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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, September 29, 2008


    Buffalo Cuckold

    This is my true story. It might be not the most exciting story, but it's the truth and shows how I got to where I am today. I went to catholic grade school, things changed for me once i became a freshman in public high school.

    I noticed from the very first gym class something was wrong. Everwhere I looked, it seemed everyone's cock was bigger or thicker than mine. I became quite good at hiding it behind a towel, and showering last, or not at all. I didn't have much luck with girls, I was a plain looking guy, you know the "I like you as a friend type".

    I finally got laid when i was 21, she was overweight, had a bad repuation and very drunk. I didn't care at that point. After making out a bit in her car, she reached for my cock, and I could tell the disapointment, by the look in her eyes, it was like she was reaching around, trying to find more.

    I did finally fuck her, but I needed her help to keep it in, and came much to quick. Needless to say she wouldn't even talk to me, and I avoided her because of the embarrasment. A few months after, I had a good friend, we were good friends, we like the same things, laughed, etc..

    I thought this was going to be my wife. She was pretty, funny, I just couldn't get enough of her. After months of her seeing other guys, I finally got her to go out on a real date, new years eve. I will never forget how happy i was, so excited , this way my dream girl. She looked just like a young Cybil Shepard. We had a great dinner, it was perfect.

    We then went to a friends new years eve party. It was a great first couple of hours, drinks were flying, laughing, everything seemed fine. I was so happy. People were coming in and out when an old boyfriend of hers showed up. I didn't think much of it, i actually got along with him. I noticed them talking, but didn't get too jealous. I was drinking way too much.

    I lost track of her for a few minutes or so, seemed to be was getting close to midnight, and there was going to be the kiss, i had dream of forever and praciced in my head. I went looking for her, as i passed some friends, they told me to go back downstairs...but i went past, telling them i had to find Nancy.

    I heard something when i turned the corner, it was the sound of two people going at it, loud and hard. Thought it was funny till i realized it was Nancy getting fucked. Others were around, laughing. Here was my date, the girl everone knew i adored, getting pounded on New years eve. Stupid me knocked on the door, begging her to come out. He just said she was busy, and kept fucking the hell out of her. Instead of doing the right thing and leaving, I stayed and cried like a baby. Then I even took her home, freshly fucked. It was a sign of my future ... thanks for listening. BuffaloCuck


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    Thursday, September 25, 2008


    How We Got Started

    It all started when I was caught wanking to a video of a threesome involving two guys and a girl. My wife (see pic) would poke fun at me at any opportunity for perhaps being bi-curious. She was a demanding woman who always had had a higher sex drive than myself.

    The slightly degrading remarks she made would often gear her sex drive up, this tended to work out good for me until slowly over a course of around four months she started becoming more and more humiliating, she began speaking about introducing a third member into our sex lives as well.

    I obviously agreed to this as I clearly liked the idea, she however said she wanted it to be a well-hung black guy and she had been conversing with people online that had told her about the cuckold lifestyle they lead and she really liked the idea of it.

    She spent an evening slowly explaining the basics of cuckolding and I found it a real turn on, I found when my wife humiliated me when she caught me wanking and continued to make fun of me a real turn on too I just didn't realise others enjoyed it so when I found out it was common I was more upfront with my wishes for being degraded.

    The next few months my wife slowly limited our sex lives down to a more regular amount in anticipation and my wife hunted for her potential mate, after much delegation with several guys (and to cut a long story short) she found a suitable black bull that suited her.

    They essentially groomed each other online, the bull described several techniques` as he and she put it to me that he had used in previously similar situations, these were never discussed with me my wife would simply state that he had told her another interesting technique and that she was looking forward to it or that he and she had thought out another technique.

    So the big day came. My wife had persuaded me to dress up like a sissy, wearing a white thong and bra set, a silly wig with lipstick and make up on with high heels and a dog collar with lead. I loved the idea in all honestly so I didn't take much persuading to agree to that! She claimed it would make him feel more at ease. If I knew what he had planned I would have been trying to make him feel more awkward. My wife had dressed up too, in a matching thong, bra and high heels.

    As we sat we sat and waited my wife said that this guy had a lot of experience with cuckolding before and he was really into the idea of involving the husband in as many ways as possible, she said this like a warning but I thought what the hey, just more sex for me! In hindsight what a wrong thought.

