciting. Even more thrilling was that he took control of her in the bathroom and got her to do something behind my back by him not wearing a condom and as strange as it sounds, I loved it, especially because she never told me about it.

    He asked me if I wanted him to be more aggressive and in control and I just about screamed, “Yes!!!” Just writing this down brings me back to that moment of absolute excitement. We started to plan out some things and he quickly went on line to do some shopping (with my credit card).

    The next weekend he called to invite us out to hit the club scene. Although Cindy and I don’t often do the party scene, we thought it might be fun. He then asked me to put Cindy on the phone and when they hung up she told me that he ‘requested’ she wear something short, a garter belt and no bra. I asked her if she was going to and she said why not.

    We picked him up on the way and as he locked up his door, he gave Cindy a little gold chain with nipple clamps and told her to put it on. She looked at it and had no idea where it went so he explained it to her. She lifted her little white top up and fiddled with it a bit until it was on. There she was with her black skirt, white skin, pink nipples, and a chain draped from one nipple to the other. She lowered her shirt and we were off.

    We went from club to club that night and I always stayed far behind. I walked behind them, watched them from afar, and never really interacted with them. Rick acted the whole


    Sunday, May 17, 2009


    Wife and A Black Cock

    After we got married we still went out a lot to go dance but that was mainly for her. She is about 5ft 10 blond and about 135-40 and likes to go shake her booty i am not much of a dancer and have no rhythm what so ever. One night while out at a local club she was out dancing on the dance floor shaking her booty in a short black dress the kind with no straps not wearing a bra or panties while i was was doing a good bit of drinking and i noticed she had a new dance partner.

    He was a tall black man about 30 years old or so. I just sat back and watched for a little bit. when they finished dancing she followed him to the bar where the rest of his buddies were standing. looked like they were having a decent conversation so i did not think anything about it. She left and made her way around to me. i asked what her and her new friends were talking about. she turned bright red and said they just danced he invited her to come met the rest of his group. she said while she was shaking her booty he was grinding his dick into her ass and said he has the biggest dick she had ever felt.

    I said "felt"! she turned red again. said when she was being led to the bar he placed her hand on his dick. she asked if i was mad i said no unless she was upset about it then i would say something to them. i could tell she was not upset she was curious and had drunk enough to feel pretty adventuresome. she said no it did not bother her we stood and drank a little more and about fifteen minutes later i noticed she was starring at him.

    She all of a sudden blurted out that just could not believe the size of the dick he had. i asked her if it excited her and she said yes. i asked her if she would like to fuck him and she just gave me a little smile. me being drunk enough i said if you think you can get him to leave with us we can go across the street to the Hampton inn and get a room. she asked if i was serious i said sure but you better do it quick before i change my mind. she asked if it bothered me the thought of her fucking someone else.

    I told her no but truthfully i was kind of excited about it. so she took off over to the bar to talk to her friend. she was there for a while before she came back alone. she came to me and said that hey would pay for the hotel. i said "they" she said yes he wont come unless they all come. she asked what i thought i said ok if it fine with you. she turned and smiled at him across the bar and nodded. so then we all started walking toward the door. must have looked a little funny to everyone around me leading her out the door with four black men following us while she held the first guy and my hand on the way out. walked across the street to the Hampton inn, they payed for the hotel room and we went to room 404. we walked in they introduced themselves to me and made some small talk. then she went to the first guy "Darrell" and started kissing him and grabbing at his dick. he pulled her close grabbed her ass and pulled her dress up and started playing with her ass. they slowly stripped each other and before long were standing completely naked. i just sat in the chair next to the bed and watched. i sat there and watched my wife drop to her knees and take the biggest cock i have ever seen into her mouth. it was an honest ten inches and pretty thick too. she struggled to suck it, there was no way she could get the hole thing in her mouth but she did a good job any way. he stood her up and laid her on the bed, got on top and slowly slid his dick in inch by inch. you could tell at first it hurt her but once he started getting a steady rhythm she was ok. the other three guys were stripping while i just sat there and watched my wife being impelled with this huge dick. soon they were all naked standing watching and jerking on there dicks. none of them were as big is Darrell but all were a good eight inches or so. Darrell fucked her to her first orgasm shortly there after he blew his load too not wearing a condom and she was not on birth control either. he hopped off and she just layed there. the next guy walked up turned her over on her stomach and pulled her ass up in the air. he did not start with any foreplay just slide his dick in my wife and picked up where Derril left off.

    He grabbed her hips and pounded for all he was worth. she was screaming "fuck me hard fuck me harder". Darrel made his way to her head and slide his soft dick in her mouth. the guy finally popped in her pussy. by this time she had cum running out of her pussy. her pulled out went up to her face and shoved his dick in her mouth for her to taste there juices. i looked up and they next guy stood her up laid down on the bed and pulled her on top. she got on him reverse cowboy style and started riding his dick like a champ the last guy stood on the bed and shoved his dick in her mouth. she was fucking the guy on the bed pretty good soon he came too and she came again at the same time she hopped off of him and had cum running down the inside of her legs dripping on the floor.

    The last guy bent her over the bed and pounded her doggie style till he too popped his load in her sloppy cum drenched pussy. she laid flat on her back for a minute or two then Darrell entered her pussy again and one of the other guys shoved his dick in her mouth. then Darrell turned her over pulled out of her pussy and slowly slid it into her ass she moaned in pain and pleasure at the same time before long she was push her ass on to his huge dick while he just stood there and watched his dick slide in and out of her ass. he soon popped in her ass all the other guys took a turn in her ass blowing load after load in her ass. they finished thanked me for letting them fuck my wife. she laid there on her back with what seemed like gallons of cum pouring from her well fucked pussy and ass.

    I stood up walked to her asked if she was ok she smiled and said she was great. she said she had never been fucked like that before and has never had a dick that big in her in any hole. i sat next to her for a while until she fell asleep. i fell asleep too only to awaken to a blowjob in the mourning she looked up at me and said thank you. then smiled and said how would it be if she was getting fucked again right now while she gave me a blowjob. i just laid there and said sure. she said then we will have to do this again soon. i shot my load down her throat we got dressed and went home. now she thinks she is pregnant and we don't know if it is mine or one other black lovers. attached is some cell phone photos sorry they are not any better.

