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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, April 28, 2008


    My Wife's First Black Cock

    I broke my foot a few weeks ago and have been kind of laid up. One of our neighbours has been helping my wife do a few things around the house. We have known him for about 3 years since he moved in across the street. He is a black man that is built like a linebacker. He stops over to our house about once a week usually when my wife is out by the pool. Ever since we've shared fantasies involving cuckolding I've never felt her so wet in bed and knew she was ready if the opportunity ever presented itself. Tony it seemed was our bull.

    He is always flirting with her and teasing her about how much better black guys are at sex and its to bad she was married. Then they always laugh.

    Tuesday he invited us to go to dinner and have a few drinks. We went to a bar and resturant that had salsa dancing. Tony got us a booth that faced the dance floor and he told me to sit on the side so I could watch the dancers and put my foot up on the booth. Tony and Terry sat across from me. Terry had on a short white dress that had fringes at the bottom and was very low cut.

    Tony asked her if she wanted to dance which she loves to do. They went out on the dance floor and danced to several songs. She looked really hot out there and I noticed several guys checking her out. Tony would spin her around and her dress would go up showing her white thong and part of her ass. They came back and sat with me for awhile he said man your wife is a good dancer and she looks great out there too.

    I told them that when you spin her around I could see her thong. Tony said well why do you think I was doing that so much. My wife asked me if I was getting bored sitting here by myself. I said no I am just enjoying the music and watching the dancers. She said okay then and her and Tony went back to the dance floor. After a few songs Terry came back over to the table she said they were really hot and were going to step outside for some fresh air for a few minutes, then she said watch my purse honey.

    They were gone for about 20 minutes. When they came back in my wife came up behind me and bent over the back of the booth, she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, thanked me and said she was having a great time. She said she was going to the bathroom and said she would be right back. I looked down and she had dropped her thong on my lap.

    While she was gone Tony said your wife is really hot she should drink those margaritas more often. When Terry came back she said she was ready to go & that she is kind of worn out.

    We left and when we got to the car Terry got into the backseat with Tony. She put her feet on his lap and asked him to rub her feet that her shoes were killing her. Then she said oh that feels so good your hands are so big and strong. I kept looking back in the rear view mirror but couldn't really see much but figured Tony was getting a good look at her pussy because she had removed her thong.

    When we got to our house Terry invited Tony in for a drink. He said maybe he better go home she said oh come on it's early yet. He agreed and came in she told me to make us some drinks while she goes up and changes. We heard her go into the shower and she was upstairs for awhile. Tony told me again how hot she was and that he really enjoyed dancing with her.

    When Terry came back down she had put on a black satin robe she said "there I feel so much better". She looked at me and said "did you enjoy watching us dance baby?"

    I said yes it was really hot watching the 2 of you out there. Then she turned to Tony and said I knew he would like it, he likes to watch you know. Then she kissed him on the lips, and said you want to let him watch some more and pulled her robe open. He looked over at me and I said go for it buddy. Tony pulled her closer to him and kissed her and then put his hands on her breasts and his hand covered most of her boob.

    Terry reached up and put her hands on his crotch and squeezed his cock. she said when we were dancing and I felt your cock against me I knew I had to have this. Then she got on her knees and opened his pants. She reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock. He was about 8 inches long and still not hard. She looked back at me and said did you taste his come when I kissed you at the bar. While we were outside I gave him a blowjob and still had cum in my mouth when I kissed you in the bar.

    Tony looked at me and said I told you she was hot and now I am going to get to fuck her bald pussy right in front of you. Terry stood up and removed her robe. She stood in front of him only wearing a black garter with nylons. Tony put his finger into her pussy and moved it in and out saying I love that bald tight wet cunt baby. I want my cock inside of you. Then leaned over and licked her clit. Terry got down on her knees and starting sucking his cock again as he was now fully hard and pulled her up and said are you ready for the best fuck you ever had baby.

    Terry said well let's go upstairs where its more comfortable. We all went upstairs and Tony carried up a chair for me. I told him there was a rubber in the nightstand he said I hate those things it kills the feeling. Then he said don't worry I am clean and I will pull out before I cum. Terry said it's okay just put that big cock in me. Tony got between her legs and started rubbing her clit with his cock. She started begging him come on give it to me let me feel that monster in me. He slowly started to enter her saying oh baby you are so tight it almost hurts.

    It took him awhile but soon was all the way in her Terry was saying "yea baby fuck me, give it a to me baby" and he fucked her for about a half hour and gave her several orgasms. He said he was ready to come and asked her where she wanted him to cum. She reached around him and slid a finger in his ass and said give it to me baby I want to feel it inside of me. Tony tensed up and started to cum he seemed to just keep going for what seemed like minutes. Then just stopped and laid on her for awhile. When he rolled off of her I could see the cum dripping from her pussy. Then she said to me "will you come over her and clean me up baby & show Tony how much you love me."