    The doorbell eventually rang and I went to the door, it was him. I had seen pictures of him but he really was scarily huge. He started laughing at me dressed as a sissy and pushed past, he went into the living room and commanded me and my wife onto our hands and knees as he undressed. He got completely naked and then sat back on one of our sofas.

    My wife and I were awestruck by his massive semi hard cock that was clearly uncircumcised, matching this was possibly the biggest set of balls I have ever seen hanging like conkers bellow his manhood. He had rough long pubes on his scrotum and above his cock, but the rest seemed pretty well trimmed, this seemed odd to me but all was to be revealed. There was also a faint odour in the air of body odour, but I wasn't sure if that was I and my wife being nervous or him.

    After my wife and me had admired his package he stood up, his cock still semi hard but already measuring what must have been around 8. He began explaining to my wife that I am not here to make friends with you or your wimp ass husband, I am here to satisfy myself and if you guys get pleasure from it, good for you.

    He then spoke to both of us, laughing, I was told you were into humiliation, well I have some tricks to show you guys. See these? he said grappling his sweaty pubed nut sack in his hand ?They haven't been emptied in about two weeks because I was looking forward to this so much. He then raised a leg onto the sofa so we could see his arsehole as he still held his ball bag 'see all these pubes? Notice how they are longer in certain places, well that's because they are there to get in your way, to go up your nose, tickle your throat or hold any kind of juice or smell that will help me mess you two up'.

    I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into, this guy seemed like he wanted to rough up my wife real bad! Then he continued, 'And do you smell that?' He leaned forward his undercarriage forcing his balls nearer to my wife and I and, and damn right we could smell it, the stench of sweaty, rough ball sweat overcame both of us, the air seemed thick! 'That's because I haven't showered in around a week, especially for you two cunts!'

    This man was clearly a horrible piece of work, and I felt sorry for my wife, until he grabbed my shoulders without warning and pulled me towards him, with his legs still spread and one still hyped he demanded that I lick clean from his arsehole to his balls while he 'got acquainted' with my wife.

    I was forced to overcome the smell, almost chucking at the stench to even get between his knees. I was scared, really scared, I had never had a sexual encounter with a guy before, I could hear my wife purring to his motions, obviously turned on by his control. Then I heard her moan.

    By the time I reached his balls he and my wife were groaning. I was told that I had to take each nut into my mouth separately. Then he wiped his greasy cunt soaked fingers under my nose, laughing. He and my wife then told me to lay down while they got comfy.

    He remained standing, while my wife was forced to repeat what I had just done. I was shocked as he grabbed her hair. Then he looked at me and told me to crawl here, as I did he grabbed his uncircumcised cock and began to stroke the skin over the bulbous head. He grabbed my head and demanded that I lap his cock.

    I could feel him begin twitching so he took his cock back from my shocked and de virgined mouth and forced my wife into the doggystyle position on the floor. He instructed me to get into the 69 position under her, but to move back so I could tounge his asshole while he fucked my wife.

    He began to vaginally fuck her, he forced me to watch this without doing anything but kissing his balls occasionally. I was turned on, and my wife and him laughed at me for this. Then he slowly picked up the pace and my wife climaxed, it was a big one but I have heard her have bigger.

    They kept going though. This lasted about ten mins until he forced himself lower onto my tounge and he started to groan, I felt his balls lift from my neck and he bagan pumping and pumping non stop into my wifes asshole.

    After a few minuites he came and then he slopped his semi hard cock out of my wife's ass accidently lashing spunk all over my face and around both her holes. He then wanked a little, aiming it at my face to lash a few stringy left overs all over my mouth and eyes. I felt humiliated. He told me to slurp the left over from his cock while he held his foreskin back.

    He then made me suck all his cum from inside my wifes ass hole, as well as lap up the thick, globby bits he dumped around her ass and pussy. All this while he made my wife continue the clean up blowjob I had began. What a start! - Leo


    Monday, September 22, 2008


    The First Time

    My wife and I went to a lounge for drinks. I was checking out the cocktail waitress and my wife made a comment about getting even with me later. She went to the Ladie's room and on the way back she sat across the bar from me next to a handsome young guy about 25 who had been earlier giving her the eye.

    I could see the two of them smiling, talking and carrying on like they were having a good time. About 30 minutes later my wife walked over to me and told me she and "Hubert", (her new "friend") were going to our house for drinks and I was to follow them.

