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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, January 28, 2010


    Watching DVDs of My Ex with Other Men

    I've been living life on the straight and narrow for the past 2 or 3 years or so, but before that I had a hottie girlfriend with an appitite for big cocks. Pretty much every girlfriend I've ever had, I've turned into a big cock freak, but that's another story.

    Anyway, this particular hottie in the picture here was long term, but it was only in the last three or four years of our relationship that we actually started to play around with other people, either together in groups, or her going off on her own and coming home and telling me what a bad girl she had been.

    I have a friend with a really big cock that we had our first 'experience' with. He is pretty much allways single, but fucks alot of chicks and he has a 'stable' of hotties that he hangs out with on kind of a regular basis. He had recently told me that my ex-hottie had called him up about a year ago and she is now kind of a regular thing with him.

    I'm married, and I'm cool with that. He tells me that she is still really hot and that he has some recent videos that I can take a look at if I want. Of course I wanted to, we used to make alot of videos so he made me a 4 DVD compalation set. I take the home and hide them from the wife and wait for an opportunity when I can watch them and spank my monkey.

    Tonight was the night.

    I started with the fourth DVD because I figured it would have the most recent stuff, and I was right. There she was, still hot and beautiful with her tight little body and fabulous ass. She can still suck a cock like a pro, and she's still very proud of her ability to do so. She also still cums all over his 10 inch cock and he is still able to fuck her to the tune of 6 or 7 intense orgasms in ten minutes.

    I have a 6 inch cock, and I would have to lick her and then try real hard not to cum in that hot pussy for as long as I could, and I was only ever able to give her the odd 'mild' orgasm with my cock. Lucky for her, I love to eat pussy. She always admitted that she liked big cocks as she had an old boyfriend that was well hung, and I was always trying to create situations between us and my friend.

    Anyway, I had a good wank session and blew my load watching her fuck and suck both my friend and some other guy I don't know on the DVD.

    Then I start putting in the other DVDs and re-lived some old times. Blew my load again, and started getting kind of sore. When I got to the second DVD, I was a little suprised as it started with the first time I could remember ever video taping our little sessions - still good stuff and I skimmed through the whole thing.

    I put in DVD 1, and this is all stuff I've never seen before. Some of it is prior to our first arranged threesome, and some of it is just stuff that I never knew about. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this as she had been fucking our friend to the point where they would video tape it at least a year or two before I ever knew about it. My policy on the whole open relationship thing was that she had to tell me about her experiences and as long as she did, she knew I never got upset, hurt or angry with her - not that it matters anymore, but she even talks about me on the tapes and did a little interview type session that would have made a nice little suprise gift for me or something.

    Anyway, the videos are probably the hottest of them all. Not only do she go nuts on his 10 inch cock, but she sucked off 3 other guys in a park and let them cum all over her. There is video of her doing girl-girl stuff, that she would never do with me in the room, so it's my first time seeing her with her face burried in a pussy.

    One video on the tape has her blind folded and sucking three cocks and she is rating them based on how they taste, feel and throb in her mouth. She lets all three of them blow their juice in her mouth and she picks her favorite, which is of course the biggest.

    There is footage in my apartment, my parking garage, my car, the balcony of our older apartment and her mother's house.

    The one that made me blow my load one more time is the one where there is my friend, her another really hot chick we knew and her old boyfriend - well hung is an undersatement. He has to be 11 inches with a fair girth as well. He was definately the favorite cock that night as both girls were all over him and man did he ever give it to my ex. She came so hard that at one point she actually started to cry. It was something to see her take that whole monster inside of her and I swear she didn't stop cumming from the time he got the head in until he took it out a came all over her tits.

    She had a look of total satisfaction in her eyes as he watched him do the same to the other chick.

    I'm sure my friend put all of this in there as a way to come clean, and I'm kind of glad he did. After watching this I am itching for my wife to get involved in the lifestyle but it will be a long slow process as I slowly introduce her to the idea first, then fatasies etc...

