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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, October 30, 2006


    My Wife & My Brother


    My wife, brother and I were at the beach one day. We decided to go into the surf to cool off. The waves were rather strong. One suddenly took us by surprise and sent the three of us tumbling. When we regained our footing I noticed we were now knee deep high in the water and my wife had lost her top. My brother got to check out her tits for a few seconds before she realized why we were staring at her and covered herself up with her hands. She quickly ran back to the beach to get her shirt. Later that night she offered to make us drinks while we relaxed on the back porch. We told her she should serve us topless since we had already seen her tits. After she had a couple drinks herself she whipped her shirt off and asked my brother what he thought of her breasts. Naturally he complimented her. Enjoying the attention, she sat on his lap and let him weigh their fullness while he tweaked both nipples! Then he reached between her legs and touched her pussy! From there the night was a blur as we both took her in every position. My wife and I have never fucked so much in our 12 years of marriage! I have a picture of him fucking her in this email. It was a great night! Unfortunately we never repeated the event but hope to with someone new soon! - Allan

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    Wife Pic

    Here is a picture of Daniel's wife geting ready to go out and cuckold. No story was sent in.


    Friday, October 27, 2006


    My Wife Posing For My Buddy

    After returning from dinner and drinks one night my best friend showed my wife and me his new apartment. In his bedroom my wife noticed he had a calender on the wall displaying bikini-clad women posing next to exotic cars. She teased us by saying she could pose better than the models. I decided to call her bluff and picked up my buddy's camera and handed it to him.

    To our surprise she started to strike poses, trying to copy the girls on the calender, while he snapped away. She likes being the center of attention and alcohol only adds to everyone's enjoyment! While we cheered her on she quickly removed her shirt and jeans. I figured that was all she would do but I was wrong. She managed to remove her bra without showing her nipples and posed with her hands over the center of her breasts.

    I decided she had teased us enough and walked over to her, stood behind her and asked her for a kiss. As our tongues danced I lifted her arms over her head so my buddy could see her 34C's with hardening nipples for the first time. I could tell by her kiss and moans that she was just as turned on knowing he was looking at her naked chest. My buddy later told me he was so amazed that he almost forgot to continue taking pictures!

    I asked her if she wanted to show us her bald pussy but she said she wanted to leave her panties on and added maybe next time. After letting us kiss each nipple goodbye she got dressed again. She let him choose a few pictures to keep, deleted the rest and teased him that she knew what he would be doing with them later!

    When we got home she wasted no time in getting naked again right at the door! She gave me more poses which made me dash to our bedroom to get the camera. I was trying to re-enact what happened at my buddy's place. This time though, the panties came off and I noticed she was wetter than I had ever seen her! The sex that followed was incredible! Anyone that has had a similar experience will certainly agree with me. I am hoping that since she let another man touch her breast this time that we could go further next time and eventually go all the way. That would be a dream. Please find the attatched photo of her for your site. - Mac


    Wednesday, October 25, 2006


    My Wife's Cuckold Fantasy

    My wife masturbates regularly, usually in the bath tub or shower, sitting on the floor. Shaving her pussy is a clue that she been at it. I always ask, well plead and beg, for her thoughts that get her off. She will 'sometimes' tell me but very rarely. I usually have to get her lubed up with some wine and catch her in the right mood. Last night she was telling me about a new razor we got in the mail and how smooth it shaved. I knew she had shaved her pussy and more than likely masturbated. I asked and I could tell by her response that I was right.

    She finally told me she fantasized about being at a bar while I was at home and talking to a group of men and leaving with one of the guys. They went to a wooded area and were making out in the car when another car drove up behind them. Some of the guys that had been at the bar got out of the second car. They told her they all wanted some pussy. She said she ran into the woods and found a large culvert (pipe) to hide in. They tracked her down and told her she had to fuck and suck them all. They lined up at each end of the pipe and she would suck on one while another was fucking her pussy or ass at the other end of the pipe. They kept at her fucking her and fucking her, 'forcing' her to cum over and over until she was exhausted and then simply left. She then called me to come and pick her up and when I arrived she was naked and hiding behind a tree. As we drive home she doesn't tell me what happened.