    I couldn't beleive it, but I did as I was told, and had a hard-on while driving behind the two of them. We got to the apartment and she told me to fix some drinks, which I went to the kitchen to do. My wife and the guy were on the sofa, and upon my return they were both naked on the sofa, making out passionately. She told me to set the drinks on the coffee table and to sit across from them and watch.

    I couldn't believe I was allowing this to happen right in front of me, but I did, and what was even more amazing is that I was enjoying it tremendously. Before this I had been the jealous type. That night my jealousy went out the window!! My own dick was incredibly hard, and I wished they would have invited me to join in with them, but they didn't. I was a good husband and waited patiently while I got the best erotic scene I had ever witnessed: "My wife with a stranger...for my eyes only!"

    They fucked and sucked each other in every position imaginable, and later they moved into the bedroom, but she said I could not go there, and she was going to do him in "private". She said "If you behave and don't bother us, I might give you some pussy later after he leaves".

    I waited until they were done, and then her bull left, not even thanking me. He left his phone number with her and she saw him to the door, kissing him passionately good night.

    She later fucked my brains out as well an told me I had been a "Good Boy". She had me eat her pussy before she washed it. She said she wanted me to taste his cum. She asked how I enjoyed it, and I had to be truthful and told her I loved it, except for the part when they had left me out of the room, and I could only picture what was happening instead of being right there to watch.

    It wa my first inductrination into a new lifestyle which I have come to love thanks to my great wife. This wonderful girl knew what I secretly needed and gave it to me without my even asking. I didn't even realize that I wanted this until it actually happened, and I found myself loving it. If someone was to tell me I would be cuckolded like that before it actually happened, I would have sworn they were crazy. I still don't know how she pulled it off, but I'm certainly glad she did.

    Now on occasion she still cucks me, but she's good enough to allow me to watch the action most of the times. (If her bull doesn't object) . I love it, except she has forbidden me to play with myself while I watch, and this is very hard to do as I get extremeley excited seeing her getting fucked. When she fucks a guy without me being there to watch she always fills me in on the details. She knows it turns me on, and we usually have incredible sex afterwards. The picture is of her (with her permission) getting ready for her date. Just seeing it again turns me on. - J


    Thursday, September 18, 2008


    Cuckold Couple Looking For the Right Guy!

    Build up an easy going relationship with us (couple)

    and acquire the woman as your exclusive sexual property.

    Put her man in a cuckold position.

    Become the master of the commune and estate.

    Profit of all possibilities.

    Looking for real partners. Specially for my wife (see pictures)

    In natural hierarchy she is dominant to young ones and can be sexual submission to older ones. Possibilities for man, woman, couple (D/D or D/s)cucky

    Is there a gentle dominant bull who has interest in my wife?

    Possibility to build up strong relation with exclusive and unlimited sexual rights.

    If you become her exclusive owner it is desirable

    to give her a full pubic tattoo who is aesthetic

    but with clear meaning and your initials

    other tattoo marks and piercings are to think over.

    There are two property's in Portugal to take over and already with some accommodation to build up a real bdsm community and vacation recourse. We start a project but need partners.

    We are not switch but in natural hierarchy we can be dominant to young ones and be submission (only sexual) to older ones. We look for real partners for this project and website.

    For man, woman, couple (D/D or D/s) or TS with the right attitude.

    My wife is bisexual with lots of lesbian qualities and shameless in her desires and behaviour. She like the superior feeling to have intensive full sex in front of me or others. She refuses to have the same sex with me. She become more dominant but is very easy to seduce by intelligent dominants and then she likes to have rough sex in a submission position. she can be a very good assistant for a dominant partner in bdsm playtime. However she is not sadistic.cuck

    Possibilities to build up strong relationship with exclusive and unlimited sexual rights.

    Acquire excusive rights on pictures, video, live shows, websites, web cam and so on.

    Sex and money profit, what more do you want?

    All details & information and pictures are available.

    SecretCuck - secretcuck @


    Monday, September 15, 2008


    Surprise First Cuck

    I have always wanted to share my wife with other guys....I actually have a few times with close friends. Any way I never really thought of the cuckold thing until the other night. I had my wife dress really sexy... short skirt...revealing shirt with no bra. We were at a bar and were drinking pretty heavily when a group of people came in and started playing pool. After a while we decided to go play doubles with them. After a few more drinks my wife was really flirting with one of the guys. I've always loved watching her flirt but didn't expect what was coming that night. Well anyways towards the end of the night me, my wife and this stranger were all gathered around a table. We three were the only ones left as everyone else had gone home or to the bar for drinks.

