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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


    I Love to Watch

    This is a true story about one of our adventures.

    After talking about having another man join us my wife and I decided to place an ad in a magazine, she picked out one guy from the replies called Andy, and arranged to meet in a pub just for a drink. He was already there when we arrived and was happy to see her. We had a quiet drink as he sat opposite, he couldn't take his eyes off Denise who was dressed in a short skirt and push up bra with a few buttons undone and stockings.

    When it came time to leave she could see he had a hard on and suggested we find a layby so she could have a "feel" We soon found one and no sooner had we got out the car and he was kissing and feeling her big tits.

    Andy unzipped his trousers and Denise took hold of his by now very big cock "a good 8" and thick" and started to wank him as he played with her pussy. She bent over and started to give it a good sucking while I also got my hard cock out, next she started to suck my cock and while bent over Andy took his chance and thrust his hard cock up my sexy wife. My wife said she could feel his huge balls slapping against her and it wasn't long before he shot a huge load inside her which immediately started oozing out.

    Andy gave her a kiss and said we'd have to meet up soon when he had more time and make a real go of things. With that he tidied himself, kissed my wife and left leaving me to lay my wife on the back seat and kiss her soaked pussy before adding another load to her soaking pussy.

    We did meet up quite a few other times afterwards and had more fun. Here is a picture of Andy & Denise. - Watcher


    Sunday, November 26, 2006


    Finally got her to Fuck Another!

    I used to tell my wife that I wanted to see her fuck or suck somebody one day, it was just talk till one night when a buddy of mine was passing through town and stayed overnight with us. We went out for food, drinks and some dancing and home about 10 PM. My wife strips down to her shelf bra, no panties on, thigh highs and walks into buddy's bedroom leaving the doors to the bathroom that connected the rooms open. I could see her in the mirrors as she was letting him suck her tits and finger her and was frenching him. She then pulls his undershorts off him and starts sucking his cock. I am watching all this in the mirrors when she calls me to come in and join them. I go in and she is sucking away and stops to tell me to do her doggy, no problem here, I was on it. We both worked her over for about 4 hours and I have to tell you she loved all the attention. After that it was hard to do it again because she was worried I'd think she was a slut. I told her nothing could be further from the truth! But it was still hard to do again.

    We finally did it basicaly by having another good friend over watching videos and and she sat between us on the couch. Our friend sat on one side with me on the other side of her and after awhile we both started putting our hands on her legs and worked our way up. She didnt stop us and before long she had her hand on us, then as our hands work on her pussy she unzipped our pants and started jacking us off. Well before long she was sucking him and then our friend ate her out and started doing her. From then on it became easier to set-up and we have been having fun ever since, about 6 months now. We are a young couple just getting started in this lifestyle and love hearing about other people's cuckold adventures. Here is a picture of her with the 2nd guy. - George


    Friday, November 24, 2006


    Her & the Bus Driver

    My wife went on an overnight school trip with her son's class as a chaperone. On the bus trip she was seated next to one of the male chaperones. The talk soon became filled with innuendos. By the time they arrived at the museum they were to tour, she was creaming in her pants from all the steamy chat. They walked behind the group. She was so horny she grab the chaperone by the hand, pulled him into the ladies' room and into a stall. She sat down and pulled out his cock. She said he was hard as a rock. She sucked him until he exploded in her mouth. They quickly straightened up and rejoined the group.

    That night she heard him at her hotel room door. He was trying to discreetly get her attention to open the door. She was quiet to make it appear she was asleep. She did not want to see him that night because lying next to her, naked, was the black bus driver.

    When they got to the hotel, the driver approached her and they got to talking. She said he had such incredible eyes that she was completely drawn to him. He walked her to her room and when she opened the door he walk in behind her, took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She melted. He slowly peeled her clothes off and ran his big fat tongue all over her body. When his tongue penetrated her pussy she was on fire. His cock was bulging in his pants and she tore at his cloths to get him naked.

    When she saw his thick 10 inch cock, she begged him to fuck her but he told her to suck it. She had a hard time getting her hands around it let alone sucking it but she did. After about 10 minutes of sucking, he put her on all fours and placed his dick at her wet opening. Slowly he pushed in. She never felt so filled before. The more he stroked the fast the pace. She lost count how many times she came. When he finally exploded in her the cum just poured out of her twat like beer foam overflowing a glass.

