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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, September 29, 2006


    My Wife Started It

    I started this cuckolding thing years ago when my wife and I had gone to counseling. We were told to be honest with each other and she told me about her fucking a black guy in high school. I felt very strange and perversely fascinated. I demanded she tell me details until she lost her patience. She then put me in my place and asked that it not come up again. It did and she promptly left for the evening. When she came home I was in bed and she climbed in beside me. She smelled of sex and I reached between her legs to discover the truth. She sat on MY FACE as she told me of her conquest. I was humbled and my thrill was outrageous. When I put my cock in her she felt like velvet and I burst in a flash. That was a few years ago like I said. Now I enjoy watching guys service my wife. I have watched her service guys from 18 to one well hung guy who had to be near 60. Let me tell you he worked her pussy for almost 2 hours. I enjoyed it but love to see her doing those young guys as she is 39 and sexy. I am submitting my favorite picture of her for your blog. In it she is servicing 2 guys at once. One guy is a neighbor friend and the other is his co-worker. We met them both while being invited to a BBQ at the neighbor's house one day. - Karl


    Wednesday, September 27, 2006


    My Boss & My Wife

    My boss often fucks my wife. It started a couple of years ago at the office Christmas party when he and his assistant (who's quite a bossy female) had her on my desk. It was her first time with another woman and she seemed to enjoy it. At the time the company was going through a downsizing and she claims she did it to keep my job, but I think that she has fancied him for a while. I had often thought about seeing her been taken by another man and must admit I did enjoy seing them in action. Since then I've enjoyed a promotion and a couple of good pay increases.

    The boss often goes to our house and spends the afternoon with her - I know when he's been round as she won't be wearing any underwear when I get home. He has also fucked her when I've been at home and i've have to listen to them hard at it. I think that they are looking at making me a cuckold as the wife keeps saying that I should watch a real man in action as I can't satisfy her, she says his assistant fucks her better than I do. This picture is of my wife with my boss. I have others but can't show you because they show my boss's face and I don't want to do that without asking him first. - Doug


    Tuesday, September 26, 2006


    Exposing Jenny

    CUCKOLD My wife has always had an exhibitionist tendency, probably left over from High school days when we had sex in risky places like parks and beach's. It always gave her great pleasure to be seen by other men while wearing little or nothing. She is a gorgeous woman, I always found her incredibly sexual. Lush brown hair and ample breasts with a heavy growth of pubic hair at the base of her belly. Her exhibitionism was always present, though, and what happened that afternoon far exceeded her usual limit. One late summer afternoon we had a young male friend come round to see us.

    His name was Anthony and he was aged about twenty, just about ten years younger than us. We had a few glasses of wine while sitting in our secluded backyard. She had on a thin cotton top that was cut very low and exposed the white swell of her plump breasts. Her skirt was loose and summery, with printed flowers. She was in quite a mood, the wine had apparently gone right to her head. Jenny started to fool around and tried a little dance. She danced up right in front of me and reached down to grab the bottom of her skirt.

    Slowly, she raised it up her waist, then higher, revealing smooth pale thighs then a tempting glimpse of white panties covering her ample buttocks. I think Anthony was quite shocked at the sight of Jenny’s underwear. Jenny then started to dance, back and forth in front of us, swaying her hips to an unheard rhythm. Again she lifted the loose fitting skirt and the cheeks of her bottom came into view. Turning round slowly to stand directly in front of us, she hooked her thumbs into the panties and slipped them down to her ankles, then kicked them off on the grass. Then her hands took the lower part of her thin cotton tee shirt and slipped it over her head. Jenny then held her breasts with both hands suggestively, squeezing them so that the nipples stood out. Completely naked with a wicked smile, she stood with hands on hips, legs apart, showing her hairy bush. She looked at Anthony and he rose from his seat and at the same moment Jenny moved quickly,
    pulling his jogging shorts down to his knees. His jogging shorts were down, but he was up, way up, his exposed penis sprang out. Standing at attention in a most needy fashion, Anthony was certainly well hung for a young man.