    He made the comment that we were really a cool couple and he would like to go party with us. We both kinda smiled, not knowing what to expect. He saw that look between us and smiled. I think he knew what we were thinking. After all, I did allow him to flirt with my wife blatently in front of my nose the entire night. Well I guess the guy was really brave because he actually reached into her shirt and pulled one of my wifes tits out and started rubbing the nipple right in front of me. I almost fell over. I LOVED IT!!!! She had her mouth open and looked shocked but didn't resist.

    Well we left the bar and started the search for a taxi. We were walking down the street...I was holding one hand he was holding the other. We found another open bar so he asked me if I wouldn't mind going inside and have them call us a taxi. I of course did it. When I came out they were embraced in the biggest kiss I think I had ever seen.....I had to just watch them until the taxi arrived.

    Then came the ride back to our room. He was all over her again and even removed her shirt. It was only about a five minute ride back to out room. Then we got back to the room. He told us both to get naked and lay on the bed and we did as he requested. He then got undressed and just shoved his cock in her mouth. To my suprise he told me that I could go ahead and fuck her, but not to cum in her. I have to admit I had to stop after 20 seconds .....I couldn't keep from cumming. After a few minutes he said he was ready to fuck. I expected him to put a condum on or something, but he just moved down and began to fuck her. It was SO HOT!!!!! After about five minutes of him just pounding her pussy he said that he was going to fill her pussy full of cum.

    I expected her to stop him, but she just said "yessssss". I have never seen anyone cum as much as he did. He then called me back over and told me to eat her pussy. I have never really even though of eating a creampie, but I will say I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!! He told me that her pussy was mine to do watever I wanted with and then he got dressed and just left.

    I just couldn't help it.....I just kept eating her pussy. She , still in shock at what we had just done was getting hotter and hotter from my creampie and finally she told me to fuck her. I did, but couldn't last. The feel of fucking her with another mans cum in there was too much to handle. I added my load of cum and then started eating again!!!!!!

    After a few more times of uncontrolable cumming I got back to normal and had the best sex ever!!!!!!! The picture is from our day after with me still playing with her pussy and her still hot for him and from him. I look forward to doing something like this again. Thanks for the blog as it has given me plenty of ideas. - Kpratt


    Friday, September 12, 2008


    Nice Guy - My Wife with Jerome

    I can not believe my wife really went though with it, after months of trying to get her to let me watch her fuck another guy, Sue actually did it. I have been trying to get Sue to do this for a while and although she has flirted and even kissed a guy once while we were on vaction in Mexico she has never gone all the way with it.

    Well that changed last weekend, we were in mexico again on vacation, when this very tall, muscular and handsome man named Jerome introduced himself to Sue and I. Jerome was easily 6ft 5 inches and weighed at least 250 of solid muscle, which you could easily see as he was not wearing a shirt and his body was covered in oil.

    "Hi my name is Jerome welcome to Mexico" he said to Sue and I as we were sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and a few drinks. Jerome told us he had just arrived from Detroit and was looking forward to relaxing. We all sat around talking and drinking for over an hour until we were burning up.

    We all headed into the water to cool off, as we walked to the water I noticed Jerome checking my wife out. "Sorry man" he said as he saw me watching him check her out, She is just so beautiful hard to keep your eyes off her". Don't worry man I don't have a problem with you checking her out. We swam for a while with Sue next to him, flriting and teasing him with her body.

    I could tell Sue liked this guy, we then headed back to the beach. When we got back to the lounges, Sue took her top off and began sunning, letting Jerome see her breasts for the first time as she rubbed them down with oil, Jerome only a couple of inches away from her.

    I may have to go back in the water before long Jerome commented as he stared at Sue, we all laughed and we had another drink. Jerome and I decided to get another drink so we walked up to the bar together, that is when i asked him if he thought Sue was attactive, Yes he said very. We all had another drink and decided we were going to shower and meet for dinner.

    When Sue and I got back to the room she quickly pulled off her swimsuit and told me to eat her pussy, I buried my face in her wet pussy and began eating her out like crazy. I told her that Jerome thought she was sexy, and that i bet he wanted to fuck her. That just made my wife hotter as she began humping my face harder," You want to watch him fuck me don't you baby" my wife asked me "Yes I told her"

    I don't know if I could do that baby, she moaned as I continued to lick her hard clit.