    When she awoke in the morning the driver was gone. Later on the bus, the chaperone asked where she was the previous night. She told him she went to bed early with a headache. All the way home the driver kept looking at her in the mirror all the while smiling. Since then we have invited him over to our house several times. This picture is one of them. - Rob


    Wednesday, November 22, 2006


    Me, My Friend & Fiancee

    My best friend and I used to have sex with my fiance (now my wife of 5 years).

    I am dead-ass, 100% serious when I describe this situation, my wife used to straddle fuck my friend. I'd straddle his thighs, my knees between my wife's knees (her knees were spread far apart). I'd fuck her in the ass.

    I swear this is true, we did this particular sex act at least 25 times, 90% of the time the three of us could time our orgasms so that we all came at the same time. I mean the SAME time. Literally, the SAME time.

    Were we just lucky or were we really good? I've got to tell you I remember many of those nights very well. I still vividly remember certain parts of our first simultaneous orgasm together - just like it happened yesterday.

    I was in my wife's ass, "ahead" of my wife and our friend - meaning that I was having to hold back my orgasm as I gently slid in and out of her ass. I remember my wife kissing my friend as he massaged her tits - the two of them getting ready to cum together.

    We three were in constant communication, each of us announcing how many seconds we were from orgasm. As I said, I was having to hold back, though I was on a razor's edge.

    My wife and my friend then announced, after a methodical build-up, that they were going to cum. I remember letting myself go, my orgasm just moments from starting. I remember feeling my wife's ass hole tighten and begin to pump and pulsate, while at the same INSTANT I felt my friend's shaft jolt powerfully as he pumped out his cum inside her pussy.

    I came immediately, my friend and I simultaneously ejaculating inside my wife's throbbing pussy and ass.

    I got to tell you, it was great. As I said we did this alot over a year long period and had a really high success rate of achieving a 3-way simultaneous orgasm.

    All this is the honest to God truth, as were we really fortunate to be able to do this? As I said, we three were graphically open in our verbal communication so that we knew EXACTLY how close we were from cumming. We stopped doing this when we had our first child but the memories are still fodder for our fantasies and we hope to get back into it soon. I have attached a picture from one of our sessions. We had the camera on "timer" and got a few good ones.

    BTW, the membrane between the pussy and ass is VERY thin. I could feel my friend's shaft slide in and out of her like we were sliding against each other. I'm sure he felt the same thing. Another comment, we never DP'd her vigorously for fear of tearing her membrane, which really is amazingly thin. - Keith


    Monday, November 20, 2006


    Her First Time

    Moira and I used to talk about sex whilst we made love. I would always talk about seeing her fucked by another man and this always got her worked up and very wet. I tried for a long time to persuade her that we could put the fantasy into reality and after some time she agreed. I made contact with a chap named Alan from London and he sent me some photographs of himself and I sent some of Moira. She is dark haired, petite with lovely breasts. She is somewhat shy and not at all adventurous in sexual matters. We went to London bt rail and booked into a hotel and right on time Alan arrived. We sat and talked for a while and then Moira excused herself and went up to our room. Alan and I followed about half an hour later and as we entered the room Moira was standing at the window with her back to the door. She was wearing a black mini-top, black short skirt, black stockings and suspenders and a thong. I went to her and keeping her back to Alan I took her into my arms and raised her skirt up around her waist revealing her firm round bottom to Alan's gaze. He started to strip down to his briefs and moved up behind Moira his hands fondling her bottom. I turned her around and pushed her towards Alan and then moved away from them with the camera ready. Alan got down to work and slowly stripped Moira of her skirt, then her thong and just left her wearing the top. He spread her legs wide and put his head between her legs and sucked her wet fanny and all the time Moira was holding his head and pulling him into her. He changed his attention to her tits and as he sucked one he rolled the nipple of the other between his fingers. Moira was loving every moment of it and showed no signs of shyness at all. Soon she was stark naked and Alan stood up to remove his briefs, thats when his huge rampant cock sprang into site. I could see why he had kept it covered until now when there was no going back. Moira wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to stroke it and it seemed to grow even more. I was in doubt that Moira could take this weapon all the way. Alan lay on his back and Moira mounted his hips his cock stood up behind her like some great ramrod. She raised herself almost to a crouching position over his cock and taking it in her hand she slowly rubbed its head up and down against her wet, swollen and open fanny. Then slowly she lowered herself over it and I could see the whole length slowly sliding into my wife. She sat down all the way until only his balls were showing and then she began to fuck herself on his huge cock. It was really wonderful to watch, that great cock going full length in and out of her, filling her belly with hot hard cock. After some time they changed positions, her legs around his waist, then over his shoulders, now on her hands and knees and all the time he never once took his cock out of her or stoped fucking her. Eventually at 2 in the morning with a final heave of his cock he shot his spunk deep inside my wife. He withdrew his cock and I stripped naked and took his place. Alan dressed and quietly left us and Moira and I continued to fuck each other. The whole evening was fantastic and exciting. We have met Alan again down here in Plymouth on a couple of occasions, but thats another story. All these things actually happed and Moira is much more adventuresome in sexual matters now. - Giv