    I guess the reason she does not tell her masturbatory stories is because they are so strange. I find them a big time turn-on and hope she can come out of her shell enough to make one of them happen! I have attatched a picture of her for your blog. - Pete


    Monday, October 23, 2006


    Wife & the Boss

    My wife (in the picture attatched) worked with a guy who found out she was fucking the boss and tried to blackmail her into fucking him, she told him to go ahead and do what ever he had to do (he threatened to tell me and her boss's wife, but mostly me because he did not want to lose his job.) I knew that this affair was going on and I loved every minute of it! She would have sex with him, come home and tell me all about it in detail. Then we'd have wild, wild sex of our own and look forward to the next encounter. Her boss obviously doesn't know about this but thinks I don't know when he sees me at Christmas parties etc... My wife gets handsome raises and bonuses too. Her only fear was the wife of the boss but that would be something he had to deal with. The guy finally gave up and never said anymore about it. It was kinda fun hearing about that and if he wasn't so mean about it, but just blackmailed her in a playful way then she would probably have fucked him too! - Paul


    Friday, October 20, 2006


    My First Other Man

    I had my first erotic massage last year at the age of thirty-six. After several years of marriage, my husband started teasing me about bringing another person into our sex lives. The subject kind of became a joke between us and generally was about adding another woman to the mix. I told him if that were to ever happen, it would have to be a total stranger and someone we would never see or have contact with again. On our tenth wedding anniversary, we took a cruise to Alaska. During lunch he could hardly contain himself. He was like a little boy about to divulge a secret. Finally, he couldn't contain himself. He said he had a surprise in the room for me. He was so excited, I knew if I pried, he'd break down and tell me. He told me he'd found a stranger for us. My initial response was disappointment. But he was so giddy, I thought he was pulling a joke on me or just trying to get me to the room to give me a present. I decided to go along with the joke and just before we got to our cabin, I stopped in the passageway, took my panties off and threw them at him. He opened the door for me and I walked in to see a attractive man in his mid forties or early fifties.

    My husband introduced us and said they had met the night before and started talking about fantasies. Well, before I knew it, I was a very willing party in my husbands secret fantasy. There would be no intercourse but the stranger was to otherwise obey my wishes. I stripped off my clothes, layed on the bed and this stranger gave me a wonderful massage. After a few minutes, I was very stimulated and my husband was rubbing himself through his slacks. I told the stranger he was free to touch me anywhere he'd like. He rubbed my feet, back and legs for quite awhile before moving my legs apart and gently rubbing my clitoris. I turned over on my back, opened my legs and he softly brought me to orgasm with his hand. My husband got so excited watching he masterbated himself to climax. My husband and I agreed I should give the man a hand job. But he declined, admitting he had come in his pants during the massage. He left and we never saw again. We've done it four times since and I love it. But I do think it's about time we find one to go all the way with. I hope your blog readers will like my picture taken by my husband around the same time. - Laura


    Wednesday, October 18, 2006


    Wife Tells Me 2 Years Later!

    Christmas party 1997, SCOTT paper mill. My wife and a co-worker went to the party together as “friends” because he was 19 with no date and she, being married, offered to have him be her escort for the evening as a favor to him. This picture is from that night while she was getting ready. At 5’9 and a former college athlete she asked him to silence the ribbing he was receiving from his older co-workers. She worked in the accounting office, and it was no secret that she was the object of more than a few hopeless fantasies out in the mill.

    Party, a few dances, no slow songs together, all innocent and then the party ends. SHE drives him back to his place because he is underage and a bit drunk. He is “tipsy” so she follows him to the door and unlocks it for him, lets him in turns on the lights and asks him if he can make it the rest of the way, says goodnight, and he turns to hug her, she reciprocates. He kisses her neck, she pauses, he kisses her ear she purrs and says “hey what are you doing?” “Kissing the most beautiful woman I will ever kiss in my life”. (As she told it)

    A few light kisses at first, then full on French kissing. She admitted that she was getting wet right then and there, but just wanted to get home and wait for me. “But it was 11:30, and you wouldn’t be back until 2:30 or so, so I thought what the hell, I’m turned on I’ll just make out with this kid for a little bit, make his year then leave. They fumble to the couch; he slowly makes his way down to her pussy with his kisses, opening her blouse on the way. “I wanted to stop, but I was turned on, he was doing a good job, and I realized I wanted him to lick my pussy.” She added: “I thought, ok if he’s good and I think I can cum I’ll let him keep going…” She let him. She said she came in about 8-10 minutes.

    She came hard, and he lapped it all up. She said she couldn’t just leave him like that; he’d never keep quiet…so she made him a deal that if she stroked him off he would keep quiet, or she would make his life hell at the Mill as a “Liar”. She stroked, needed some “lube” so she spit on the head of his dick, stoked some more but it was taking too long so she began licking, then really sucking. She got turned on again, straddled him, and eased down slowly and told him to warn her when he was about to cum. Then “fucked him pretty hard for maybe five min.” “He forgot to warn me, but I felt him tense up, so I pulled off and he was going to shoot onto by blouse, hair and I thought fuck!...and quickly sucked him off into my mouth.”