    Come on baby tell me you wouldn't like to feel his muscled body on top of you as he fucked you.

    "Yessssss I would she moaned,think about his huge cock sliding inside of you streching your pussy wide opened as i watch you from the closet as you cum all over his huge cock ohhhhh Sue moaned, you want to fuck him don't you baby, tell me the truth baby!! God yes I want to fuck him so bad,I got so wet when I took my top off and rubbed oil on my tits as he watch my doing it. I want to feel his big cock deep inside my wet pussy.

    With that i came all over the side of the bed and Sue came as well. We cleaned up and took a quick shower together, do you really want to watch me fuck Jerome? My wife asked me in the shower. Yes I do, I can just imagine him sliding the huge cock of his in and out of you while you moan and whimper and have one of your best orgams of your live. My wife looked down at my cock as saw that it was hard again. You really do want this don't you baby wow I will try but can't promise anything. I played with her pussy until she was about to cum again but stoped just in time and told her i will let jerome finish her off.

    We made a plan that we would have dinner and then I would tell Jerome that I was going on some late night tour and Sue was not interested and asked that he be a gentleman and escort her back to the room. We have dinner and I made my announcement as planed and Jerome said that he would happily escort Sue back to the room after they went dancing at the disco.

    I then went out the door and headed back to the room to wait for my wife to call me letting me know that she was on her way. About a hour passed when my phone rang so I quickly jumped in the closet and waited. My heart was beating out of my chest as I waited for them to arrive. I heard the door unlock and then heard Sue and Jerome talking. So what time is your husband going to be back? I heard Jerome ask not for about 2 hours Sue said in a sexy voice.

    Through the closet I could see Sue and Jerome standing very close to each other talking very softly. Then Jerome staring kissing Sue very passionately for several minutes. Jerome's hands were all over her body, soon they were removing each others clothes as they continued to kiss. Soon Sue was standing nude in Jerome's arms in the room as they continued to kiss and explore each other's bodies.

    Sue reached down and slowly pulled down Jerome's shorts revealing his huge cock that was at full attention. Just how big are you Jerome Sue asked as she stroked his huge cock with her hands. I bet your husband doesn't have a cock like this does he? You beat him by 2 inches Sue said as she went to her kness in front of him and began licking his cock up and down and started to slide it into her mouth.

    My cock was hard as a rock as I watched her suck his cock taking more and more of it down her throat. 'God it feels so big and powerful, I have never felt anything this stong before.' Sue continued to work on his cock, sucking and licking it for several minutes until she stood up and lay down on the bed. 'God Jerome I need you to fuck me before my husband comes back.' Sue then spread her legs and let him see her pussy for the first time as Jerome slowly moved his muscular body between her long legs.

    Jerome grabed his long cock in one hand and began slapping Sue's hard clit with his hard cock,as Sue whimpered FUCK ME DAMMIT FUCK ME I WANT YOUR HUGE COCK IN MY PUSSY NOW. Jerome then began sliding his cock up and down her wet slit coating his cock with her pussy juices.

    My wife was losing her mind as she pumped her hips in the air as she squeezed her nipples as Jerome played with her pussy with the head of his cock. Here you go baby just what you want as he places his cock at the entrance of the pussy ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk your head is so bigggggggggggg my wife screamed as the head and a couple of inches slide into her pussy for the first time. My god you are tight baby this is going to take some work Jerome said as he worked his tight muscular ass up and down slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into my wife pussy oh, oh yesss you are soooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk thickkkkk you might be 2 inched longer then my husband but you are much thicker mmmmmmmm.

    Jerome had worked about half of his cock into her pussy and then stoped giving Sue pussy time to adjust to his size of cock. He kissed her and squeezing her tits as he slide in a couple more inches Sue then looked up into his eyes and told him to give her all of his cock I want all of you inside of me right up to your balls. Jerome workd all of his huge cock inside if her, he was balls deep and waited of a couple of seconds without moving and then I heard him tell

    Sue to hold on as he starting thrusting in and out of her pussy yes fuck me fuck me with that big cock of yours Sue whimpered as all but an inch was now inside her and he thrusted back in all the way.