    Oh well, I still have my DVDs.



    Sunday, January 24, 2010


    Staring Her Off with a Dildo First and Then ...

    My wife Cheryl and I have been married for 5 years now. I’m 50 years old and she is 32. She is a natural blond, 5’10” with beautiful boobs and great legs. We met at work in a large corporation, she was a secretary and I was her manager. She was very shy and timid when we first started dating and even through the first couple of years of our marriage. My story actually began when I then introduced her to her first dildo. Although reluctant at first to use it she started to like this new adventure to our sex life.

    I started buying newer and bigger dildos and vibrators, some with anal attachments. Now, we can’t make love until she cums first using her vibrators while sucking my cock. All the while, she yelling for my cum and telling me how good two cocks are. This is how the idea of another person into our sex life began. While she is sucking me off, I kept telling her that she should try another real dick sometime.

    This went on for some time until we vacationed in Jamaica a couple of months ago. While in a nightclub in Jamaica she was getting pretty wasted, so I thought this would be a good time to invite another person into our sex life. When we were on the dance floor, I told her to pick out someone who made her horny.

    She picked a good-looking and big black guy. He was more than eager to jump at this opportunity and we invited him back to our room. Before Cheryl had a chance to resist, he was all over her. Her skirt was up over her ass and he was rubbing her pussy through her panties and I could see she was getting hot.big black cock in wife

    In no time they were both naked, and she was sucking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. As he got her to the bed he called for me to get naked and give him a hand. I didn’t know what he meant, but did what he asked. When I got to them on the bed he started talking dirty talk like “man you want to see this big black cock in your wife’s pussy don’t you”?

    “You wish you had a cock like this so you could satisfy this little white whore, don’t you”?

    All I kept saying was “yes, yes, give it to her”.

    That’s when the unexpected started. He made me eat Cheryl’s pussy first and get it all juicy and wet, then he made me grab his cock and jack it off to get it harder. He told me this wasn’t good enough and forced my head down between Cheryl’s pussy and his cock and told me to start sucking it.

    I don’t know why, but I started sucking his cock and licking her pussy at the same time. He then told me to put his black cock into that white pussy and to keep my face down there and watch how it’s done. He must have fucked her for what seemed like an hour before he came.

    He then told me to clean up all the mess including his cock. He wanted them both cleaned up for his next fuck. The whole time I’m cleaning them I have the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had in my life, but I wasn’t allowed to cum. He fucked her again and I again had to clean them both up, until he left later that night.

    We left Jamaica the next night and never saw this guy again. This episode has never been repeated since but now at home, Cheryl now uses a large black vibrator every time we have sex and after I cum in her she makes me clean up my own cum, which I’m starting to enjoy. We are planning another vacation next year and I hope we can repeat our last vacation experience. I’ll let you know how we make out.

    billa2097 @


    Wednesday, January 13, 2010


    My Wife Cannot Say 'No'

    My wife can not say 'no' and she hates to disappoint people. She has an old college friend Kris, who she has never said 'no' to. Kris has always been in charge of my wife since their days back in college. A few weeks ago we were invited to go out with Kris and her husband Kevin for a night on the town. We ending up going out to dinner and then dancing afterwards. All four of us had a few drinks at dinner and a few while we danced. We were all a little tipsy. All four of us had a great time. Kris and Kevin invited us back to their place to close out the evening. My wife and I didn't think anything of it. We thought that we would have some small talk and then call it a night. After small talk at their house, Kris starting kissing Kevin in front of us. After some serious kissing, Kris began to undress Kevin, again, right in front of us. We were very surprised. At this point, Kris and Kevin start really getting into it and are on their way to having sex with us as an audience.