    Jenny laughed at the sight then suddenly grabbed Anthony’s tool. There are a lot of reasons I should have done something, of course, but at that moment, the scene was so erotic that I was unwilling to move and stop it. It was my sweet little wife that had brought this young man's cock to such an impressive erection.
    Anthony’s penis was magnificent, about eight inch’s long with a shiny knob. The sight of Jenny’s nudity had caused my member to twitch and grow stiff, it had the same effect on Anthony. I suddenly realized that Jenny wanted this young mans penis inside her pretty cunt. All these thoughts in a few moments, then Jenny growled and clutched Anthony, pulling him down on the grass. Her white thighs open ready to take his throbbing member. I saw her fingers about his thick cock, helping him to put it in her wanting hole. Oh my God, what a sight, Anthony was fucking my wife. I watched his buttocks as he straddled her naked body on the grass. Moving round to Anthony’s rear I bent down and observed his rampant penis, now slick with Jenny’s juice's and his full ball's slapping her fat bottom. Anthony’s legs were apart with his toes digging in give my wife a good fucking.

    My cock was straining against my shorts so I unzipped and pulled my cock out, slowly fisted my stiff shaft as I watched the strange exhibition. It is not every day that a man sees his wife fucked on the backyard lawn.
    Then it was over, saw Anthony pull out as Jenny remained on the grass, legs apart with thick sperm running out of her gaping cunt. I helped her up and she put a hand between her legs holding her hand over her hairy mound and ran to the bathroom. Anthony babbled, thank you, see you soon, pulled up his jogging shorts and left. We often laugh about that afternoon in summer although Jenny is very quiet about it. Women never admit they have enjoyed themselves so much. - JMarsh.


    Sunday, September 24, 2006


    Wife In Adult Movie Theater

    My wife is very much a religious prude, but she has been willing to flash for me a few times when we are alone going for a walk (see pic) and also willing to go into an adult theater on several occasions during our courtship and marriage. On one occasion, I talked her into wearing a summer dress with an elastic band that held up her low neckline top and no panties. She wouldn't let on that she was turned on, but she allowed me to feel her up as she kept her eyes on the screen. Other guys were behind us and one guy sat two seats over from her in the same row.

    Pretty soon the guy sitting near her had his cock out and was stroking. I love seeing her eyes diverted to his lap as she squirmed in her seat. I had my hand on her waist and slowly pulled the material of her top down. I watched as her ample C-cup breasts slowly came into view. With a final tug, I was able to pull the top down over her tits, allowing them to be in full view as they were illuminated by the light from the screen. She kept her eyes on the screen and didn't say anything. I knew it was going to get good. The guy beside her was enjoying the view. He looked me in the eyes, with a "may I touch?" expression. I nodded slightly. He eased himself into the seat beside her. The guys behind her were also sitting forward as they strained to get a look. I put my hand on her leg and began running my hand up her thigh. She arched her back in anticipation of the forthcoming pleasure. Slowly, I raised her dress to uncover her pussy. I felt the fingers of the guy beside her brush mine as he stroked her other thigh. At this point, I allowed the neighbor to have his way with her cunt as I lifted and caressed her breasts and nipples. She let out a low moan as her cunt and tits were massaged. Her pleasure reached a peak when she raised up off the seat and stiffled a groan that could be heard throughout the theater.

    She moved to exit the theater quickly after cumming. She later told me that the guy had placed her hand on his cock as he massaged her cunt, which brought her over the top. I love the memory of this event. It has gotten me through the lean years when she has been unwilling to explore her sexuality so openly. - Harold

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    Friday, September 22, 2006


    How We Started Cuckolding


    I met my wife fifteen years ago when she was 22, still a virgin and a senior in college. She was a tall light brunette with a 36 c cup, long legs and beautiful face. I couldn't see how such a sexy looking creature had remained a virgin for so long. By our third date it was clear to me. She wanted to fuck as bad as I did but didn"t want to get pregnant so she gave hand jobs to keep her dates happy.

    We were married, she got on the pill and the sex was great. It was so great that we were always looking for new things to do to make it better. I had noticed that it made me hot when my male friends saw her in a really short skirt so we got into flashing. Again looking for bigger and better thrills she would go out without panties to singles bars and clubs. She was dancing with a guy one night and he got a finger in her pussy. I knew the guy but after I got over being mad I told her to let him do it again. He did and we had even greater sex that night as we relived the experience. From then on she let lots of guys finger her on the dance floor then told me all about it. It was even more exciting that I knew a lot of the guys. I knew that they wanted what I had and were jealous of me.

    We watched a lot of x-rated movies and came up with ideas. She liked the mfm threesome movies and wondered how it would feel to be the center of attention for two guys. When we talked about it she got really wet so I said why not do it. She was reluctant enough to make me think that it was all my idea if anything went wrong but when the planning started she was putting forth a lot of ideas.