    Both Sue and her stud's bodies were covered in sweat now as they fucked each other hard oh God I'm cum Sue screamed as her hands grabbed Jerome's muscular ass push all of his hard cock inside of her pussy God yessssssssss fuck me fuck my pussy you stud Then with one powerful thrust Jerome buried his huge cock balls deep into my wife's insanely stretched pussy ahhhhhhhhhhh so deep you feel so goddddd she whimpered in almost a delirious state.

    Jerome was now pounding Sue's pussy like a machine, thrusting balls deep with long powerful strokes. The entir bed was shaking as my wife was being fucked like she had never been before and she begged for him to fuck her harder and faster and for him not the stop. Jerome brought her to two more orgams before her pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed my wife on all fours and I watched as he buried his entire cock in her pussy with one long and hard stroke. My wife pussy was streched around his huge thick cock as he thrusted it in and out of her as she begged for more.

    This is my pussy now isn't it baby? Jerome said as he fucked her harded Yes all yours baby my wife whipered back cum in my pussy fill my up with your hot cum,Oh shit Jerome grunted here it comes baby about to fill your cunt up with the first load of hot cum My wife began thrusting back to meet Jeromes hard thrusting yes fill me up fill me up as Jerome pushed is cock all the way in oh fuck yes Sue moaned I can feel you shooting your cum in my pussy mmmmmmmmmmmm

    I watched for another 1 1/2 hours as Jerome emptied 2 more loads of his cum into my wife and one in her mouth which she swallowed every drop.

    I heard Sue tell Jerome to came back tomorrow night and she would make sure I was gone for a while I need more of that big cock of yours but my husband might be back soon so you better go. Jerome then said you make sure your husbands gone so I can fuck you again, tell you what baby I have a buddy who is staying here too and would love to get a hold of you, if you feel up to it we will both come by tomorrow Sue said Yes I would love to meet your friend bring him with you tomorrow night.

    Sue waved goodbye as Jerome left the room God what a fuck he was Fred, now get out of that closet and come lick your wife's pussy clean. In a second I had my face buried between my wife's long legs cleaning her pussy. Yes eat me baby you like licking my sloppy seconds out of my pussy don't you come on tell me the truth you enjoy me having a pussy full of cum.

    I stopped licking her pussy just long enough to say yesssss and buried my face back into her sloppy pussy.

    You know I only fucked him because you wanted me too, but now that I see how much you like to clean my pussy out I will have to get it filled up more often, yesss that's it lick my well fucked pussy clean. she got up and pushed me on the bed and sat on my face so I could get every last drop out as I made her cum 2 more times that night with my tongue.

    Sue told me that this experience had changed her life for good. If it is O.K with you I would love to fuck both of them before we go home and tomorrow night is our last night here. Your fantasies was to watch me being fucked and eating my pussy out after, while mind is having two men fuck men at once, and with you hiding in the closet and watching me will also be a big turn on and if you want I will make sure they cum all over my body including in my pussy.

    I can't wait to watch her fuck both studs tomorrow and then lick her body and pussy clean. This picture is of Sue after I had finished licking her clean. She needed more and it got me hard once again to see her fucing that dildo and pretending it was Jerome ... out loud too!

    Have a great day I have to go my wife is do back from her date in the next hour another night of licking her clean mmmm - Nice Guy Fred


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    Monday, September 08, 2008


    Need Advice to Cuck Girlfriend

    Okay. So there was one time when my girlfriend Michelle and I did a slight form of cuckolding. I had lost a bet and as a result I had to let someone fondle her breasts for three minutes. It was the most exciting three minutes of my life. Even though it was kind of awkward it was still hot. So lately I have been trying to get her to give another guy head. For some background about Michelle, she is very conservative about herself. She never dresses promiscuous and is very shy about showing off.

    I'm the only person she's ever had sex with and besides letting an old boyfriend touch her boob (once) she's never done anything sexual with anyone but me. We often go on late night drives where I try to get her to flash people but she's always too shy. Which is okay, I don't want to pressure her into doing anything she doesn't want to. We often fantasize about her giving another guy head I think it turns her on but I can't tell how much. Just the thought of her with another guy in her mouth drives me wild. We don't want her to go all the way with anyone else we just want her to do oral on someone else. We've talked about it and she decided that if the time was right and the guy was right she'd do it. I have a birthday coming up and she says maybe that day...if we can find someone. cuck
    So I was just hoping that you can give me advice as to A. How to find a guy that isn't a complete dickhead or sleaze bag. We also want him to be clean.

