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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, February 29, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cindy's Next Adventure

    cindy ***Again as in the blog posts below if you haven't read any of MiamiMark's previous true cuckold experiences then CLICK HERE to get caught up. - Webmaster

    Cindy, my wife at the time, had already had several swinging experiences with a few other guys. In all of the time we experimented I think I’ve only actively participated a handful of times. My real excitement always came from watching her fulfill her fantasies with other men or hearing about her encounters after the fact. For the most part, they usually happened with my best friend Rick. This was my most comfortable point and since I could always plan events with him, it helped make some of my fantasies come true.

    Cindy is about 5’ 8” 108 lbs of an amazing woman. Her creamy white skin is accentuated by her long raven black hair. With a fairly petite body, C cup breasts, and a flirtatious attitude, she had no problem in turning heads. Over the past 3 years (one before we were married), she really blossomed out of her shell.
    Rick is about 5’ 9”, in pretty good shape, well tanned and well hung. I don’t deny he is quite a bit larger than me in that area … but it’s all good. As long and Cindy doesn’t call his name out when she is with me, I’m good.

    On one of our regular outings to a local pub, we invited Rick to come along and share a few drink with us. Right away Cindy had one thing in mind and when she came out dressed in her favorite little red dress, I knew it. I didn’t even have to ask but I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

    Rick came over and the three of us took off.

    Once there, we walked around the see if anyone else we knew was there. We ran into one of our friend’s sister (Ana) and her friends. They invited us to sit at their table and we plopped on the stools next to them. Sitting next to me was Cindy, then Rick, then Ana, along with about 10 people I had never met. Ana, Rick and I were catching up but Cindy wasn’t really conversing much which made me glance down and realize that Rick was stroking her thighs and playing with her under that table. I was pretty sure Ana couldn’t see it, but the fact we were at a high-table on stools, the view was clear from across the room. Thank God for low lighting.

    After a few drinks we bid our goodbyes and left. On the way to our car we had to climb a few flights of stairs and Cindy took the lead. I was right behind her and I kept lifting her dress




    Monday, February 25, 2008


    Our First Time

    Everybody remembers the first time they had intercourse and everybody remembers their first cuckolding experience. We had a slow start meeting several males online for drinks, dinner and conversation and engaging in "what if?" mental exercises. My wife did not feel the chemistry was right for us before meeting the first few guys with whom we were going to play with. We enjoyed meeting the earlier guys but we were not ready to commit to an encounter.

    After exchanging a few e-mails and pictures with the husband of an experienced couple and the wives talking on the phone, my wife decided we would meet them for margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but if my wife liked the guy and was going to let him perhaps fuck her then I was willing to do it in any style necessary. I could tell from my wife's excitement and anticipation getting dressed and ready to join them for drinks that she intended to have her/our first full encounter with another man short of discovering they were axe murders. We had prearranged a secret signal to each other if the evening was a "go" and we wanted to be intimate with them and they seemed interested in us. They invited us to continue our conversation and have another drink with them at their home. We traded partners for the ride to their home in separate cars. While riding with the other wife my mind raced with the possibilities of what was going on with my own. Once there, our hosts made more margaritas and we continued talking with an adult movie, Emmanuelle, showing on the TV as background.

    The couple excused themselves and returned wearing something "comfortable" and revealing. The wife sat next to me on the sofa and began by putting her hand on my thigh. Her husband sat with my wife in an oversize arm chair with his arm around her and they began kissing as he removed her bra. I began kissing and caressing his wife but kept most of my attention on my wife with him. Before things got too far along they told us they enjoyed giving massages and my wife took them up on their offer and finished removing her clothes and lay face down on a blanket. My job was to read certain instructions as both of them rubbed warm massage oil on her skin. This continued for several minutes with the husband ending up rubbing my wife’s inner thighs and touching her gently between her legs. Finding her receptive to his touching they ended the massage and suggested a tour of their home which to no one’s surprise ended up in their guest bedroom complete with a king size bed.