    I had no idea how to just ask a guy to fuck my wife so we picked a target and both of us worked on him. Every move we made was thought about and planned. We picked my friend Dave brecause he had fingered her pussy several times and we usually saw him in the bar on the weekend. Saturday night was the target night so she wore a skirt for easy access and a button down the front blouse.

    Dave sat with us at our table and they danced a lot. I gave them plenty of time alone to talk because it was her job to get him to go home with us. He was buying drinks and trying to get me drunk enough not to notice him fingering my wife under the table. At 11pm she had the idea to get a bottle and go to our house because we were getting too drunk to drive. Dave followed in his car. At home I gave them plenty of time alone by going to the bedroom to wash up and put on my house coat. When I came back they were on the sofa. Her skirt was all of the way up, her blouse was open and so were her legs. I joked that she might as well take her clothes off because we could see everything. She said "I told Dave that you didn't care if I took my clothes off but if you like I will keep them on". She took it all off. I walked up to her and put my dick in her mouth to break the ice. Dave was reluctant to touch her until I gave him the ok and she got his pants off. We then went to the bedroom.

    My dick is only 5 and a half inches but Dave was a full 7 inches and looked really big. I almost got scared and told him to go home but MY wife and I loved each other so I knew that we wouldn't break up over a bigger dick. I even let him go first.

    When I saw him mount her in the missionary position and disappear inside, I heard her groan as he started to pump slowly. Her moans picked up as he gained speed and I knew all too well that she was climaxing. He asked me if I wanted him to pull out and she was the one to tell him to stay in. He shot a big load and kept pumping until he went soft and fell out. I jumped right in and knew that I couldn't last long so I pumped then jerked out to eat her pussy. It was full of cum but it didn't bother me because I was on a mission to make it a night that she would always remember. We both fucked longer the second time and she was tired but happy when he left. We talked for the rest of the night and were both happy with what we had done. We were already thinking of new things to do the next time.

    We have been married for 15 years and except for some time off to get her pregnant, we have been a cuckold couple. At 37 my wife still looks good and we have no problems finding young guys to fuck her. She has done gang bangs, circle sucks and about anything you could think of but we are still happily married and in love. Here is a picture of my wife with Dave. It was thier 3rd time together and still as exciting as the first. - Mack


    Monday, September 18, 2006


    My Wife Likes Alex ... ALOT!

    Here is a picture of my wife with her lover Jeff. She said he had his camera on while they were fucking in MY own house while I was away one weekend. I guess one reason for my wife’s strong attraction for Alex is the romantic angle in their affair. I have to admit that our relationship is sadly lacking in that aspect as we have become too busy in our multi-faceted roles in our 10 year marriage - raising kids, pursuing careers and meeting day-to day-stress. Hard to think of romance all the time when you are too busy in 'the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing' stage of married life. My wife claims that their erotic exchange of text messages and e-mails usually revolve around all the erotic things Alex wants her to do with him (and also wanted his wife to have done before he met my wife). In turn, she told him that she had no fantasies of her own because, in essence, she was fully satisfied with her sex life with me. I was curious to know the specific kinky things that Alex wanted to do to in their future motel dates that I haven’t done yet to her in our own lovemaking. It was amazing to learn from her what Alex’s fantasies had always been. Without hesitation she confided to me “Alex wants three things from me. “ “Firstly, he wants to spank me when I ride him. Alex is the first and only man to finger my ass as I ride him. But he wants to also to start spanking my ass first light, then heavy afterwards.” She said that Alex isn't normally a shy person so she doesn’t know why he has held out actually doing so for so long. She thinks that he is afraid she might cum too soon if he spanks her. Alex’s second erotic request is for my wife to give him a BJ the next time they do some necking and petting in his car. My wife was shocked at his request. She told him that she has not been giving BJs even to her husband for some time now. In her experience with me, she always had trouble swallowing. My wife had tried several times, to let me cum in her mouth and to swallow, but she just couldn’t do it! She would gag and then throw up! Just couldn’t get it down. Therefore, she has been wandering how she could suck and swallow and swallow his cum if she gives him a BJ in the car on their next date. Lastly, my wife said that Alex is completely turned on by her ass. She has allowed him to play with a finger tip but not much more. He wants her to agree to try anal sex as a birthday gift to him next month. She is concerned whether she can reach orgasm with anal sex. Also, she is afraid that she might feel heavy soreness after anal sex even assuming that Alex was going to be careful with lots of lube etc. Alex in his recent e-mails has been trying to convince her to spend a weekend out-of-town with him to celebrate his birthday next month. My wife has not decided yet whether to go with him. She knows that he will insist on the fulfillment of his three kinky fantasies /desires. She thinks spanking (and then spunking) and BJs are erotic turn-ones that she is willing to try... With practice, she believes she can give a pretty good BJ. She has some serious concerns particularly about anal sex. It’s something she has never done and she has been proud to be technically a “virgin” in that OTHER opening all these years. But she’s thinking it may put a crimp in their normal relationship if she does not submit to his erotic desires. That’s her dilemma now and I basically just hear about it. - Jeff



