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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, September 01, 2008


    Interracial Reverse Cuckold - Part 3

    Upon arriving home from the beach and our earlier adventure, we talked the whole way about hot it was being in public with another guy. I asked what she preferred, the scenarios, the setups, etc, mainly just to hear her talk candidly about sex. That was always a turn on. She said she liked being presented with other men, but only when she didn't know it was happening or about to happen. She asked me how I felt about watching her with other guys and I said that her body is a gift that she gave to me and in kind, I feel like I am sharing the gift with others. That conversation fueled a torrid fuck once we got in, all the way to a sweet anal creampie that I hungrily lapped up as she perused the responses from our earlier ad. The sound of my wife saying "well he has a nice cock", while I sucked my cum from her asshole was an incredible vision.

    During the workweek, we would exchange text messages about different fantasies. She told me how her sales manager Brian was always having closed door meetings with her and accompanying her on field calls. She said that she pictured going out to the parking garage with him and while getting into his truck, he would grab her ass from behind. She would hike her dress up and let him slide his cock into her pussy for pre-meeting quickie. It excited me reading the texts and secretly wished that would actually happen. Or there was the exchange with her and mail guy, a younger "surfer" type according to her. And she would take him into the copy room and blow him and let him finger her ass. I asked if she would hypothetically want me there to see it or tell me about it, and she replied she would want me under her desk keeping her wet for any guy in the office that wanted to fuck her. I came in my pants after reading that and when she got home, I practically ripped off her clothes and fucked the hell out of her as she recounted the stories we texted each other all day.

    The following weekend, I posted another ad looking for guys and got the usual swamping of emails. This time I decided to let her pick the guy. We chose four and and responded for them to call us back. As they called back, we felt them out to see which one would be the best fit. We selected one and gave him instructions. While we waited, I fucked her to keep her pussy open and wet and also her in the mood. He called when he arrived and I told him to come up. I was sitting in the lounge chair facing the door and she was on all fours blowing me, ass completely spread to greet him as he entered. He came in, a younger scraggly guy who said "whoa" when he saw the scene. He offered us a beer and we were like "no" and told him to go down on her. She reached back and spread her ass and he went down and started eating her pussy and asshole while she continued to blow me. Perfect I thought, then she looked up and me and shook her head so I leaned down to her and she whispered no. I stopped him and told him that she wasn't feeling it and he should go. He did and she felt a little bad, so I told her it was ok and what did she want to do.

    She said to call the guy from last week so I did and he was there in a half-hour. I sat on the couch as he knelt behind her and ate her asshole and pussy. She looked over to me and said that he licked pussy much better than I did. She spread her ass and held his head and shoved his tongue into her asshole. He was struggling for air and she would let him breathe every so often. His cock was rock hard as he enjoyed the subservient treatment. I stroked my cock watching my wife getting pleasured by another guy again and she moved to the floor and spread her legs wide and told him to lick her cunt. She told him how I had just fucked her earlier waiting for his mouth and to taste the precum inside her. She looked at me and said look at how he's licking my pussy, getting it wetter. I want a nice big thick white cock to fuck it when he's done. I was getting so excited by her dirty talk I walked over and sucked on her breasts like a fiend. She moved from him and moved his head to my cock. She held his head to my cock and said suck it.

    He did and she loved watching it. She licked and sucked my nipples as he blew me and moved around him to straddle me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She rode me as like last week and he alternated between licking her pussy and sucking my cock. After a while of that (I lost track of time), she pressed her ass back into his face and made him jerk off and had me watch. When he was about to cum, she lowered her ass and let him cum between her cheeks. She spread and squeezed it between her cheeks and I struggled not to cum right there. She told me to cum over and I mounted her once again with her on all fours and the guy right behind her, fucking her through the cum streams between her ass. A few quick pumps and I was done, spilling my load on top of his. She took his head and pulled it to her ass we he ate both sets of cum.

    As last time, he left and we went to bed, both now still dazed at the episode that just happened and as she slept I wondered what else she had repressed for so long and what coming next. (at 4:30 that morning, I was still horny and slipped into her as she slept and busted another nut. She woke in the middle but stay half asleep and when I came, she said "good baby. save up.")


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