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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, September 18, 2006


    My Wife Likes Alex ... ALOT!

    Here is a picture of my wife with her lover Jeff. She said he had his camera on while they were fucking in MY own house while I was away one weekend. I guess one reason for my wife’s strong attraction for Alex is the romantic angle in their affair. I have to admit that our relationship is sadly lacking in that aspect as we have become too busy in our multi-faceted roles in our 10 year marriage - raising kids, pursuing careers and meeting day-to day-stress. Hard to think of romance all the time when you are too busy in 'the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing' stage of married life. My wife claims that their erotic exchange of text messages and e-mails usually revolve around all the erotic things Alex wants her to do with him (and also wanted his wife to have done before he met my wife). In turn, she told him that she had no fantasies of her own because, in essence, she was fully satisfied with her sex life with me. I was curious to know the specific kinky things that Alex wanted to do to in their future motel dates that I haven’t done yet to her in our own lovemaking. It was amazing to learn from her what Alex’s fantasies had always been. Without hesitation she confided to me “Alex wants three things from me. “ “Firstly, he wants to spank me when I ride him. Alex is the first and only man to finger my ass as I ride him. But he wants to also to start spanking my ass first light, then heavy afterwards.” She said that Alex isn't normally a shy person so she doesn’t know why he has held out actually doing so for so long. She thinks that he is afraid she might cum too soon if he spanks her. Alex’s second erotic request is for my wife to give him a BJ the next time they do some necking and petting in his car. My wife was shocked at his request. She told him that she has not been giving BJs even to her husband for some time now. In her experience with me, she always had trouble swallowing. My wife had tried several times, to let me cum in her mouth and to swallow, but she just couldn’t do it! She would gag and then throw up! Just couldn’t get it down. Therefore, she has been wandering how she could suck and swallow and swallow his cum if she gives him a BJ in the car on their next date. Lastly, my wife said that Alex is completely turned on by her ass. She has allowed him to play with a finger tip but not much more. He wants her to agree to try anal sex as a birthday gift to him next month. She is concerned whether she can reach orgasm with anal sex. Also, she is afraid that she might feel heavy soreness after anal sex even assuming that Alex was going to be careful with lots of lube etc. Alex in his recent e-mails has been trying to convince her to spend a weekend out-of-town with him to celebrate his birthday next month. My wife has not decided yet whether to go with him. She knows that he will insist on the fulfillment of his three kinky fantasies /desires. She thinks spanking (and then spunking) and BJs are erotic turn-ones that she is willing to try... With practice, she believes she can give a pretty good BJ. She has some serious concerns particularly about anal sex. It’s something she has never done and she has been proud to be technically a “virgin” in that OTHER opening all these years. But she’s thinking it may put a crimp in their normal relationship if she does not submit to his erotic desires. That’s her dilemma now and I basically just hear about it. - Jeff


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