    Cuckold Wife Lover

    cuckold These are some pictures Chris sent home to me for my enjoyment. They are pictures of my wife before, during and after he fucked her. Chris is a guy that works with my wife. He has a fishing camp and he takes her up there a few times to enjoy her ass pussy and mouth. I have never had the pleasure of fucking my wife's ass and since I now have a limp dick I guess I never will. Well you know what they say a lover gets what a husband will never have. Anyway I have eaten a few cream pies that Chris has left behind for me. I really am indebted to Chris because since my dick has when limp all I can do is lick my wife pussy and you know that’s not enough. I have seen how fustigated my wife has been with no dick for 5 years and how who whole attitude changed after Chris started fucking her on a regular basics. I have some videos Chris has made for me as I watch my wife now have orgasm which she never had with me. All I do now is masturbate as I either watch a video or look at some pictures of Chris fucking my wife. Chris has no completion I just lick up what he leaves behind. - Anon


    Friday, September 15, 2006


    My Wife Has A Boyfriend

    This is my wife with her current boyfriend. She met him at a club and began her affair with him. She convinced him that it was okay to come to our house and that I wouldn't mind if he took my wife down the hallway to the bedroom to fuck her. He was nervous at first, but now he's a regular guest and even spends many nights, eats his meals with us, and has moved in almost all the way. He still has an apartment, but doesn't spend much time there. We've become pretty good friends in a guarded way. We're both a bit cautious about what we say around each other. I've watched him fuck her and he has a big cock and throws a mean fuck into her and she looks great when he makes her moan when she comes for him. He's gotten a few things out of her that I never could. He was the first one up her ass, and he was the first one she ever let come in her mouth. She swallows his jiz too. Now she does all that for me also. We've shared her in 3somes dozens of times too. One of us up her ass and one in her mouth or pussy. Between us we're turning her into a ripe young hotwife which is exactly what I've always wanted her to be. - Rick


    Cuckold Pictures
    Here are two pages filled with cuckold pictures. Some from websites and some are archives from this blog. They represent the first 50 posts of this cuckold blog and have the same stories but with a FULL sized picture to go with it. - Webmaster


    "It had always been my husband's fantasy for me to get pregnant by another man as long as I would get an abortion. I consented but turned the tables on my husband and kept the baby. I found it terribly exciting but he ultimately regretted it. To humiliate him further I have allowed him (my husband) to imgregnate me terminating the pregnancy through abortion against his will. Exciting stuff but not for the faint-hearted. He really can't do anything about it since I have video of him sucking my lover's cock. He begs me all the time! I allow him to fuck me about once a week, not with his pathetic cock however, I make him use a strap-on. His mounting days are over however! The abortion was a lesson about control and power and further instilling feelings of inferiority and helplessness. I think that worked out rather well. The strap-on is about learning to focus solely on my needs since he derives no pleasure from it. I have also used a strap-on on him analy and he has responded well. His cock gets real hard from dildotraining. One time he began to spasm uncontrollably while I fucked him. The SOB had adjusted so well mentaly that he climaxed from strap-on sex. Can you fucking believe that? When I fuck my lovers I do not use birth control nor condoms. You should see the fear this instills in him. I'm loving every minute of it! Here is a pic of me with my lover for your blog. - Mary."