    And 2. How do I bring the subject. We already decided that we want it to be someone we know, not a complete stranger. But we don't want things to be weird between us and this person afterward. How do we go about doing this? Also she is very self-concious about her body. I've told her countless times that she has a great body. So any feedback you can tell us about what you think of her breasts would be helpful. - Dustin eastsiderounder @


    Friday, September 05, 2008


    It is 9pm and I just kissed my wife goodbye ...

    cuckoldIt is 9pm and I just kissed my wife goodbye as she is going on a date.

    She is going on a date with a potential client of hers who she said has been hitting on her for weeks. Recently, he picked up his technique and when she told me about it, I told her close the deal. Give him what he wants to get the sale (and the commission). In recent weeks, when she went to sell new merchandise instead of a handshake, he would give her a hug. A hug turned into a kiss on the cheek and that turned into a pat on the ass. He consistently asked her on lunch dates, then dinner dates, then "little vacations". Finally, yesterday, she said he boldly came out and asked her when he was going to get between those cheeks? At first she was offended but then thought, why not.

    That is when we talked about it and I gave my consent. So, they are meeting for dinner at a hotel in Hollywood and he asked her if she had a curfew, so I assume that he got a room. I hope that she gives him what he wants and fucks him good. Especially if he fucks her doggiestyle, he will be mesmerized by her ass, just as I was and am...More later.

    2nd Email ...

    (The first pic is before her date, the second picture is her blowing me when she came back)

    So at 4am my wife came back in from her date with her client. Most of her makeup was off and she looked tired but content. I asked how was dinner and she said the ******** hotel was great! They had dinner and throughout, her client (let's call him Raj) kept on complimenting her and wishing his wife looked like her. After dinner, he invited her to his room and ordered some champagne. She said the view was overlooking the Sunset Strip and then had a small balcony. As she looked out her came behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed himself against her ass. He began kissing her neck and let his hands roam. She turned to face him and his hands lowered to cup her ass. He slid down her pants so in rested ust under her ass and took a step back. The guy had her walk around and model for her. When the champagne came, she began to pull herself together and he said "no". He asked her to answer the door and sign for it. So with her ass out she answered the door. She said the look on waiter's face was surprise and then acceptance, like he sees this all the time. After the waiter leaves, Raj pours the champagne, they toasted and sipped all while he is still watching her walk around. Then he moves her to the chest of drawers, bend her over, drops to his knees, spreads her ass and begins tongue fucking and licking her ass.

    He got up and moved her to the bed, pants still on both of them and he pulls out his cock and tries to fuck her. She said not without a condom. He says he doesn't have one and she coyly goes to her purse and pulls one out. By this time, he has shucked his clothes and he is ready to fuck. And now she asked him about the proposal and the purchase he wanted, while stroking his cock and rubbing her pussy and letting him taste it off her fingers. When he finally agreed, she put the condom on with her mouth (a trick she used on me when we were dating) He was rigid hard and she bent over, he pulled off her pants and shoes and entered her pussy. She said it was hard and fast from the start like this was the first and last pussy he was ever going to get. He banged her hard and was calling her a whore and a slut and how he loved using her pussy to get off, which secretly she loved. He couldn't hold out and pulled the condom off and sprayed, she said shot a load that reached the length of her back. When he was done, he told her to go clean up, and she went to the shower.

    He sat on the toilet watching her shower and she gave him a show, soaping up her ass, rubbing it against the glass shower door. When she finished, he led her out of the bathroom and had her masturbate for him on the bed. She fingered herself while he watched sometimes so close that his mouth was licking her cummy fingers. She also played with her asshole and it drove him crazy when she fingered both at the same time.
    He asked for another condom and she put it on and he slid right back into her missionary. He jackhammered into her pussy, holding her hips while her breasts bounced. He pressed his body squarely on top of hers and she brought her legs up to the ceiling. She licked his nipples (her tongue has gotten me off just doing that) as he fucked, then he held her head back and told her, I just want to fuck your pussy til I cum. And he did, and blasted while inside her. She said it was a hard orgasm, and he collapsed and rolled off her. When he pulled out, the condom stayed inside her and when she went to pull in out, he told her no, but to walk around like that so he can see it drip out.