    “He had no taste to me at all, but I could feel how full my mouth was getting, I couldn’t keep it all or spit, so I began swallowing. He kept Cumming, Jesus I thought it was like he was pissing he kept pumping it for so long.” “He grabbed the back of my head, yelling out OH, OH God (Name).” “I was out the door 20 min later. As fucked up as it all was, I must admit I was still a little turned on the drive home”. And she did fuck the hell out of me that night, repeatedly. I didn’t find out until two years latter when I read her account of the event in the back of a notebook of recipes. I’ll hand it to the kid; he never spilled the beans while he worked there. When he finally did, no one believed him. I even confronted him one night, he backed down, said he was sorry for “lying about my wife” to keep from getting a beating. He was tall, thin, not ugly but “goofy”. I remember feeling sorry for him that night. A year later I read where my wife had “fucked him pretty hard” before swallowing his load. She SWEARS it was just a “mercy fuck”. Nice one though and a heck of a turn-on. - Jack



    Watching Wife

    CUCKOLD Watching my wife suck his cock is wonderful.
    I gave her an offer to fuck ten different guys a month and I would give her $500.00 more a month. But she said no. What type of woman would say yes?

    Send a list of the women and comments who would say yes?


    Monday, October 16, 2006


    Lisa's First Other Guy ...

    My Wife Lisa is now 40 and we were married 20 years before she tried another guy. It took place in Vegas when she met a younger guy, around 36, at the slots. They got friendly while I was at the crap table which was close to where they were playing. They subsequently ended up in the bar and she asked me to join them later, or whenever I was through playing. When I finally walked in about an hour later I saw they were dancing close and he was moving his hand on her ass so I knew she was getting aroused and was unsuspectingly permissive...

    They didn't see me and I watched him kiss her neck gently just a few times. When I joined them as they seated at their table they appeared tanked and very giddy. I joined them, had a beer or two while we all made small talk. He was recently divorced and was attending a sales conference. Subsequently she asked if he would like to join us in our suite for a nitecap...

    When we got up to our room she seemed clearly aroused. You could see her lovely breast heaving. She is a 36b and looks very sexy in a sweater or revealing blouse which she wore that night. She gave him a few pecks on the cheek as we entered the hotel room. After a few minutes of drinking, she began kissing me on the couch while he watched, smiled, and drank his beer. Suddenly, Lisa pulled me to the bedroom and pushed me back on the kingsized bed. She started kissing me passionately and then moved down to unbuckle my pants as he sat on a lounge chair near the bed and just watched.

    She was so hot. I had never seen her so aroused in years and I sure got hard as she unzipped me and began sucking me deep. I was moaning like crazy and could not be more aroused. We could hardly not notice him as he unziped and out came a very large big boy. He literally walked behind lisa, dropped his pants, took off his shirt, and lifted her skirt while pulling her panties down. I heard her gasp as she kept sucking me but also placed her hand behind her back and appeared to guide him in the right orifice. I was going to explode with that hot view and it was clear that he connected as I could literally hear his thrusts and grunts while she moaned and let out slutty muffled sounds...

    When I finally exploded it was convulsive and the orgasmic spasms seemed endless. It was like watching a porn movie. In a few minutes he did the same and let out some loud gasps. Lisa had swallowed my semen which she has not done in years so it was pleasurable. When he backed away I could see his cock semi erect which clearly was very slick. He looked very wide and was cut with a large head. He plopped on the bed and we all konked out, all of us half undressed and we slept until morning. It was an incredible evening and one of the most erotic we ever spent. (This picture is from the next morning's session).

    Of course that broke the ice for Lisa and it would only get better with an occassional discreet encounter over the past two years. She goes on biz trips sometimes without me and keeps me posted if she has an enjoyable trip. - Gaven


    Friday, October 13, 2006


    Wife's Call Girl Fantasy Becomes Reality

    I have about 15 pictures of my wife. Just got the camera out one night to see how far I would get. She was sitting in a chair wearing a nightgown. Pull the nightgown up and took a bush shot. Time to advance, nightgown above breast, take a few more pussy, tit shots. How far can I go. Got a vibrator out, gave it to her and said play with your pussy. To my surprise she inserted the vibrator and was really getting into it. Later that night in bed took photos of her sucking my cock. I was very surprised she posed without objecting. This leads me to our bedroom fun:

    My wife and I don't role play much (mostly seems silly to us), but now and then we'll play a game where she's a day time call girl and at night tells me about a customer who fucked her really well earlier that day, telling me everything he did to and with her as she and I relive the event. Leads to some pretty great times in bed.