    Morgan - capmorgan.morgan @


    Thursday, May 14, 2009


    More From Brad & Cindy

    Just found your site on the net and love it. My wife and I have been married 22 years. After about 4 years we started swinging, something we both thought sounded exciting. Thru the years it has more of less turned into her cuckolding me. Everything I am about to tell is 100% true. Our best times were when we had a MFM 3 threesome. This first post will be on us first starting,If there is any interest I have many many stories to share. Our first time was with a neighbor we both knew and liked.

    When I approched him about it he didn't believe me, because from the outside my wife isn't a flirt, or tease. But once things get going look out. I told Brad (friend) to come to our house that night and if Cindy (wife) wasn't dressed in a pair of silky shorts and tank top (no bra) that he could leave and I would never say a word about it. He agreed. I told Cindy when she got home and she was very excited and nervous at the same time.

    Cindy took a shower and got ready while I rolled us a joint. Cindy came out dressed like I had asked her to but she had on a white tank top that u could see right thru and had not worn any panties. When Brad arrived we all sat on ther sofa with cindy between brad and I. At first we were all pretty nervous and didn't know how to get things started. We smoked the joint, it relaxed us so we were laughing and joking around when I just reached over and started kissing cindy while I rubbed her tits thru her top.

    When we broke our kiss she leaned over to kiss brad. I saw he already had his hand on her leg and she had her hand on his thigh. As they kissed I began rubbing her leg closest to me, sliding it from her calf to almost her pussy. I would stop just short. As I did this she had her legs spread very wide and I could just see her outer lip. They broke their kiss and I saw that cindy had her hand on his crotch and he was very excited. I asked cindy to take her top off and she did in a hurry. Her nipples were very erect. We kissed again and this time I wanted to see how wet she was and slid my hand to her pussy she was soaked.

    She let out a light moan and spread her legs wider. she was close to cumming and broke the kiss and started kissing brad again. Brad wasted no time in burying 2 fingers in cindy's wet pussy. By now Cindy's pussy was so wet her juices were running down the crack of her ass, onto the couch. She then slid down on the floor and got between my legs then swiftly pulled my shorts and briefs down and gave me about 15 sec blowjob.

    She then went and did the same to brad. We then all got naked. Cindy and I had talked before hand and decided brad would fuck her first. Cindy then stood up and removed her shorts and asked us if we were going to follow her to the bed room? Cindy layed in the middle of the bed, brad and I got on each side of her. Cindy had both our cocks in her hand stroking us, as she took turns kissing each of us. Her knees were drawn up and her legs were spread wide. One leg resting on brad and one on me. As we took turns kissing cindy, we took turns fingering her and sucking on her tits.

    Cindy had had enough foreplay and was ready to get fucked. She told brad she wanted his dick in her. (Brad's cock was about the same as mine a little over 6 inches but his cock was very thick). I switched around so I could watch, and cindy could suck my cock. I watched as brad slid his cock in her very slowly at first. Brad soon picked up the pace and I could see Cindy's juices start to gush out of her pussy. Brad didn't last very long the first time. I watched as he tensed up and filled cindy's pussy full of cum. They were both moaning and kissing. When brad pulled out, a large stream of cum trickled out of cindy's pussy. I took brad's place as cindy spread her legs her pussy was wide open and still had cum oozing out. I slid in my balls deep on the first stroke. Cindy's pussy was sooo loose and wet. What a turn on. I lasted about 13 strokes and came with a fury.

    We fucked cindy 2 times each that night. She would suck one while the other pounded her. She was the one that got round 2 going by crawling over to brad and started sucking his cock back to life.

    Ever since that day we have been hooked. My favorite is watching her and videoing and taking photos. She has met with men several times alone. I like that also. She has even worn panties on her dates just to keep the cum in her till she gets home. This is a photo of her and a guy that used to come over quite alot. The photo's aren't of that experience. The last one was taken just last month.

    Brad - txoralmaster @


    Sunday, May 10, 2009


    A Happy Cuck

    I have never participated in a blog like this before. I guess I'll begin by telling you my story.

    I am 24 years old, and my wife is 22 (21 in this picture). We have been married for 2 years. I met her when I was in the Navy. We dated for about 1 and 1/2 years before getting married.

    I first met my wife because she was dating a friend of mine. She was totally in love with him but he told me that he just kept her around because she was an incredible fuck. He said she would do anything he told her to do. She was and still is hot. My friend and I were both in the Navy and of course we would both go out to clubs together and go to the same parties.

    While at these parties we would always be really drunk, her (my future wife Christine) included. Well at these parties my friend Mark would fondle Christine in front of everybody, going so far as to putting his hand up her dress and fingering her right on the couch when other people were around. I can't tell you how hard this made me. Christine was so hot and I had the biggest crush on her.

    Finally Mark had just had enough of her and was ready to move on to another girl and that's when I had my chance. I asked Mark if he would mind if I dated her and he said no, he was happy that I could take her off his hands.

    I asked her out and we started dating. It was great. We had sex all the time and I was totally in love with her. The only thing was though she was still in love with Mark and I knew it. I was willing to accept this though because I figuered eventually she would get past him and fall in love with me.

    Well one night we were all out at a pool hall with friends, Me, Mark, and Christine and of course we were all drunk. Christine was hanging all over Mark and I was pretty depressed about so I wasn't talking to her much. After awhile they both disapeared. I asked everyone where they went and everyone kind of acted like they didn't know, but you could tell they just didn't want to say anything. So I went out looking for her and I saw my friend Mark's truck.

    I went up to the truck and looked in the window and there they were. Christine's dress and panties were off and she was sucking Mark's dick. I opened the truck door and almost in tears asked what they were doing. Mark looked a little ashamed of himself for letting Christine suck his dick because he knew how much I loved her. Christine just gave me a little pouty face and said "I'm sorry Joe, I'm just drunk. I didn't mean to do it".