    Then Kris tells my wife, 'What are you waiting for' Some things just don't change!' To my surprise, this was a reference to my wife and Kris having exhibition sex in the past and to Kris' power over my wife. My wife did not want to disappoint her friend, and I didn't want to get shown up, so my wife starting kissing me. Now we were getting into it just like Kris and Kevin. Soon all four of us were naked in their living room. Kris and Kevin are into it big time doing a hard core '69'. I notice that Kevin is hard. He is not longer than me, he is about the same length, but he is much thicker than I am. Kevin then starts fucking his wife doggie style.

    He is giving it to her hard and fast. Kris is loving it, but at the same time she is also watching us. This is when the problems started. I was too scared and/or nervous being naked in front of my wife's friends. I couldn't get it up. Soft, I am no longer than 2'. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it up. We were kissing and touching each other, and it didn't matter, I couldn't get hard. My wife was getting upset because we were kissing and that wasn't working. That is one of her favorite things, so she was a little pissed. Then my wife tried sucking my dick, and that didn't work either.

    That frustrated my wife as well. Finally, my wife sat on my face and played with my nipples. This is myfavorite activity since I use it to fantasize about the cuckold lifestyle. But of course, that didn't work as well. My wife knows that I am pissed. She also knows that even though it is my fault, I will blame her for my problems. This makes my wife even more pissed off, because she knows at some point I am going to blame her. Also, while my wife was sitting on my face, she couldn't cum. This only added to our problems. The whole time this is going on, Kevin is still fucking Kris hard and fast. They were going at that pace for well over 30 minutes. And this whole time, while they were fucking and we were having our problems, Kris was watching us and my wife was watching them as she sat on my face. Kris had a look of satisfaction on her face, as well as a smirk. Finally Kevin cums inside Kris (she already has two orgasms). And I still wasn't hard. Kris asked my wife what was wrong.

    My wife was silent. Kris asked her again, but this time with a strong, powerful tone. Once again, my wife can't disappoint, so she whispers, 'Things aren't working out.' As my wife was on my face, I could hear Kevin chuckling. So Kris asks my wife again, 'What's wrong'' My wife tried to save my face and gave her some bullshit answer. But Kris asks for specifics and my wife says she doesn't know. Then Kris replied that she did know by saying, 'Yes you do, what is wrong' 'My wife has a sense of fear, knowing I don't want her to say anything, but she has always been under Kris' control and doesn't want to disappoint her friend. So my wife finally answers and says that I can't get hard.

    At this point, Kris knows she is in charge of everything. She knows that she is in control of my wife. Since she knows that she is in control, she starts to interrogate my wife while my wife is still sitting on my face. She asks my wife a series of questions. Is your husband hard' No Have you cum yet' No Did you watch us' Yes Did it turn you on' Yes Did it look good' Yes When was the last time you were fucked like that' Silence Tell me! A long time ago With your husband' No (Kevin was chuckling again)W ith who' Mark and Patrick (old boyfriends) Would you like it again' Don't answer that, I already know the answer. At this point, Kevin is hard again and Kris whispers something in his ear.

    I can't see anything, because my wife is still on my face and I am still soft. Kris and Kevin walk over to us and Kris grabs my ballswithout any mercy. She grabbed them hard. My wife didn't say or do anything, she knew Kris was in charge. Kevin went behind my wife and pushed her forward. He then rammed his thicker dick in her pussy. I was helpless because my balls were being squeezed. I couldn't move because Kris had my balls and my wife was on top of me. Kevin went in my wife with ease because she was so wet from my licking and her watching Kevin and Kris fuck earlier. Kevin was in heaven, because even though Kris was in charge, she was not the better looking of the two women.

    My wife is way better looking than Kris. She also has a better body. I noticed Kevin eyeing my wife the whole time we were dancing. And I'm sure it was partly his idea to start the sex in the living room just so he could see my wife naked. So I know he was in heaven, because not only was he getting to see my wife naked, he had his dick way up inside her! Kevin fucked my wife hard and fast. I knew my wife was loving it, because I hardly ever fuck her hard and fast. When I fuck her hard and fast, it is over in less than five minutes, so our sex is usually at a slow pace. I admit I like it better slow with average strokes, not hard and fast. My wife on the other hand loves it hard and fast. Kevin fucked my wife for 45 minutes, something that I can not do at that pace. Also, I have another problem, I can't last worth a damn when we do it twice a night.