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    Friday, November 17, 2006


    Sharing My Wife

    I always wanted share my wife with another but she always said it will never happen. Now I have tried many times to arrange things to happen, but she would never go for it.

    I lived in burbs of Chicago and we had a cook-out planned for friends of ours (Marine Corps buddies). As always we had plenty of beer and for some reason the conversation of sex games came up. Everyone said they all played one or knew of some. As we talked, my wife was right in the middle... saying some games named sounded lame or would never buy them. I explained a game I knew using dice and she said it would be boring and would never work.

    I went into the house and found a large set of foam dice that hung on our rearview mirror of my truck. On one dice I wrote on each side: Kiss, Suck, lick, rub, Squeeze & nibble. On the next: Nipples, Feet, Ass, Neck, Lips and Your choice.

    We started to play..and it was pretty tame. Buddy rolled dice... picked my wife and I was amazed she played along. David rolled and got to lick her neck. She rolled and Sucked on his nipples. Next demetris got to suck her nipples. I WAS TOTALY amazed as she lifted her shirt and let him remove her tit form her bra (Wife has 36C's) and suck on her nipple.

    After about 10 minutes of play... David rolled "lick & lips". He asked her to drop her pants and she quicky said "No-way" wrong lips! Well the game came to a halt and I went to get more beer for all. When I got back David was still trying to talk her into it but she wouldn't. I whispered in her ear that she should just have fun and quit being a party pooper. She gave me the look and sat down and sipped her beer. Finally she said "OK" and dropped her pants! Oh my! It was priceless, she walked to the couch laid back and David spent about 30 minutes licking her! Me and Demetris just watched. I loved her eyes as she closed them and enjoyed the moment!

    I told Demetris to go play with her tits and he walked over and started to rub them and finally lifted her shirt and play with them. I walked over and place my erect friend on her lips... she shook her head no...but just then she had an orgasm and when she finished...sucked on me as she moaned out loud.

    David finally dropped his pants and rubbed himself on her pussy. She keeped closing her legs as her tried to enter her... and said he could touch only. After a few minutes she wanted to whisper something in my ear: (Would you be mad if I let him fuck me?) OH! I was in heaven and we all fucked for at least 6 more hours!

    That night was full of wild fun that lead to many more fun nites. Here is a picture of her that we took not long after that encounter as it opened up her "wild" side. - Darren


    Wednesday, November 15, 2006


    My Husband Watched

    Last Saturday night was the Halloween party at a club we often go to. Not too creative on my costume ... a really short black wrap around skirt, white thong, Hooters t-shirt torn a little down the front, and heels.

    As the night went on, Ryan (my husband) and I seperated, as planned. He bought a couple of drinks and watched from the bar as I danced on the raised stage-like thing they have at the edge of the dance floor. It's about 4 feet high with the dance floor on one side and a standing area with a shelf for drinks on the other. ... kind of like dancing on the bar. There are always guys, and often girls, standing there looking up. The girls dancing up there all try to out sexy each other. A couple of pairs of girls were making out as they danced. A girl with a skirt knows she is putting on a show.

    I danced for quite awhile getting comments from many guys as I dirty danced and teased. Ryan was loving the show. Then I spotted a good looking guy standing back a bit but definitely giving me his full attention. As I danced, I ran my hands over my breasts, down across my belly, and briefly between my legs. Then I did a "come here" sign with my index finger. He moved over by the stage and set his drink on the shelf.