    Anyway, we've been talking about her actually trying out being a call girl, probably just to see how the fantasy would "play out" so finally one day we decided to give it a try. We set it up as a threesome with a guy (we had met online actually) who we were familiar with fucking. He enjoyed fucking her so much that he had no problem giving her money to do it again. And he still gets intouch with us when ever he is in town. We were both so turned on by the first time we had to do it again. It's not like we needed the money it was the dirty/taboo factor that was a turn on. We started having some real fun with it and still have a select few guys that contact us. Not every guy is going to be her dream date and that is what makes it even more a turn on! If the money is right stop by and use my wife as your hooker and leave! How dirty is that!? then we go about our every day life with our own dirty little secret.

    I enjoy her fucking other men. Of coarse every guy would line up for a woman thats fucking. So if you want to fuck her as bad as you say put your money where your mouth is and show her what it is worth to you. That makes the line a lot We recomend trying it. If you don't like it you don't have to do it again. I hope your blog readers enjoy the picture of her with our first guy. - Mark


    Wednesday, October 11, 2006


    My Husband Wants Me To Flirt ... & More

    Hi this is my first time posting on any website so be kind. I have included a picture of myself as well as you requested. I have been married for 11yrs to a very loving hubby but lately he has been asking me for some different things. Mainly to go out with him to a bar wearing a very short skirt and getting a little drunk and him watching me flirt with another guy. I have never been with another man sexually and he knows this. Over the years he has mentioned how much he would enjoy watching me with another man but I have always told him he is enough for me.

    About 2 weeks ago he bought me 2 mini skirts and asked if I would wear one and like to go out with him. I wanted a nice night out so I did it. It was a short jean skirt and I wore this pair of black lace bikinis he likes. We went to a local bar and were having a good time. It became more crowded and a group of 4 young guys sat next to us and began talking to us. One of the guys was really cute and he flirted a lot with me. He asked my hubby to shoot pool with him but my hubby sugested that I shoot pool. Well we kept winning and the winners got free shots and got to keep playing. After 4 games and shots I was feeling good!!! My partner also got a lot more friendly and my hubby didn't say anything to him, he just watched.

    It was time to leave and I went to the ladies room. When I was comming out this guy was waiting for me. He told me what a good time he had with me and gave me a kiss. I was a little surprised but kissed him back. We kissed for a while and I could feel his hand going up my skirt in the back. He was feeling my ass and I didn't know what to do. I was nervous but it felt good. I saw somebody comming and pulled away. He whispered that I should come back to the bar next week and meet him again.

    Driving home I told my hubby what happened and he got very excited and we kissed as he was driving. I reached down and felt how hard he was and took out his cock and gave him a bj on the drive home. We got home and I could hardly wait to get inside. We had the best sex we have had in years. Hubby wants to go to the bar again this Friday and see what happens, I am to afraid to go back. - Janice


    Monday, October 09, 2006


    My Wife & My Brother-In-Law

    About 2 years ago my wife's sister, who's 5 years younger than her, long blonde hair, huge tits, and a real sweet body, split with her husband because she was doing their son's coach. My brother-n-law stopped over and was telling us what had happened and got real choked up. He was looking down, when I motioned to my wife to console him and she walked over and gave him a hug. My wife is slim with long blonde hair and big tits too. As she was giving him a hug rubbing his back I motioned to her to blow him or do something as I know he really felt immasculated. I'll never forget her staring at me as she started kissing his cheek and ear while her hands were roaming. I told my BnL that she would make him feel better and he started rubbing her ass. She broke her stare from me and began to french kiss him while rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was rubbing her tits over her shirt and she then took off her shirt and bra. She then undid his pants and pulled his cock out and started to suck him off. I ran for the camera as I wasn't about to let this opportunity go by! His cock was about 5 inches and he had big balls. My BnL lifted his head back as my wife worked his tool. She then stood up, grabbed him by his hand and said we'll be back. My BnL looked back at me and all I can do was give him a thumbs up. They went into our bedroom and I tip toed down the hall. It didn't take long for them to be stripped to nothing and my wife was on her back with my BnL's face buried in her blonde bush. My wife's eyes were closed with her head thrashing back and forth and her hands running through his hair as he was sucking on her pussy. She then told him to "fuck me now" and he climbed on top of her and he began to fuck her hard. I could see his big balls slapping on her ass as he pumped away. My wife came so hard I thought she was going to wake the neighbors. Before she was done, my BnL thrusted into her deep and unloaded inside her before she could tell him to pull out as she was not on the pill (I'm fixed). When they got done, he rolled over and she went down on him again cleaning him up with her mouth. I then told him to go get a beer and that we would be right out. I Fucked the shit out of her making her cum again before I unloaded into her super slippery pussy. Her blonde pubes were matted with our spunk and she was drained. Afterwards he finished his beer and thanked us both saying he felt better. Although we've never brought it up again, I have to wonder if they ever hooked up again. - Johnny