    I have a mental block about getting it up a second time and finishing, that I always cum in under 5 minutes on the second time no matter what the pace is. During the 45minutes that Kevin fucked my wife I was helpless because Kris kept pressure on my balls. My wife came twice. On top of cumming twice, her pussy started making squishy sounds and was letting out a ton of white cream/foam. This confirmed how much she was enjoying it. While my wife and Kevin were fucking, Kris told me to lick my wife's pussy and Kevin's dick. She would ask them if I was doing it, if I wasn't,she would squeeze my balls really hard. Kris also kept questioning my wife. She would ask my wife how it felt and to compare me to her husband. It was at this time that my wife told Kevin and Kris that I didn't like to fuck hard and fast, that I didn't last long, that Kevin was way thicker than me, and that if I ever did it twice in one night, it always was a super short fuck.

    It killed me that my wife was saying all that, but I knew that she was under Kris' control. kris then told my wife to tell Kevin how she wanted it. It was very painful hearing my wife tell someone else to fuck her hard and fast while she was sitting on my face. The last 10 minutes of the fuck Kris told Kevin not to move any more. She told my wife to do all the moving and fucking. So there I was with my wife sitting on my face while she fucked someone else. Kevin finally shot his second load of the night into my wife. I was still not hard (but getting there!). Kris had Kevin slowly withdraw his dick from my wife. She even told him to make sure that his dick hit my forehead and face as it withdrew.

    A string of Kevin's cum was connected to my wife's pussy from his dick, and as he withdrew further from her pussy, it landed right on my face! Kris then told Kevin to rub his dick on my face, and with my balls in her hands, there wasn't much I could do. At that point, I heard Kevin give another chuckle. Kris then told my wife to stand-up but not move. She squeezed my balls and told me to look at my wife's pussy. My wife's pussy looked used, messy, well fucked, red, and quivering. Itlooked like a used wash rag! Then of course, Kris told my wife to sit on my face again. My wife didn't want to disappoint and wouldn't say no, so she lowered her well fucked, cum filled pussy right onto my face. Kris told me to clean up the mess. My choice was to clean my wife's pussy or get my balls crushed. I chose the cleaning. At this point, Kris started to play with my wife's nipples with her free hand. My wife started to really moan and enjoy it. Then Kris says, 'I knew you still liked that!' I began to wonder what the hell my wife did in college! With the nipple play, my wife came again. As she came, her pussy exploded and shot all of her cum and Kevin's cum on my face. Kris was lol, Kevin was lol, and my wife was in ecstasy, and the whole situation made her do a light giggle which was directed at me. As I am cleaning my wife, of course my dick finally got hard!! Kris noticed my hard dick and tells the other two. This of course makes them all lol. Kris then tells my wife and Kevin to enjoy each other and get cleaned up in the shower.

    I know my wife is going to love that, because the shower is one of her all time favorite activities. Kris is still holding my balls. She now moves on top of my face and tells me to clean out her pussy from her husband's first load. While I am cleaning her pussy, Kris tells me that I am almost as good as my wife at licking cunt. Again, I understand the power she has over my wife and I am left to really wonder about my true loves past. I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning out Kris while my wife was showering with her husband. When my wife and Kevin get out of the shower, Kris asked her husband for some help. She was still holding onto my balls with some force. She then had Kevin tie my legs together with heavy plastic cable tie. She had him tie my hands together with the same stuff. Then they moved me to their bedroom and sat me on a chair. Then Kevin used the same cable ties to secure my legs and arms to the chair. They then turned the chair so that it was not facing their bed. At that point, I heard the three of them get on the bed and start to kiss and fondle each other. I had to listen to the three of them getting in on for almost an hour. In the hour I heard Kris tell my wife once again, 'some things don't change!'