    Once I had him close, I began a show especially for him. Others watched intently but, my moves were to make him hot. I ripped the shirt a little farther down, exposing move cleavage. I played with it showing more or less as I moved. Finally, I tied it up so that my belly was bare between the bottom of my breasts and the very low top of my skirt. The move he seemed to like best was when I faced away from him and bent over at the waist, hands on my ankles, girating ass aimed directly at him, and thong positioned so it looked like my butt was nude. I let him slide his hands up and down my legs as I did this. He could only reach to about my knees but it felt really good and turned me on even more.

    After doing that a couple of times, I turned toward him and squatted and danced. The skirt was so short that he was looking at the thong which barely covered my front and conformed to every curve. I again motioned him in with my finger, leaned over, and told him to dance with me.

    I climbed down from the stage and he met me on the dance floor. We danced in ways that looked like we were having sex on the dance floor. Rubbing and grinding and touching. As he leaned over and kissed me deeply, I took his hand and pulled him to an upper, less populated area of the club. There were a few tables and a few people there. I took him behind one of the tables where 3 girls were heavily involved in dancing with guys.

    We again started the sex dance, This time, hands went to breasts and the front of his jeans and the front of my skirt. In a very short time his hand was under the skirt fingering me through the thong as we ground into each other. I leaned back against the table and raised one leg up and around his waist. He pressed the bulge in his jeans hard against me as he reached around and put his hand between my legs from behind. He then moved the thong to the side and, as several people kind of watched, inserted a couple of fingers into me. As we danced, he finger-fucked me and made me cum in a body shaking orgasm. I almost collapsed as he finished me.

    When I recovered, I looked around and saw Ryan at a nearby table, with and a huge smile on his face. - Ann


    Monday, November 13, 2006


    Bride, Groom & Best Man Fuck

    True story here: My wife and I and my best man slipped out of the rehersal dinner early to go back to our apartment for a quick MFM. We had done a MFM with him before and while him and I were out running around that day we were recounting our previous escapades! It got both of us horny so we decided we were going to do everything we could to get a repeat performance. We got her to the apartment without telling her what we wanted, I took her in the bedroom and untied her dress which fell to the floor leaving her naked! I sat back on the bed, pulled her forward and put my dick in her mouth. My buddy then came in the room and started licking from her pussy up to her ass which always gets her hot! Once he knew she was into it he put his dick into her and started pounding as hard and as fast as he could. I think he lasted about 3 minutes before he came in her (we knew he was clean). Right after that she jumped up on me and slid her wet pussy down my cock! It was the hottest and wettest pussy EVER!!!! I think I lasted about 3 minutes too, then blasted up inside of her myself! While she was fucking me, my buddy was behind her just rubbing her and kissing from her ass up to the top of her neck. We knew that some of the family, including her mom, was coming back to our apartment after the dinner so we had to finish. We heard the front door open and her maid of honor walked in. She was a real uptight bitch that none of us liked except for my wife, so you can imagine what she thought when she came around the corner and found the 3 of us spent on the bed! I thought my wife would freak out and be embarrased, but she just didn't care and went back to work on my buddy's dick with her mouth. Her maid of honor yelled something at us, I don't remember what, but did alert us that the family was on the way. My buddy laid back on the bed and my wife got on top of him, fucking him for the sole sake of getting herself off. After she got off we all got dressed just in time before the family got there! There is more to the story later that night as the girls took her out and the guys took me out, we ended up meeting at a club when I walked in on her getting freaky with 2 guys she was dancing with, but that is another story I will tell later if anybody is interested. For now we have a picture of us all getting nasty on the bed about 6 months before our wedding.

    I still remember her pussy being wet and puffy the night of our wedding, and I remember thinking about how she had 2 loads of cum in her the night before and that there must have still been some in her when we were at the alter :-)

    We have been very happily married now for 6 years, and to this day the only 2 guys she has ever been with were me and my best man. although she fucked him a few times before the wedding, and the night before the wedding, she has not fucked him since. the memories of that night are enough to set either of us off anytime we recount them!!!! - Cliff


    Friday, November 10, 2006


    Cream Pie Surprise?

    My wife and I were staying in a midtown hotel for her college class reunion. On reunion night, she was fetched by Alvin, an old college boyfriend.