    She left him and came home as I said about 4am and told me this as I looked at her freshly fucked pussy and pictured the condom hanging from inside her. We fucked as she told me the story and I came a huge load in her ass (that is the only place I am allowed to cum in her because she is not on the pill) and then sucked it out. I love her so much and joy she gives me on a daily and nightly basis is fantastic.


    Monday, September 01, 2008


    Interracial Reverse Cuckold - Part 3

    Upon arriving home from the beach and our earlier adventure, we talked the whole way about hot it was being in public with another guy. I asked what she preferred, the scenarios, the setups, etc, mainly just to hear her talk candidly about sex. That was always a turn on. She said she liked being presented with other men, but only when she didn't know it was happening or about to happen. She asked me how I felt about watching her with other guys and I said that her body is a gift that she gave to me and in kind, I feel like I am sharing the gift with others. That conversation fueled a torrid fuck once we got in, all the way to a sweet anal creampie that I hungrily lapped up as she perused the responses from our earlier ad. The sound of my wife saying "well he has a nice cock", while I sucked my cum from her asshole was an incredible vision.

    During the workweek, we would exchange text messages about different fantasies. She told me how her sales manager Brian was always having closed door meetings with her and accompanying her on field calls. She said that she pictured going out to the parking garage with him and while getting into his truck, he would grab her ass from behind. She would hike her dress up and let him slide his cock into her pussy for pre-meeting quickie. It excited me reading the texts and secretly wished that would actually happen. Or there was the exchange with her and mail guy, a younger "surfer" type according to her. And she would take him into the copy room and blow him and let him finger her ass. I asked if she would hypothetically want me there to see it or tell me about it, and she replied she would want me under her desk keeping her wet for any guy in the office that wanted to fuck her. I came in my pants after reading that and when she got home, I practically ripped off her clothes and fucked the hell out of her as she recounted the stories we texted each other all day.

    The following weekend, I posted another ad looking for guys and got the usual swamping of emails. This time I decided to let her pick the guy. We chose four and and responded for them to call us back. As they called back, we felt them out to see which one would be the best fit. We selected one and gave him instructions. While we waited, I fucked her to keep her pussy open and wet and also her in the mood. He called when he arrived and I told him to come up. I was sitting in the lounge chair facing the door and she was on all fours blowing me, ass completely spread to greet him as he entered. He came in, a younger scraggly guy who said "whoa" when he saw the scene. He offered us a beer and we were like "no" and told him to go down on her. She reached back and spread her ass and he went down and started eating her pussy and asshole while she continued to blow me. Perfect I thought, then she looked up and me and shook her head so I leaned down to her and she whispered no. I stopped him and told him that she wasn't feeling it and he should go. He did and she felt a little bad, so I told her it was ok and what did she want to do.

    She said to call the guy from last week so I did and he was there in a half-hour. I sat on the couch as he knelt behind her and ate her asshole and pussy. She looked over to me and said that he licked pussy much better than I did. She spread her ass and held his head and shoved his tongue into her asshole. He was struggling for air and she would let him breathe every so often. His cock was rock hard as he enjoyed the subservient treatment. I stroked my cock watching my wife getting pleasured by another guy again and she moved to the floor and spread her legs wide and told him to lick her cunt. She told him how I had just fucked her earlier waiting for his mouth and to taste the precum inside her. She looked at me and said look at how he's licking my pussy, getting it wetter. I want a nice big thick white cock to fuck it when he's done. I was getting so excited by her dirty talk I walked over and sucked on her breasts like a fiend. She moved from him and moved his head to my cock. She held his head to my cock and said suck it.

    He did and she loved watching it. She licked and sucked my nipples as he blew me and moved around him to straddle me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She rode me as like last week and he alternated between licking her pussy and sucking my cock. After a while of that (I lost track of time), she pressed her ass back into his face and made him jerk off and had me watch. When he was about to cum, she lowered her ass and let him cum between her cheeks. She spread and squeezed it between her cheeks and I struggled not to cum right there. She told me to cum over and I mounted her once again with her on all fours and the guy right behind her, fucking her through the cum streams between her ass. A few quick pumps and I was done, spilling my load on top of his. She took his head and pulled it to her ass we he ate both sets of cum.

    As last time, he left and we went to bed, both now still dazed at the episode that just happened and as she slept I wondered what else she had repressed for so long and what coming next. (at 4:30 that morning, I was still horny and slipped into her as she slept and busted another nut. She woke in the middle but stay half asleep and when I came, she said "good baby. save up.")


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