    That was our first time and only time so far but what a start. I have sent 2 pictures of Terry that you can also post on your blog. - Dave


    Friday, April 25, 2008


    My Girlfriend Went "2" Rounds !

    My girlfriend Abbie (see attached picture) went to a wedding party last September at a local bar the night before the big event. It was just a group of mutual friends celebrating with each other, but only the groom was present. The bride to be was not there. The groom to be was an ex-boyfriend of Abbie’s older sister, a guy that I’d met previously and that she’d become friends with over the last few years.

    Abbie was dressed nicely, not slutty, in a skirt & nice blouse. Turns out, after a few hours of drinking the groom had his hand up Abbie’s skirt and had been rubbing her pussy & clit through her panties for quite some time while standing behind her at the bar. He then whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted to go outside with him.

    Neither one of them smoked so she knew exactly what he wanted. When they got outside by his car he kissed her passionately while he slid her thong panties down just enough so he could get at her pussy. She told me later that he slid his cock into her right there in the dark parking lot, standing between the two cars. She said it felt so good and that he was a little larger than I was. He fucked her from the front and then turned her around to fuck her from behind.

    She said he fucked her nice and hard for a good ten minutes. Afterwards, they tried to slip back into the bar hoping that no one had noticed.

    She headed directly to the women’s room to collect herself and to make it seem as though they hadn’t come back in together. From there she sent me a text message telling me what had just happened. My cock got instantly hard when I got the message on my cell. A short time later she texted me and asked if I cared if she went back to his place after bar close.

    I told her to go ahead and to have fun. She sent me one last message when she was on her way there for “Round 2” as she called it.

    I was so excited. I love waiting for her to get home from dates because we have great sex afterwards. This one was especially naughty because it was with the groom the day before his wedding, in his marital bed to be. She told me later that his cock was long, about eight inches, but not overly thick. They went on to fuck in four or five different positions.

    She said he was her only date (since we’ve been together) that had made her cum. When she got home I went down on her, as usual, but to my surprise tasted nothing. She had taken him bareback but he didn’t cum inside of her and she said she was too sore to let me fuck her. I guess he fucked her extremely hard at one point and he was a bit larger than me.

    All I could do was lick her swollen pussy and clit. She wouldn’t let me have sex with her as usual and I had to wait a few days. I felt a little jealousy & a humiliation and went to sleep very horny. She went to the wedding the next day but hasn’t seen the groom since. I'm sorry I couldn't send more pictures like most do on your blog but she'd kill me if I showed her face online. - Mitch


    Monday, April 21, 2008


    My Wife & Her Lover on Vacation

    This was the best weekend I have ever had...

    My wife and I made arrangments for her and her lover to meet us at a resort for the weekend. My wife is a beautiful redhead woman with perky tits and the nicest ass on a 40 yr old you have ever seen. We arrived Friday evening with her dressed to kill wearing her hair up with her diamond earrings and necklace her favorite short black dress (low cut) black thigh highs and 3 inch heels.

    I wanted to make love to her so bad but I know my place during her weekends with her lovers. Troy is my favorite of her black lovers because of his athletic build and Business attitude. He looked great that evening as well dressed in slacks with a blazer. During Dinner the two couldn't keep their eyes off one another and flirted throughout with slight touching that drove me crazy. When we got to the room he took her in his arms and passionatly kissed and felt her up.cuckold

    This was beautiful. I opened the wine and poured for them as I sat in my chair and watched her become his for the weekend. He is such a wonderful lover and so attentive to he needs for a 25 yr old. He told her to get undressed and she took everything off for him including her jewelry (which was odd but then) and then he asked her to wear a blindfold. I forgot that Troy sometimes like this as he likes to tell me what to do without her knowing so she can stay focused on his cock. She then took as much of his large and fat bbc in her mouth as she could and for the first time she acted so addicted to it.cuckold

    I was amazed. He responded by asking her to 69 with him, she did and god was that hot. He told me to come over and take his large and total erect bbc in my hand and insert it inside her. She smiled without being able to see my reaction but she knew, as I agreed. I've never done that before and as I reached for it he said suck it and make sure its totally wet for her.

    I'm not gay but I couldn't say no as I felt his power of us and the controlling man he is take charge and put me in my place. My god it was so good to feel what my wife has been fucking in my mouth and to see him and her looking at me as I hungrily took him in. My wife asked to watch but he told her to keep the blindfold on and she did as she was told. She just wanted his cock again is all and I finally understood.cuckold

    He pulled out and again told me to put it in her ... she on her back moaned like never before as I inched it inside her and watched as it slowly stroke by stroke disappeared inside my wife's pussy.