    I had agreed on this set-up since my wife said it was the most practical arrangement since his house was not that far from the hotel where we were staying.

    I did not join the reunion since I didn't know anybody from their school. I decided to spend the night in our hotel room browsing on the internet and watching some porno movies while waiting for her return.

    She kept calling me regularly by mobile phone to update me on the progress of the events in her reunion. She was very enthusiastic about the compliments she was receiving for her fantastic overall coordination of the reunion.

    She called again to tell me that her welcome speech was well received by the whole class. They said her speech was so “witty, entertaining and so enthusiastic”.

    At about 1:30 a.m., I got another call from her. This time her tone of voice was completely different from the earlier calls. It sounded giddy, excited and a little nervous. In fact, I had a hard time understanding what she was saying.

    She was telling me that the party was almost over and she was asking for my ok for her to drive around town with Alvin first before going back to the hotel. She could not tell me the details. But she was practically begging me to say yes. Without attaching any malice to their motives, I quickly said yes but I told her to take care.

    At around 3:00 in the morning, I heard a soft knock in our hotel room. I opened the door and had the shock of my life. It was my wife and she was just wearing her black lace teddy and high heels! Nothing else. Not even her matching thongs. By the looks of her face and her heavy breathing, I quickly sensed that she was in a state of high sexual arousal.

    She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ears “I just had sex with Alvin! Your wife was very naughty just an hour ago.”

    I thought she was just joking but when I saw a very wet spot in her teddy where the thongs should have been I knew that she meant every word she just said.

    This was her complete account of what actually transpired in the previous two hours:

    My wife said that Alvin was paying a lot of attention to her during the party. He held her hands, kept looking at her amorously, and even gave her some smooches in the cheeks. But she didn’t have the time to reciprocate because she was practically the center of attention during the party.

    However, when they left the party and proceeded to his car in the parking area, things dramatically changed. It started when Alvin asked for one simple kiss from her. That first kiss was reciprocated by a passionate kiss from him directly to her lips. This gradually evolved into deep tongue-in tongue kissing and eventually necking and petting.

    She admitted that they acted like two hot teenagers with raging hormones. In the car, they both admitted that they were desperately aching for each other's body. Alvin told my wife that he desperately wanted to make love to her.

    My wife remained quiet after this remark. Alvin seized the moment and decided to go the drive-in motel known for "lover quickies” in the area.

    When they were already in the motel room, Alvin told her that she could still change her mind. He also gently reminded her that this was a consensual thing between two adults. Nothing forced. No unusual expectations from each other.

    She replied, without any hesitation, that she was 100% for it. She then went to the bathroom and undressed. She came out wrapped in a large motel bath towel. Alvin was so pleasantly surprised to see her virtually naked for the first time in front of him.

    They tightly embraced and did some sort of slow, romantic dancing in the room(without background music!). She said that Alvin kept on pressing his body and she could feel the big bulge in his white boxer shorts. She found it a little hard to keep pace with their dancing because she had to hold on to the towel with one hand at her back.

    Then Alvin slowly led her to the bed. They resumed their passionate kissing. His hands were all over her body but he made sure that the towel was still wrapped around her as some sort of last symbol of false modesty on my wife's part before he saw her completely nude.

    He then slowly brought down his boxers and held out his very erect and engorged dick. My wife said that she had never seen a dick that large in her life.

    The first f--- was so passionate and full of raw, almost animal-like passion. His thrusts were slow as if he wanted to savor each moment of sex with my wife. She admitted that it was so pleasurable because of his slow but deep thrusts.

    Every thrust was answered by her loud screams and soft moans.

    My wife said that she acted without any inhibitions at all. She had this strange feeling that they were a newly-married couple in their honeymoon.

    She said that she came three times before his own climax. He complimented her for being so “multi-orgasmic” unlike his own wife. My wife was also in awe about his stamina which she described in her words as his "amazing power of recovery”.

    She was so surprised that about five minutes after his orgasm, he wanted to make love for the second time. My wife said she remarked "AGAIN?" (More as a pleasant surprise than as a complaint). He simply smiled, opened widely her legs and mounted her again.

    She said that she came at least twice during that second time. After his climax, the second for the night, they rested and drank mineral water, watched some porn movie on TV and had some idle chat. They talked about their common friends, latest local gossips, shared interests, their respective families and even about their favorite cooking recipes!