    Well I just left. I drove back to base devastated. I had decided to break up with her and never talk to Mark again. The next day Christine called and wanted to come over. I loved her so of course I told her she could. When she showed up we talked and I just couldn't break up with her. She appologized and said she was drunk and sorry and it would never happen again. So I took her back.

    The strange thing was the whole thing turned me on. At the time I didn't understand it but seeing her with someone else turned me on. It was what originally turned me on when she was dating Mark and he would do things with her in public and I watched. I didn't understand it for a long time and we ended up getting married.

    Nothing else like that happened until a year and a half after we got married. I finished my enlistment and was hired at a grocery store working over night stocking the shelves. It was an ok job and it allowed me to work nights so that I could go to college in the day. Christine got a job at a resturant as a chef. Things were going really great. The resturant that Christine worked at was an expensive kind of high end resturant so she made good money which was good becuase we needed the money.

    Well one night while working I lost a contact lens and had to go home to get another one; I never went home during work because we only had 30 minutes for lunch and I didn't have enough time to get home and eat and go back to work in time. I almost didn't even go home but I didn't have my contact lens case and didn't want to where only one contact becasue it messed up my eye's, and I couldn't afford to just throw away the contact lens that I was wearing. So I went home to get another conact.

    When I got home I saw someone's car parked in my driveway. I didn't know who's car it was and immediately got that sinking feeling in my stomach; the one you get when you know something is wrong. I went inside through the back door and was as quiet as I could be (which was very quiet). All the lights in the house were off and I made my way my bedroom. When I got closer I could hear our bedroom t.v. on and I could here one of our porn tapes on. I could also hear a guy talking. He was saying things like "just like that, suck it you little whore" and I could hear Christine moaning.

    I opened the bedroom door and saw a big naked muscular guy naked with Christine down on her knees naked, sucking his cock. They were both suprised when I opened the door. I was so stunned to actually see what was happening that I was speachless; I had heard the term speechless before but I was actually speechless. I didn't know what to say. I knew this was obviously planned because there was a porno playing on the t.v.

    Christine got up off her knee's and began to walk to me. When she did the guy grabbed her by the arm and held her there. Then he looked at me (I'm not that big, 5 7", 160 lbs.) and said "Christine's busy, why don't you come back later when she's done. Again I was speachless. Christine was looking at me waiting for me to say something and I couldn't. When I didn't say anything Mario (I later found out his name was Mario, her boss from work), told her rather forcefully "get back down on your knees and suck my dick. I was shocked. I couldn't believe he would say that with me right there, he was a lot bigger than me but still that took a lot of nerve. What shocked me even more was that Christine did, she got back down on her knees and started sucking his dick again with me standing right there.

    I just left. Again I was sad but I was also rock hard. I couldn't go back to work so I called them and said I had to stay home because Christine was sick and needed me. I didn't know where to go so I just drove around, with the hardest dick I had ever had. I was so turned on that I rubbed my dick through my pants untill I came in my underwear. About two hours later I drove home. When I saw Mario's car gone I went inside. Christine was laying in bed and woke up when I came in.

    I asked her what was going on and she explained that her boss Mario had been hitting on her at work and that since I was working nights we weren't having sex as much anymore. She said finally one day she just didn't stop his advances and one thing led to another and he had fucked her at work. From that night on she had been fucking him at the resturant after work and ocasionally if they didn't work the same shift when he got off work he would come to our house to fuck her. I asked her if she loved him and she said no. She said that she loved me and that Mario was married too and that he had told her that he wasn't going to leave his wife, he just wanted to fuck her.

    I told her that I loved her and that if that's what she wanted that I guess it would be alright. Christine was suprised by my response and I think I was more nervouse explaining to her why it was ok than when I had gone home earlier in the night. I told her that I was actually turned on when I caught her sucking Mario's dick and that when I left I had jerked off at the thought of her fucking him. She smiled when I told her this and kind of gave me a condesending smile. She then asked me if I was really turned on at the thought of him fucking her (as I said she was alway's kind of wild letting Mark finger her and fondle her in front of other people). I told her, yes and that I was getting hard just thinking about it now. Christine then asked if I wanted to know what Mario had done to her last night.

    I couldn't help myself. I said yes, tell me what happened. Christine told me that Mario had called from work and told her to put on a porn movie and that he would be over soon. Christine put on a DVD and began fucking herself with a dildo until Mario showed up. When he got to the house she had let him in and he undressed in our bedroom and told her to suck his cock which she gladly did. Then while she was sucking his dick I walked in. She said of course she was shocked but when Mario had told her to get back down on her knees and to suck his cock with me right there in the room it made her so wet she couldn't help but to do it. Christine said after I left Mario bent her over the bed and fucked her from behind and told her "no wonder you like me fucking you, your husband is a real pussy" Christine said when he was ready to come that he stratled her body and came on her face making her lick his dick clean.

    After she told me what happened I had to fuck her. We had incredible sex. It was the best sex we ever had. From then on I have been a very happy cuckold and Christine has never been happier. - HappyCuck


    Thursday, May 07, 2009


    My First Time Being Cucked

    Ok this is my fist time posting so I will give a little background info about my wife and me. We meet back in high school seven years ago. It was love at first sight... not really. She was a freshman and I was a senior. She was in the Top 10 of her class and I was in the bottom of mine. It was a match made in hell, but we kicked it off and got along great. Plus the sex was fucking amazing. Now the summer after we meet we ran into an ex-g/f of mine which happened to be bi. Well after a couple of nights all 3 of us hanging out it turned into a nice 3-some.

    I had turned my g/f into a pussy loving girl and it was great. Well after several months of all 3 of us fucking my g/f told me that she loved it when I was fucking my ex that watching it really turned her on. Well that was all I need to keep on giving her a great show. Well, this is where it gets good. I was in a band at the time and my lead guitarist had just broke up with his g/f so I invited him to go with my g/f and me to the mall that day so maybe he could go hit on some other girls there, plus it would give me somebody to talk to while my g/f was shopping. Well when I did this and invited him I didn't know that my g/f thought he was hot. Well it was a 1hr drive to the mall from where we lived and most of it was just talking about bullshit and stuff.