    He took her everyway I could possibly dream of but he finished his first nut by having her on her belly and him on top of her pinning her to the bed her legs upward and her hands clutching tighly to the sheets and all 9 inches roughly gave my wife what she so desirves. He fucked for 5 mins or so like this and that's when we all came. He stayed on top of her as her head turned and they kissed deeply for several mins and he then told me to clean her up which I was delighted to do. I licked and sucked her like never before.cuckold

    What a weekend it was and this went on until last night when we all left. Finally on Sunday he took her ass and that so great to see her totally submit to him on her belly again. He is so smooth and sexy and she was fantastic in bed last night as she fucked me so hard. Next month she is inviting Troy up again and I'm looking forward to it. Will have pics after that weekend too but just wanted you guys to know that are NOT Cucks ... YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! - Brandon


    Friday, April 18, 2008


    MiamiMark - His Girlfriend Nat !!

    Nat ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Ok, here are the details of the one and only encounter between Cindy, my wife at the time, and my best friend's sister Nat, current girlfriend.

    Cindy's parents had a house in the Florida Keys that we would all spend almost every summer weekend at. Sunning, riding wave runners, boat trips, and relaxing were the typical events. We would always end up inviting friends to come and spend a day or two with us since there was always plenty of food and room to spend the night.

    On one weekend, we invited a few friends including Rick, whom Cindy had been sleeping with on occasion, and Nat, his sister....

    Nat had not read the stories I wrote before. She finally read them on your site last week when I asked her if I could add this story. So she went online to read them and see how they sounded ... and then I get a phone call. "What the fuck ... Rick is my brother???? He slept with Cindy???"

    Needless to say I completely forgot to remove that when I sent you the stories. After the initial shock and my begging her not to tell Rick she knows, we have a basic rule. I can write about Rick but when she asks me to relive a moment, it can't have Rick in it.

    I am Mark .... king of the idiots.

    Anyways, I wrote the one time adventure between Cindy and Nat. It wasn't a complete lesbian moment, but it was good enough for me.

    The best thing that came out of this was the Nat wants to go out and have a 'see if they will pick me up' night after she learned what that was from the story. I am getting ready for the weekend ... woooo hooooo.

    ... Up to this point, nothing had ever happened between Nat and I. At 20 years old, she was 5 years younger than my wife, a very attractive Brazilian girl with bronze skin, large breasts, but still very much my best friend's sister. And in either case, I was never much to wanting to be with other women, my main turn on was usually setting my wife up and seeing her with other men.

    Everyone came down on Friday night and we started to party early. A few of our friends had vacation trailers nearby and tonight they all ended up at Cindy's place. We had plenty of drinks and the house was all ours … Cindy's parents didn't come up that weekend. Most crashed over and the festivities went well into Saturday.

    Late Saturday, most everyone had to take off back to Miami for one reason or another. The only ones left were those who actually had a place down here. At our place was Cindy, her sister and boyfriend, and Nat. Two other couples also stayed the entire weekend at another trailer down about a mile. And last but not least, ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, April 14, 2008


    More From the Eastern Pennsylvania Cuckolds

    I ended up replying an e-mail to someone that wrote me from the last story we posted and as I was replying I ended up starting to tell him how we got into MFMs. The beginning part, if it doesn't make sense, was in response to him agreeing that the dom/sub thing is a turn off.......

    Yeah, the whole humilation thing is a turn off. I am always the one that picks the guys, not her, she is too shy so I am the one that usually gets it started. We haven't had many bad experiences. I can only think of one time and the guy was pushy thinking that my wife needed other men because I wasn't good enough and that completely turned her off. She basically said "We do this for amusement only for something different, my husband is perfect". She then kicked him out. LOL

    We have a lot of stories to tell. We have been together 22 years but the first time we ever did anything was with a couple somewhere around 1991. I ended up going into an adult book store to get her a toy and saw a magazine called "The Pennsylvania Connection: A magazine for swingers". I bought it just for amusement because I didn't think it was real and bought it for a laugh. I took it home and my wife asked what it was and I told her I thought it was a scam, kinda like Penthouse Forums, I never thought the stuff was real.

    She started paging through the magazine and saw that they were personal ads and she said "This looks like a nice couple". I was floored, although we fantasize while having sex I never thought she ever really considered it. We hooked up with the couple but we expected only oral. The guy was a little pushy so my wife just climbed on me to make sure he couldn't get to her. The other woman was a little pushy on my part too. After all was said and done, we decided it was a good experience but we would never do anything again, she was too jealous when she saw the other woman going down on me, but to my surprise, I wasn't jealous, and I used to be very jealous back when we were dating. If someone just looked at her wrong I would get in their face. I know we have a perfect bond after we got married and it turned me on seeing her being pleased more than one man could.