    My wife felt that they were done for the night. (Frankly, she is used to our lovemaking where I normally have two orgasms at the most.) She started looking for her hair clip that fell off probably during their tight embraces in bed. On all fours, she crawled like a dog around the bed looking for the pin among the pillows. Alvin was also helping her looked for the pin. The two naked lovers must have looked funny crawling around and around the bed!

    Her crawling posture must have given him some naughty ideas since her butt at some point was facing his face directly. She distinctly felt his mouth almost buzzing on her pussy lips! He abruptly ended their search for her hair pin and without any warning grabbed her waist from behind. He told her that he desperately wanted to try the “doggy-style” position this time! She offered no resistance at all.

    The funny part was that his dick kept slipping out as they were doing doggy-style. Apparently; her pussy was so slippery. Eventually she got so frustrated by the constant slip-ups.

    She told him that she wanted to be on top of him. They quickly exchanged positions. She said that she furiously rode on him.

    At a certain point, he gently interrupted their lovemaking to put the towel behind her back. He was concerned about her getting sick since her naked back was being hit by a strong air draft from the room’s air conditioning unit. My wife was so touched by this small, thoughtful gesture.

    They quickly resumed their lovemaking. She was panting, screaming like a wild woman in the heat. She had a big orgasm. His own orgasm shortly followed. She said his orgasm was accompanied by very loud guttural groans.

    After the “woman-on-top” position, they hugged and passionately kissed again. She said that Alvin was such a good kisser with his tongue expertly darting in and out of her mouth. Eventually, my wife again noticed some movement between her legs.

    He was ready to mount again but she pleaded with him to stop and call it a night. Her pussy was real SORE! He ignored her. He told her they were checking out in ten minutes but she had to at least kiss him all over.

    My wife admitted that she was still turn on but her pussy was real sore. So she just kept licking his nipples and then his wet dick and balls. Alvin was aroused again but he honored my wife's request not to fuck again at least that night.

    He told her to dress up just wearing her black lace teddy with no thong. She agreed thinking I would get excited by her surprise attire.

    At the end of her narrative, she still had one more bombshell to explode. She asked me to touch her pussy and there I realized that she actually had a cream pie waiting for me! We had the best lovemaking in years. I was so turned on imagining what my wife did barely an hour ago with her new lover. Please find attatched a hot picture of my wife. - Lance


    Wednesday, November 08, 2006


    Her Black Lover

    black lover
    My wife's best friend has a black boy friend. Her husband knows of her affair. He doesn't let her fuck him in their house. So she goes to his place to open her legs or to lift her ass up for him. The black guy has a younger brother. She suggested my wife if she'd introduced him to her. My wife asked me if she could meet with him. I accepted. She brought her lover and his brother to our place to meet my wife. He's a handsome guy. After some talks with wine the best friend’s lover asked me if they'd use our guest bedroom for a while. Ten minutes later the brother asked me if he'd use our bedroom with my wife for a while too. I wasn't stunned with his question. I was already waiting for it. I accepted but wanted to watch them and take a few pictures. She didn't accept it and said not during the first time. She wanted to get used to it. One hour later she called me in and I watched their second round. It was an unbelievable wild fuck. Since then he’s my wife's steady lover. He comes to fuck her whether I’m home or not. When I’m home I always watch them. Some times her best friend and her lover come to us together. My wife and her best friend enjoy swapping their black brothers too. Her best friend doesn't mind when I watch her either. Their recent trend is MFMF. It's wonderful seeing two black dicks in my wife when she eats her best friend's pussy or visa versa. Believe or not believe I also fucked her best friend a few times when the two guys sandwiched my wife. Her husband doesn't know anything about the second black guy and my dick in her pussy. Here is one picture of my wife with the younger brother. - Samuel


