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Email # 1 - Well, my very hot wife is off to the beach for another tryst with her favorite BF. She says that he is the best lover she has ever had (and she's had many). She will be with him Tues, Wed, and Thurs. When they slip away like this, their normal routine is to fuck and suck in the morning, again after lunch, usually more before leaving for happy hour, dinner and dancing, then again when they return from partying.

She likes going out in the evening with her pussy leaking his cum the whole time. If they run into any of his friends, even that is hot because she knows that they are looking at her and thinking about how their friend is fucking his ass off day and night with his married girlfriend.

When she gets home to me Thursday night, I will be greeted with a happy, glowing wife who will undoubtedly have a creampie for me to feast upon and then fuck. Depending on how sore she is, I will get to fuck her fantastic creamy pussy all night, or maybe for just a short time. Sliding my cock into her then, well stretched from her lover's big cock, and full of his cum, is my favorite way to make love with her. I'll email again when she comes back. For now, here are 2 pictures of her.

Email # 2 - She called me at 7:30 this morning. She is never up that early. She sounded hung over and very tired. When I said hello, answering the phone, she responded, "Please, not so loud." I asked if she was okay, and she responded, "Yes, if I can sleep four more hours. I woke up to go pee." I asked if she was naked, and she answered, "Yes." I asked if he was there, and naked, and she answered, "Yes." I asked did you have a big night; you sound like you were up partying all night, and she responded, "Yessss, very. We fucked all night. I could not live with this man. He never gets tired, and can fuck over and over again, with a lot of sucking and caressing in between." Was it good, and she said, "Yes, we fucked all night. Honey, I'll call you later. I've got to go back to bed." We exchanged I love you's, and hung up. She never called back. LOL.

Email # 3 - I went to bed last night and jerked off for a long time before finally sleeping. I jerked off again this morning before going to work. I love thinking about my wife having another fuck and suck marathon with her younger lover. She will fuck and suck, and they will both cum more times in 3 days than she and I will do in a month at home together. Our sexlife is good, but not the day and night fucking over and over that her BF gives her when they are together.

She actually has about 4-5 guys that she will visit periodically for these marathon sex sessions. This trip and the last trip were to visit her favorite. She says that he is unbelievably good at all forms of sexplay. From kissing and caressing to eating her and fucking her, he is the best lover she's ever had. Plus he has a long, very thick cock.

She's had many over the years. Some fucked her for years at a time. LOL. A couple still do. Anyway, I look forward to her retrun to me, eating her creampie from him cumming in her bareback many times, and finally sliding my normal sized cock into her stretched and cum-filled pussy. These are my two favorite things to do with her. Bye for now.

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