    Friday, October 06, 2006


    My Wife's First Time


    My wife and I have fantasized for a long time while we are in bed making love. Often I'll find myself veering towards asking her if it turns her on to think about inviting another man into our bed. She usually shrugs me off. But one day, after about a year of this, she suggested watching her with two dicks in her pussy. I was floored! After some hesitation I accepted her proposal and I let two guys fuck my wife's pussy for the first time in her life. They're the first "other guys" in her pussy since our marriage in 2001. First they fucked her one by one and then they fucked her pussy together during the second round. I really enjoyed watching two dicks in her pussy. It's unbelievable watching your wife in a DP situation...

    That same night I fucked her pussy together with one of the guys. It was great. Then I fucked her pussy again with the other guy. Since then I'd never fucked her alone. I always shared her pussy with one or many other men. I'll usually start off watching her fucking a guy and then I'll enter her wet pussy when the other guy was done. Sometimes I'll start fucking her pussy and then hold the other guy's dick in my hand and help him to penetrate her pussy inch by inch. It's a wonderful feeling when a hard dick is touching my dick in my wife's pussy.

    Three weeks ago we tried another position. I helped two guys' dicks to enter her pussy together for a DP and then I fucked her mouth. We traded places until we all unloaded into her pussy or mouth. It's a kind of Russian roulette. Nobody knew where he'd unload his cum. Now the wife and I are considering a fourth person to be in her ass in addition to three dicks, possibly a black guy. I am in heaven having my shy wife do all these things. I couldn't ask for a better sex life than to be a cuckold husband who shares his wife and never gets her alone anymore. The intensity is too much sometimes but I'll never complain. Here is a picture from the first encounter we had with the two guys fucking her. - John


    Wednesday, October 04, 2006


    Almost Pregnant

    My wife had sex over a long weekend with this guy I had arranged it with. We were out of town and she had forgotten her birth control pills. In the heat of it all she took him bareback and he was fucking her good for about an hour when he came. After he left, she and I had some very hot sex with me cumming on her face. As she got ready for bed that night she relized that she had forgotten to pack her birth control pills. We both made a few coments about her and her friend and what he had left inside her. It was too far to drive back and we both agreed to take the chance and wait t'ill she got back home to take her pill. That long weekend I did not cum in her at all just to see what would happen. The anticipation was killing me. Just the thought of this other man making her pregnant was both anguish and EXTREME arousal at the same time. A month later she had her period and everything checked out ok, but it got us thinking. We were relieved and so very hot that we fucked for 3 hours like animals, releasing our built-up tension and excitment over the idea. We both think it would be hot seeing her pregnant by another man during one of these love making sessions, but not sure if we would ever get as close as we did this one time. The picture is of her with him from that same session at the hotel. - Ken



    STORY - The Road To My Cuckolding

    CUCKOLDThe road to my humiliation started a long time ago. As a young boy I was left with a baby sitter who had 4 daughters and also watched 3 other girls I was the only male. Being male I tended to tease a devil the girls and was defiant which led to the baby sitter conferring with my mother and they reached agreement. I was to be dressed as a girl under the sitters care . Needless to say it was humiliating and I spent a lot of time weeping. Years later my wife recognized a definite preference to silky materials and one day presented me with women's panties. She gave me no choice wear them or get out I submitted. From this point on she used my love for her and my submissiveness to dominate me further until we arrived at the point where

    I was not allowed any male attire in the house just frilly silky women's clothes. I should have known where this was leading but I didn't. One evening while i was dressed in a pink nightie my wife called me to the bedroom (nothing unusual ) she explained that she was going out for a while and that I should lie down on the bed. I did so where upon she tied me down with restraints we had used before. she then proceeded to shower and put on make up and some new and exquisite lingerie I had never seen before I ask her what was going on and she smiled and said sweetly that if I was good I'd get a surprise when she got home.