    I then set up our first MFM sometime within the next 2 months figuring the only reason she didn't want to to it again was out of her own jealousy. It was a boyfriend of one of my employees. It was NY Eve and she was walking around in a teddy and she said she was tired. I told her to hit the bed but sleep on top of the covers and I will wake her up enjoyably. She fell asleep and I called this guy to come over for a beer and he did. I told him to walk down to the end of the hall and look in the bedroom and there was my wife, in her black one-piece teddy laying on top of the covers asleep. He came back and told me she was hot!

    We sat around and drank a beer or two and he asked me what we were going to do. I told him to grab a chair and sit in the hallway and watch for a while and I will start on her to get her going before she finds out he is there. I figured if I got her all worked up, she wouldn't have a problem with a few extra hands.

    He had told me he was a little uncomfortable sitting in the hall and asked if he could sit somewhere in the bedroom. I put a chair over by her bureau and he was content sitting there. My wife had on a black one-piece teddy with a snap crotch. I started licking her between the legs and she started moaning and moving. After about 5 minutes of teasing her I unsnapped her crotch and started going down on her and fingering her. After a little while she finally opened her eyes and she was, of course, caught off guard and screeched a bit, but her hands over her eyes and started laughing. I then told her to relax and after a bit she did, after I introduced them. I started going down on her not knowing how I should make the next move but she eventually took care of that herself. She had asked him to come over to the side of the bed and when he did, she started unzipping his pants and pulled out his cock. It didn't take her too long to pull him closer so she could suck on him.

    At this point I moved her into a doggy style position so I could fuck her and she could give him head. Now being this was both his and my first experience with an MFM we didn't take long to finish this. I heard him say he was about to cum and I just turned to him and said "So am I". My wife had asked him to cum on her face and requested that I cum all over her ass. Within seconds I pulled out and started cumming on her back and as he was watching it, he couldn't hold back either and he pulled out and let her jerk him off all over her face.

    We had, at that point, a 'cum rag drawer'. It is a drawer under our bed that we put old shirts of mine that I won't wear anymore so we have quick access to something to clean up with. She grabbed one and cleaned off her face and I took it to clean off her back.

    We then sat down on the bed for a while just talking. She wanted to know how I knew him and told her that he was a boyfriend of one of my sales representatives and that we somehow got to talking once about sex. I told him the story of what we tried a few months earlier and told him that she was too jealous for me to be with another woman but it turned me on to watching her with another guy, and thus, he was there.

    I thought we were done for the night but after sitting there talking for a while, and he was still looking at her slightly playing with herself, just lightly, but it was enough to get him a rise again. She turned to him and asked if that was for her and of course he said yes. I let them go for a minute or two so that I could go back out to the kitchen to get the last two beers. When I came back in they had switched into the 69 position and I just sat back and watched for a bit. I wish I had a Polaroid at that time because it would have been great. This was long before the advent of computer technology and the digital camera. (by the way, I went out and bought a Polaroid camera the next day just in case a future scenario arose.).

    I sat down on the chair that he was at. His name was actually Kevin, it took me a while to remember it. I just watched for a while and grabbed something to stroke myself with and she was watching me as she was sucking on him in a 69 position. This is one of her turn ons. One of her fantasies is to tie me up and be with a guy just to see if it will turn me on so much that I can climax without anybody or anything touching me. It isn't a domination thing, it is just something we wondered it possible? If anybody can attest to being able to get off without getting touched I would like proof. She won't ever tie me up because she never wants me to not be in control in case something goes wrong.

    Anyway... after about 10 minutes of watching this I decided to get on the bed and he had asked if he could just watch us have sex for a while. He wanted to watch me on top of her so I climbed on top and made sure she was close enough to the edge of the bed so that, if he wanted, he could come back up to the side to get sucked on.

    I wrapped her legs around my shoulders and started pounding her pretty hard. After a few minutes she told him to get back over here so she could suck on him and I think he got there before she even finished the sentence. Watching this, again, turned both of us on and although it lasted longer than the first time, we were both cumming on her chest in minutes. She demanded that she wanted it on her chest this time so that she could have a puddle on top of her. It was intense, and of course the 2nd orgasm is always more intense than the first.

    We got to talking again and told him we were out of beer and asked if he wanted to run to the bar to get a six pack and he agreed. We ran a few blocks up the street and although I thought one of us, or both, would be uncomfortable at this point, we were perfectly fine talking about it. We grabbed the six pack and came back into the bedroom only to find my wife had pulled out one of her vibrators and was playing with herself. Another of my wife's kinky things she talks about when we are fantasizing is having guys watch her play with herself while they are standing by the bed. Her fantasy has about 6 or 8 guys in it but I was hoping 2 would do. Once we got into the room she told us to get undressed and just stand there and jerk off until she cums.

    It only took about 2 minutes into us getting hard when she had another orgasm. I had asked her if she would allow him to fuck her but she turned that down. She cherishes the fact that I am the only one that has been inside of her but she did ask if he could go down on her while I watch and he jumped at the chance.