    What the hell did my wife do in college' Basically it sounded like my wife was being Kris' bitch and I didn't even get to watch! As when the evening started, my wife was not going to say 'no' to this woman or disappoint her. And on top of that, Kevin was getting a 3 some with some girl on girl action and I got none of it! After about hour, Kris asked Kevin, 'Are you ready for what you have always wanted'' He sounded shocked, but excited as hell when he responded, 'Really' No lies' Honest, don't tease me about this. Of course I'm ready!' I had no idea what was going on. Kris and Kevin then came to me and laid the chair on the ground. Kris told my wife to sit on my face again. My wife was drenching wet from the 60 minutes of foreplay on the bed. I then felt my balls being squeezed again and Kris said, 'Lick your wife's asshole!' My wife moved quickly to have her ass licked. Kris and Kevin were lol. Kris told me to get my wife's ass ready for Kevin to fuck.

    Kris then told my wife to assume the position on the bed when her ass was nice and ready. My wife didn't hesitate to get on all fours on the bed (she totally loves it in the ass!). Kris then told Kevin to untie me from the chair and put me next to my wife with my hands still tied together. While he was moving me on the bed, Kris went into her night stand and got some sex toys. I thought that she was going to play with herself while her husband fucked my wife's ass. I was wrong! Kris then told Kevin that my wife's ass was all his and to do whatever he wanted with it. There were no complaints from my wife -- that killed me. Kris told me that fucking someone's ass was Kevin's number one fantasy and that she had always told him 'no.' She was letting him get what he had always dreamed about from my wife! That was Kevin's third time in one night.

    I could never do that, and my wife knew it. Hell, I was having a difficult time that night just getting hard. I was a beaten man. However, the worst was yet to come.I felt something cold being put on my asshole from Kris' hands. I knew I was in trouble, the sex toys were not just for Kris, they were for me as well. She was going to fuck my ass with a strap-on right next to my wife. She still had one hand on my balls, and besides, I was a beaten man, so there wasn't much for me to do except bend over and take it. Kris slowly slid the whole dildo up my ass, at the same time, Kevin was doing the same to my wife. Kevin started to slowly fuck my wife's ass. Kris started to slowly fuck my ass. Then Kris whispered something to Kevin and they both stopped. Kris then said, 'You need to tell me how you want me to fuck your ass. However you tell me, Kevin is going to fuck your wife the same. If you want it slow, Kevin will fuck your wife slow. I you want it hard and fast,he'll fuck your wife hard and fast. When he is done with your wife, I will be done with you. It's all up to you.

    You are the one who chooses how the two of you get fucked.' I had a slight dilemma. I didn't want someone else fucking my wife's ass. I didn'tw ant her getting her ass fucked as good as her pussy was fucked earlier. So, hard and fast was not one of my top choices. However, slow would have extended how long her ass would have been fucked. And knowing my wife, she would have loved that too. If I would have picked slow, my ass would have been fucked for a long time. And, if I would have picked hard and fast, my ass would have been ravaged. Not a good choice to choose between. So I had to make my choice. I told Kris to fuck me hard and fast, I knew that it was going to hurt, but my theory was that Kevin would cum sooner that way (even though my wife would enjoy it more) and my pain would be over sooner. Kris told me to beg her. So I said, 'Kris, please fuck my ass hard and fast! Please!' Kris, Kevin, and my wife were all lol. Kevin went after my wife like a caveman. I sent in a pic in my last email of the view he got.