    This is Ann's cheating wife story about her and her husband Jeff who used to lead very sexual lives when single. Now that they have been married 20 years, Ann felt she needed something more and then introduced Bob, another man into the picture and how that spiced up thier sex lives: <<READ ANN'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST "Isn't it nice to know we're not alone with these...urges? I adore my husband, but I just can't seem to help thinking about other men's dicks. I've cheated on him several times, but never understood why he wanted me to tell him all of the details over and over, but thanks to all of you, I'm starting to understand. My husband's dick is too big for my mouth but I love to suck cock...what's a girl to do? I love the anticipation I feel when I pull it out for the first time. I love the way they groan when I take it into my mouth as I tug on their balls. I love the warm feeling when it flows down my throat...then I get dressed and head back to work, because after all, I have to make lots of money to spoil my little cuckold rotten. "

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2006


    Her Honeymoon With Someone Else!

    My wife and I always had a very honest and frank relationship. We had agreed never to keep any secret from each other no matter how personal or embarrassing it could be. This was the one and only strict rule in our ten years of marriage. Several months ago, my wife confided that she was frequently in touch via email with “Tiger” (an old college boyfriend who was an avid golfer, hence the pet name she gave him). They were both involved in the preparations for their upcoming college reunion.

    I told her that their frequent exchange of e-mail and daily mobile phone calls were no big deal to me. I asked her why she had to share this fact with me now. With a somewhat distress look in her face, she dropped a bombshell “Tiger is ardently courting me!” I burst out laughing thinking that it was one of her silly jokes again. After all, she has this habit of pulling my leg with corny jokes quite frequently. She quickly replied “I’m serious and you better listen. Our friendly calls to each other have quickly evolved to hot and erotic conversations. We have discovered that we ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, September 11, 2006


    Found Out Wife Is Having An Affair

    I recently found out my wife was having an affair with a co worker of hers who has also become a good friend of mine. The affair has been going on for 5 years and through that time our family's have gotten to know each other, hell his kids call me uncle. This co-worker would tell me he was keeping an eye on my wife when they were at work, or away at conference to make sure other guys weren't hitting on her. I trusted him as I have acted as big brother to wives and girlfriends of guys who could not be around. As to my dilemma, I still love my wife, we have been married for 21 yrs. and together for 27. I met her when I was 16, we were high school sweethearts. We never broke up or took a break as we were just always together. She is the only girl I have ever kissed let alone done anything more with. In my line of work I meet new people every day and have to be very outgoing and friendly. Over the years, I have had a lot of opportunity and a few offers for relationships, and turned them down. As I said I still love my wife, and find myself getting aroused when I think of the 2 of them sneaking off to an empty work office, or at a conference together, imagining what they could have done together. Did they take showers, walk around naked, did he eat her, how many times did she cum? Did he fuck her in the ass? She hasn't said much as of yet. She has stopped it for now but I might just encourage her to continue if she gives me details. Hee is a picture of her for your blog. I guess I can now join the ranks of other husbands who cal themselves cuckolds. - Mark


    Friday, September 08, 2006


    Inviting Our Friend To Fuck My Wife

    Well CuckoldBlog, our first cuckolding sex began with a photo session of Savannh, my wife, in which we had invited a male friend of mine to help with. Savannah has been giving me hints lately about my friend. About him coming over, helping us in bed etc. I thought she was just playing around as we love to tease each other but I was shocked when she wanted him to be our photographer for a night and she was dead serious. My mind was racing with questions and thoughts but I just calmly said, "ok".

    She started with sexy dresses and progressed to garters and hose. Throughout this I had been instructing my friend on the finer points of lighting and having him help adjust Savannah's outfits. Of course after taking only a few pictures our friend could barely walk because of the reaction in his pants. He finally asked if I could try taking some of the pictures (mainly because he couldn't stand properly LOL). At that point I helped pose Savannah, removing her black bra and running my hand over her extremely moist black panties. This only resulted in her moistness being highlighted with each flash of the lighting. At this point Savannah suggested we take a break and relax on the sofa while she got some drinks. Our friend very stiffly walked over to the sofa and sort of fell onto it with this "I can't believe it" look on his face. Savannah arrived with our drinks totally nude. She sat between us and began to stroke our legs, then to her knees to remove our pants, then suck our cocks. Savannah becomes very commanding and dominating once she's on fire like this. She instructed us to lie on the floor side by side so she could get both rods in her mouth at once. After awhile she told me to get behind her and fuck her while she continued to suck him. This continued for sometime until I whispered into her ear as she had her mouth full of his thick meat, "Do you want to fuck that?". Her reply with a mouth full of meat was "yes". I grabbed her hips from my position behind her and guided her forward until her dripping wet pussy was hovering over his thick rod. At this point I pushed down gently on her hips, controling the pentration of her pussy by his cock. Being the guy I am, I controled this for several minutes (or so she made be believe) until she just couldn't stand it any longer and drove his thickness deep inside her. Then we switched positions with me on the couch, her between my legs sucking my rod and my friend behind her ramming his cock into my wife! You can see this position from the picture I have attatched for the blog. I then sat back and watched this for a moment and then got up, switched with him and guided my long rod into her wetness also, after which she straightened her legs out, told me to put my rod in her ass so she could be sandwiched between the two of us, mounting him and getting her pussy and ass filled at the same time. Needless to say this resulted in an amazing, mind numbing sex act. Since then Savannah calls the shots and plans for us to get together every now on then, on the boat, in the hot tub, in the forest. She is now a nymph and I a cuckold.