    Kevin went to town on her and he was loving it, and I was having a ball watching it. My wife is shy, but it turns her on when she knows she turns others on. I almost thought she was going to let him fuck her because she was having intense orgasms but it never materialized. She did, however, tell him that he could rub his dick on her clit until he was going to cum so that I could at least get close to experience what it would look like. He then layed his cock down on her clit and layed down on top of her. From my angle it actually looked like he was fucking her. I was almost hoping he would 'slip' and it would go inside, and force her to get over her phobia. After about a minute or two I had to get a closer look so I hopped up on the bed alongside her. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it and he had raised himself up so that I could see his cock fucking her clit. After about a minute he started tensing up and started shooting cum all over her belly button and while I was watching this, I started shooting all over her face. Now since this was the 3rd time in a few hours, there wasn't that much cum, but the intensity was even more incredible than the first two. I couldn't believe she let him rub his cock all over her pussy but she wouldn't let him fuck her. I just assumed there was hope for the future after she got over her inhibitions.

    It was an intense night either way and we had him over one more time after that but it wasn't as good as the first, but then again, is anything ever better than 'a first experience'? We are in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our initials are C & R. - Cuckeastpa @


    Friday, April 11, 2008


    Jane's decided we're going to meet a new guy!


    It's 12:30PM now and I just texted back and forth with a local guy I met in the cuckoldplace chatroom. We've been chatting and cumming with him for a while and we finally met him in person a few weeks ago at an adult bookstore. We agreed before we met up at the bookstore that she wouldn't fuck him that night so she wouldn't feel as much pressure/anxiety about just getting out the door to drive to meet him, but she fully intended to let him rub her clit and if he pulled out his cock, she might touch it.

    Well, we met in the front sales area of the bookstore and he paid for us all to go into the dark backroom area arcade with private booths. We followed him back (he'd been there before, we hadn't) into a tiny little booth that was just big enough for one of us to sit on a folding chair if the other two stood up.

    My wife was still shaking from nerves (she'd used her emergency inhaler twice on the drive down). He told me to sit on the chair and had her stand, facing me with her hands on my shoulders. He told her to look into my eyes and just try to relax and enjoy herself.
    He stood behind her and started kissing her neck before either of us knew what was going on and I thought she was going to freak out. Instead, she just looked into my eyes and I heard the tiniest of moans escape her lips. Then I saw his hands gliding over her body, feeling her through her clothes, and watched her melt almost instantly.

    She was wearing a black lingerie top with a black and red blouse over it, a black skirt, and no panties. I had gotten hard as soon as she had first moaned and my cock was straining against my pants while I watched him feel up my wife inches in front of my face.


    Monday, April 07, 2008


    My Wife and My Story

    OK, well, my wife and I have been married for 13 years now, and for the most part, times have been good. About 10 years ago, we sent some nude photos of her to an adult magazine, in hopes that they would feature her in the amateur's section.

    They did print the photos.

    Well man, let me tell you, she had more letters than any other amateur had ever gotten, (addressed to the magazine) and it wasn't long before they were contacting us, (her, really) about doing a professional 8 page layout. To make a long story short, she did, and we both agreed to start receiving fan mail at home, forwarded through the magazine. I had always had this fantasy of seeing her pleasure another guy, and this one dude almost had a shot. But alas, things happened, life went on, and it never materialized. We talked about it, she knew I was aroused by the idea, but it never happened.

    Now i'm working at a different place, and I meet this guy that is pretty cool, easy going, and what not. A non-threatening type of dude, if you will. We worked late, on the same crew, and he would come over to my house after work to smoke a few, drink a few. At first, since my wife is very shy she didn't want us in the house, so we just sat around on the porch, drinking and chatting it up. We had a lot in common. I didn't think he'd be going after my wife, so I never gave it much thought.

    Anyway, the weather turned cold, and it was very uncomfortable to be sitting around outside drinking beer. I asked my wife if we could come in the house, stay in the living room, and all that. She grudgingly agreed, she was kinda mad because she claimed that she would have to stay in our bedroom the whole time, messing around on the computer. I kept telling her that this guy was a lot like me, he was cool, he would never be a jerk, and all that. Well, on occasion she did start venturing out of the room, just to get something to drink or whatever. She and my buddy exchanged pleasantries, like hi, how ya doin, stuff like that.

    I asked him what he thought about her while we were all buzzed, and he said he thought she was beautiful.
    my nude wife

    Anyway, since my buddy and I would have some good smoke going on in there, she eventually decided to throw her modesty out the window and start joining us every now and then. After a few weeks of this, I asked her, half jokingly, if she'd like to suck him off. Her reply was, "I wouldn't mind!", giggling and smiling as she said so.

    Well, we had a short talk about it, nothing serious, and I asked her if she would mind if I told my friend about her response to my question. She said she guessed not, but did I mind? I said I didn't know, I'd have to think about it.