    My wife wasin a 'zone.' She didn't even know that I was right next to her. She was so into Kevin fucking her ass that she was begging him to fuck her harder and faster. My wife came twice, yelling it out both times. But after pounding my wife for 20 minutes, he was done, and dumped his third load of the night into my wife's ass. Kris fucked me just like she was the 'caveman' -- and unlike my wife, I didn't cum! When the ass fucking was done, Kris had my balls in her hands again. Again I was forced on my back. Kris told my wife to assume the position over my face. As she stood over me, something dripped on my face. At first I thought it was Kevin's cum from her ass, but I was wrong, it was sweat coming off my wife's ass. She was so into it, she had sweat pouring off her ass onto my face. Then she sat down on my face so that I could clean her ass out. Of course my dick got hard again, as all three of them were lol. I didn't care, I took my dick in my hand and started stroking it. Before I stroked it 10 times, I was cumming. It was one of the best cums of my life!! - CuckedHardcore


    Sunday, January 10, 2010


    Having the 'Cuckold' Conversation

    Hey blog readers. Did you ever have “the conversation?” If you let your wife have a boyfriend, you might want to read this. This is what mine sounded like.

    My wife Julie has had a boyfriend, whose name is Brad for about fourteen months now. She goes to see him about once a week, sometimes more. I have never been invited to watch them have sex, but sometimes she will tell me about their encounters to get me all hot. Their fuck sessions usually last for several hours, and sound pretty intense. It seems he is quite a bit larger than I am in the meat department. Very thick too. I do have to admit that she has told me during sex that she really can’t feel me inside her anymore. I too have trouble cumming because she is pretty much permanently stretched out. I still thought everything was okay until she came home one night and we had the conversation.

    Julie had just returned from Brad’s house. She went upstairs to change into her robe. I heard her call my name and went upstairs. She was sitting on the bed, in only a robe. It was undone, and her breasts were protruding out the front. She said, “sit down, I want to tell you something.” There was a grin on her face, and I began to get excited as I thought she was going to tell me the details of her latest encounter with Brad. As I came into the room, I could see her clothes lying on the floor in a pile. I noticed her panties on top of the pile. They were quite soiled with her and Brad’s cum. She noticed me glancing down at them and let out a little laugh. I thought I was going to get lucky as she asked me again to sit next to her on the bed. I started to get an erection. As I sat down, I could smell the remains of their sexual encounter. She really smells good after sex. Anyhow, she said, “You know honey, I just came back from a wonderful fuck session with Brad. I had a really great time. I came over and over. You should have heard me moaning, Brad said the look on my face as I came was incredible.”

    “That’s great dear”, I said. “What else did you do with him.” My dick was hard and throbbing.

    “Well, that is what I want to tell you. After we got done fucking, he asked me how you were with all this.”

    “You know I don’t mind,” I said.

    “I know dear. I told him that you and I still have sex, but that I just don’t feel you inside me anymore.”

    “What! Why did you tell him that?”

    “Well it’s true, I don’t, and I couldn’t lie to him.”

    “What did he say.”

    “He asked me why that was, and I said that you were too small for me anymore.”

    “You did! Why did you do that, I don’t want him to know that I am small.”

    “Well dear, he does know now.”

    “What did he say about my size?”

    “He laughed and asked me just how small you are. I showed him with my hand, and told him the truth, that you are only about 4.5 inches when you are hard. You know dear, he is a good 8 inches and really thick, a lot thicker than you. I think it is the thickness that makes it hard to feel you anymore. Anyhow, I made a circle with my fingers to show him how thick you are. There is a big difference, you know.”

    “Julie, I can’t believe you did this too me, this is rally embarrassing.”

    “ I know dear, but you can’t help it if you’re small, that’s just the way it is.”

    “What did Brad say when you showed him how thick I was?”

    “Are you sure you want to know?”


    “He laughed again, and said that was the size he was when he was about 15 years old.”

    “Oh, no, I just can’t believe you told him.”

    “Anyhow, he asked me why I still have sex with you, if I can’t feel you in me and I told him that I was being nice to you, and doing my wifely duties. Do you know what he said?”

    “ What.”

    “He said that he had been thinking about that lately, and he has been wanting to ask me to stop having sex with you. He said that he wasn’t sure whether I would be open to this, but that he wants to have me all to himself.”