    Monday, November 06, 2006


    My Wife at a Party

    My 37 year old wife told me about a bachelorette party she went to on Saturday night. It was the party for one of her co-workers who is about 27.
    She only told me about when we were fooling around when she came home a little drunk and very horny, and she was a little vulnerable.
    She told me about the male dancer someone hired to come to one of the ladies houses and how good looking he was. And how after about 20 minutes of him grinding away on all the ladies one of the girls reached into his shorts and started to masturbate him in front of everyone. He was going around letting everyone touch him, if they wanted to. My wife said she only "rubbed it" thru his underwear. That turned me on sooo much! Her touching another cock. She said when he made it back to the bride to be the room was urging her to touch it, but she only did with her finger tips. So one of the other girls rushed over and pulled it out right in front of her and masturbated it right in front of the bride to-be. They all came over to where this was and all watched and many reached in to take a turn at rubbing him off. I asked what she was doing at the time, she said she reached in a couple of times. That got me very excited. She told me a couple of the girls there actually took him into their mouths. I asked her if she did, she said no. She went onto to tell me the bride to-be finally gave in and was rubbing him, switching hands often. The bride to-be also was the one that got to "finish him off" as my wife put it. She said that it was incredible watching another woman masturbate a man to completion. All of the other woman in the room were also enjoying the show she said. God, that got me excited hearing her give me the details!! We are now fantasizing about taking it up another level and perhaps cuckolding in the near future. Until then, here is a picture of my wife. - Cal


    Friday, November 03, 2006


    My Wife on a Cruise

    We were on a carnival cruise out of miami and I told my wife that if the opportunity arose, she could have sex w/ anyone on the ship that she wanted to. Well, at first she thought I was crazy but after afew days, she started to like the idea. I would point out guys to her that I knew were her type and tell her that she'd look hot fucking him or blowing him. In the evening she began to wear very revealing outfits that showed off her hot body. She's 43 but could easily pass for 30, 5'6", 120lbs, has long wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect 34b tits and is always shaved. On the fourth night we were having drinks on the deck when one of the guys that I had pointed out to her earlier in the trip came to the bar. We started some small talk and partying w/ each other. My wife became more flirtious and would frequently put her arm around his neck or grab his thigh as we were all talking and laughing. She was wearing black shorts, orange spaghetti strap tank top which showed off her tits nicely and a pair of sneakers. Man she looked smoking even thouygh she was dressed casually. My wife excused herself and when to the ladies room and Lou was really giving her the look over. I told him how lucky I was to have such a hot looking wife and that she really loved sex. Lou was a little stunned at first but seemed to hold his composure. At this point my wife came back to the bar and sat on the stool. I told her that Lou was checking her out as she went to the restroom. She smacked his ass and told him he was a bad boy. I then told her that I informed Lou how much she enjoyed sex. She was speechless at first and then after a few seconds she spread open her legs revealing her pussy just "slightly" through the leg opening in her shorts and said "well, I guess he'll like this then." She was showing him her bald pussy w/out any underwear on. I suggested that it might be better if we all went to our cabin for a night cap which everyone readily agreed. I told them that i'd be down there in a few minutes and that I would take care of the tab first. I gave them about 15 minutes before I arrived. When I opened the door, there was my wife on her knees w/ her top off sucking Lou's cock. She loves to give head and really gets into it. It makes her pussy so wet. I just sat down and watched the two of them go at it. Lou ate her pussy before fucking her doggie style. She called me over and began to suck my cock as Lou pounded her from behind. He pulled out and came all over her back after about 10 minutes. We switched places and she began to lick his cum dripping dick as I fucked her. The site of my sexy wife w/ Lou's cock in her mouth was to much for me and I came in her soaked pussy. We spent the rest of the evening fucking my wife in every position thinkable. Over the next 3 days she got all the double pleasure that she could ever want. Wow, we can't wait for our next cruise. We have several pics from that evening and want to post one of em on here. This one is of Lou on top of my wife as he was about to make her cum hard! - Chuck


    Wednesday, November 01, 2006


    My Wife & Her Boss

    cuckold marie
    This is a story about the brief affair Marie (my wife) had with her first boss 5+ years ago. This was the first time he had my future wife:

    I went to their office at the end of a day the week following their first flirtation to explain that she was free to play, but that people she worked with were off-limits in our agreement. But, as you can see by her photo a few years later, she was too cute and too fun for him to abstain.

    A few weeks later, they had a big project that had her office working overtime. The second day, they wound up working until after dark, so when the team closed up, they all quickly hopped in their cars and drove off while her boss locked the door. In retrospect, we figured out that he knew Marie rode a bike to work (we lived less than a mile away) and that, once again, he had purposefully engineered the project to create this opportunity.