    As you can guess, the next day at work i was asking him if he really thought my wife was hot, and all that. It took a day or two, but eventually I asked him what he'd do if I told him that she'd suck his dick if I asked her to. (He's married, but his wife ain't got half the looks that mine has.) He was really nervous, and wasn't sure, but I said "Whatever man, if you need to get sucked off, just let me know!"

    I think it took a week or so of further after work visits to our house before it finally sunk in to him that I was for real. Of course, like any red-blooded male, he said yeah, he'd like to have her thick, red lipsticked lips all over his dick.

    I told my wife of this development, and she started to dress more provocatively, much to the delight of my buddy. We're talking big titty city here... lol

    I told my friend to start saving up his load, because I wanted to see him splatter her face big time... He was nervous, but agreed. I assured him that she does indeed like big wads of cum in her face. So, since we were on the same crew, we both had the same days off. We agreed that wife and I would come pick him up on our day off, while his wife was at work, and he could come to our house all day, eat, listen to music, play video games, watch tv, what not, with both of us. We all got along really well.

    On the first day of his non work related visit, (meaning that it wasn't after we both got off work) we all sat around, had good conversation, fun, and uh, getting pretty high. After we were all sufficiently stoned, I decided to get the ball rolling. I told him to get up and come over to the couch where my wife and I were sitting, and sit on the opposite side, so that she would be between us. He was visibly nervous, but did so...

    After a few more minutes, I reached over and started feeling my wife's big tits right in front of him, and she just smiled at both of us.. I said "hey, I don't think she'd mind if you got a feel too.." She looked at him, smiled, and said "No, I don't mind." He finally got to feel my wife's big tits. After he got started, it seemed like instinct took over. He was massaging that tit! lol

    Eventually, once I saw that he was becoming very uncomfortable over there, his stiff dick was quite visible through his pants, I was like, "well, you look like you need some relief, dude!" He acknowledged the fact, sheepishly, and even without any prodding from me, my wife reached out and started stroking his length through his jeans, the first time she had ever done anything like that without my approval.

    Well, that excited the shit outta me. All I wanted to see was her slobbering on his dick, him pumping her throat until he nutted uncontrollably.

    I got my wish. I sat beside them as he stood up, his crotch inches from her face, and he released his dick. It wasn't quite as long as mine, but it was definitely thicker. My wife was smiling the whole time, she started sucking that dick just like she does mine. However, there was one difference. I had told her that I asked him to save up his load, and usually, whenever she sucked me off (which wasn't very often) she would use her saliva slicked hand to bring me off pretty fast. But this time, with him, I noticed that she was going for the big load, she didn't use her hand at all. She either wanted to have his fat dick in her mouth for as long as possible, or she wanted a major splattering, or both. She got both.
    naked wife

    I sat there beside them, watching her bob her head up and down, sitting on my couch, in my living room, in my house, sucking this other man off. I was slowly jacking off, using Astroglide, and trying to make it last... He seemed to be having trouble cumming, and I kind of excused myself, saying I needed to get some tissue. I went into my bedroom, and as I walked out, I actually said that I wanted him to fuck her in the mouth and cum all in her face and hair..

    I stood right in my doorway, out of view, and it was obvious that that was what he needed to fully enjoy my wife. He couldn't use her fully while I was in the room. I stood there, jacking off and listening as I could hear her slurping sounds on his fat dick and the increasing tempo of him fucking my wife in the mouth. Within seconds, he says ok, now! and I could hear the unmistakable sounds of him emptying his balls across her face. I walked in seconds later and will never forget her smiling face, glistening with cum, looking at me as if to say "wow, he shot off big time!"

    However, to make a long story short, he started falling in love with her, and her him, but in the end I won my wife back, she appreciates me more, and our marriage is a hell of a lot stronger than it was before this whole fiasco unfolded.

    I still work with him, but she hates his guts, because of a lot of reasons which I won't delve into here, but suffice it to say that they won't be talking to each other at any time in the future. After I found out he was trying to seriously come on to her, I almost killed his ass, but I do understand how he fell in love with my wife. I mean, after all, I did. Also, I've included 4 pictures of her. She is not as young as when she did that magazine but if you read it back then then you may recognize her. - GerryLee


    Friday, April 04, 2008


    Eastern Pennsylvania Cuckolds !


    I have always wanted to write here but I was unsure of what constituted a 'cuckold'. I like pleasing my wife, but it has nothing to do with humiliation/domination/etc. I don't think there is anything more erotic than seeing a woman in ecstasy. I figure four hands are better than two, two mouths are better than one… etc.

    My wife doesn't go looking for it, but there are times when fantasies in my head have to turn into reality, and so I pursue them.

    I remember one time when we got a babysitter and we were able to go out and dance. Now I love to play pool and I had a favorite place to go to that we could dance, yet play pool when I wanted to.

