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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, October 29, 2007


    Wife Constance's Third Submission

    wife I woke up Friday morning hot and horny for Black cock. All I could think about was finding a Real man and being treated like the cum slut whore I am. As I drove downtown in my mini skirt, fuck me heels and skimpy top, I realized that I was so hungry that it didn’t matter if I knew the man or not.

    I just needed Black cock; to suck it and to be fucked royally. As I drove around. an interested looking man caught my eye as he entered a bar. What’s a horny woman to do? I parked the car and followed him in. Of course! As I walked up to the bar I could feel my juices start dripping down my thighs. Over a drink and small talk, he noticed my wedding ring and asked about whether my husband would be a problem. I told him that since my hubby is a cuck, it didn’t matter. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and besides he was at work. Hearing that, put him at ease and said he was game for some afternoon fun.

    He walked me to my car and gave me a deep, passionate kiss and told me he hoped it wouldn’t take to long to get to the house. It truly was my lucky day as he followed me home.The moment we closed the door behind us, we were in each others arms kissing, tasting and teasing each other. We made our way to the ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Thursday, October 25, 2007


    My Wife Katie - Part 2


    My wife loves to cuckold me and knows how much I enjoy watching her. A few years ago we lived in an Army town and next door was a young couple with the husband being in the army.

    We had visited with them and knew he was getting ready to go overseas for at least a year very soon. When I got home from work one night my wife told me that his wife had gone home to visit her folks and would be gone for the week and she was going to invite him to the house that night for drinks and she ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Sunday, October 21, 2007


    Wife Rachel Cuckolds Husband


    This seems to be the right site for what I am about to tell you. I am a leggy, size 8 wife to a wonderful husband. Although my sex life with my husband is fantastic on the vanilla side, we have a kinky side too.

    When he kept on and on about me teasing him I eventually gave in despite not being keen at first. I am now trying to find more and more ways of teasing him beyond his expectations. I like to bring him to the edge and then deny him, all night long if possible, although sometimes he has blown his load when I tell him of my past boyfriends, something that worried me at first. My favorite way to tease him is great fun for me. He has always nagged at me to play with myself in front of him, with fingers and vibrator. I bought a rabbit and have kept it hidden from him, then after blindfolding him and strapping his hands to the bed I stripped, describing to him what I was doing, "running my fingers over my newly shaven lips" etc.

    Then I did use a vibrator on myself in front of him - but he couldn't actually see it!! Then, when I was satisfied I let him lick it clean and told him that may be the only way he gets to taste me that night. Eventually I had to give in to my own needs and let him tongue me, He was allowed a wank whilst I ate the breakfast he made me in bed. Rather than be embarrassed about his fetish, he told his best mate in front of me one drunken night in about how he loves me to tease him.

    His mate laughed and said something along the lines of wouldn't mind himself blah blah the usual not funny lines. One thing led to another and after more drink and a bit of flirting and daring, he got me to tell Paul, my husband to strip off and get down between my legs, God I must have been ratarsed to have agreed to it. Long story short but I ended up wanking his mate whilst Paul licked my fanny, I let him cum over my thighs and some even landed on Paul's cheek. He seemed to revel in that, I just couldn't understand why, I still don't really. When me and Gary had finished we sat back and Paul wanked off whilst Gary lighthly rubbed my thighs and strayed onto my fanny "by accident".

    I told him he wasn't to clean his cheek until he'd finished wanking. I thought the next time we met Gary it would be awkward but he just carried on as usual, didn't even mention it. I could feel I was looking blushed but he ignored it. Paul has mentioned that we let him into our sex life again, but next time properly. I don't know if I could, not with Gary anyhow ;) but have to admit that cuckolding Paul is begining to feel attractive. I hope you enjoy my story of cuckolding hubby and my picture. I know Paul is going to absolutely love this. - Rachel


    Friday, October 19, 2007


    Hot Wife Elaine

    cuckold My wife Elaine has always liked to flirt and play even before we were married. We have been married 30 years and she has been a hotwife and enjoyed lifestyle activities with other guys for over 26yrs. She has met with other guys without me only a couple of times when she has been out of town for a yearly dental convention in Las Vegas.

    She has never made plans to meet a guy alone before and has never met a guy during the day before until just last week.We have known Ken for almost two years now. He answered an ad we had on
    AFF as we were looking for someone to flirt and play with her on a steady basis. We meet him at a local strip bar in Reno for the first time. Elaine was dressed in her black stockings, a short skirt and had on her nicest “button down” blouse. They got along real well and Ken ordered a round of drinks for us. I left them alone to get aquatinted and took a chair at the edge of the stage.

    I was there for a dancer or two and looked back to our table. It was so hot seeing that she had moved closer to him and his arm was around her. When I returned to the table Elaine left and went to the restroom.. When she returned her blouse was unbuttoned more and she sat back down next to Ken. He was getting a good look at her 42dd straining to get out of her black lacey bra. She smiled at me and winked, her signal to let me know she really liked him. I suggested we leave and go to another bar that Elaine liked. We all went in our car with Ken and Elaine in the back. It didn’t take long before they were



    Monday, October 15, 2007


    My Hot Sexy Wife

    sexy wife
    I have spent much time reading all the posts on your blog and viewing all the cuckold pics. I have spent the past 2 years trying to get my wife of 4 years to cuckold me. She has jokingly performed oral on one of my friends for about 30 seconds, and that was the hottest 30 seconds of my life!