    They where friendly flirting but nothing major. Well when we get to the mall my g/f asked me if it was ok to flirt and little more and tease some. I was kinda brought back by this but I thought what the hell he had just got dumped and plus I had been fucking my ex for a while by this time so why not let her have some fun. I didn't really think it would go much past flirting. So I told her go ahead and have fun. So I thought I would have some fun and help her break the ice so I told my buddy that if we saw any really hot girls that she was with him and I was going to hit on them.

    Well he kinda knew that I was a flirt and shit but he was kinda surprised that I said that in front of my g/f. But we all 3 laughed it off and went on. So after a little bit of shopping we got around Victoria's Secret and my g/f said lets go in there. I was like whatever but my friend was a little bit uneasy about it. So my g/f grabbed his hand and told him not to be scared there was nothing in there that was going to bite him. So he went along with us. After getting in there she was looking around and found this little piece of lace that they called lingerie and she asked me what I thought of it. I said it would look sexy on her. Then she looked at him and asked what he thought of it well his faced turned red and he didn't know what to say.

    She looked at him and said well what do you think would I look sexy in this, would you want to do me if I was wearing this. Well he looked at me and all I said was well would you. He looked back at her and said well yeah that would damn good on you and off of you. Well I kinda laughed at that and so did she. So she put it back on the rack and we went on about our shopping. Well a couple of hours passed and she whispered in my ear that I need to take him down to the music store and she was going to go back and buy that outfit that she had teased him with. Well I said ok I just thought she was getting it for us later.under

    So my buddy and I walked on down to the music store and checked out some shit down there and my g/f caught up with us in just a little bit. Then we decided to go eat and head back home we where all wanting to go out that night to a party at a friends place. Well on the way home we somehow got on the subject of shaved pussies and my g/f said that she had shaved hers that morning and I said really let me feel so she unbuttoned her pants and unzipped then and pulled them down a bit for me to feel of her bald pussy. Well my buddy was in the back seat but I could see that he had adjusted where he could see her pussy well she also seen that he had moved to where he could see and she asked him if he wanted a feel at it.

    He froze he didn't know what to say so I jumped in and told him that it would be ok if he did. Well he wasted no time reaching up there and getting a feel of her nice bald pussy. As soon as he touched her my cock got hard. I was like what the hell. Well nothing really happened after that on the way home. But when we got back to my place I told my g/f that when he touched her I got a fucking hard on that would not go away. So she was like so since I enjoy watching you fuck your ex would you like to watch me fuck him.

    I was like I don't know lets put it this way if it happens it happens and we will see what I think then. Well my buddy came back form the bathroom and my g/f said that she was going to try some stuff on and let us pick out what she would wear tonight to the party. Well she came out in a couple of short shirts and tube tops and that kinda stuff. Well she said that she had one more to try on then we could pick what we thought would look best. Well she came down the hall away after a couple of minuets and she was in the black lace lingerie that she had bought earlier that day. I knew what she was up to right then. She came around the corner of the room and my buddies mouth dropped open and all he could say was damn.

    Well he was sitting on the couch and I was in the chair, My g/f went over right in front of him and sat down right in his lap. She asked him if he liked what she was wearing and he said umm hell yeah. She shifted around a little bit and smiled at him and said it feels like you do. Well he looks over at me to see what I'm doing and I'm just kinda laughing it off. I say to him "Damn you are already hard and all she did is sit in your lap". Well she is sitting there just kinda moving around a little bit just to rub his cock through his shorts and as she does this he reaches up and grabs her ass. Now at this point I'm starting to get hard again. So I say well lets go see all the clothes you have tried on back in the bedroom.

    So she gets off of him and we all 3 walk to the bedroom. All the clothes are laid on the bed and dresser that she has tried on. So I ask my buddy what he thinks and he says that he really likes the one she is wearing right now. I tell him that she can't go to the party looking like that. That she could only wear that for me and really special occasions with other people around. Well he gets a big smile on his face with me saying that. So we pick her out something to wear to the party and she says ok she will get changed.

    Well we start to walk out of the room and she says to my buddy that she belives she will need help taken off the lingerie that she is wearing at that point she said it was hard enough to get into. Well he looks back at me and I just say well help her out. So he walks over that and starts to help her take it off when she leans up and starts kissing him. He pulls back real quick and looks at me. I just laugh and ask him if he has never kissed a girl before. He says so it is ok that I kiss her. I said hell kiss her with the hard on you had earlier I know you want to do more than kiss her.

    At this point my g/f grabs him and falls back into the bed with him on top of her. They start making out and I grab the computer chair that is in the corner of the room and have a seat. She pulls off his shirt as they make out. He is playing with his tits though the lacy lingerie. She rolls him over and gets on top off him they manage to get the lingerie off of her in between kissing. And he starts sucking on her tits. Now at this point I'm busting out of my pants with a hard on. I start playing with my dick though my pants and she looks over at me and asks me what I'm doing. I tell her that this is the most exciting thing I think I have ever seen.

    She asks me if I wanted her to stop and all I could say was hell no. With that she kinda slides off of him and unbuttons his pants and unzips them and as she is doing this he is kicking off his shoes and helping her pull down his pants. Now there is no denying at this time in his boxers was a hard cock. It looked like a tee pee standing there. As she pulled down his boxers his big cock flopped out there. As it flopped out she said damn that is big. He kinda laughed and looked over at me. Now I'm not gay but I couldn't take my eyes off of that big cock. I think at the time it was the biggest I had ever seen. Now I'm not a little guy I have about 7 inches long and I'm really thick. But he had probably 8.5 or nine and was thicker than I was.