    Cuckold Pictures
    Here are two pages filled with cuckold pictures. Some from websites and some are archives from this blog. They represent the first 50 posts of this cuckold blog and have the same stories but with a FULL sized picture to go with it. - Webmaster


    polaroid cuckold
    "Hi Cuckold Blog Webmaster - This is a slightly older polaroid pic of my wife and a few friends. It's the only picture I have as we haven't bought any of the new digital stuff yet. I know I know don't rub it in. But here is something we have to tell: My wife and I met a guy friend of ours at a bar. After a fews drinks and a couple shots of Tequila, it was closing time. Our friend invited us over to his house to watch a movie and have a few more drinks. We accepted his invite. After arriving at his house, my wife decided to get up in front of the tv. She took off her top as we sat watching. Then she removed her pants (she was not wearing underwear). She then told us to take off our clothes. She did not need to tell us twice. She walked to us and immediately started stroking both of our cocks. She then told me that she wanted to suck our friends cock. I had no problem with this. Not only did she work on his shaft, she also licked his balls. I decided to get her from behind. The only problem is that neither one of us lasted very long. Great evening of fun. I cannot wait until the next time.."

    This is Part VI of MiamiMark's cuckold stories with his ex-wife and current wife/girlfriend. Mark is a young husband in his 30's who used to write and tell me about his wife's adventures and how he helped set them up. He then wrote them out and posted them in forums. I have his first : <<READ MARK'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST ""My wife does this to me only with black guys she has a 5 on the go at the moment and does all she can to humiliate me , I asked her to start this lifestyle because it was always my fantasy , I always wanted to watch her fuck another guys cock while I was restrained well I got that plus a hell of a lot more , once she tasted big cocks there was no stopping her and when she realised what she had been missing the humiliation began , I now am totaly shaven and have to wear panties stockings and a suspender belt whenever she has the guys round and like the first comment in this discussion I get treated pretty badly by her lovers when the sex begins to hit frenzy point. I am locked in a chastity device that one of them made for me and my wife has the key I havent cum since Xmas day . I have to suck there cocks hard or clean or just to amuse her whatever she or they want really , why dont I tell her to piss off plus her lovers ??? because I love her I love seeing get the fucks of her life from real cocks and I have learnt to love the humiiation aspect of it all ." "

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    Tuesday, September 05, 2006


    Young Cuckolds - Jill's First Time

    Jill's First Time
    We are a younger couple than most who post on your blog. My girlfriend Jill and I have dne alot of 'dirty talk' in bed lately and one of our fantasies is to have her fuck a black man while I watch and join in. The picture I sent is of my girlfriend Jill and our mutual friend Mike before the big night. Mike has always flirted with Jill but never crossed any lines as he respects our friendship. When we approached him about it he was all for it! The thing I remember the most was she was making out with him in the very beginning of the evening and I came up from behind and was kissing her neck and when I went and felt her pussy she wass wet half way down her thighs!!! Her pussy was dripping and her ass was even soaked I slid my fingers into her pussy and even they slipped into her ass so easy. We fucked her three times each cumming in her pussy every time. He ate her out before we fucked her and I after about four loads. I have never seen her so hot. She was sore the next day but was still so fucking horny she sucked me hard and climbed on me and fucked me real slow so it didnt hurt. She said the memories of the night before made her so fucking horny. Now when we are fooling around I always say, "you going to fuck him again?" and "show me how you are going to fuck him" and she gets her vibrator out and puts on quite a show. - Dave & Jill



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