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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, April 05, 2009


    More From Hotwife Constance

    I know it has been awhile since I’ve written but here are a few things that I have been working on. When I met Andy, she was a typical 18 yr old who thought she knew everything and had an attitude to go with it. She took advantage of the fact that she looked younger than she was and thought she could get away with anything.

    As I got to know her, it became clear to me just what she needed. Growing up she never got the discipline kids need. A few months after we met, her mom had had enough and kicked her out. She had no where to go so she moved into our spare bedroom. This worked as an advantage for me because now I could break her of the attitude and give her the discipline she needed. I will admit, at first, she had a lot of problems with following the rules. Being 18, she figured she didn’t have to.

    But what made me put her into slave training was when I found her going through my personal things. I can handle attitude but she obviously had no respect and had broken the #1 rule: She was to stay out of my personal belongings.cuck

    I snuck up behind her, grabbed her arms and pulled them up behind her back. Yes, she was kicking and fighting me but I had had enough also. What made the task more difficult was that she only had on her robe. I used this to my advantage and tied her arms behind her with it. Yes, she was still kicking and fighting but I got her into the spare room and handcuffed her to the rack ass out with her spread eagle. She thought I used it only for exercising. Not the brightest light bulb in the pack if you know what I mean.

    I grabbed the riding crop and started smacking her ass and inner thighs, making them bright red. I thought she would continue to struggle but imagine my surprise when I saw pussy juice running down her thighs and she began to moan. That was what I needed to hear confirming that she would be a good slave. She still had some fight left in her and didn't want any part of it. I reminded her that she had broken the #1 rule of the house and would have to be punished for it. Besides, in the position she was in, what could she do to me?

    I took the biggest black dildo I had and began teasing her pussy with it. First the head, then slowly I would inch a little more in at a time. Soon she was begging me to fuck her hard with it. That was not in the plan. Next I took the clips I have and attached them to her nipples so everytime she moved they would rub on the backboard she was facing. As soon as they were in place, I began playing with her clitty and her pussy opening.cucky

    It didn't take long for my fingers to get soaked with her juice. She was moaning louder and louder. I took a butt plug and shoved it up her ass and ordered her to keep it in. I then walked out of the room and left her there for a few hours.
    When I went back in the room, she was no longer trying to get loose. She was able to keep the ass plug in the entire time and told me she had learned her lesson. She begged me to become her Mistress and would do whatever I ordered her to. Now, I wasn't born yesterday and knew that it could have been a ploy just to get untied and set free. I questioned her: Who owns you now? You Mistress. Who is your Mistress?training

    You are Mistress. Will you do whatever or whom ever I please? Yes Mistress. I ordered her to look at me when she answered the questions. She was actually telling the truth. I took a collar and leash, put it on her and undid her from the rack. I told her that whenever we are in the house, the collar and leash was all she was allowed to wear. Yes, Mistress. If I had a bad day at work I would take it out on her, YES Mistress. Whenever I needed the toilet she was to be my toilet. Yes, Mistress. I told her that since she had come to her senses so quickly, she would have to prove her abilities eating my pussy. She was very quick in getting me to climax several times.andy

    Her final test came when I invited 1 of my Black lovers over for some fun. He ordered my cuck to take part in the action. He was to suck Master hard then put his big blk cock into slutslave andy. Since slutslave had been living with us, it was like Master was taking cucks daughter for his own. That made cucks little white weenie stick straight up. While Master was fucking slutslave, cuck had his tongue buried up Masters asshole. Between cucks' tongue action and Master pumping sluts puusy it didn't take long for Master to fill sluts waiting pussy. Cuck was then ordered to not only clean up slutslaves cream pie but to also suck Master clean. Even though cuck tried hard not to cum, he spurted his puny load and we all laughed at him. His newest daughter was now property of Black and he couldn't be prouder.
    The pics I've included were taken by my cuck during our training sessions.

    Constance - conblkon @




    Part 2

    Having finished training Andy, I wanted to take some time and have some fun. Little did I know that our oldest daughter Holly would be a BIG part of it. I had no idea the surprise she had in store for me one afternoon. We have always had Black friends around so I just figured that she would follow in her momma’s foot steps. But for whatever reason, that’s not the way her life was going. Well, let me rephrase that. That is not the way things appeared. She would talk to white guys, date them and even let them get attached to her. She knew that Black is the ONLY way to go, we had many discussions about that over the years but she didn’t want any part of it.

    Imagine my surprise when I came home early from work 1 afternoon and at the dining room table was my friend Tasha and Holly laughing and having a good time. In the corner was Holly’s latest white boy Dan tied up to a chair with a gag in his mouth.

    My cuck Mike handed me a drink, said sit back and enjoy the show, then sat on the floor next to the other white boy. It was obvious that both Ladies had been drinking. The next thing I knew, Tasha moved behind Holly and lifted up her top and began feeling her breasts. Holly let her do this for awhile then asked to be excused to make a potty run. When she returned to the dining room, she leaned over Tasha’s shoulder and lifted her top and did her own touching and feeling. The look of surprise on my face must have been shock because Holly said, "The fun is just beginning!"

    She and Tasha untied dan and ordered both he and mike to the bedroom and I was to follow. Stretched out on the bed was Tashas’ husband, Jay and he took control. He ordered the boys to sit on the floor while he and Tasha took care of Holly and I. We were ordered to strip off our clothes and Holly quickly got on the bed and began sucking his cock while I buried my face in Tasha’s pussy. It never dawned on me that she was going at that beautiful Black cock like a pro. I was too busy making Tasha cum.

    Jay ordered my cuck to get close to the bed so he could put Jay’s cock into Holly’s pussy. While mike did as he was told, Jay ordered dan to lick and suck his asshole. By this time, Holly was begging Jay to fuck her. He pounded her with long, deep thrusts. When the boys heard Jay cumming, buried deep in Holly’s pussy, they both spurted onto the floor. The fun went on for a few hours. Leaving both of us weak but very happy.

    After we all rested awhile, I asked Holly what had just happened. She looked at me and grinned. " You taught me well mom, I use white boys for their money and whatever else I can get from them but they are not allowed near my pussy unless I have a cream pie. My true passion is with pleasing Black people and has been for a long time!" I have never been prouder.

    Constance - conblkon @



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