    Well my g/f didn't waste anytime getting it in her mouth. Now she loves to suck cock and is DAMN good at it. Well she went down on him trying to get as much as she could in her mouth. Well by now I was so horny that I pulled my what seemed to be a small dick at that time out and started playing with it. My g/f noticed that I had pulled it out and she stopped sucking it just long enough to ask me what I thought about her sucking his huge dick. All I could do was smile at that time. Well she sucked for a little bit longer and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down on it where she nearly choked and he blew a load in her mouth. Damn seeing that I nearly lost a load. Well she stands up and walks over to me.

    I figured she swallowed it like she always does and she bent down to kiss me. I was kinda scared at first but she forced me to kiss her and as she kissed me she spit his load in my mouth. I nearly threw up it was so much and I had never tasted cum before. She broke the kiss and my buddy is over there kinda laughing at this point and she said to me "The way you where staring at his cock I figured you want that more than I did."

    Then she grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times and said that as hard as I was I must have liked his cum. I didn't know what to say or what to do I had never seen this side of my g/f but I was kinda liking it. She told me that I better not jack off that I could play with my dick but I better not get off. I was like ok what ever. She went back to the bed where my buddy was still laying there as hard as ever. She crawls back up him making sure to suck his cock a little bit more before cont. up to him on him. When she got up to where the tip of his dick was touching her pussy lips she whispered something in his ear. He nodded and they both looked at me. He asked me if it was ok if he fucked her.

    I thought this was a little weird but I told him go ahead and fuck the hell out of her. Well this brought something I was not expecting she told me to get up and take his dick and put it in her if I was really ok with it. I was blown away, now this is one of my best friends and she has already spit his cum in my mouth and now telling me to grab his dick and put it inside her. I looked at both of them and said I'm cool with yall doing this but do you really want me to grab his dick and put it in you. He looked at me and said "If you put it in for me then I know that you really are cool with me doing her".

    This was not what I was expecting to hear from him but he was right. So I got up out of my chair and walked over to them. I could see her pussy was dripping wet and she had not even been touched. I asked one more time hoping that they where just fucking with me "Are you sure you want me to grab your dick and put it up in her?"

    He said "If you want to watch me bang her then you put it in her".

    All I could do at that point was reach down and grab his huge hard cock and open up her pussy lips to put it in. Then that is when she said "Now you are going to have to rub it in between my lips for a second to make sure I'm wet enough for that huge cock to go in. I'm not us ta anything this big so be slow putting it in."

    It was like a kick to my balls when she said that. Now I knew that I was not as big as him and with it pulled out he knew it also but with her saying that to me it was really degrading. So I took his hard dick in my hand and started rubbing the head of it up and down her pussy slit. As I did this they just cont. to make out like I wasn't even there. So after what seemed like forever of having his dick in my hand I started to push it into her. She was so wet that it really didn't take much to get it in her. Well after about half of it was in she turned her head to me and asked me what I thought about that big dick in her pussy. I told her that is looked nice. She told me that I could let go of his dick now and go have a seat unless I wanted to cont. to hold his dick in my hand.

    Well that was enough for me to let it go and take me seat for the show. Before I could sit back down he had already drove that monster cock deep into her pussy. I think with about the third stoke she was getting off. I had never got her off that fast. Well as I watched I never missed a stoke of my own. I had to stop several times to not get off as she had told me to do before they started. But as she screamed for more of his huge cock and the smell of sex got stronger it was hard for me not to blow a nut. I realized at that point in time that watching her get fucked was nearly better than fucking her. Well they cont. on for about 45 minutes straight with her on top and taking every inch of that cock.

    Well about that time he asked her where he could get off at. She told him not to worry about that, just to tell her before he did and she would take care of the rest. Well about another minute went by and he said that he was about to cum. So she hopped off of him and went down on his cock with her mouth in just enough time to catch another load in her mouth. This time she swallowed it and liked his dick clean of her juices. Then she laid back beside him and kinda snuggled up to him. She looked at me with my hard dick in my hand still and she asked if I had gotten off yet, I told her no. She looked at my buddy and said well he has twice and I have several times.

    Then she asked me if I thought I need to get off. I told her yeah I felt like my nuts where going to explode if I didn't get off. She told me "Ok get up and come over here and I will let you get off."

    I got up and walked over to her and she told me that I could stick my dick in and fuck her as she made out with my buddy. So I stuck my dick in her and damn was it wet and loose he had fucked her so hard that I knew I was doing nothing for her. After just about ten seconds of me in her she told me to stop and pull my little dick out that she could not even feel it. Then she told me to get down on my knees and eat her pussy out and jack off. So I got down on my knees and started licking her clit and watching her and my buddy making out and her playing with his dick again as it was getting hard again also.

    Well I got her to cum with my mouth once and then I jacked off to the sight of her hand on his now once again hard cock. So I stood up whipping my mouth of the juices that was on me. As I just stood there with my limp cock she looked at me and asked me how I liked what i had seen again and I told her that it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. As she talked to me she never took her hand off of his cock she just kept playing with it and then she looked at him and asked him if he had enjoyed it. He just smiled and said "Hell Yeah".

    She then asked him if he wanted to do it again. He looked at her and said anytime you are ready. She looked at me and asked what time where we going to the party and I told her that I thought at about 9:30 or 10:00 by this point it was 9:15. She then looked back at my buddy and asked if he wanted to go on to the party or if he wanted to stay with her her and have some more fun. He just kinda shrugged his shoulders and didn't really give a real answer.

    So she bent down and put his cock back in her mouth and sucked for just a couple of seconds then asked him again. This time he smiled and rolled her over got on top of her and shoved his cock back into her pussy. At that point I knew that it was going to be a long night. The 2 pictures attatched are of her shaved pussy and is what most of my view was. More to come.- Munro


    Monday, May 04, 2009


    More From Hot Wife Gina

    To give you a little background information:

    My sexy wife became a Hotwife just about one year ago. Since that time, more than 14 men have had the pleasure of putting their dicks in her hot pussy and mouth. Wifey loves this and has no intention of going back to being a monogamous wife. All she asks of me is that I keep my cock exclusively for her. I gladly comply, finding that I love being my wife’s cuckold.