    Surprise had always been our code word for sex so I hunkered down with anticipation as I watched her dress and then leave. The hours ticked by 2, 4, 5 hours later I heard the front door open I was relieved until I heard a male voice, my wife and the man came to the bedroom both began to laugh and my wife said you can see why I need a real man can't you and the guy just laughed and said I sure do. My wife came over and as I tried to hide protest she bent down and kissed me on my cheek and said I love you honey don't worry you'll get used to it she then produced a penis gag from her pocketbook and forced it into my mouth tied it in place stepped back and said in time your going to get used to a lot more my little cuckold. They walked out of the room a whole range of emotions swept over me but I was helpless. About noon the next day my wife came into the room and laid down the rules to my new life explaining that her petticoating of me had a purpose from the beginning and that she loved me very much but knew what was best for me and that was cuckolding . I now wear a chastity device most of the time and haven't worn men's clothes in 7 months. Within the last two months my wife has made me watch them while restrained and gagged, it's very humiliating to say the least but they both seem to enjoy it a great deal and he is starting to ask her about oral sex when he does she just looks at me and smiles and says I think my sissy would like that! - JMT



    STORY - Laurel & Tom Cuckold Hubby Dan

    CUCKOLD Laurel whimpered, twisting her lithe, slender body sharply against him. For the first time in his life he wished himself possessed of a smaller cock. Her breath came through her open mouth in gasping little pants, her distress so acute Laurel could not hold back her moans. He looked up at her face, contorted in pain. Dark brown eyes swam with tears, her deep auburn hair, darkened with sweat, lay plastered against her cheeks and neck, evidence of her weakening efforts to impale her pussy upon his steel hard erection. Across the motel room in a chair Laurel’s husband sat and watched silently as his young sweet wife of just five years enjoyed the rites

    of sex with the large virile muscular stallion. Glancing down to where their bodies interlocked, Tom winced at the angry red color of her dainty little married cunt, once so elegant with its smooth, hairy mound. Her swollen and inflamed lips throbbed against him, stretched obscenely thin by the ridged muscular crowned head of his cock. Laurel had managed to wedge the massive dark muscular mushroom shaped head just past her tiny opening, but the combination of his thickness and her tightness repeatedly defeated her efforts to take more.He groaned. No sensation in the world felt better than the hot juices of her cunt bathing the head of his cock, the fist-tight clasp of her married white scalding hot pussy.

    At the same time, nothing had ever made him feel as bad as he felt, seeing another man’s wife having to suffer to get her due. Yet that was usually the case of the white woman who had married a white man. Passion gave way to compassion and he knew he could not continue. Hands gripping her hips, he began the move that would ease him out of her tortured flesh. Tom looked over at Laurel’s husband giving him a nasty grin, knowing that watching his wife with a “real man” must be making Dan fill with shame.“Do not go!” Her gasping cry rang harshly in the silent room.“You are in pain. This is too much for you. I cannot continue when you are hurting so…”“You must, Tom. To withdraw now is to fail me. You are my real husband—my ritual male—the stud I will use to open my body as a willing gift to the Eternal Couple – the life that will go inside me, that will be ours forever, the life my husband cannot share with me Tom.”Laurel shifted beneath him and he moaned, burning ripples of ecstasy coursing through his massive muscular cock as her tight married white sheath clamped down on the sensitive head. He closed his eyes, fighting the feral urge to slam into her, to ravage the man’s wife in front of him, to shield denying his full entrance.

    “Do it,” Laurel hissed, grabbing his face between both palms and bringing his head up to meet her fierce stormy-gaze. “Come in me deeper…all the way…I do not give you leave to stop. Show my husband what I am like with a real man inside me” Her mouth clamped over his mouth as Laurel locked in a deep kiss with her muscular lover, looking to the side briefly to lock eyes first with her husband sitting across the roomA shudder wracked her hard as he nodded, then angled his head to bathe her nipple with his tongue. “I will, Laurel. Only let me give you some pleasure to counter the pain…”Her nod released him from his voluntary submission. Using his thick muscular male muscles honed over years of sexual prowess, he flipped her over, reversing their positions, managing not to dislodge his cock in the process. Now on top, he bit down on her tips of her ripe berries, soothed the stings with swirling swipes of his tongue, worshiping the swollen bounty of her creamy full white breasts until her back arched and Laurel cried out…but not in pain.