    My wife was the first one in bed and the husband removed his clothes and joined her. His wife stepped out of her teddy and got in next to her husband and I removed my clothes and joined in. For the next two hours we had sex together. I was very nervous. Sensing my nervousness, the wife went down on me and then mounted my erection cowboy style. She sensed that I wanted to watch my wife badly and allowed for that with this position. Like this, we both watched my wife receiving pleasure from her husband and we had our first orgasms in this position.

    After that we sat on chairs and enjoyed watching her husband and my wife together. Her first orgasm was oral and she sat up in bed and then went down on him. It was weird but also exciting seeing her with another man’s cock in her mouth for the first time. I noticed he was better endowed than I am. My wife was less inhibited and is multiorgasmic. She and the husband engaged in intercourse multiple times in multiple positions. She seemed insatiable, something I rarely see in her.

    I found it terribly exciting watching them together as she moaned and cried out each time he made her cum. I lost count of the number. Part of the time I held her hand as she was having intercourse and at one point I kissed her passionately as she was experiencing yet another wave of great pleasure from her lover. That seemed to make it even more of a shared experience for us as a couple. Needless to say it was a very memorable evening for us and started us on a quest for more cuckold experiences and pleasures. We are now talking with several men and plan on meeting one of them very soon. Enjoy the picture of my wife. I am not the only man to see her from that angle anymore! - Douglas


    Friday, February 22, 2008


    MiamiMark - Cuckold Husband

    Hi Readers & Fellow Cuckolds,

    Some of you may have already read MiamiMark's stories on this site about his ex-wife Cindy and their cuckolding adventures. If you haven't then GO TO HIS PAGE and read the first 6 stories to catch up because he has sent me a few more which I will post on the blog in the next few updates starting with this one.

    I met MiamiMark online a few years back and we started talking about cuckolding and his ex-wife. He shared his AMAZING stories with me and gave me permission to have them posted along with a couple of select pictures. Below you can read about his newest story:

    Setting Up My Wife

    By: MiamiMark

    It has been a while since I’ve written down any of my experiences with my ex-wife but after the amazing weekend I had with my girlfriend, I thought I would write some more down. As it turned out, this weekend my girlfriend Nat spent most of the time asking a thousand questions about the things I had done with my ex-wife… which seemed to turn her on more and more with each story.

    The funny thing is she kept asking who the other guys were and I always kept them anonymous … since one of them happened to be her brother. I’m sure she would freak out if she found out her brother, Rick, slept with Cindy (my ex).

    Anyways, Cindy had one swinging experience with Rick shortly after our marriage even though she had insisted she wanted to stop after the wedding. So much for self control …. Hahaha.

    After that incident she confessed she loved it but really wanted to just spend time with me, one on one. I was more than happy to just focus on us but I admit that the thought of not watching her with another guy again did get me a little depressed.

    About 10 months later, we went to a Halloween party with several of our friends. We waited too long and ran out of time to get a new costume so she picked one of her old outfits while I just picked out an old hat. Cindy went dressed as an Indian and I went as a cowboy. I know what you are thinking … ‘how original’. Luckily for me, her outfit was a little small on her and that made my night.

    The party came and went.

    Sometime in January, one of my closest friends, Chris, called me up to shoot the shit and ended up talking for several hours. At one point in the conversation we started to talk about which of our friends’ girlfriends and wives we found attractive. As he was recently divorced, you could tell he had thought quite a bit about it.

    Then he asked a very peculiar question about my wife.

    “Do you think Cindy has become more of a flirt?”

    It caught me off guard but I answered that she is usually friendly but can come across as a flirt if you just met her. Then I asked him why and he hesitated but then confided in me that at the Halloween party he was dancing with Cindy for a couple of songs and she seemed to be coming on to him, dancing up close and being touchy. At one point at the party, he says, she smiled at him from across the room and wouldn’t stop looking at him.