    When we first got to the bar there was an open table out of the 3 tables in the back room. I am not the best pool player in the world but I do like to play for money when I have the chance. I walked in, broke out one of my prized possessions, my Muchi, racked up the balls and waited for a challenger. My wife stood around and watched me play a few games as I kept winning on the table. After my 5th win or so she told me she was going to grab a fresh drink and get a table by the dance floor. About a half hour later I finally lost a game so I went out to sit with her a while until it was my turn back on the table.hotwife

    Now my wife had on a gorgeous baby doll dress that came half way above her knees. She had panty hose on and a pair of flats on her feet. A song came on and I asked her to dance. About a minute into the dance my wife kicked off her shoes to the edge of the dance floor. Unbeknownst to her she ended up hitting someone that was standing on the edge of the dance floor. After the song was over I knew it was just about my turn to get up on the pool table so I told her to grab her shoes and that I was going to go back to play pool for a while. I saw her, out of the corner of my eye, walk up to get her shoes and a guy had handed them to her. I went in to play pool and about 15 minutes later I came out of the pool room to get another beer and saw this man sitting with her talking. I grabbed my beer and went back to play pool. I ended up losing a game that required me to buy my challenger a drink so I went to the bar to get what he wanted as he racked up the next game. I looked over to where my wife should have been sitting and I noticed she wasn't there. I walked further into the bar looking for her and she was dancing with the guy she hit with her shoes. It was a fast dance, nothing abnormal, but they were dancing enough that they didn't know I walked up to the table. I grabbed a pen and wrote on her napkin "Taking him home?"

    I then gave up the table and sat on the back corner of the bar to watch her reaction when they sat back down. Now my wife doesn't have very good vision in dark places, like a bar, so she didn't know I was watching her. When she sat down, she saw the note and started chuckling to herself. The guy had asked her what she was laughing at and she showed him the napkin. He looked a little puzzled and she ended up whispering in his ear what it meant. He got a surprised look on his face and said to her "I have read about that stuff in 'Penthouse Forum' but never thought that stuff really happened".

    Now understand, this guy knew she was married, and her husband was in the bar but he had no idea who I was. Obviously this guy didn't see us dancing together. I was, at this point, intrigued. I ended up coming around to the closer side of the bar and just sat there and watched. My wife didn't even know I was there. I ended up watching them get closer. They ended up moving their chairs closer, facing each other. After about 15 minutes, I saw him start rubbing her legs, calf to knee. She then got up and excused herself to go to the ladies room. About 2 minutes later she came out and right before she sat down, she handed him her panty hose.

    I guess this guy got the hint because within a few minutes he started rubbing her leg again, but this time he started rubbing her thigh. I sat there, totally turned on. I knew my wife was sure I was watching from somewhere, she just didn't know where I was. After a few minutes I saw his hand go up her skirt. This had me with a raging hard on at this point and within minutes he was finger fucking her right there in the bar, in full view of anybody that was paying attention. Amazingly, most of the people in the bar were too busy to even notice but I was having a ball. I loved watching it. He must have finger fucked her for at least 4 or 5 minutes. He then pulled his hand back and licked his finger and asked her back out on the dance floor to a slow song.

    I watched them dance, and as they danced, he was grabbing her ass and feeling her tits. At one point he even started finger fucking her again on the dance floor and it amazed me that nobody noticed but me, maybe because it was a slow dance and they were to close to each other. After a while I saw her grab his crotch and started rubbing it. This was my sign that I should introduce myself after the dance was over.

    When they were done, I grabbed my cue and came over to the table and asked "Who's your friend?" She replied "He saw your note and is interested". I then told them there is no point in staying in the bar when we could do a lot more at home. As he went to go get his things I asked her if she was ok with him following us home and she ride with him and she said it was fine. I have no idea what went on in the car, if anything, on the way back home. He did stay right behind me so I think they didn't do anything but talk. She may have dick teased him a little bit by showing off her pussy while driving, or maybe even playing with herself on the way home but that was probably it. I have to remember to ask her about that one.

    Once we got home we sat down in the living room for a bit but he seemed a little anxious. I figured I would come up with an excuse to leave the two of them alone so I said I was going to walk down to the 7-11 to get a pack of cigarettes. I didn't need cigarettes but I pretended to walk out the back door, closed the door, and then snuck back into the dining room without them knowing I was there. I crawled underneath the dining room table to watch what would happen.

    It didn't take him much time to get moving. By the time I got under the table he already had her laying back on the couch and kissing her. The baby doll dress buttoned from the top to the waste and he started unbuttoning it. I then watched as he started sucking on her nipples and sliding his hand up under her skirt. I almost came in my pants when I heard her moan really loud as he shoved his fingers into her pussy. This was just about all I could take so I snuck back to the back door and opened it, came into the room, and they didn't even move. By the time I got back he already had her dress up and he was sucking on her clit while fingering her pussy. As you will see in the pictures, my wife has what I call "The 3Ps . . . Perfect Pink Pussy".