    Rocking against her, circling, he felt a rush of her silky heat flow down to coat the constricted head of his cock. He slid deeper into the fertile, life-giving delta of her sex.“ Watch this Dan, I am about to begin the ancient mating ritual with your wife, the ritual of muscular male superiority over all white boys like you”“Yes, baby…” he crooned, shifting to forge another few inches inside her, his passage eased by his pre-cum and her own sweet slippery lubrication, “slow and easy…you can take me this way…Laurel, but first look over at our husband and tell him how this feels.” Laurel refused looking the other way. Tom gabbed her jaw and turned her back to look towards her husband, “Now Tell Him.” “ I can’t Laurel moaned”. Then I will leave you like this a frustrated wet white wife” That’s all it took for her to comply. Tears streaming down her sweet check she said it “ Dan, why couldn’t you, why couldn’t you satisfy me like this.

    Why are you not a full man Dan?” “ You do know Its your fault that you are about to see me, your wife make a baby with a muscular man, remember that Dan, this is you own doing”With that deed done, her husband now humiliated beyond believe he let go of her and let her head roll back onto the pillow in preparations for her impregnation.Tom’s breathing faltered as he pushed in that last inch and felt the vibrations down the length of his shaft as his cock thudded against the natural barrier of her innocence. A glance down showed he still had at least four more inches outside her body. Jaw firming in determination, he smoothed his hands down the outside of her thighs, encircled her ankles in the cages of his fingers and drew her legs up, forcing them wide. Rearing back, he pulled out, only halting when his broad muscular cock head snagged at the gate of her small slit.“No! Do not stop, Tom, I beg you…you promised if I told Dan”

    “Show me you wedding ring Laurel” Laurel immediately did as he told her. “ Take it off and give it to me.” Laurel took the ring Dan had married with her off and handed it of her muscular lover, a man she had known for just four hours” Tom placed the ring on his small finger then proceeded. “ Now you’re my bitch, understand” Laurel nodded in compliance. “ and you over their , whitely boy, you see this Laurel is mine now, as I told you the muscular male has always won the white man’s woman, now I have yours”Teeth sinking into his lower lip, muscles tightening in preparation, heart bleeding at the thought of the pain he could not avoid inflicting, Tom looked into her eyes for an ageless moment. “You’re Mine now!!” And with that he prepared to nail her like she never could have imagined.“Oh no, no, no baby I’m not going to stop. I’m never going to stop,” he promised her softly, holding her gaze as his fingers gripped her hips tightly, anchoring her against the coming shock. “Be opened to your power now, Laurel…and to the power of your new man!”

    Then using his thick rigid shiny muscular cock as a battering ram, he slammed into her, bursting through the sacred but strong veil of her marriage to Dan, destroying her canal connection to him and ending the love she had for him. Closing his eyes as her screams assailed his ears, vowing Laurel would scream just as loudly in pleasure before he finished…but for now he would drill her cervix, preparing her for his virile impregnation.He never expected her to recover so quickly from the trauma of the difficult cuckolding, yet Laurel surprised him again, commanding he roll over so Laurel could take the ascendancy. He obeyed. She was now in heat, full of lust for him, the connection to her husband severed, she was a wanton woman.Laurel rode him hard, flinging her hips at him, bouncing on his up-thrust cock with an enthusiasm he had never before encountered. Her silvery gray eyes glittered down at him, full of the joy of life.

    Her deep auburn hair flying about her animated face, her moist lips parted in a wide smile, Laurel rose and fell on his hard muscular shaft. “I love this!” Laurel slid her hands down her body, skimming her concave belly to touch and circle her clit as Laurel undulated on his stiff muscular pole. Her slim fingers encircled his massive thick shaft, sliding up and down it as he pushed up into her, applying just the right pressure to keep him on the razor’s edge of coming. “You feel so thick and hot inside me…so wonderfully long and hard!”Swiveling her bottom, grinding his wide, flared head against her cervix, Laurel compressed his tightening balls between their heaving bodies with each downward move.

    He could feel her thighs tremble as Laurel bottomed out at each strong jounce, as though her control slipped its tether every time his thick cock completely filled her pussy, stretching it impossibly wide.He loved her enthusiasm, loved seeing her plump, pert breasts jiggle with every movement, setting the nipples dancing before his hungering gaze. He loved the feel of her hot, clasping channel burning the skin of his shaft, the slick constricting walls of her vagina gripping him so tightly. Lying beneath her, watching her glowing face as Laurel uninhibitedly screamed her way through a series of grinding orgasms, he admitted his love for being a muscular male. But most of all he reveled in knowing her once treasured husband had to watch him take her from him and to see her become a real fulfilled woman with another man. “I am coming again!” Laurel laughed aloud; her pleasure painted on her lively face with broad brush strokes of hot pink at cheeks and flushed neck.“Do not come yet, stay with me a while…”“No,” Laurel giggled, leaning down to kiss his thick muscular parted lips, dipping into his mouth to tangle her tongue with his, “you come with me…come in me. You have not yet given me the Lord’s Gift…your child inside my womb – Laurel and Tom’s child….”“I want to fuck you forever, want this to last…you will not need me after this nigh…” He groaned aloud at the sad realization.Laurel slowed her carnal romp, easing into a series of smooth grinds and gentle undulations. “Perhaps, as you say, I will not need you…but I will want you…want this…again and again…and again…”“Do you swear…?” His muscular, muscular hips arched strongly, sending his cock spearing into her with all the strength of his being.