    “Huh? What did you say?”

    “ I told him that I didn’t think that you would go for it.”

    “Your right dear, I don’t want to stop having sex with you, thank you for speaking up for me.”

    “Well, he said that your urges weren’t important now, this is what he wants. I still hesitated at agreeing, but he said if I didn’t agree to this, he might not want to see me as much anymore.”

    “But you said no, right?”

    “Well not really, he sort of started rubbing his dick, getting it hard and said that I better chose which cock I want inside me. So dear, I had to agree. Do you understand?”

    “No, I don’t understand. Is he that much better than me?”

    “Well ah yes, he is.”

    “ But how could you do this to me?”

    “ You have to understand dear, I have no choice, if I want him inside me.”

    “So what! I can still please you, let him go Julie.”

    “No dear, I want him in me, you just don’t realize what that dick does for me. I can’t, no, I don’t want to stop.”

    So there I sat, the look on my face must have been pitiful.

    “Don’t be so sad dear, it doesn’t mean you can’t cum anymore. It’s just that you can’t cum inside of me.”

    “What do you mean.”

    “Brad doesn’t mind if you jerk off. He doesn’t care about that, in fact he said you could jerk off all you want. He thinks if you spend time jerking off that you won’t desire to have sex with me as much anymore.”

    “Oh, well thanks,” I said sarcastically.”

    “Come on honey. You know how much you like to cum. I will be glad to watch you play with yourself. Why don’t you do it now? It will be fun for you.”

    And that is pretty much how it started. It has been about 4 months since I have had sex with Julie. True to her word though, she does watch me play with myself. Sometimes she does fall asleep or lose interest in watching me though. Sometimes she walks away in the middle of it, or tells me to hurry up and not make a mess. But you know, it really isn’t too bad. The embarrassment is kind of exciting. She tells me about sex with Brad and I get very hot. She teases me about how good it feels, and what I am missing which gets me even hotter. I think we are both getting used to our new sex life that started with “the conversation.” So for you guys out there whose wives have boyfriends with big dicks and a dominate side to them, get ready, you may be taking matters into your own hands. The picture attached is the only one I have of them together. It was a surprise from him to me by email once. - D

    Real Couples home movies. About 28 couples (real people not actors or persons previously in porn) taped themselves at home for 1 hour per day for 7 days straight. They filmed themselves having sex but also doing regular things around the house. It's the closest thing to really being in someone elses house and just watching. See the PREVIEWS for yourself HERE

    Thursday, January 07, 2010


    Her First Meeting Went Well

    This is my first time posting here to share with you the experience I lived.

    We are a couple in our late thirties.

    It's been a long story since I talked with my wife about having an experience with another man. We have been married for over 16 years and she has never done it with another man. It all started with light talking about the subject and slowly getting her at ease with the idea.

    I started to get her response by putting an ad in the local swinger site. We received a lot of feedback but it didn’t get her going. We started with a couple of candidates, starting with a couple of pictures sharing but it didn't go over. A year later I reposted a second add and the same process went by except that by this time we started going a little bit further and I introduced her to webcam sex. It was an instant success. It really got her going, masturbating for a couple of guys. This has gone for quite some time until I mentioned to her the possibility of actually going a little bit further. She started chatting and getting used to a particular guy that she found attractive.

    As time went by I convinced her to try an actual meeting. She only agreed in the condition that nothing was supposed to happen, at least for the first time. We decided to meet this handsome young black guy in a local bar, something public so that she wouldn’t feel pressured.

    When the day came things started well and after a couple of drinks my wife started to feel relaxed and things got going to the point that she was no longer nervous. We ended the night going to the movies. The tension was really unbelievable and apart from occasional glances nothing really happened as it was her wish. This first physical contact really put her at ease and the tides were finally going my way. A month went by with some more msn sessions until she agreed for a second date. For this date she agreed to try something more.