    This past week we were spending a few days in a hotel to attend a meeting. We decided to invite a lover, who has had my wife before, over for a few hours of fun. He came (and I do mean CAME) the other night.

    Our friend “Eric” is 14 years younger than Wifey but, as she told me, “He sure knows what to do with his tongue”. He had to work late so he suggested that we go to dinner and he would show up at our hotel room at about 9pm. We thought this was a good idea and I brought some scotch for cocktails and had ice available in the room for when Eric arrived. The plan was to go to a nearby restaurant, have a light meal and get back in time for Eric’s arrival.

    Before heading out to dinner however, Wifey and I decided to take a bath together. The hotel room had a large, two-person Jacuzzi and whenever we stay here we like to have a soak. It felt great and I have to admit that I was feeling very aroused to be taking a Jacuzzi with my Hot Wife in preparation for a visit from another man. I felt like I was serving her, getting her ready to be fucked. Soon I started to caress and kiss her, she kissed me back.

    “Are you excited about Eric coming over?” I asked her.

    “Absolutely” She replied.

    Looking deeply into her eyes I realized she was. She was in a Jacuzzi with her husband, getting ready for another man, and she was excited. Excited that she would soon be feeling another man’s cock inside of her, and excited that she was doing this under the watchful eye and approval of her faithful husband.

    I began to rub my hard cock against her opening.

    “MMM” I said. “I bet you can’t wait until Eric puts his cock inside of you.”

    I must have been reading her mind.

    “Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I am so ready for Eric to fuck me.” She said while rubbing against me.

    She kissed me deeply but gently pushed me away before I could push my cock into her.

    “No. Not now, they’ll be time for you to do that later.” She said while kissing me. “But Eric gets to fuck me first tonight. You can have my pussy after Eric gets his turn.”

    I know she could see the look of excitement in my eyes to be hearing this from my wife. I could sure hear the excitement in her voice.

    We went to dinner and had a nice quiet meal and then returned to our hotel about 20 minute before Eric was scheduled to arrive. I started to get a little frisky and began to kiss and lightly caress her breasts. But she stopped me:

    “Not now.” She said, removing my hands. “These are for Eric.”

    “Are you sure about that?” I asked.wife

    “Absolutely.” She said. “Tonight my tits, mouth and pussy are Eric’s. You can have them back after he leaves.”

    She really had me excited at this point. Here was my wife of twenty years rejecting my touch because she was “saving” herself for another man! I can’t describe how hot it is to have your wife tell you that you can’t touch her body because she wants her lover to have her first. And that’s exactly what my hot wife was saying, that I had to wait in line if I wanted her, that I had to sit quietly and dutifully watch while another man took her. And I absolutely wanted her, loving every moment of being her cuckold husband.

    “Then what should I do until then?” I asked

    “Make drinks for all of us and be a good, polite host. Then sit in that chair and watch like a good hubby while Eric fucks me.” She replied, seeming bolder and more in control. “And Eric will fuck me good. Then, if you do your job well, I’ll let you eat my used pussy and put your cock in me later.”

    Eric arrived a few minutes later and we all had a cocktail, me sitting in a comfortable chair and Eric and Wifey relaxing on the bed. We talked a bit about politics and sports and caught up on what we had all been doing in the four months since he had last fucked my wife. Wifey played a little “footsie” with Eric but other then that it was relaxed, three friends getting together. Except she was going to fuck the brains out of one of these friends while the other watched.

    It started heating up. Soon Eric and Wifey started caressing each other and then began slowly kissing. I continued being the good host producing a box of condoms for their use. Eric was a good guest thanking me and adding he had brought some also “in case.”

    Eric slowly removed my wife’s top and starting sucking on the nipples she had recently denied me. She appeared to be in ecstasy to feel his mouth on them.

    “MMM” she began to moan as she pushed her breasts deep into her lover’s mouth. She was so turned on it was amazing.

    I sat there watching with my mouth agape. I was feeling it all: jealousy, excitement, gratitude, and absolute dedication for my hot wife. I couldn’t wait until Eric left so I could show my appreciation for my hot wife, who was so willingly and passionately cuckolding me.

    When Eric pulled away her breasts were heaving with excitement. Her nipples were standing out like giant eraser tips. Eric rolled one nipple between his fingers. She arched her back and let out a moan of pleasure. She really wanted him.

    Eric began to undo her slacks. She loves being undressed by another man and she began to moan louder with desire. In one quick motion he had her pants and panties off and he was rubbing her absolutely soaked pussy, causing it to make wet sucking noises. This hot wife wanted it bad!

    “Ohh” she moaned as he began to kiss down her body and lick and rub her pussy. She gently ran her fingers through his hair as he took possession of her pussy with his mouth. And I do mean possession. No one has ever made my wife squirm the way Eric was while he was eating her pussy. He has to be one of the best pussy eaters in the world.

    “That feels so great” She moaned.

    Eric quickened the pace and she wrapped one leg around his shoulder while he ate her with gusto, Eric also moaning and telling her: “God, you taste delicious.” That did the trick and my wife had an intense orgasm in his mouth, twisting and turning and moaning while her whole body shook in release.

    Eric slowly kissed up her body and kissed her deeply on her mouth and slowly caressed her as she continued to twitch in pleasure. When she finally came down from her high she began kissing and caressing Eric back.

    “Wow Eric.” she said. “Now I remember how well you do that. God, that was great.”

    Eric smiled, started kissing down her body again and started eating her pussy one more time. This guy really loved the taste of my wife’s pussy! She leaned back and enjoyed it for a few minutes but then stopped him and said:

    “No, as great as that is it’s not what I want right now. I want your cock inside of me.”

    Eric didn’t have to be told twice. He removed the rest of his clothes, and rolled one of the condoms onto his cock. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed all the way into her.

    “Ohh..” She moaned as she felt his cock fill her. She wrapped her legs around him and fucked him right back, causing him to gasp.

    “Oh you feel so good.” Eric moaned while picking up his pace.