    I hadn’t noticed any of this at the party but then again I am usually oblivious to these things. Either my curiosity was peaked or I was being wishful because I kept asking him questions. In the end I told him it was probably his imagination. We continued talking about other stuff and then hung up.

    That night I mentioned to Cindy that I had


    Monday, February 18, 2008


    My Wife - Did She Cuckold Me?

    hot wife
    My wife has always had a problem with being faithful. In fact I stole her from a friend 10 years ago. In the past she has cheated twice on me but (supposedly) never went all the way - just kissing and fondling while drunk. I always fantasized about her cuckolding me, and taking on a lover and we've discussed this while fucking.

    Recently, however, her behavior changed drastically. New clothes, new belly button ring, thongs all the time, waxed her pussy, etc. And I got less and less sex, which was curious. It soon came out that she was "talking" to a guy at our kids school. Still, something seemed to be up - there were times I couldn't find her when she was supposed to be working. She left late at night just to drive wife

    Once I came home and our bed was messed up, her panties and bitch boots were next to the bed and her favorite sexy music was on our stereo. Often when we did make love her pussy hurt for various unexplained reasons. She even read a book called The Ethical Slut, "out of curiosity." This guys wife then found text messages and more came out. They both admitted to meeting in secluded spots to "talk" and apparently they only kissed. (I did not tell her but while I was jealous I was also turned on.) hot wife

    Do you think that they fucked and just didn't admit it? She told me she did think I would mind if she had. She even said that if she ever fucked anyone in front of me it would be this guy. Is there any way to encourage her to do this without losing her as a wife? And anyway, why do I find this whole idea attractive? What do you wives out there think of their cuckold husbands? And above all, do you the good readers believe I've already been cuckolded? Heres some pics of the hotwife(?) in question. Feel free to respond with your thoughts on this. - Roger burnhamrd7 @



    Friday, February 15, 2008


    My Horny Wife

    horny wife My Horny Wife

    My wife and I have been long time readers and have used the stories here as foreplay. My wife loves it and I love the result! Recently we had an experience we'd like to share but I'll let her say something first.

    WIFE - Hi there. I love the stories and just wanted to say thanks. We have some pictures and a story that happened to us recently that I'll let my husband tell since he says I don't tell it right (I emailed it to someone we had been in contact with who is in our network) and then I'll say something again when he's done.

    HUSBAND - My wife and I had an in depth discussion about the whole idea of having another man join us and please her and it turns out, she is very turned on by the idea. It makes her very horny to know that both of us want her at the same time. She admitted that she has always thought about what it would be like to have sex with another guy.

    So far she has not agreed to go full out but suggested that if the moment was right she would definetly like to give him a blow job while I watched but also admitted that she would like for him to go down on her as well but she isn't sure she is ready to go that far. She also added that if she is having a good time things could go further.

    On Saturday AM she suggested we set up a time for him to come over for dinner and drinks. It is a guy we met online who we both chatted with and were both satisfied with. He seemed very nice and sincere. I have explained what might or might not happen and he couldn't wait and neither could I.Since the morning we have been at each other every chance we get. She is even more wild in bed than ever before. She even asked me to do her with one of our larger dildos while she sucks me off.

    However, she still warned me that it might never happen and it would be up to her to make the first move, either through extreme flirting or flat out making a move on him.I didn't want to get my expectations up too high but I was crossing my fingers.

    The night came and it didn't go like I "thought" it would but it was very erotic anyway.He arrived a little late, we went into the den. She was dressed casually in a pair of white capris and a pink T. Everything was as normal as any evening except that we knew what might happen. We had some music in the backround and sat around the bar. I served the drinks but they weren't strong. I didn't want anyone getting too drunk, including myself.