    The day before the scheduled meeting she came up with an idea. I was supposed to be her friend and her young man was to be her date. I was surprised by her idea and at first hesitated but after a while I kind of started thinking that this idea was actually very exciting. I shared her thoughts with the young guy and he was immediately responsive to the proposed scene.

    Well, the day came by and we went into a more private and cozy bar and after a couple of vodkas she was really in the mood with her new boyfriend and me as “a friend”. Things started to spice up and by the second drink they were touching hands and feeling at ease with each other. She told me afterwards that she was getting really wet and I had an instant hard on inside my pants. At some time she asked him if he was hard and I asked her to check it out. To my amazement she did feel him up all the way.

    More laughter and giggles and things went on until she decided it was ok for this night. We went by to the car and as a friend I guided her to the rear seats where she entered with him. As they touch down, I wasn’t even in the car and they were already making out. I almost fainted at this moment. There was my pretty wife with this guy kissing him passionately. As she was in the control of the situation and didn't wanted to go all the way, I drove back to his house, really slowly and tried to look trough the rear mirror what was going on.

    It was a real deception to me because as I was driving I could not appreciate the details of the dark rear seat. I just happened to see a couple of kisses and hugs as we went on. It was really frustrating to me. I was horny has hell just with the thought and at the same time super jealous for not being able to be with her as well.
    I thought that nothing really happened but she told me that things went pretty hot with this guy going for her and she felt him pretty good. The day after I checked with the dude and he told me that she was really hot and going for it.

    We finally reached his destination and he went away but not without kissing her good night.

    After that episode I arrived home and fucked the shit out of her with my raging hard on. It was really exiting but at the same time frustrating because I really could not enjoy the moment has I had imagined by being at the drivers seat.

    I hope you enjoyed my experience, I sure did and I’m eager to tell you about our next meeting. The best is yet to come; at least I hope so in the next meeting. - TG


    Sunday, January 03, 2010


    My Wife at an Adult Theater

    Sandy loves for me to share her with other men. She loves the look in their eyes when they see her magnificent titties. Once she sees that look in their eyes, she can't wait for them to touch, caress and suck on them. It never fails, when she is having her titties serviced really well, little pussy wants some of the action.

    Once for my birthday I called her from work and asked her to go to an adult theater in a nearby town and show off her titties. Of course we both knew what was going to happen and it did.

    She wore a black dress and black high heels. There wasn't anything underneath. After she got there she walked up the stairs to the theater section. A couple of men saw her as she entered the door of the theater and immediately asked her if she would like them to show her around. There were several theater rooms and she accepted their kind offer. They took her into each room so that the others would know that she was there. As they exited each room the number of men that were with her grew. When they entered the last room she had 12 to 14 men with her.

    Once inside the last room she looked and them and said " I am going to make this real easy for you." Then she pulled down the top to her dress and showed them her beautiful titties. She told them that as long as they sucked her titties she would be happy to fuck all of them.

    Immediately two of them began sucking on her titties and a third one got down on his knees and began eating her pussy. She said that she came several times and became very week in the knees.

    Finally she told them to stop and she walked over to the front of a love seat. She pulled her dress up over her head and stood there naked in front of this group of horny men. At that point she laid down on the love seat with her ass up on the arm of it and asked them to suck on her titties.

    Then she had hands, mouths and tongues all over her body. She began to moan and plead for them not to stop. One guy was between her legs eating her pussy. She came several more times before the guy between her legs stood up and pulled out his cock. The others were still sucking on her titties and running their hands up and down her body as the guy slid his cock into her.

    She couldn't stop cumming and when he exploded in her she begged him not to stop. As he pulled out another cock replaced his and she begged him to come in her also. The guys took turns fucking her and sucking on her tittites and she couldn't stop cumming.

    When I came home from work she met me at the door in that dress. She had gotten home only a few minutes before me. As I looked into her glazed over eyes I knew that she had had a great time. We went upstairs and had the greatest sex as she told me all about it. - jason


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