    Wifey was beyond ecstasy, humping against the cock that was sliding in and out of her, clawing at the sheets while crying out in intense passion.

    “Oh God, oh yeah” She cried out as a second orgasm began to build in her. I thought she was going to explode every nerve in her body seemed to be firing. They both started fucking frantically until Eric stiffened and she once again went over the top. “Oh yessss!” She screamed as Eric and my wife had mutual orgasms. He cried out, stiffened, and collapsed on top of her. Eric stayed on top of my wife, his cock still buried and moving slowly inside of her as they tenderly kissed in the after pleasure. It was amazing.

    Eventually Eric was ready to go. He and Wifey kissed a few more times and he took his leave.

    Wifey was lying naked and sprawled out on the bed with a content grin on her face. She looked amazing and sexy and I wanted her so badly. She looked at me, smiled, and said:

    “That was amazing, even better than the last time. Get those clothes off and show me that you loved it.”

    I quickly removed my clothes and started kissing her thighs. The thighs she had just wrapped so tightly around Eric.

    She looked down at me, smiled said: “So my cuckold husband, you love seeing me like this don’t you? All wet and spent after another man his way with my pussy? Did you love seeing Eric take me in front of you? Did you love seeing how much I wanted him to have me? How hard we both came?”

    “You know it my wifey.” I said. “Can I have the pleasure of tasting your freshly fucked pussy?”

    “Absolutely” She said, “I demand it. But remember, tonight you’re getting it second-hand. I’m letting you taste Eric’s pussy.”

    I began to eat her soaked pussy, licking her clit and shoving my tongue deep inside of her hole. It was truly a privilege to be allowed to eat my sexy wife’s used pussy.

    “Mmm” she said, “Can you taste how wet Eric made me? Do you like tasting the sex your wife just had?”

    I just grunted an affirmative as I lapped up her juices.

    “Good, there will be lots of opportunities to do that. Maybe some day I’ll even reward you with a creampie. But now I want you to fuck me.”

    I slid up her body and put my cock into her well-fucked cunt. It felt great to be getting seconds from my slutty, wanton and very sexy wife.

    “MMM…you like having sloppy seconds don’t you? You like when I’m a slut for other men.” She said as another orgasm began building.

    I fucked her slowly and steadily, giving her two more orgasms before I shot a huge load deep inside of her.

    Afterward, my wife curled up and slept, like a baby. A naughty, wanton baby who fucks and will continue to fuck men that her faithful husband brings to her.

    gina19602 @


    Friday, May 01, 2009


    I Cuckolded Him I Guess

    Hi Webmaster of the Cuckold Blog and Readers,

    This is something that I wrote down 6 months ago just for myself. Lately I have been getting the itch to share it and relive it again, kind of bring it to life by having other people know about it. It took a bit of time but through searching story sites I realized that what I was was a hot wife to a cuckold husband. A quick google search brought me here, to this blog.Here is what I wrote down, and what happened.

    My husband and I were attending a wedding reception at the country club he belongs to. As I looked over at him across the room, he was well on his way to getting drunk, laughing with his golfing buddies who were his fraternity brothers and now businessmen. The common theme in all their appearance was that they were drunk, overweight and successful. They were talking too loud, leering at the bridesmaids and making fools of themselves. My husband is 5' 9, 265lbs, balding, 55 and very out of shape. He was a dud as a lover and not endowed (less than 5" hard). It had been years since....

    The club was centered on golf, money, exclusivity and being white only. In other words a real southern, rich hangout. There would never be a black member; there was very seldom a black guest. I turned away from the main room where the reception was being held and went to one of the many bars that were serving the guests, and ordered a glass of wine. I heard a deep voice with an Ivy League accent behind me finishing a conversation. As I took my wine and turned, I was startled by the size, race and handsome appearance of a tall, athletic, black gentleman in a very well tailored tuxedo. Our eyes met and he smiled broadly. I couldn't help but blush and I felt a tingle I hadn't felt in years. He was looking at me as a physical woman, almost a sexual way. It was a look that I hadn't had in years, not since I was in college.

    He introduced himself as Jim, and I recognized his name as the new president of an electronics firm the governor had attracted to locate here. He had played football at Dartmouth and earned an MBA at Wharton. Jim made the corporate climb, seeking the hard operations and finance jobs; avoiding the HR assignments that many companies slotted for minorities. As we spoke I became aware of the stares that we had attracted by the sight of a black man talking to a white, married woman. At 6'4", 200lbs, and very fit he was hard not to stare at. He did too, and he offered to talk later, but his smile and look told me he wanted me. I shivered...

    Here I was a married woman of 42, attracted to and, yes, even sexually aroused by this man! I was proud of my body, working out and running daily. I had a cute butt, which still turned heads. I was wearing a short, cream-colored dress, which showed some cleavage and my tanned legs. I had not felt like a real, even sexual woman in years... As we parted, I smiled and shivered, thinking of what he had just done for my self-esteem. A loud outburst broke out in the middle of the reception room as my husband's drunken buddies laughed foolishly at some joke. One look at my husband told me I had to get him out of here quickly, before he embarrassed himself.ann

    This was a role I had played many times in the past. I walked over and tried to get him to leave, he made a crude, sexual remark about why I wanted him to go, almost bragging to his friends. I helped him stand, he could barely walk. As we went outside and his car was brought up (we had arrived separately), I saw Jim getting into his also under the entrance awning. He saw the trouble I was having and offered to help get him into the car. At this point he was like a ton of jello and almost passed out. I thanked Jim, as he put him in the car and closed the door. Jim stood close to me and asked if I would need help getting him out, the moment was electric for me. I stuttered, and said, "yes" quietly.

    Looking up at him, knowing that I had just agreed to something more. As I drove the short distance to our home on the 12th hole of the golf course, I checked my makeup in the mirror. I was as nervous as a schoolgirl on a first date.

