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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, June 15, 2007


    Our Cuckold Fantasy Talk

    My wife and I of 18 years started discussing our fantasies about a year ago. Hers is FFM and mine is MMF (me being straight). I do enjoy her fantasy but definately like mine better....I think she likes mine better also because whenever we talk about her being with another guy she SOAKS the bed. Since we got married young she has never been with another man and I know that she is more than curious. I frequently describe situations that would lead to her enjoying one or two other guys and it always leads to intense orgasms for us both.

    My recent scenario was that we go to the beach one evening this summer and meet up with a group of campers and just begin some friendly conversation. After a while, she is off aways from the main group talking with a couple of guys and they decide to go for walk along the beach. I see this and secretly follow them. After they reach a secluded area, they begin to caress her and she loves it! Well, one thing leads to another and in no time she is doing both of them one after the other.(Very vivid details in my mind)

    Once they have had their fun, the guys head back to the campsite and I approach my wife and she is excited that I was secretly watching and is still extremely horny....well then we get down to buisness ourselves!

    She really REALLY gets turned on when we discuss this in bed but always says she doesn't think she could do it for real? I could, to me it would be just about pleasurable sex...that's it. I would never pressure her into anything but I do get the feeling that she may go for it someday? She's probably just a little scared and not sure if I 'really' want it or not.

    What made the beach scenerio so exciting was that it would be quite possible for that situation to arise. There is a lake close to our home with a beach and plenty of campers during the summer. We have discussed other scenarios but none come as close to reality as this one!

    I'm 39 male, 5'5' average build, 150 lbs

    My wife is 37, slim redhead, 120 lbs

    Attatched is my favorite picture of her (hers too). She is wet knowing that this will be on your blog and that many men will be looking at her exposed body so please email us as soon as it's up! If/when the beach scenario happens we'll post a follow-up. - Kate & Steve


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