I Always was a Cuckold


Her Beauty - My wife went out with another man tonight, and just called to tell me not to wait up late...she can't wait for her lover to take her back to his place and fuck her brains out.

Before she left, she sat in the kitchen and watched me cook dinner, which she never did before, and we enjoyed a quiet dinner together. While I was cleaning the dishes with her, she put her hands in my pants and started fondling my ass, then pressed me up against the sink with her superior posture. She wispered in my ear "congratulations, I think I am going to promote you to the position of housewife" - those words exactly, and I tried the defensive request for explanation. She replied "I don't know exactly, but you're definitely not the man of the house after this weekend, now are you?" and giggled while she nibbled my earlobe.

She walked over to the closet and got an apron her mom left at our house, and over my protests she put it on me and tied the strings a little too tight. She responded to my complaints by placing her hand on my crotch and giving me a knowing smile about my erection. I melted into her arms and relaxed. She told me she did not know where this was going, but that she was going to enjoy exploring the possibilities now that she was going to fuck her new lover anytime she wanted - she stared attentively for my reaction...although she has now really pushed me out of my comfort zone, I am more erotically charged than ever in my life and she can tell how much I want this for us both.

Later, before she closed the door to go to the car and out for the night, she put her hand on my crotch again and told me that my pretty little penis was hers and I would not be wanking it from now on without her permission...I just wimpered and bit my lip...she has never dominated me like this before and I am struggling to grip with my own insecurities...I thought I was ok that this is about her sexual freedom and pleasure afterall, but damn hard for me to accept where she is now taking me in submission. At least typing this keeps my hands from my off limits little pecker tonight.

This actually started way back with us. I married my college sweetheart, whom I watched fuck my roommate many times - I was a cuckold long before I knew what it meant to be one. I am rather small at 5'2", maybe 128 pounds now in my 30s, and was the coxswain for my wife's varsity boat several years. We fell in love, but I at 5'11" she was a real athletic hotty with a line up of studs fighting over her, so I took her attention as a friendship for years. I used to pretend to be asleep when my roommate would fuck her in our room. He was tall with a hundred pounds on me and a thick dick and staying power I still marvel at 15 years later...

Love won out and we married a few years after college, and my wife has appreciated her dominant role in our relationship and my oral devotion to her pleasure. After a few years, my tongue was just not enough and she started ordering a variety of dildos, which she uses with or without me. I love to wrap my tongue around her clit while pumping her with a big dick that makes her cum - I have cum before just listening to her scream without even touching my little dick (she calls it her pretty little penis).

Used to be when she came this way she would insist on having my cock inside her afterwards, but that changed this year. When we were out, or just watching TV, she started making remarks regarding big, hot studs and how it might feel to have them bed her. A few months ago, she started using other men's names when she asked me to work her over with a dildo. One night, she was screaming my ex roomate's name...later in her arms, I told her how I was never actually sleeping back then and often jacked off watching them screw from the other side of the room...

A few weeks ago, we were at a charity function and she spent most of the night chatting and flirting with a large, powerful man. Her panties were soaked through when we got home, and she told me she had not be so aroused in years, if ever. Through a mutual friend, I arranged several additional evenings where we saw thsi man socially, each of which ended with my wife all over him. I had never been so aroused in years either!

Well, he finally asked her out on a date, and my wife was kind enough to ask me for permission. I helped her shop for a new outfit, including the lingerie under her dress tonight, and she let me eat her pussy while getting ready to go out with him...after reading lots of cuckold postings and stories for the first time in my life this year, I guess I better get used to the idea of eating her pussy after she comes home well fucked by him tonight! Not sure I am ready for that reality just yet, but then again, I never really knew I was such a natural cuckold until recently, so I am a lucky man...


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