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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, December 29, 2013

    A First Cuckold Evening for Her


    My wife and I had often talked about her having sex with others and it always seemed to turn her on, of course it turned me on too. We finally joined a dating website and I made the move to contact a black male who lived in the other end of the state. We developed some comfort with him via email and instant messaging.

    I had to travel to his end of the state and took the wife along. We arranged for Mike to meet us at our motel later that evening. We sat in the bar waiting his arrivial needless to say we were both pretty nervous about the evening. Finally he called and told us he was a few minutes away, the wife went to the room and I met him in the lobby.

    We went to the room and sat around ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 22, 2013

    My First Creampie


    My first time for a creampie was several years ago with my wife Linda. Linda is a hot sexy woman as you can all see and has a tight pussy. We have been married for twelve years and I had always wanted to watch her to share her body with my friend. But, she never seemed interested and I had unsuccessfully tried to eat her pussy after I had cum in it.

    Right after Linda turned 45 the company she had worked for the last ten years down sized and her position was eliminated. I suggested that she dress a bit more sexy when she went out on her job interviews but she remained in strict business attire for them. Linda interviewed with lots of companies but they all felt she was over qualified for their position. Finally in desperation she dressed as I had suggested and interviewed at a new business that was looking for an office manager/secretary.

    Linda told me that it was the ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    Cuckolding by Kiwis in Ozzie


    It was hot in Melbourne but not just the weather! I am Steve and very lucky to have a wife who likes to occasionally indulge in group sex. It doesn't happen as regularly as I would like it to but when she does agree to it I am very quick to try and find a hot guy to play with her while I watch and enjoy in my own cuckolding way.

    Over the past few years we have played with several couples, with one couple after several meetings inviting us to their wedding. My wife is not that keen on seeing me play with other women but I do love to watch her playing with other men (must be the cuckolding gene), hence why we have had more than a dozen MFM experiences in the past few years. I would be happy to let her play once or twice a month if she wanted to but she still prefers our lovemaking to any other man she has ever had make love to her. I guess after 22yrs of marriage we sure know the sensuous areas of each others body.

    Anyway one of our latest meetings ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    Our Hotel Threesome


    HUSBAND - After being on the adult dating site for less than three months, we hooked up with someone. We were not able to invite him into our home because we broke the bed last week screwing in preparation for meeting up with him.

    We rented a room in a local area hotel. That was the first mistake. The room looked okay, but once inside the true nature of its filth and disrepair came to the front. The bathroom light didn't work. One of the lights in the main room didn't work. There was gum in the doorjam, head marks on the headboard, etc... When we did get the light to work, I went in to kiss my wife on the back of her neck and when I stepped into the bathroom, the light went off again.

    I couldn't sleep all night long. I had ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    Her First Cuckold Experience


    We met a man online, after many e-mails a couple picture swaps and a few phone calls it was finaly time to meet. We met for drinks where we seemed to get along great but he was a perfect gentleman and just acted like he was making new friends. This was great for my wife as far as feeling comfortable.

    After about an hour he left but soon called on the cell phone to ask if we would like to stop at his house to visit some more. We really liked him so we went right over where we had another drink and visited more but after about another hour we went back to our hotel room because we knew he had a previous engagement.

    We talked about calling later that night but were afraid of interrupting so waited until the next morning. We asked him if he wanted to stop by our hotel room and he said he would right after he showered. Well we discussed ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 08, 2013

    My Wife and a Younger Stud


    Email # 1 - Well, my very hot wife is off to the beach for another tryst with her favorite BF. She says that he is the best lover she has ever had (and she's had many). She will be with him Tues, Wed, and Thurs. When they slip away like this, their normal routine is to fuck and suck in the morning, again after lunch, usually more before leaving for happy hour, dinner and dancing, then again when they return from partying.

    She likes going out in the evening with her pussy leaking his cum the whole time. If they run into any of his friends, even that is hot because she knows ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 04, 2013

    I Always Was a Cuckold


    My wife went out with another man tonight, and just called to tell me not to wait up late...she can't wait for her lover to take her back to his place and fuck her brains out.

    Before she left, she sat in the kitchen and watched me cook dinner, which she never did before, and we enjoyed a quiet dinner together. While I was cleaning the dishes with her, she put her hands in my pants and started fondling my ass, then pressed me up against the sink with her superior posture. She wispered in my ear "congratulations, I think I am going to promote you to the position of housewife" - those words exactly, and I tried the defensive request for explanation. She replied "I don't know exactly, but you're definitely not the man of the house after this weekend, now are you?" and giggled while she nibbled my earlobe.

    She walked over to the closet and got an ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, December 01, 2013

    Slept with Her Co Worker


    J (her) - Over the last few months my boyfriend and I have been talking about wanting to explore threesomes and haven't had much luck with finding our third person. Luckily, over the last few weeks I started working closely with a friend over our mutual careers. There had been a few incidents where his finger brushed up against my bare thighs or shy looks because of the sexual tension. Well, last night he invited me out for dinner and drinks to get to know each other a bit better since we will work closely over the next year or so.

    We met up at a relaxed restaurant, ordered some food and I had him pick a beverage for me. So, as a few hours pass and we drank, ate, laughed, and became a bit more relaxed. It started to get busy and loud so he asked if I wanted to go back to his place, I happily obliged. Fast forward the quick drive in the rain we arrived at his house. During this time, my ... READ THE REST HERE


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