    A friend from my home town had come to visit us one weekend to see our new house. My wife and I had been an on again - off again couple since our 11th grade year. On one occasion where we were apart, my wife had went with her sister to a party. My friend, Adam was there.

    After my wife had a few drinks, Adam made a pass at her. She played the drunk card and pretended she didn't realize what he had just done. A few weeks later we were back together. She waited years to tell me about Adam making a pass at her but swore he never tried anything when we were together.I saw this visit by Adam as my opportunity.

    I began role playing with my wife in bed and making her call his name while I made her cum. When the weekend of his visit finally arrived, I was hopeful that my wife would take the hint and sleep with Adam. We started the night off by going to a local bar. I was the designated ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Friday, October 12, 2007


    About to be Cuckolded - Email Us!

    WIFE This is my wife Tram.

    We are new new to the cuckold lifestyle. I finally got her to agree to take on another man's cock , after many years of playing with the idea with her. We have been married for 5 yrs. and I can't wait to see her get fucked by another man.

    Everytime we are having sex, I would have her imagine she is getting fucked by a co-worker, preferably a black man. She would even say his name out loud when I'm ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, October 08, 2007


    First Discovering My Wife

    It happened nearly 5 years ago. We were at a friend's New Year's party in his rambling country manor house. It was about three in the morning and the party was winding down and I was getting tired so I left the kitchen, where the few guys were still drinking, to look for my wife and get off to bed.

    As I wandered down the passage I noticed one of the doors was slightly ajar and a faint light was shining out. I pushed the door further open and looked in. The sight that greeted me was almost as in the pic except that the guy was white. This picture is from our 3rd encounter with another guy but I am getting ahead of the story. I was so shocked that I immediatly stepped back in to the passage. I am sure neither of them saw of heard me because I was there for several minutes and nobody came out of the room.

    As I stood there a whole range of emotions swept over me. First was an intense jealousy. Next was a feeling of impotency and weakness that I did not have the nerve to go in there, smash the guy's face in and drag my wife off to bed. And then, to my complete amazement I realised my cock was rock hard.

    I have never said anything to my wife about this incident and I still do not know for certain whether the guy fucked her but what I do know is the next time we screwed it was fantastic. At least it was for me, I certainly had the distinct feeling that she was thinking of someone else!!!!

    Up to this point I had had my suspicions that she was fooling around but this was the first time I actually caught her in such a comprimising position. I have caught her several times since, although she does not know, and I have to admit that I always find it an incredible turn on.

    When I finally did confront her we went though a bumpy few weeks until we calmed down and decided to keep things as they were. I wanted her to keep fooling around and she loved that I liked to watch and so started our cuckolding. We have had 4 different guys up t'ill now. - NewCuck


    Friday, October 05, 2007


    My Wife Jenna

    CUCKOLD My wife Jenna and I have been married 18 yrs now, and sexually it's been more than I could have ever imagined!

    A month before we married we swapped one night with a good friend Rob and his wife; after a great night of the four of us Fucking and Sucking I knew I had to put the ring on her finger.

    My then fiance said no one had ever eaten her and fingered her at the same time like Rob had. Both of us had been married before but were greatly unfulfilled;

    She was married to a man with a nine inch Cock, but oblivious on how to excite a woman.

    Fortunately I knew how to arouse her to the point where her juices would flow down her inner thighs; this can come in handy when you have a little 6-incher like mine that ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, October 01, 2007


    Did She Cheat?

    My wife came home late last night after a night with her girlfriends which isn't that unusual. What was though is that I found her passed out on the couch this morning so waking her up, I helped her to the bedroom (she was still wasted) and started undressing her.

    As I unzipped her skirt and let it drop I noticed she lost her underwear! Confused however I finished taking off her bottoms and put her to bed where she passed out almost immediatly. Well curiousity won out as I pulled the covers back off her and looked at her pussy. She was drenched! Her hair was all wet and matted and her lips were slick with her juices (or so I assume). I reached down and parted her lips to look for any signs of her cheating like cum or anything but I couldn't really tell if there was anything except her slippery juices. Then she started to moan and I got scared and started getting ready for work.

    I'm at work now but have not been able to get this off my mind. I took a picture of her while the covers were off her in case I needed proof to show her but now have decided to show all of you. I came across this blog searching for wives who cheat and followed a link and etc...

    I mean did she actually cheat or maybe she was just really turned on after a long night of drinking? I mean I all her juice was clear and slippery if it was cum it would have been clumpy and white right? But mabe it's inseide her? She didn't have any hickeys or scratches or anything like that so maybe I'm just over reacting. Part of me hopes she did cheat. My heart has been racing all day and I have been hard off and on thinking about what could have happened. I'll ask her how it went tonight and hopefully I'll get somewhere. - Greg


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