    “Yes. Now come in me,” Laurel commanded, suddenly picking up the pace again. Pounding her pelvis against his, Laurel sank fluidly up and down his slick rampant muscular cock, their combined juices easing her way and shining his flesh. “Give me everything within you…I want it all…every drop…every inch…all of you…!”Tom shuddered, body convulsing under the lash of her voice. All unknowing, Laurel spoke the ritual words of the joining rite and his soul answered, helpless to deny her call. His hips surged upward, driving his cock deep. Sinking into her, seeking the entrance of her womb with powerful strokes, he held her down with hands fisted on her hips, striving toward nirvana. Sweat beaded on his dark skin. His lips pulled back in a grimace of erotic pain as he shuttled between her white thighs, his shaft squeezed and abraded by the contracting walls of her cunt.“You want me…take me!”

    He grunted, bucking hard against her. “Ughhhhh!” He slammed up, surging through her clasping pussy, slicing through her hot channel like a heated knife through butter. Laurel melted around him, coating his muscular cock and groin with her cream. “Here I am, baby…all yours…all for you…take it all…!”His eyes snapped open and locked with hers as his balls drew up tight, churning beneath his pistoning cock. Fingers of pleasure, spikes of electric fire, shot up the back of his legs, sparking along his thighs and back. His toes curled and he pushed up and up, feeling the tightening in his sacs that signaled the coming eruption of his sperm. He was about to impregnate Dan’s wife, her once dear husband now a wimp white cuckold sat and watched as Tom took the last thrusts to plant his baby in Laurel’s womb.

    Dan’s should had been broken, he was now the inferior white male who lost his wife to the muscular man. He was nothing but shame. He had no more should. Dan was a cuckold now and forever.More than seed churned along the length of Tom’s shaft, for Laurel had commanded everything of him and he gladly obeyed. His power gathered in a mighty wave, rising and rushing along the pathways of his body, stripping him of will, of identity, of subterfuge. “More…! Yessss…! Mine…!” Muscles straining and heart pounding, mouth open in a primal cry of surrender and conquest, he spilled his power and sperm into her, marking her forever his.“God we have a baby now Tom, you’re my baby’s daddy” Her shocked exclamation brought his head up is eyes wide with disbelief, Laurel gazed down at his contorted face…his true face, revealed as he gave way under the most explosive orgasm of his life.Her body still convulsing in climax above him, he held her, watched as disbelief gave way to a new truth …she was his wife now, they had just made a child together…and they would soon leave this motel room and go to his home – Laurel and her neighbor Tom . he had done it, they both knew…and so did her husband Dan….his pretty white wife who he dearly loved, who had loved him more than she had anything in her life was gone, she was now Tom’s wife, not his.

    dan wurz


    Monday, October 02, 2006


    Wife & Her Dance Partner

    My wife can and does do what she wants when she wants it. The world would be very boring if we could only drink water. In fact we are deeply in love and our hearts belong to each other, but our bodies are all ours to do with as we please. Just last night my wife came home after the bars had closed. I knew she had gone for a drink with a friend after we left a party. I figured the girls would have one and be home. So I took the kids home. When the wife finally got home I gave her some shit about it being one LONG drink. She countered back that she had been having fun dancing and teasing all night. Then her dance partner walked her to her car. They began petting and touching. She told me just wanted him badly. So she just bent over and sucked his dick until he came in her mouth. She was about to get into the car and go further when some people came by so she ended up coming home very frustrated. I was a bit mad as she had broken one rule have about keeping each other informed. I told my wife before we married that she was welcome to have an affair, but she didn't (we did have one 'set-up' encounter with another man though ... see picture). Since then she's been assured that she may play if she wishes so long as friends and neighbours don't see her with other men. I also must be kept informed and really prefer to be part of it if possible. Don't really believe she's done anything so far except for last night. She did confide to a friend of hers that she probably would if the right guy came along. A few times I found her panties from a previous day and they seemed unusually well soiled (for lack of a better word) Makes me hornier than a three peckered jack rabbit. It turned into a very wildly passionate session. I sent her back out tonight. - Jack


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