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My wife and I had often talked about her having sex with others and it always seemed to turn her on, of course it turned me on too. We finally joined a dating website and I made the move to contact a black male who lived in the other end of the state. We developed some comfort with him via email and instant messaging.

I had to travel to his end of the state and took the wife along. We arranged for Mike to meet us at our motel later that evening. We sat in the bar waiting his arrivial needless to say we were both pretty nervous about the evening. Finally he called and told us he was a few minutes away, the wife went to the room and I met him in the lobby.

We went to the room and sat around for some time just chatting, the wife was nervous and I was hard and Mike was being a true gentlemen about all of it. He agreed to allow me to take pictures, but not post them anywhere as he had a girlfriend and a high profile job. Finally they moved toward the bedroom and started to kiss and hug one another. It happened real quick.

I could tell she was enjoying all of it based on her breathing and soft moaning. Mike undressed her while I sat near by and watched intently. My cock was rock hard and I was really enjoying the entire scene.

Mike undressed and revealed his cock, my wife smiled and nervously said "it's very hard". They laid on the bed and continued to kiss and pet one another, she slowly worked her way to his cock and started to suck it, Mike edged her on by talking to her, saying things like that's it baby, yes that feels good.

After she sucked him for awhile, Mike laid her on her back and slowly inserted his cock in her pussy. I sat on the foot of the king sized bed and started snapping pictures as he slowly fucked her pussy. He fucked her for nearly 30 minutes in a variety of positions before he came.

They both cuddled one another and I could hear them whispering but could not hear what they were saying. My wife laughed and for some reason it made me even harder. My cock strained aganist my jeans.

Soon they were starting again, she climbed on his cock and started to ride it, she opened her eyes and smiled at me as I snapped another picture. This continued most of the night with both of them fucking, I was allowed to watch close up and she let me hold her hand several times.

Finally about 3:00 AM they called it quits and we all fell asleep on the bed. Her between both of us. When we woke in the morning Mike left and I figured we were done. However the wife asked me if I would lick her pussy. Which of course I agreed to, I got her off several times with my tongue.

We showered and left for home which was a three hour drive. When we got home she asked me to eat her some more. Finally after an hour or so she jacked me off, I have to say it was most likely the biggest nut I ever had.

These are pictures of her at our home. I really would have liked to post the ones from that night but I must also be a gentleman.




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