    As she struggled with her combination lock in the darkened parking lot, he drove up beside her and gallantly offered to give her a ride home. She was uncomfortable about being alone in the dark after a guy had slapped her butt on the way home during the daytime a week or so earlier. Now that I'm telling this story for the first time, it occurs to me that he had probably overheard her telling the girls who worked for her about the butt-patter.

    She accepted, so he put the bike in his trunk and walked around with her to open her door. She got in, but he didn't close the door. He just stood there looking at her.

    To her unspoken question, he responded, "You are so beautiful and so sexy. I'm working on it, but I am having a hard time forcing myself to resist." With that, he leaned in quickly to kiss her gently and tentatively on the lips.

    "Don't. What if the employees saw that?"

    "They've all gone. We're alone here." He leaned down and kissed her again, then, feeling that she was suddenly hot and responsive, said, "No one will see as we're in the back seat with the doors closed."

    The illicitness of the moment was too delicious, and she hadn't yet gotten enough of this handsome, confidant, Eastern-European man. His attraction to her still had her turned on. "OK, but drive over to the end of the parking lot so people won't see the car from the street." Those were the last words spoken; they both knew what was going to happen.

    He drove quickly to the bottom of the lot. They both got out and got into the back seat together so fast that both front doors and both rear doors were opened and closed in almost a single motion. They were immediately all over each other. Locked in a passionate embrace, tongues playing in each other's mouth, they ran their hands all over the other's body.

    He reached under her sweater to cup her breast, then behind her to unsnap her bra. When he brought his palm around to her now-naked breast, she said her nipples were so hard they ached for his touch and she instantly was as hot as she had been the first night he seduced her.

    After a few minutes of fondling and kissing her, he kissed her breasts and nibbled her nubs gently with his lips stretched over his teeth. She thinks she may have orgasmed right then, but she says she was so excited that she thought she might have had a low-level, continuous orgasm until after he brought her home. As he stimulated her with his mouth, she had removed her sweater and bra and was now topless.

    She had been rubbing his cock through his suit pants, but while kissing and caressing her breasts, he had used one hand to unbutton his shirt and loosen his suit pants. As he sat back up on the seat to kiss her lips, his hard cock bounced in his lap.

    She said that his cock, somewhat shorter and much thinner than mine, was the perfect size for her smaller mouth. She grabbed it and wanked him slowly while they kissed, still hungrily tonguing each other's mouths. Now, you need to know that nothing turns this lady on more than sucking a cock. Nothing.

    She broke their kiss and immediately leaned down to take the head in her lips while licking the bottom of his shaft. With one hand, she cradled his balls. The other hand was busy removing her hose and panties. Then she pleasured herself while making love to the erection in her mouth.

    By now, he had removed his tie and striped off above the waist. Sensing that he was close to coming, Marie felt an urgent need between her legs. She lay back on the seat, naked but for the skirt bunched around her waist, and she spread her legs in an obvious invitation that she needed to be mounted.

    He waited for a moment, savoring the vision before him. I imagine that he still wanks to that memory all these years later: a smiling, beautiful, trim babe with perky breasts and a trim pussy open and wet just for him.

    He moved over her, bracing himself on his outstretched arms so that he could look in her eyes as he slowly inserted himself into her. She couldn't take the tension, and immediately wrapped her arms and legs around him to pull him completely onto and in her. She said she had a big orgasm as he bottomed out in her and their pubic bones touched.

    He tried to last longer, but was done in about a minute. She was still hot, so she pushed him back and with a few minutes of applying her oral talents, sucked him back to life. She mounted him cowgirl style and road him vigorously for several minutes. When she slowed down, he picked her up and laid her on her back without unplugging. This time, he pounded her like a bull. She managed to have another small high before he unloaded in her for the second time in 15 minutes.

    She cleaned his cock off with her mouth. Without a word, they got dressed, got in the front seat and he drove her the five-minute trip home. They got her bike out of the trunk, and he got in the car and started it back up.

    She stood outside his opened car window, and said, "You know that that's never going to happen again, don't you?"

    "I know. The next time it will be in your bed."

    That was Marie's first encounter and in my opinion her hottest! I am giving you a picture of her with me and another guy (this is a few years later now) that we met at a local sports bar while watching the Super-Bowl. I hope your readers will enjoy her story. - Kevin

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