    It seems she wasn't sure how start things. We didn't set a time limit but it wasn't until 12:00 or later when it started. They had been flirting heavily as ususal. He left for the bathroom when she finally gave me the signal. She looked at me with a smile and said she was going to take a shower. My heart started to race, I felt like I was going to faint. I've never fainted before.He came back to the bar and sat down, I told him she was taking a shower and asked him if he was still in. He was definitly still in!Remembering what she asked me to do, we both headed for the bedroom to wait for her. It seemed like an eternity lying there, lying naked next to a guy I've known for a few hours. My heart was still poundng in my chest. Then I heard the bathroom door open....




    Monday, February 11, 2008


    Husband Takes his Lovely Blonde Wife to a Motel ...

    interracial Hi Readers,

    This post was sent to me by the webmaster himself of "
    The Net's Biggest Cuckold Community" :

    Here is a perfect example of lust intersecting with love. A stunning, milky white young wife and mom is brought by her husband to a motel to suck and fuck with black men. I wonder if it took much to convince this beautiful young woman to fuck with a black man. One wishes to know all the details behind this most erotic situation.

    I wonder who takes care of their house when they are out getting her fucked. Do they use a babysitter or perhaps use Grandma or her sister's house. In my case, when I took my own wife out to a nearby motel to fuck with her lover, we would need my sister's house. If her sister only knew that her younger sister, my wife, was soon to be lying on her back getting fucked and filled with another man's load. My fantasy was always that her sister would some how find out our secret and know that I was sharing her cunt with someone else.

    Let's let our minds wander and imagine the details behind this naughty situation as we watch this lovely young lady surrender herself to black cock while hubby watches.
    cuckold wife
    Married 10 years and leading a secret life as a slut for blacks. What would daddy think if he knew his son-in-law was encouraging her to fuck blacks? Next time you are in your neighborhood supermarket and see a lovely, young and innocent wife strolling the aisle with one of her youngsters in the shopping cart, take a closer look and imagine her getting fucked in the ass by a well endowed black man as her husband sits on the end of the bed jerking his cock and recording his wife being a cheap slut.
    Click here to read the full story

    Friday, February 08, 2008


    Caught Cheating!!

    caught cheating
    I recently attended a party with my wife. the party was held by a co worker of my wife's. We'll refer to him as Nick, because that's his name. Anyway, it was your standard business party. All the people who work together were having fun and getting drunk and inapropriate while all the spouses just stood around trying to pass the time. About 2 hours, and 3 beers into the party, i decided i had to use the bathroom. there was a small line forming at the downstairs bathroom. caught cheating

    I tracked Nick down to ask if I could use the upstairs bathroom. Luckily, he was talking to my wife right by the stairs. I interrupted their conversation and asked to go upstairs. Nick said "Sure! It's the second door on the left". My wife then offered to show me where the bathroom was. That should have been a warning flag. To my knowledge, she had never been to Nick's house before.
    caught cheating

    There was only one bathroom upstairs which connected to the master bedroom. After using the restroom, i decided to sneak a peek at Nick's room. His house was laid out similar to ours, and i wanted to see how he had his room set up. It was a complete bachelor pad with a flat screen on the wall, gaming systems and an office desk next to the bathroom entrance. I was a little jealous. No way i would be allowed to have a flat screen or video games in my wife's girly bedroom.
    caught cheating

    As i turned to walk back through the bathroom and down to the party i accidentilly bumped into the desk. I must have moved the mouse because Nick's laptop screen came to life and i stopped breathing. His desktop was a picture of Nick getting head. A second later i realized... IT WAS MY WIFE! I looked closer to see there was a folder open. inside the folder was at least 30 pictures of my wife sucking and fucking Nick!
    caught cheating

    I didn't know what to do. I thought i should feel angry or upset. But all I could think about was my raging hard on. I pulled out my 5 inch cock and began stroking it without even realizing what i was doing. I ended up cumming in my hand and i ran to the bathroom to wipe it off. I returned to the party. Half amazed, half jealous, and completely turned on. I watched my wife with him the rest of the night. I was secretly hoping to watch yhem touch or try to sneak away. I wanted to watch him fuck her. Needless to say, nothing else happened that night. Now i just need to find a way to tell her how much i love that she is fucking someone else.