    I sat down on the love seat and watched for a while as he made her cum for the first time. After about 10 minutes, and three orgasms, I knelt down and started sucking her nipples as he kept taking care of the southern end. My wife takes a while to reach her first orgasm but after her first, she has multiple orgasms fairly easy.

    After a while she took her hand and lifted his face up and asked "Can I see your cock?" He then stood up and started unzipping his jeans. My wife has a slight fetish, if you can call it that, of a guy pulling off his jeans and briefs and seeing a cock just fling out due to the stress of being confined. She got her wish this night because he went to pull both his jeans and boxer briefs off at the same time and as soon as it passed his cock, it flapped up so hard that it made a smacking sound against his stomach.

    At this point I backed off, back to the love seat. He was about the same size as me, 8 to 8.5 maybe. As she stared intently at it she slowly sat up and put her hand underneath his balls and looked up at him and said "This is nice". He closed his eyes as she started to tease him. She took one last look at him to make sure he didn't know what she was doing and suddenly stuck his cock in her mouth. The moan that came out of his mouth, I swear, could have been heard a block down the road. I let her suck him for a few minutes before I started to get undressed. Another of my wife's fantasy things is watching guys jerk off so I sat on the couch and slowly started playing with myself as she watched from the corner of her eye. It took every fiber of my being to not jerk myself off as she took her free hand and started finger fucking herself. After a minute or two of this my wife started climaxing again, repeatedly.

    She then got to the point of oblivion, and when this happens, she needs to just sit back and relax for a few minutes. He sat down on the couch alongside of her, stroking his cock while looking at her. I was doing the same. After about 5 minutes she told him to lie down on the floor and he did as he was told. I moved over to the couch to watch and she started sucking on his cock again. Now my wife was a virgin when I met her and she has never had intercourse with anybody but me. We have had oral threesomes and foursomes but I hadn't been able to convince her to go all the way. After a few minutes of her sucking his cock I came up behind her, as she was in the doggy style position, started licking her pussy. After a minute or so she took his cock out of her mouth and yelled at me to fuck her. I came up behind her, put my cock on her ass as if I was going to fuck her and I whispered in her ear "If you want to get fucked, it's not going to be my cock that does it".

    I so wanted to see another man's cock in her pussy. I wanted to see the 'perfect view'. She was going wild. As she was sucking his cock I continued to finger fuck her pussy. I don't think I have ever seen her squirt as much as I did at that point. The floor was soaked. She got to the point she needed to be fucked and I heard her say to him that she wouldn't fuck him but she wanted him to suck her clit while she rode my cock. I heard him say "Absolutely!"

    She then jumped up, surprising me, and threw me down on the floor. She squatted close to my cock and waited for him to get into position. She said "I want you to see what my husband wants to see" and she put his face 4 inches from her pussy as she lowered herself onto my cock. As she lowered herself onto me I felt her contract multiple times as if she had a muscle spasm. By the time she got all the way down she started screaming with a climax that was unbelievable. She, again, squirted all over the place and this guy couldn't get enough. After about 30 seconds her climax settled and she started leaning back so that he could lick her clit. For about the first minute or so she didn't move, she just let him lick her click. The feeling I experienced while this was happening was unbelievable. She wasn't moving up or down but feeling her tense off and on with my cock inside of her almost made me blow. She then slowly started moving and I told her to move slowly and she did.
    hot wife

    My wife knows my signs. She knows about 5 seconds before I am about to cum and she knows when to stop. She played this for a few more minutes while he was sucking on her pussy with my cock inside her. She knew I was about to blow and asked him "Do you want to see him cum inside of me or on me?". He told her, I want to see him cum all over you!

    That was all he needed to say because she started squirting all over the place. She knew I was going to blow at that point so she laid back, grabbed my cock, and started jerking me off. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. She was laid back on me and my cum shot all the way up to her face. I swear that it lasted no less then 10 seconds. As I was cumming all over her I saw him stand up and he started jerking himself all over her chest and without either of us touching her, my wife started climaxing again, the intensity was incredible. I then wrapped my arms around her as she was laying back on me and I felt a river of mixed cum all over her abdomen and chest. I then grabbed her hands to rub against herself so that she could feel how much come was all over her. As I was doing this, he started going down on her one last time and within seconds she had her final, intense, orgasm.

    I wish I would have taken his number down because we never ran into him again.

    Sorry I have to block out her face but we are very well known in our area. I feel comfortable, for the most part, posting this because nobody we know would ever think we have done anything outside our marriage....... Use whichever pictures you deem fit. If we get a good response, we have more stories to tell. We are in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our initials are C & R. - Cuckeastpa @


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