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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, January 03, 2010


    My Wife at an Adult Theater

    Sandy loves for me to share her with other men. She loves the look in their eyes when they see her magnificent titties. Once she sees that look in their eyes, she can't wait for them to touch, caress and suck on them. It never fails, when she is having her titties serviced really well, little pussy wants some of the action.

    Once for my birthday I called her from work and asked her to go to an adult theater in a nearby town and show off her titties. Of course we both knew what was going to happen and it did.

    She wore a black dress and black high heels. There wasn't anything underneath. After she got there she walked up the stairs to the theater section. A couple of men saw her as she entered the door of the theater and immediately asked her if she would like them to show her around. There were several theater rooms and she accepted their kind offer. They took her into each room so that the others would know that she was there. As they exited each room the number of men that were with her grew. When they entered the last room she had 12 to 14 men with her.

    Once inside the last room she looked and them and said " I am going to make this real easy for you." Then she pulled down the top to her dress and showed them her beautiful titties. She told them that as long as they sucked her titties she would be happy to fuck all of them.

    Immediately two of them began sucking on her titties and a third one got down on his knees and began eating her pussy. She said that she came several times and became very week in the knees.

    Finally she told them to stop and she walked over to the front of a love seat. She pulled her dress up over her head and stood there naked in front of this group of horny men. At that point she laid down on the love seat with her ass up on the arm of it and asked them to suck on her titties.

    Then she had hands, mouths and tongues all over her body. She began to moan and plead for them not to stop. One guy was between her legs eating her pussy. She came several more times before the guy between her legs stood up and pulled out his cock. The others were still sucking on her titties and running their hands up and down her body as the guy slid his cock into her.

    She couldn't stop cumming and when he exploded in her she begged him not to stop. As he pulled out another cock replaced his and she begged him to come in her also. The guys took turns fucking her and sucking on her tittites and she couldn't stop cumming.

    When I came home from work she met me at the door in that dress. She had gotten home only a few minutes before me. As I looked into her glazed over eyes I knew that she had had a great time. We went upstairs and had the greatest sex as she told me all about it. - jason


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