    Monday, February 04, 2008


    How My Wife & I Got Started

    Hot Wife
    My wife and I came together in a bit unusual way. I was working in TN at the time as a construction superintendent. My ex-wife had left me a few months before and I was still struggling with that a bit because though I guess you would not say we were really happy, we had three kids and I actually never saw it coming. My life was work and talking on net in chat rooms.

    I had met a few females that I was interested in but none that really 100% clicked with. One night I got a message from a lady that I had never talked to but the way she started the conversation hooked me for more. I knew something was different right away, she told me she was separated from her husband and the more we talked it was plain she wasn’t hiding behind lies but talking openly to me as I was her. We talked on line till I was getting to tired to type so I called her, we ended up talking till about four in the morning.

    The next morning I called her as she was leaving for church, so as soon as she got home and fed the two kids she msg. me and I called her. Over the next week I spent over two hundred dollars on phone cards and called her for hours on end. We talked about everything, from silly to stuff to serouise stuff of who we were and where we wanted to go. By the end of the week I knew I had to meet her and she couldn’t wait to meet me. Now I knew she was beautiful but her pictures did not show her full body.

    I was worried when she saw me she wouldn’t think I was good looking enough, or what if she was really disappointed with my average cock. As I drove from TN to Ohio I had a lot of fear in me and yet I knew she was the chance of my lifetime if I didn’t fuck it up and right then. I was feeling more like a fuck up in life then a winner. When I got out of the truck I didn’t spot her right away but she pulled around and rolled down her window. I walked up and just seeing her my heart was doing flips, I bent in the car and kissed her, that was like those old movies of bottle rockets and red flairs. It was the best kiss and felt so natural of any kiss I ever had in my life.
    Hot Wife

    She got out of car and after another long kiss we walked to the gas station to get a soda. I knew the connection that we felt on the phone was with us in person, my fear went away so much I slipped my ring off and put it on her finger. AS I told her, this is because as of this moment your taken for the rest of our lives. When we got back to the room, and we began to kiss. When I began to move the top off, a sliver blouse, I saw the nicest tits I had ever touched, and they were beautiful and my mouth slipped over them to the nipples, nice hard nipples.

    I picked one up and sucked it then kissed it lifting it so I could kiss the bottom side. I kissed down that belly liking the feel, soft, like a nice fluffy pillow. I was shocked as I pulled her pants down to see bikini panties, sexy ones. I pulled them down, well I started and she finished, she didn’t give me time to explore, she went to the bed laying down on her belly, legs open and I went down between them kissing the butt cheeks, then licking that pussy, it was so wet and tasted so good. I had no idea any woman could taste this good. Soon I was taking my clothes off and rolling her to her back and kissing her whole body as I explored the labia lips, the clit, licking touching feeling inside her till she mumbled fuck me. I didn’t need more and my cock slipped inside her, hot, very very wet, so wet the juice was running down my sack.

    We went for a half hour then she came scratching me, screaming, and then I had her change postions, to doggie and she soon came again, then back to her back, I don’t remember how many postions we were doing, but I came and I was so turned on that I was able to keep pushing in and out and didn’t lose the hard on. We kept at sex in one form or the other till ten o clock the next morning and then went out and ate.

    Came back and napped together then started again. The weekend was not long enough. Two weeks later I went back and got her and took her to TN with me. We exchanged vows between us using the bible to make our commitment. In TN we watched her first porno together. I took her to her first adult book store and bought her the first toy she ever had. And our life began and its been heaven. The movies helped to open the doors to talking about kinky stuff. I got her on the drive from Ohio to TN to take her top off and we drove the whole distance with truckers blowing their horns looking at those sweet tits. We went to job site and I fucked her in the open in the front seat, while in clear site to a crew working on the next house over.