    As I pulled into the driveway, I was grateful that I had left my car at the club, so there was space for Jim's car in our garage. His car parked in front of the house would start scandalous rumors. I hit the door opener and drove in. Jim stopped his car short, in the driveway, and got out to help me with my drunken husband. He easily lifted him, despite his weight, and carried him inside. He placed him on the living room couch and turned to face me. I stared up at him and said," thank you". I asked if he would like a drink, glancing nervously out the window at his car, in the driveway. He said "Yes, a scotch, please" and excused himself "to get something from his car". I heard his car pull into the garage and the automatic door closing. I smiled. He knew...

    Jim walked in, I handed him his drink and joined him on the patio. My husband snored loudly, inside. We talked; he listened to me as we sat on the patio loveseat. I was so very aware of his body, the touch of his hand as he made some point in our conversation. I turned more toward him and he leaned toward me, our faces inches apart. His hand on my shoulder, he pulled me toward him and kissed me. It was like an electric shock! This handsome black man, kissing me while my husband slept, yet I couldn't help myself, could resist, like I knew I should. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched. He pulled me even closer, his arms around me. His hands moved over my back as my arms encircled his neck. I never wanted this to end...

    Jim lifted me to my feet, gently and held me against his body. I could feel the well-muscled shape of his chest and thighs as his arms pressed me into him. I felt so sexually alive! My nipples hard, my panties wet with desire for this man! I looked up at him and pulled his head down to kiss him deeply. My tongue seeking his, wanting him, needing him, lusting for him. I had never felt this way. Our kiss broke and he looked at me. I heard my voice say, "Please". Jim asked "Please what?" I hesitated at what I wanted to say, what I was about to say. "Please, take me" I heard my voice say. Jim smiled and lifted me off my feet, carrying me in his arms, into the living room where my husband was passed out and snoring. I remember looking down at his obese body and smiling inside at what was about to happen... I hoped.

    I pointed Jim to the master bedroom and he placed me on the bed. I slid off, and stood in front of him sliding off his tux jacket and took his tie off. As I worked on the studs that held his shirt, Jim's well-muscled chest and stomach came into view. He kissed me deeply again, and unzipped the back of my dress, letting it slide to the floor. I stepped out of my heels, making me even shorter, compared to him, and stood before him in nothing but a bra and panties. Jim slid off his shirt, unfastened his pants. Stepping out of his shoes and pants, he slid off his boxers and I gasped; at his hardened body, his small waist and his enormous manhood. He was HUGE! Oh my god! I had never imagined that any man would, could be so big!

    He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, pressing his body against mine. My arms were around his neck, his tongue deep in my mouth, I was overwhelmed with desire and arousal. I felt his hands move down my back, cupping my bottom and pulling me closer. I felt him harden against my thigh. I was so aware of his size and the urgency, which he kissed & held me. I lowered my hand to feel him. As I grasped his cock, my hand wouldn�t fit around it. I stroked him, and his hardness rested against my stomach! I was quite alarmed and aroused as I wondered if I would be able to physically do this because he was so big (at least 10 inches, maybe more and thicker than my arm). His hands moved up my back and unfastened my bra, I lowered my arms and it slipped to the floor. My hard nipples pressed against his chest as I heard him moan. His hands slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him, what I was about to do, in my bed, while my husband slept.

    Jim lifted me onto the bed and crawled over me, kissing my neck and shoulders while his hand stroked my stomach and thighs. I parted my legs and gasped as his fingers probed my soaking pussy. His mouth sucked my nipples gently biting them. I felt as if I was on fire! He kissed down my stomach and I opened myself completely to him. His hands grasped the backs of my thighs and pulled my legs open farther as he kissed lower and finally his tongue slid deeply inside me. I arched my back and cried out! My hands pressed his head into me. He sucked my clitoris, sending me over the edge. My body was vibrating as I screamed! I hadn't cum like this in years - maybe ever! He continued to pleasure me as I could barely hold on. His tongue was so deep inside me, as he pushed my legs back even farther his tongue wandered to my ass and even swirled around my asshole! I was shocked at the pleasure this brought me. I was screaming, moaning, gasping like never before. I was completely his, he owned me. His fingers gently pinched my nipples as I had another runaway orgasm.

    Jim started kissing up my stomach, lingering at my breasts while he sucked my nipples. I wanted him so much, but was not sure I would be able to take all of his enormous cock. I knew it was much too late to turn back, not that I wanted to. I was so wet, spent from orgasm and wanted him so much. He kissed my neck, then my lips, as I tasted my juices on his face. I reached to grasp his cock and guide it into me. Jim placed his arms behind my knees and my legs on his shoulders. He was going to take me completely and penetrate me deeply. As he kissed me I felt the head of his cock at my vagina as he gently pressed into me. He entered me slowly and I cried out, arching my back as he plunged into me and didn't stop. He slowly drove into me until there was nothing more. I felt like a virgin as he touched places that I'd never felt. I was gasping at the intense pleasure and pain I was experiencing. With each stroke Jim was fully inside me, stretching me beyond anything I've ever known!

    Jim started to pound me so fast and hard, I came in buckets! I heard myself screaming for him to fuck me harder. I had never said anything like that before. He seemed to fuck me forever and I came more than I could count. The sheets were soaked with our sweat and my juices. I could tell he was finally about to come, as he strained against me. He buried his cock deeply inside me and flooded me with his cum. As he collapsed on top of me I could feel it leaking out, down my ass.

    When we finally stirred and caught our breath, I looked at the clock. We had been fucking for hours! Jim was a gentleman and kissed me gently as he rose. I put on a robe and watched him gather his clothes. He walked out to the living room where my husband still snored loudly, passed out. I felt his cum leaking down my thighs. Jim looked at my fat husband, then me - He wiped his cock, still wet with our cum on my husband's face! I smiled as he dressed and kissed him deeply as he walked into the garage. I went inside & watched him drive away. My nipples, legs, stomach and pussy sore from the marathon fucking I'd just had from a 10" black cock.


    It was the only time I saw Jim and my husband never found out. I am still looking around for the next 'Jim' and feel more alive than I ever have before. I hope you enjoy this.



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