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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, September 15, 2008


    Surprise First Cuck

    I have always wanted to share my wife with other guys....I actually have a few times with close friends. Any way I never really thought of the cuckold thing until the other night. I had my wife dress really sexy... short skirt...revealing shirt with no bra. We were at a bar and were drinking pretty heavily when a group of people came in and started playing pool. After a while we decided to go play doubles with them. After a few more drinks my wife was really flirting with one of the guys. I've always loved watching her flirt but didn't expect what was coming that night. Well anyways towards the end of the night me, my wife and this stranger were all gathered around a table. We three were the only ones left as everyone else had gone home or to the bar for drinks.

    He made the comment that we were really a cool couple and he would like to go party with us. We both kinda smiled, not knowing what to expect. He saw that look between us and smiled. I think he knew what we were thinking. After all, I did allow him to flirt with my wife blatently in front of my nose the entire night. Well I guess the guy was really brave because he actually reached into her shirt and pulled one of my wifes tits out and started rubbing the nipple right in front of me. I almost fell over. I LOVED IT!!!! She had her mouth open and looked shocked but didn't resist.

    Well we left the bar and started the search for a taxi. We were walking down the street...I was holding one hand he was holding the other. We found another open bar so he asked me if I wouldn't mind going inside and have them call us a taxi. I of course did it. When I came out they were embraced in the biggest kiss I think I had ever seen.....I had to just watch them until the taxi arrived.

    Then came the ride back to our room. He was all over her again and even removed her shirt. It was only about a five minute ride back to out room. Then we got back to the room. He told us both to get naked and lay on the bed and we did as he requested. He then got undressed and just shoved his cock in her mouth. To my suprise he told me that I could go ahead and fuck her, but not to cum in her. I have to admit I had to stop after 20 seconds .....I couldn't keep from cumming. After a few minutes he said he was ready to fuck. I expected him to put a condum on or something, but he just moved down and began to fuck her. It was SO HOT!!!!! After about five minutes of him just pounding her pussy he said that he was going to fill her pussy full of cum.

    I expected her to stop him, but she just said "yessssss". I have never seen anyone cum as much as he did. He then called me back over and told me to eat her pussy. I have never really even though of eating a creampie, but I will say I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!! He told me that her pussy was mine to do watever I wanted with and then he got dressed and just left.

    I just couldn't help it.....I just kept eating her pussy. She , still in shock at what we had just done was getting hotter and hotter from my creampie and finally she told me to fuck her. I did, but couldn't last. The feel of fucking her with another mans cum in there was too much to handle. I added my load of cum and then started eating again!!!!!!

    After a few more times of uncontrolable cumming I got back to normal and had the best sex ever!!!!!!! The picture is from our day after with me still playing with her pussy and her still hot for him and from him. I look forward to doing something like this again. Thanks for the blog as it has given me plenty of ideas. - Kpratt


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