    I drove her to sites up on the mountain and would finger fuck her, pull her top open, even got her naked in a mountain stream when she came around the corner a whole group of guys were fishing on the bank and got to see it all. Damn it was so much a turn on for both of us, we ended up fucking on decks of the old water saw mill on suck creek mountain. At one point I had her with her pants off in my car instead of the company pick up and had to stop at a gas station. The car was a sports car & she had to get out to put her pants on, guys were whistling, mothers were trying to hide their kids eyes, and I was laughing so hard it hurt. Kinky yeah, but it was hot too.
    Hot Wife

    All of these things led her to be a little more open till when I left the construction CO to come to MO and she had to go back to Ohio to make sure kids were going to stay with dad and other business when I suggested she do something as an experience she didn’t need to have a lot of pushing to be convinced to do. That is when she went to local gas station and gave the stranger a hand job while he finger fucked her in her ex’s car. Interesting too she made sure she wiped the cum all over her ex’s car seat.

    From that time jacking the stranger off it was easy to get her to do more. She pretended to need help airing up the car tire; a nice young trucker came over to help. She reached up, it was almost dark. She rubbed the front of his pants, she said he didn’t pull away but so she unzipped him and sucked him off letting him cum all over her face. Then she went to a phone booth and called me with the cum still drying on her face and gave me the details. While she was going Monday through Friday to the hospital for treatment, she would do things, at least one thing a week for us to share.

    Like the day before coming home to me just to fuck, or fucking me that morning before the drive home. Or she would sit in a waiting room waiting on the right moment and flash her pussy at some younger guy. Once she bent over in front of a vending machine and an old guy in his sixties bumped right into her bare ass, he mumbled oh God I’m sorry and went in men’s room. She followed him in, he had his dick out getting ready to take a pee instead she knelt down in front of him and started licking and sucking his cock just to see if the old guy could get hard, oh he did, and when he started to cum she backed away, she said it scared cause she thought he was going to have a heart attack.
    Hot Wife

    But like I told her he probably has the best memory of his life and something to brag about to his buddies. Also, she got a maintenance guy to take her in an exam room and fuck her while she held on to the chair. She went home & masturbated with his cum still dripping out of her and sent me the pictures (attached). Some guy was setting up tents for a local carnival & she picked out a young guy & went in and showed him her tits let him feel her up then gave him a blow job. I talked her into doing a cousin she had always had a crush on, but was that time of month so all he got was a tittie fuck and blow job.

    As we have went down the journey more experiences have come along, like the black guy who finger fucked her while she gave him a hand job on her bare ass in a downtown book store. I’ll close with this, for now anyway, one of the hottest things is when I am there, like we went into a local mall and to one of the stores that sold the nipple rings, she pulled her top open in that store and showed the clerk her nipples and asked him which ones he thought she should buy. You could see that kid of maybe 18 cock sticking right out the front of his pants. Or later different clerk different mall same store chain she asked the clerk to help her get one of the bells loose on the ring. Him holding her tit while he played with the nipple trying to turn the bell loose was a site to see. That poor young man's hands were shaking as he tried to work on that ring.
    Hot Wife

    She had to let the nips grow back because the rings kept catching on stuff. But last, when she decided she would get her labia lips pierced, three guys beside myself in the small room, she lay back on the table, pulled her skirt up and spread those legs, each guy found an excuse to touch and somehow fondle her cunt while I watched wanting to fuck her so bad. The younger guy who finily decided to do it found a reason to put his finger up in her cunt to push the skin to the side he said, but he worked that finger in and out of her as the rest of us watched, and when she had a small orgasim he then did his job.

    I loved it and sore or not soon as we walked in door we fucked. I say this, my wife knows how to play the role of the best little hot wife in town or the straightest lady you will ever meet. I love her more then all else on this earth and she has done these things for me as much if not more than herself. She is about ready to come home, and she told me this weekend she has decided to try to get a guy when she lands in Chicago before flying home to fuck and put lots of hickies on her tits and belly for me. I hope it works out because I can’t wait to have my hot baby home again. - Derek


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